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MGM Grand

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Fantastic Experience

Reviewed March 1, 2012 NEW

We were coming in on a late flight so I called the front desk and let them know and it was no problem. From the valet that met us, to the front desk, to the staff our stay was excellent. Everyone was extremely helpful and cheerful. The room was exceptionally clean check in and out was easy. We left our rental there as transportation in and around Vegas was easy via the bus and mono-rail.

Room Tip: The room we had was a king deluxe and although we overlooked a part of the airport we never heard any sound.


Houston, Texas

This hotel needs an upgrade

Reviewed March 1, 2012 NEW



Enjoyable but...

Reviewed February 29, 2012 NEW

I enjoyed the stay. Check in was pleasant. Luggage and doormen were prompt and courteous. Plenty of casino games and choices for food in the complex. Direct access to the lite rail to take you up the strip. But.... all but one of the bar staff in the slot machine area were pleasant or attactive, plus they were the only bar on the strip that I went to, to charge me for my drinks even though I played video poke the entire time I was there. There was construction going on during my stay (hammering in the mornings). Sadly the person that checked me out was rather grumpy with me. I filled out a comment card but have never recieved a reply. (Fail)

Room Tip: avoid getting a room in the "West Wing", and the higher the Floor the better.


Syracuse, New York

The MGM Grand was grand!

Reviewed February 29, 2012 NEW

My husband and I stayed at the MGM Grand this past weekend and had a great stay. We checked in about 2pm on Friday and waited no more than 5 minutes. The checkin agent could not have been more helpful and she quickly and efficiently took care of adding our $65 dining credit that was missing from the reservation, no questions, no arguing, no issues.

We stayed in a renovated Hollywood Suite that was very nice. Big room with a nice comfortable bed. Our view was the Monorail station but we could see down the Strip as well - not the best but not all rooms can be "strip view" and we hadn't booked with the understanding that it would be so no complaints here.

The room was at the end of the hall so it was a bit of a walk but if you've every stayed at Disney, you won't think it is too bad. It looked like the suites are all at the ends of the building so plan accordingly if you book one. The room was very clean and maid service was great.

We really enjoy the restaurants at MGM so took advantage of them during our stay. Fiamma and Emeril's along with the Rouge Bar are all good choices. We had breakfast at the Studio Cafe - pretty expensive for what you get but still good in terms of the food quality. If you want an inexpensive breakfast, you'll want to venture away from the MGM to find one.

Construction was going on when we arrived but stopped by 5:30pm or so and did not restart until about 8-ish on Monday. We could hear it but it was certainly bearable. The monorail was right outside our window but we could barely hear it so the windows definitely have some good insulation.

It's hard to believe the all the bad reviews that I see here as we had no issues whatsoever with the quality of our room, service or the casino overall. Sure, there are resort fees but I

factor them in as part of the room cost. You may stay at a hotel that does not have them but rest assured, the fee is still there, it's just part of the cost of your room instead of a separate line item.

I would definitely stay here again!


Enkhuizen, The Netherlands

Poor service, great new-style room

Reviewed February 29, 2012 NEW

A day earlier in Vegas than planned and of course wanted to try out a different hotel than we are accustomed to. Checked all the cut-price websites, but all had stings in the tail, with extras added at the end, so booked directly with MGM properties and booked a Deluxe King room for 3 adults.

Check in was professional and swift and when we asked about the extra bed for our son, we were told that that was already sorted and we were now in Queen bedded room...not what we booked. We were given the option of the Deluxe Queen room (that was the same price as what we booked) or to downgrade to the older style rooms and have a rollaway bed brought! Under no circumstances could they put a rollaway into the new style rooms, however, the website actually would allow 4 adults in the room - in one Kingsize bedded room!

Once in the new room, we immediately smelt the ghastly stench of tobacco, so we got onto guest services. Helpful? Customer-orientated? In one word: NO!

The telephonist offered a spray job, which in our experience lasts for all of an hour. We asked for a room change and were told that they were not in the mood for us to change rooms all evening as it would disturb the other guests (at 6 pm)!

Eventually a room swap was agreed, we were to leave the room as it was and head directly to the new room, where security would meet us and open the door and the bellmen would then deliver the keys.

Sounded good, however, after a long wait for security and countless cleaners asking if they could help, only to let us know that security were on their way, we waited patiently for 20 minutes! With no sign of security, we spotted in-black-dressed gentleman with earpiece from security and asked if he was here for our room. "No!" was the reply but he would try and help. Door was opened and bell desk would be with us shortly with the keys to the room!

After another painful phonecall with an indifferent telephonist, the keys were sent, 1 hour 45 after check-in. Telephonist couldn't understand why we were annoyed!

Room itself was comfortable and modern. Beds were good and bathroom spacious.

No water bottles in room, nor indeed tea/coffee facilities...all for $175 per night...not impressed!

The new media station seems great in all that it is supposed to do, however, the television's remote control is needed and not the "hotel" remote, as nothing works through the hotel menu system! Was I going to phone and let them know? Hell, no!

Would I come back? No way on this earth! The product is good, but exceedingly expensive and the staff are just not interested in you as the guest! Indifferent, nonchalant and clearly not here for the guest!

A real shame!

Room Tip: Book the upgraded rooms: King Grand rooms!

Greg K

Chicago, Illinois

1 review

Horrible Service!!

Reviewed February 29, 2012 NEW

We stayed at the MGM last weekend and had a horrible experience. We had two issues i tried to resolve with the front desk night managers and was rudely told that I needed to be inconvienced instead of the hotel trying to do what they could to help make my stay enjoyable. First issue happened when the in-room safe wouldn't lock and we asked to be moved to a room that had a working safe. The rude front desk manager (Nathanial) told me we could be moved to a room on the 2nd floor. I told him a downgrade was unacceptible since we were currently on the 9th floor and this was the hotels fault they couldn't get it fixed. We wanted to go out for the evening but felt help hostage in the room since we couldn't lock our valuables. The manager wouldn't budge. We stayed in the room for over an hour until a lock vendor could be found to fix the room.

The next issue happened the next night when we got back to the hotel from being out all day. The room had never been cleaned. it was to late in the night to have a housekeeper come make up the room so I asked to be comp'd a portion of my room fee but the night front desk manager (Brynt) wouldn't even consider it. No clean towels, dirty sheets and full garbage cans. I'm not a high roller but expected to be treated with respect by the staff since I am a paying customer. I will NEVER stay at this property ever again.

Room Tip: Choose a different hotel.


Tulsa, Oklahoma


Reviewed February 28, 2012 NEW

Rooms were clean, casino was huge (lots of walking.) Unfortunately they wouldn't work with us on "complimentary" room upgrades so we were stuck in the oldest wing, but at least they were clean. I don't think I'd stay here again unless the price was unbelievably cheap - there are just too many options in Vegas to be mediocre. Caesar's Palace might've spoiled me.

I stayed at MGM in October 2010 - for some reason the drop-down box will only let me go back to March 2011 and I can't post with it blank, so that is inaccurate!

Unhappy m

Calgary, Canada

1 review


Reviewed February 28, 2012 NEW

Booked a king sized room in the West Wing. King Sized bed, view of strip, TV in bathroom. Got there and was "upgraded" to another room on 16th floor. 2 queen sized beds in desperate need of replacement. No view at all. Room was clean but no what you would expect. MGM also boasts about their Lion Habitat which no longer exists!! Outside pool/bar was closed for renovations.



Rooms not clean, nor other areas

Reviewed February 28, 2012 NEW

If you¡¯re an average Joe looking for a decent room but have a few peculiarities about cleanliness, then here's my experience thus far.

I checked in yesterday, 2/27 ¨C walked up to my room. The carpet had women¡¯s hair stands on it and what looked like broken pieces of potato chips on the floor, a wrapper under the desk and hair in the bathroom. If MGM doesn¡¯t care about vacuuming the floor, which by the way to be a 3 minute job since the newly renovated rooms aren¡¯t any bigger than a Hampton Inn, then what else are we cutting corners on? I should have take a queue when I was walking down the hall way to the room and noticed all of the crap in the hall way on the floor ¨C one plastic fork, empty toilet paper roll, about 100 sun flower seed shells, etc¡­ The sun flower seed shells are still there this morning on the 10th floor, but kudos to MGM they picked up the empty toilet paper roll.

I asked to be moved to another, room. Waited 27 minutes for a bell hop to bring a key to the room ¨C amazing. I should have had the bell hop inspect the room with me, he pass off the key with an attitude ¨C didn¡¯t care about accepting the old key and walked away. Again, this room was dirty but not as bad. Only had a pretzel under the desk area and a used band aid and wrapper on the floor by the window. Nice.

If you call the front desk the first response is, let me give you two free buffet coupons and then let me comp the resort fee. No real apology or care, your just a number to pay for the hotel. Just a heads up, don¡¯t look for the cleanest rooms, except cutting corners and minimal customer server and care.

I moved my 25K gambling line of credit to another hotel and will be moving.


Initial shock turns into awesome time

Reviewed February 27, 2012 NEW

This would have been the 3rd.visit to MGM and never had an issue. Always greeted at the lobby check in right away. This instant we had an issue with our newly renovated king bungelow suite. The first room we had was not clean when we got to it. By not clean I mean destroyed. Can't believe someone would leave a room in this state. A call to the front desk was made and we immediately got a new suite and was comped 2 buffets. Because I had such great stays before I never made a big deal of this small issue. Worth the $$$ for the suite, our room was fantastic. Kudos to the MGM Grand on the renovations. Extremely impressed and long over due!! Would recommend this hotel and casino to anyone who wants to visit Vegas. It is my go to place to stay.



Huge, Fun, Clean, Awesome Hotel

Reviewed February 27, 2012 NEW

My first time to Vegas was this past summer with my Mother. We stayed at MGM Grand for a girls getaway. She had already been to Las Vegas many times and had visited various hotels. The room was nice with a huge window allowing an awesome view of the strip. Judging by the other reviews, we must have had a renovated room, because it was very new and updated. Awesome soft beds. Good sleep quality. Minimal noise or disruptions from the hall or other rooms (with the exception of some drunk who came to our room every single night and repeatedly put his card to the door trying to get in until he either passed out on the hall floor or realized he was in the wrong wing and nowhere near his own room.)

Food/drinks etc are expensive of course, but it is possible to find coupons all over the place so hunt carefully! Desk staff were very friendly and welcoming. We asked for any coupons at the desk and received two free $15 beverage credit coupons (that bought us a drink each.) Right after checking in, we took a taxi to Walmart to pick up some snacks and drinks to keep in our room. I believe it was in the taxi that we picked up an entertainment booklet that had 2 for 1 coupons for shows, and also had a coupon for the Rainforest Cafe. We did eat in the Rainforest Cafe restaurant at the hotel at one point and used the coupon. The food was delicious and staff were friendly.

The Casino was a bit smoky but wasn't too bad compared to casinos in some of the other hotels. I absolutely loved visiting the lion habitat inside the casino, and that kept me from missing my own two kitty cats who I had left at home. :)

The waterpark/pool area was very crowded but clean and a great way to cool off in the heat. I most enjoyed the backlot river. It was fun to just float around. The water pushes you even if you aren't on some sort of flotation device. Very hard to find pool chairs, and if you have more than two people, you'll have a hard time finding loungers in one spot. The bar was expensive but you can buy a huge refillable cup that ends up reducing the prices of your drinks when you get a refill. We bought those on the first day and just brought them back to the pool each day. Remember to bring ID, because I am 29 years old and couldn't get served at first, and had to go all the way up to our room (a FAR walk) and get my drivers license before I could get served at the pool bar.

All in all, everything is very spread out and huge, but I don't mind the walk and so I'd return to this hotel in the future for sure.


Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Okay, certainly not grand

Reviewed February 27, 2012 NEW

We stayed in the 'Grand Tower' on the left hand side as you exit the lobby into the casino. The room was okay but we should have been more wary when the desk clerk told us it was a newly renovated room. To me that always means 'welcome guinea pigs.' The wing is still under construction so between 9 & 4 (though it started more like 8 a.m.) there was hammering and water interruptions. I understand construction and maintenance needs to be done but the wing shouldn't be open if you're interrupting the guests stay... at least that's what I think. And our view was of the back of the 'Hollywood Theatre' so... pretty much a wall and some pavement. The sheets smelled like rubber tires - not sure why.

Other than that the hotel is nice enough. Nothing over the top but I'm sure some of the rooms are far nicer. The lobby is lovely and all the staff we encountered were great. The casino is roomy, it didn't feel very overwhelming though the air freshener or whatever it is they use to combat the cigarette smoke (which wasn't too bad - and I'm a non-smoker) burned my eyes.

We used the concierge service to book a trip with Mustang/Maverick Helicopters for a Grand Canyon tour. Concierge was great. Trip was awesome - I highly recommend it.

We ate at Diego which is a mexican restaurant in the MGM Grand. Food was really great - they make guacamole at your table.

We also saw the David Copperfield show which takes place in the Hollywood Theatre in the MGM - It was okay. David is clearly very fond of David... and he will wait for your applause. It was ... interesting. The illusions were good, but could have done without the arrogance.

All in all our trip was good. Next time I would probably pick a hotel closer to the centre of the strip and I think the MGM is overpriced, at least for the room we were placed in but if you can find a sale on, go for it.

Room Tip: Don't pick a room in the 'Grand Towers' - they're not so grand, though the rooms are comfortable enough. We didn't get to see any other rooms so I can't comment on their value.



Another good stay at the MGM Grand

Reviewed February 27, 2012 NEW

My husband and I stayed at the MGM in January - our 2nd time there. Check in was quick. We had reserved a King room - but were told upon arrival that there were only Queens left and that the room was not in the newly renovated area of the hotel. We asked if it was possible to have a room that had been renovated and the attendant quickly obliged (which curiously put us into a king as well??? although she had told us there were none available). The room was spacious, well laid out, clean and very comfortable. My only complaint is the shower/bath. I understand the need for water conservation, but honestly the pressure was barely enough to rinse my hair. The shower curtain didn't meet the ends of the tub, which made the experience chilly and drafty; combined with the lack of water to warm a person up - not an enjoyable start to the day. I wish we had kept the unrenovated room which was the kind we had for our first stay - it had a huge walk in glass shower that had multiple shower heads - a really great feature. We ate most of our meals at the various restaurants on site of the MGM and the food was all excellent. The hostessing at their morning buffet could use improvement though - the line up was very long to get in and the hostess spent a lot of time standing and talking to people as she sat them - friendly, but not so efficient. The only other negative about the MGM is the location - so far down the strip. There is a shuttle from the hotel - but I think we would have enjoyed the "experience of the strip" more if we had been in the center of it.

Room Tip: Ask for a room close to the elevator - they hallways are longer than you can imagine - and the elevators are all in the center of the facility - if you are carrying lots of shopping bags it is very tiring.

Angela S

Semmes, Alabama, United States

Not too bad

Reviewed February 27, 2012 NEW

I just returned from a trip Feb 25-26. We had booked a WestKing, but w/o asking was given something in the grand towers floor 23. Actually the room was great, the casino was busy, busy, especially with lots of ppl. The only thing is once you left the hotel it's like you have to walk three miles to get back to your room from the strip. You are constantly weaving in and out the crowds with your shopping bags to get upstairs.


Boston, MA

Great casino, but a renovated room is a must!

Reviewed February 27, 2012 NEW

We were here on a budget trip, so we knew from the get-go that we were not going to book the newly renovated rooms at the MGM Grand. That being said, we were still very disappointed with the quality and state of the room we were given in the West Wing.

It appeared that they had just stopped maintaining the room and were waiting to reno it, because there was a lot to be desired....

Tiles in the shower were gross, the water seals were peeling off the shower door, holes in the sheets, stained carpet, very dirty behind the bed (where you look to get a view of the strip).

The bed wasnt very comfortable either and there was no minibar. I think we were most shocked about the mini bar, come on, we are in Vegas, not even a water??

But all that being said, this was the cheapest room, and I can only imagine that the new rooms are spectacular. The casino was the best on the strip, the hotel had TONS of restaurants and bars.

We would stay here again in another room.

Be sure to sign up for M-Life, it is a reward card that they have partnered with other casinos and hotels on the strip. We got a lot of discounts and the card was free, cant beat it!

Room Tip: -Ask for a renovated room! -Sign up for M Life


Sydney, Australia

Typical Vegas

Reviewed February 26, 2012 NEW

MGM is Grand!! The foyer is huge and there are a lot of people to help you on the front desk - but is it a long way to the rooms and having to take all our luggage ourselves straight through the gaming floor was a bit of a drag. The room was a good size and the bathroom was good - including the tv built into the bathroom mirror!!! There wasnt a bar fridge in the room - which was a bit of an inconvenience during our June stay. The air conditioning outlet was at pillow height right next to my bed - so I left there with a head cold - not goo when it was day 10 of a 7 week holiday around US & Europe. The lions were an interesting addition and the swimming pools were amazing and just went on and on. It was our first visit Vegas and we werent disappointed - it was bigger than ben hur!!!! There are so many hotels on the strip - really check out what you want and shop around. The location was good, even though is it not in the middle of the strip - it is still walking distance to the major attractions. We had a car for a couple of days and access to the carpark was relatively easy - even for an overseas visitor. Must go to the factory outlets while you are in Vegas - worth the visit (dont forget to download your vouchers on the internet).

Gina C

Newburgh, New York

MGM Grand - Las Vegas

Reviewed February 26, 2012 NEW

My husband and I stayed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas 2/19 - 2/25/12...this is about our 5th or 6th time staying there. They are renovating a lot of the rooms/suites. We stayed in what was previously called a Hollywood Suite...not sure what they call it now. It was very spacious with a separate king bedroom, pull-out bed in the sectional in the living room, lcd tv in both the bedroom and living area. There is also a table with 4 chairs for dining in. All new furniture with tons of drawer space and a separate closet. The tv stands/dressers each have a panel for charging various electronic devices and inputs for gaming systems. The bathroom was very large with a separate shower and bath tub/shower. One note of caution: the mini bar has sensors in it so if you don't plan on purchasing items from it don't even open it up because you will be charged a $50 re-stocking fee if any items are moved.

All of the staff members are very helpful and friendly. It is a super-clean hotel located at the south end of the strip with a monorail station. There is a variety of restaurants and shops.

Overall, we would definitely stay here again.



BADLY in need of renovation

Reviewed February 25, 2012 NEW


1 review

Worst hotel experience ever

Reviewed February 25, 2012 NEW

Where do I start. My non smoking room had someone smoke in it. The towels smelt of it and so did all the curtains. Thankfully the linens were ok.

Then valet ruins my rims on my car and the security was worthless and didn't believe me. Of course they wouldnt. So now i had a noisy, smelly room and horrible valet service. Tried to leave the hotel but wasn't provided a refund. hORRIBle hotel

Visit from Hell

Reviewed February 24, 2012 NEW

This place in a loser. The customer service lady lied. Checked in at 3 PM. Two rooms, 17th floor. Took of to gamble and play. Returned at 0400 AM to a voice message stating the water would be off from 11 AM till 4 or 5 PM. Wasnt told this at check in. The manager refused to refund if we left, even though we had not been in the room. She lied and said they were fully booked. They told us if it was already being an inconvienence to just deal with it. After 30 disrespectful minutes they moved us to the 21 floor so, it appears they did have rooms. This "Manager" an asian lady name Joey had no business in this type of job. I would never suggest you stay there, Even with water, it's loud and the rooms are cheap!

Room Tip: Dont waste you money. Find a property they do not own. They will not respond to complaints. Money Hungry cheat Hotel.


Bromley, Kent

A great base, but no lions!

Reviewed February 24, 2012 NEW

We went on our first trip Las Vegas in Feb this year and stayed at the MGM Grand. It was a mere 10 minutes from the airport by cab (which cost about $22) due to it's position towards the south end of the strip.

Upon entering, the hotel the lobby is very grand and you can instantly see the casino. We'd been given a "free upgrade" when we booked on to a Deluxe King Room which was very nice but we've been told a little smaller than the other rooms. However, the modern decor and big tv make it a very comfortable base (and to be honest you're not in your room much when you're Vegas).

One of the rooms draw backs was it's position. It meant that in the early hours of the morning you could hear deliveries to the bar beneath and shops opposite, but other than that the room was lovely.

The hotel has lots going on and a number of good restaurants. The Wolfgang Puck restaurant was fantastic! And if you're after a quick bite the Grand Cafe was nice. The buffet breakfast was ok, not the best we'd experienced but fine for the money.

One thing that we were very disappointed in was that the hotel no longer has its Lion Habitat. One of the significant reasons we chose the MGM becaue we both love big cats and wanted to see them, but where the Lion Habitat was in now a construction area and we were told that they would not be getting the cats back. They really need to make this clear on their website and take the adverts for the habitat off of the lifts tv screens.

The gift shop staff and people in the Business Centre (where we posted our postcards from) were all so lovely. All in all a very nice hotel.


Watertown, Massachusetts

1 review

MGM Grand Las Vegas

Reviewed February 24, 2012 NEW

Just returned from LV. Stayed in renovated suite- roomy and comfortable but had no safe. There is a Cardio room with treadmills, bikes etc on 4th floor. No extra charge for this. View of roof but it didn't matter-we were hardly in the room. Floor was quiet at night. Be prepared to walk- the hotel is long. Did not eat at MGM -too pricey. Walked across bridge to NY hotel-more reasonable food options. Ate at America several times-healthy choices if want to be good. Can also sit outside bars at NY hotel and just listen to the great music. Used monorail from MGM- very easy, but again be prepared to walk. Also used the all day bus pass to get Downtown. There is a machine at the stops on strip to purchase the ticket. Suggest using the Express bus if going to Fremont St- has many less stops. The Deuce stops at every hotel. The MGM area reminded me of Times Square-crowds of people in every direction and everyone handing out pamphlets or asking for money.

Re: blackjack- if you want a $5 table with 3-2 odds, go earlier in morning. Found them, by chance, at Mirage and MGM, otherwise had to go downtown. Be careful-many $5. tables are 6-5 odds now. If you find a table and the price changes to $10 while you are there, you can continue with $5. bets. Make sure to see the fountain show at Bellagio. We enjoyed the Variety Show at V Theatre. There are discounts in those Tourist books.

Room Tip: Ask for renovated room.


Calgary, Canada

Not used to the smoke.

Reviewed February 24, 2012 NEW

We walked into the MGM Grand on a Monday night when passing though and got a rate of $70 plus the $10 resort fee. Valet and parking is free. The front desk Staff were not friendly or welcoming at all, we seemed like an inconvienence. Upon check out there were large lines but you can leave your info with an attendant that directs people into lines at the front desk if you want it charged automatically to the credit card you left upon arrival. They were supposed to email a receipt but we never got one. The hotel is Grand with lots of shops and restaurants inside. It is connected to NY NY by a skywalk. The bellman was very patient with us and friendly. I was on hold a long time to advise the bell desk we had arrived in our room, but the bellmen were quick arriving once we got thru. The room was a comfortable size with 2 queen beds, and they were very comfortable. The outdoor pool area was closed as it was winter. Walking through the casino to get to the restaurants or shops with our small kids was an annoyance due to the smoke and distance. The rainforest cafe is located in the hotel and we went for a Supper and Breakfast with our family and the kids enjoyed it. The Lion exhibit closed at the end of Jan2012, but the signs were still up for it and the bellman didnt seem to know it had been closed. We ended up asking a waitress for directions and she informed us it had closed and it was being removed. We didn't gamble and were just passing through for a night and it was nice to experience a Strip hotel. This hotel I would say is closer to the end of the strip.


New York

Great room

Reviewed February 24, 2012 NEW

The only draw back I have is that the check in was a bit messy- we had 3 rooms and it was very difficult to get them all together. Once in them the rooms were great. All rooms were recently updated. 1 king suite with a pull out sofa and 2 rooms with 2 queen beds each. Very nice all around. Hot water takes some time to warm up and they charge a small fortune for water from the mini bar


dallas, tx

Beyond wonderful!

Reviewed February 24, 2012 NEW

I got a great rate on the Queen Bungalow Suite and it just got better and better when we got to the hotel. I needed two queen beds for the four of us and I cannot tell you how much we squealed when we found out that there were two showers! I knew there was a stand along, stand up shower and a bathtub, but the fact that the bathtub also had a shower in it and a curtain was seriously the most exciting thing since we were all getting ready at the same time every day.

The suite itself was rather well appointed. We were on the 15th floor and had an ok view of the top of the MGM grand's entrance, and the airport in the distance, but it was quiet so we didn't mind.

When we did get in, it looked like the room hadn't been completely cleaned, the previous tenant's keys were on the table and we were missing some towels and toiletries, but the hotel staff remedied that super quickly.

We were attending a conference so the walk from our room to the conference center was about 10 minutes or so. The staff was always super friendly and helpful, especially the security guard, Mark, I believe it was that stood close to the pool doors.


1 review

Ok ..but not great

Reviewed February 23, 2012

I stayed at the MGM grand for the first time my first time in Vegas for my bday. I thought it was extremely big long walk for every where we had to go. Hated the smoking in the casino. Hated how pricey everything were. The bed was extremely comfortable and some of the best sleep I've had.

I checked in on a Thursday didn't get housekeeping service till Saturday night and I had to call for that-- very uncool.

I like that it was located right across the street from Hooters restaurant since my boyfriend and I ate there almost everyday.

Also the location at the end of the strip was kinda convenient cause it allowed us to walk the strip in its entirety.

I've been in some of the other hotels and liked it better than MGM I probably would not stay there again. I didn't appreciate the extra $120 in resort fees and I never used any of their things.

Overall OK stay for my first time in Vegas.


Kent, U.K.

Great Vegas stay

Reviewed February 23, 2012

Just returned from six nights in the MGM Grand . A grand tower room ( not refurbished yet ) on 21st floor . Very nice room with excellent view up the strip towards the Stratosphere . A little niggle , the hairdryer socket near the mirror did not work , but overall very good . Quiet at night save for the weekend when some foghorn leghorn neighbours arrived , shouting and banging doors at 3.30 am but hey ho its Vegas ! Hotel let us know when refurbishments would affect us , a day of intermittent water supply and the odd power outage but all over by 4.00 pm so no impact at all. Penn and Teller show at the Rio was great. All in all had to come home far too soon.

mickolube has 1 more review of MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

A grand few days Gromit !

Reviewed March 15, 2008


Toronto, Canada

1 review

Size Doesn't Matter

Reviewed February 23, 2012

The check in process was frustrating, due to the lack of rooms available. Understandably the room bookings are on request, but upon booking the MGM needs to do a better job of clarifying potential situations that could occur. The remodelled rooms apparently can not support a roll away, but we were not informed of this prior to was discovered when we checked in at 3am!. Other than that, the hotel is O.K. No real complaints about cleanliness or noise. The room was cleaned daily. The hotel is quite big and hard to navigate, so bring your walking shoes!

In terms of casino, the dealers could be a little more enthusiastic. The general atmosphere was kind of dull in comparison to other hotels. Will be looking to book a different hotel next time with a more central strip location.


Room Tip: Just make sure you know all the conditions upon booking. Also, try and haggle at the front desk a little because they will most likely give you something!


Vancouver, Canada

vegas wasnt realy my thing

Reviewed February 23, 2012

so noisey and nothing like what people say..its was so pricy and everyone was stupid drunk...not my scene...

if you have to go heres the one awesome thing i did...

jump in a cab with the oldest looking grey haired :) pay the man $50 and ask him to talk about vintage vegas as he drives you around town sharing stories and sightings...that was a great afternoon :)

MGM Review

Reviewed February 22, 2012

This hotel is in a great location. Only a few blocks away from the airport with access to the Monorail (Metro) and interconnected to New York New York and other great hotels. The casino is amazing and in my opinion caters to a younger crowd as it includes trendy restaurants, bars and a dance club. Also, even though you can smoke inside the casino, the hotel is one of the best ventilated and smelling casinos. Most smell like cigar and cigarettes, but not MGM. The best thing about the casino are the huge TV screens located in the sports bar section. You can catch anything from a basketball game to a soccer match while drinking cocktails or draft beer. Oh, and there is always something going on (events). As far as the rooms go, the hotel has renovated part of a wing which is more modern and contemporary. I suggest you select that section of the hotel to stay in. The only bad thing about it are the waitresses. They are never around and take forever to get a drink. Overall, this is an inexpensive place to stay, with great atmosphere and access to plenty of transportation.

Room Tip: Ask for the newly remoled rooms and a strip view. You will be amazed.


Pasadena, CA

Enjoyed our stay, service was great--mostly

Reviewed February 22, 2012

I always enjoy staying at the MGM Grand. We stayed in the West Wing, which was a little tricky to find, and it was weird traipsing through the entire property dragging our suitcases. If I stay in the West Wing again, I'll use bell service (though at least now I know how to find it).

The room was small, and while I liked the frosted greenish glass shower and commode doors, they kind of banged a lot, and I didn't really care much for sitting on the commode while my husband was in the shower. Can't see anything specific but really just a bit too close and personal for me.

The closet door was too big and awkward to open. The view of a brick wall was nicely disguised by a charming window treatment and deep window well. The bed and linens were super luxurious, and I appreciated that. We had a pretty good room price and a $65 food and beverage credit (always check for online deals!) so I had no complaints and would stay again. Yes, the resort fee was annoying, but at least it includes high speed internet.

Our friends stayed in a newly rennovated room, much much nicer. However, we asked for champagne glasses (or ANY glasses; there were 4 glasses in the room when they checked in, but someone came to "check the room" later and took 2 glasses away). No glasses arrived. Asked again an hour later, then heard some commotion at the door. Went and checked after a few minutes and the employee was awkwardly picking up broken glass. He didn't say anything, and no replacement glasses ever appeared. When we left to go to dinner, there were still visible pieces of broken glass on the floor. Eyeeewww.

Room Tip: Try to get a newly rennovated room, and try to avoid the West Wing.


Hampton, Australia

Easy to get to, great room, very quite. Don't pay the upgrade for a "Strip" view.

Reviewed February 22, 2012

I found the best price was when I booked directly online; I stayed in the West Wing a "Deluxe Grand Tower King" room and paid the upgrade to get a newly refurbished room (worthwhile) as well as a strip facing room (NOT worthwhile). I stayed three nights and had a late checkout organised.

Location was really good as I was travelling in from Utah and was easy to drive up. Valet parking was included and they were very friendly and efficient.

The check-in process was an absolute debarcle; a 30+ minute wait and if there was any process behind the confusion, I'm sorry to say I couldn't see it. As a big trip, make sure you CHECK that they havce your booking correct. They forgot my late checkout and several other people I spoke to has similiar issues which meant they had to line up again to sort the problems out.

Room was GREAT, bed extremely comfortable and very quite; the little time I did spend sleeping was completely undisturbed. A really lavish experience. The only disappointment was the strip facing aspect of the room; I suppose it did face the strip, but I couldn't see it behind the other buildings. Certainly not worth paying the upgrade for that.

The Casino was really good; as a furst time ambler, I stuck to the $5 and $10 tables and the dealers were a lot more friendly and helpful than at some of the other casinos (such as Circus Circus - seriouly guys, people come to Vegas to have fun!). This only Casino I enjoyed more was The Hard Rock, although I won a lot more money at The Paris.

Food at the MGM Grand was top notch! I ate at Wolfgangs for dinner and had the Sunday Brunch Buffet; I didn't try the room service but a mate did and he thought it was excellent.

Check out was fantastic as I could do it online abnd Valet service was very quick to return my car. All in all, a great stopover and somewhere I'd happily head back to!

Room Tip: Grab a refurbished suite, but don't bother with the "Strip View" upgrade.


Vancouver, Canada

Busy, Large, yet Awesome

Reviewed February 22, 2012

Food: lots of choices in the food court, pretty cheap. Room service is also available

Pool: Awesome. Big enough that there are quiet areas as well as areas for the partiers. Can rent tubes for the lazy river.

Rooms: We had the standard room. It was plenty big for 2 girls to sleep and get ready in. The view was just of a big cement platform though.

Downside: It is further from the strip, so cabs are necessary sometimes, the walk can get tiring. The property itself is also very big, so that may be a downside for some people as there is a lot of walking between rooms, pool, slot machines, etc.

I'd recommend this hotel, however, wouldn't stay again just because of the location.

Scott R

Riverside, California

Good enough on a whim

Reviewed February 22, 2012

After cheking out of our two night stay at Encore we dicided we were not ready to go home just yet so we booked at MGM on a whim.The reservation was surprisingly easy at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon.

We ended up getting a newly renovated (within the last 21 weeks) room that was pretty nice. Not really comparable to our first two nights at Encore but still very comfortable. The decor was chic and the beds were incredible.We had now view whatsoever but what can you expect when you book last minute. We never turned on the TV but it was a brand new, good brand name flatscreen.I also found it really cool that it had all of the HDMI,USB,AUX ports available on the entertainment center for use should you need to bring DVD or gaming sustems for the kids.

I'm big on hallways for some reason and the hallways on our floor (11) were beautiful. The carpet, art, wall coverings etc. were, in my opinion, superior to those at Encore. The restroom and shower were a bit disappointing but then again I was comparing it to previous two nights at Encore.

I'd stay here agin.

John W

San Diego, California

Renovation Needed

Reviewed February 22, 2012

I used to Love the MGM but it has lost its luster. If they would upgrade their rooms and add sound proofing it would be a great investment. I actually heard the conversation of the people in the next room and they were not being loud. There is absolutely no sound channel or soundproofing. The hotel offer's average service but the food was fabulous. Quite pricey for an average large Casino Hotel and I will be trying out the Wynn next Month. I won¡¯t be coming back to the MGM unless they remodel this old Dinosaur. The Manager also should consider training the staff with customer service as the key to guest retention. The gambling was marginal and the slots never paid out.

Room Tip: The suites are better for noise but extremely far from the Elevators.



MGM Grand -- World Class Casino

Reviewed February 22, 2012

Wow ! is the only exclamation for Las vegas Strip and We had stayed at MGM Grand for 3 Nights. The Great Malls and lovely drinks on the casino Floor , add to that the spice of exclusive shows. The Rooms were classic and quite luxurious in all ways.

Room Tip: Every Room facing the strip will be a pleasure in the night.


Frome, Somerset

The best hotel in all off the world!

Reviewed February 22, 2012

If you want a premier place to stay in las Vegas then look no further than the MGM Grand! The hotel has a very logical layout and has a blissful appearance and beautiful architecture.

The green glass exterior gives the whole hotel grace and the bronze Leo the lion finishes the hotel perfectly.

The rooms are off a beautiful standard and the bathrooms are a very roomy and very clean.

Absloutely awesome hotel, highly recommended!!!!


Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hotel was average all round.

Reviewed February 22, 2012

This hotel was average in every way compared to other hotels on the strip. There is an ongoing renovation programme for this hotel, but we had one of the older rooms which was a bit tired and had seen better days. The rooms were spacious with comfortable beds but there was a stale smell of smoke from the furniture. Service in the casino was most definitely not the best in comparison to other hotels - if playing in casino, complimentary drinks were limited to one every 20 minutes!! There was plenty of drilling audible in hotel rooms and much to our disappointment the pool area was closed because the weather was not great ( about. 50 degrees ).

Scott S

Boston, Massachusetts

National limousine association conference

Reviewed February 22, 2012

The MGM Grand did a spectacular job for our convention. The room product was new and fresh. Lots of space and an upgraded bedding product. The amenities were perfect for business travelers and the hotel was immaculate. Las Vegas has never been known for details but they have raised the bar. This is a huge facility and they are proof that bigger hotels can compete for service levels. The dining options were fabulous. Wolfgang Pucs is a great example of a celebrity chief paying attention to the food product. This was a very solid experience and I would recommend it to business travelers.

There's good and bad

Reviewed February 22, 2012

We booked our room months before arriving and paid for it in full, or so we thought. On arrival they hit us with a surprise "resort fee" (about $25/day). WHAT THE? What a joke! They said it was for use of their facilities which we had absolutely no intention of using but had to pay it nevertheless. Ridiculous! Also, despite our King room being booked months ago it was not available. Not sure how a hotel this size could have this problem when we booked so far in advance. They changed us to a room with a smaller Queen bed, but apparently was a larger room as it had an extra bed.

The room was very nice, spacious and recently renovated. They are obviously trying to set a particular kind of mood and for that reason has very minimal lighting which may annoy some guests. Some complaints about our room is that it was a very long distance to walk from the elevators. The place is so massive you don't get anywhere quickly. The view out of the window (we were on the 7th floor) was of nothing but air conditioning units, and the noise from these units was very very loud. The noise continued throughout the entire night and it was difficult to sleep with the noise. One peculiar thing was the housekeeping knocked on our door at 8am just to check the room wasn't vacant? In a place like Vegas, what guests appreciate being woken up that early for no reason at all?

One last complaint - there are no lions anymore : ( MGM have taken out their own trademark enclosure, apparently to be replaced with yet another restaurant and they need more (well, they make more money than lions do, but what a shame!). They've taken out the "cool" factor of the hotel.

Hate to say it but one of the best parts of the MGM was checking out! Not because we disliked it that much but because you can checkout via the internet which saves waiting in line. We thought this was pretty cool, a great idea for such a massive place. Unfortunately their kept luggage service was not as efficient, had to wait at least 10mins for them to collect our bags when picking them up later in the day.

Next time in Vegas we'll go elsewhere. It was still great value, but every hotel here is great value, and from our experience found it to be quite disorganized. The hotel is probably too big for it's own good.


Great hotel

Reviewed February 22, 2012

We stayed at MGM for 3 nights, booked through The special we recvd through this site was breakfast included. The receptionist forgot to include that upon check in but once we realised it was easily fixed up for us. It was actually a $20 buffet credit per person to be used per day for either breakfast lunch or dinner at several of the linked hotels/casinos.

Anyway the buffet was amazing, heaps to choose from.

The hotel and staff were great and no complaints about anything. The room was a deluxe king room, was a bit smaller than I expected but the website clearly states how big the rooms actually are, never in the room anyway.

The only downside with MGM is that it is right at the end of the strip (which is so long), but there is a bus for 24 hours $7 that constantly runs up and down the whole strip if you can be bothered walking. Overall great experience.

PS when you pay for the hotel online it does not include the resort fee which is payable upon check in, it's noted on the website but good to remember. I think it was about $65 for us for the 3 nights.



Clean, but generic

Reviewed February 21, 2012

I travel several times a year to Las Vegas for business, and this was my first time staying at the MGM Grand. I found this hotel to be satisfactory for business, but lacking in personality and friendliness.

The hotel tries to be hip with a giant screen in the lobby with Twitter feeds displayed. The check in process was not well organized. There was no central queuing system in place, rather many individual lines for each agent. If you get stuck behind a problematic check-in, you are stuck. I can imaging in a really busy period this would be frustrating. Just a simple velvet rope and wait-for-the-next-agent would be much better.

The room was clean, but mine still had an antiquated 4:3 TV and clunky remote. Surprising for a Vegas hotel. My iron was broken and the wired internet did not work, but after a call to the desk, both were fixed on the first go-round.

One thing I found surprising was the "wired" internet was actually wireless under the desk. Not great if you assumed the wire was more secure. I only found this out in trying to troubleshoot my own connectivity problems.

The internet is 'complimentary" in that they charge you $25 per day resort fee which includes use of the gym and internet access. Not sure there is a way to "opt out" of this. The internet is very slow, and not worth $25 a day.

The few staff I had to interact with did not seem to care either way about being friendly, and overall seemed indifferent.

If you are not asking for more than a clean room in a big hotel, it wouldn't be bad. For anything special, try somewhere else.

Room Tip: Ask for a newly remodeled room, apparently they have a few, but you need to ask.


Painesville, Ohio

Love it

Reviewed February 21, 2012

My first time there and didn't know what to expect and was really scared after reading reviews but, we ended up in the West Wing and I thought oh no, after reading a lot of reviews but it was actually very nice. Small room? Yes. Awkward bathroom arrangement? Yes. But, the bed was awesome the shower was better and they offered to move us the next day but we stayed there. Not to mention the nice exit right on the strip. Loved it, would like to stay again but the new resort fee would keep me looking for no resort fee properties. Didn't eat there and the pool was great but drinks were crazy expensive, but what do you expect?

Jenny M

Melbourne, Australia

Vegas was wonderful

Reviewed February 21, 2012


Long Beach, California

Not impressed....

Reviewed February 21, 2012

I reserved a suite for 2 nights at the MGM....check in was...odd. The front desk clerk wrote down my information and disappeared for several minutes, conferencing with other employees before assigning my room. We get to the suite on the 22nd floor (nice view!) but the room was shabby. They are in the process of remodeling and I'm hoping because I got a very very good rate that they gave me the worst suite available because it was in desperate need of a LOT of TLC. On a positive note, the beds were great. The room was large. Being a suite at the very end of a LONG LONG hall had it's was VERY quiet) However, the furniture was shabby (and that's being generous. The pictures were taken with a cell phone in low light. The room looks ok from afar!). The strangest thing was the dozen light switches for the room. No central control, so to turn them on you had to walk around stepping on switches, flipping switches on the wall and on the lamps. There were 2 a/c units, one for the sitting area and one for the sleeping area, which was really nice.

The bathroom had TONS of wasted space. It was HUGE and the shower was TINY (it was literally a 3 foot square box) with minimal shelf space. The plumbing was bad (noisy drains that backed up if two people were in the bathroom at once) and over the course of 3 days I had two cold/tepid showers and only one hot one!!!

All in all I would either request a new room or find a different hotel.

AND they charge a $28 per night "resort fee" that get's you NADA In the winter!!!

Room Tip: Choose a renovated room!! The others are shabby and in need of a LOT of tlc!!


Madison, Wisconsin

On the strip

Reviewed February 21, 2012

I prefer staying at the MGM on our visits to Las Vegas. The rooms in the West Wing are modern and nice. Some of the other parts of the hotel have larger rooms, but do not offer the same finishes. There is a wide selection of restuarants, shops, etc, and the location on the strip gives you easy walking access to many other casinos,retaurants, etc.



Is bigger better?

Reviewed February 21, 2012

My second trip to Las Vegas and decided to stay at the MGM. I had forgotten how BIG this property was.

My room was located at the end of a corridor which made getting to the lifts/elevators a journey in itself. The room though was great. I loved the theme of old Hollywood. A matte gold colour on the walls and black and white pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Gene Kelly. It was subtle and classy. The Room was one of the largest I have stayed in for a standard category. The beds were to die for as they were extremly comfy and great black out curtains as we slept during the day. Our view was of the Monte Carlo abd the New York New York with the mountains in the background.

I found the gaming floor and the rest of the hotel just way too big. It was hard to navigate to get to the street and it would of taken a decent 15 minutes to get from room to outside maybe longer. I did however like that that it had a food court for some cheaper meals.

They are renovating the property which was annoying as we were not informed when we booked or checked in and there was drilling, hammering during the day and our water was shut off from 11am-4pm which I think is unacceptable to have guests staying in that wing with that going on. We all know Vegas is a party down and I am sure more than the average guest would be in their room during the day.


Atlantic City, New Jersey

Nice hotel, too smoky to enjoy.

Reviewed February 21, 2012

Bring the visine and cough drops. My eyes are red and throat scratchy. No bathroom rug, minimal towels but nice decor.


Great stay

Reviewed February 20, 2012

After reading the negative reviews from a few other travellers I was a bit worried. However had to say the place was great. Only down side is the check inn is very busy and the walk to the rooms down the long corridors can be tireing. Overall a great place to stay, the room was big with great views huge comfy beds and the bathroom was spotless. The casino is very busy but what do you expect it's the MGM, loads of shopping malls, saloons and restaurants to experience. Was looking forward to the lion habbit but was told it has been closed for good as they are knocking it down to build a night club in its place. Would most defiantly stay here again a truly awesome hotel which is only 10min drive from the airport and also the monorail station is located here.

MGM grand read the small print

Reviewed February 20, 2012

The price on the internet for one night was $60...... But then there was tax and then there was the resort fee and then there was the tax on top so.... The bill was over $95.

Be warned!

Further more we had dinner in the rainforrest cafe 3 burgers 2 beers 1 cocktail ... Food was cold, service terrible $75

Room in the MGM grand was not grand !!!

Room Tip: Try another hotel


Cincinnati, ohio

Everything is There

Reviewed February 20, 2012

This is my third time staying at the MGM Grand Hotel. I like this hotel because it is on the strip and the hotel includes almost everything desired. I stayed in a new room and I really liked the comfort of the beds and the overall look and cleanliness of the room. This hotel has an eatery that allows me to eat on a budget and it also has some very nice restaurants for more upscale food. My primary improvement is that there is no in door pool in the hotel....this is a downer during the winter season. The other watch out is that the mini-fridge is very sensitive and you will be charged if you simply move the contents of the fridge. Fortunately, the desk clerk warned us about this. Check in at the hotel was quick and check out was can all be done on the mobile phone. On my next visit, I will try the Signature at MGM, it's connected to the MGM Grand, but it allows the customer to skip walking through the smoke filled, busy commotion of the casinos.

Room Tip: Stay here if you want everything in one place.



Room has quirks

Reviewed February 20, 2012

This was a girls getaway weekend, 3 of us shared a room. The Pro's: Room was large, beds were comfy, and bathroom was big with 2 sinks and 2 showers (1 stall, 1 over the bath). The Con's: The lighting in the room was horrible, the showers were super slippery and hard to move in (one of us actually fell), our straighter blew out the fuse in the bathroom, the couch was super uncomfortable to sit on, the hot water too forever to get to our room (one night we gave up) and the TV's are small and old. The bars inside the MGM were boring!! We had to leave the hotel every night to find free music and dancing. If the price is right, stay here....but seriously I think we could have done a lot better.


Baton rouge

Large size limits quality of experience.

Reviewed February 20, 2012

I intend this to be informative rather thsn critical. This was my first trip to Las Vegas. I was traveling with my wife and 7 other couples celebrating birthdays. I don't care to gamble. Just walking from lobby to my room I estimate to be 1/2 mile. When my room key card didn't work that meant walking that far to get a new one. Room was clean, small window, shower only. Had a nice Bose wave radio which I appreciated. No coffee maker. Getting coffee in morning requires a bit of a walk or paying $25.00 from room service. If you like coffee, I suggest purchasing a cheap coffee maker locally and leaving in the hotel room when you leave - you'll come out cheaper. Calling concierge always required long wait on hold but staff were courteous and helpful once you got them. We stayed in the west wing and there was a second set of elevators close to our room that got you out to las Vegas blvd quickly - that was nice. Plenty of lounges and places to meet up is another plus. Lots of restaurant options - everything in las Vegas is expensive - but good dining options from gourmet to very casual are available on the hotel property. The pool was closed ( a disappointment), no hot tub. They have a small exercise room with just treadmills and a few elliptical trainers - but you get plenty of walking in just checking out the strip.


Salem, OR

Good value on the Strip

Reviewed February 20, 2012

Check-in and out at the MGM was extremely efficient. Our room was ready when we arrived a little early and the room was very spacious. To make it ideal, it would have had 2 sinks in the bathroom, in-room coffee, and a mini-fridge, however, the beds were comfy and room service accommodating. Most of the restaurant service was "perfunctionarily" performed with a couple of servers as stand-outs, but staff that we asked questions of regarding directions, etc. were more than accommodating. Wolfgang Puck's had delish pizza. The buffet was okay, but not great. The resort/casino is spacious with a Capital S. It is helpful that it is on the monorail line which is easy to use and to get to other places along the Strip too. Since there is so much walking in LV, I would probably choose a smaller place next time (if value was the same). It is a long way from one restaurant to another or to the elevators and down the floors from the monorail after walking all day. Pack very comfortable shoes. The MGM does not have a theme, per se, so we hoofed it to view other hotel/resorts. Not to miss are the Bellagio fountains and conservatory (fabulous), and our second runner-up was the Paris-themed resort. Take plenty of small are expected for everything. Cabs are very expensive. Try the bus passes and/or monorail first. No matter, though, you can't help but have fun in Las Vegas.

Room Tip: We were on 17th floor, Grand Tower--had a great view of the Strip.


Bay Area, CA

Hard to fault - and great staff!

Reviewed February 20, 2012

Got a very good rate on this property when staying with family who were on way back to UK. (Don't like being charged the extra resort fee but it seems you can't escape that.)

Large property, central strip location, very busy, almost intimidatingly so, but very professional and efficient check in service. Rooms were excellent. Front desk staff very responsive to issues that arose with room key. Plenty of restaurants to choose from and all good. Valet parked my vehicle for free and only waited 5 mins max for it to be brought up mid-morning.

All in all, hard to fault. The professionalism of the staff stands out. I tend to have a short fuse when problems arise... MGM staff were excellent in addressing issues. Would stay here again in a heartbeat if the rates remain attractive.


isle of man

Great hotel

Reviewed February 20, 2012

On my first visit to Vegas this was a great hotel to stay at. We were upgraded on check in to a huge room which we didn't really use due to the countless Vegas attractions taking all of our time. Would happily return to this hotel but tbh it was really just a base for exploring all of Vegas...



Loved it!

Reviewed February 20, 2012

This hotel is awesome... its right next to the airport, and from the outside it looks small but when you go inside its pretty big lol. Check in was a breeze, and the room was a good size, with a very nice bathroom, which had two sinks which was handy :) A bit dissappointed we had no strip view, but the bed was huge and comfy, and room service was quick and very nice. The casino is pretty busy/noisey, but was great to see the lions upclose in there glass den and the hotel has some very nice restraunts which lead out to the pool area. There are many pools to choose from and our stay was very relaxing, and all hotel staff were very nice and helpful... god I miss Vegas :)


Clearwater, Florida

Very Good Choice and A Best Value

Reviewed February 19, 2012

I have stayed at this hotel multiple times over the past 10 years. I have stayed in the sky lofts, spa suites, regular rooms and the WestWing.

First off before you pick up your bags in Vegas get your keys and check in at the MGM booth in the Airport baggage claim area-this will save you 15 minutes at the hotel. Once you are there, there really is no need to leave the MGM, everything is there. Restaurant choices are very good, they have every game you need, Cirque du Soliel, awesome pool, very good spa.

Standard rooms are large-even by Vegas standards, nice bathrooms, good views.

Skylofts are amazing, cool and one of my best Vegas room experiences ever

Spa suites are also cool

You should watch out for the west wing as the room I had had no real windows/view of any kind. The west wing sounds cool-but its really the original hotel, separate entrance out by the strip.

Room Tip: Standard rooms are large-even by Vegas standards, nice bathrooms, good views. Skylofts are amazing, cool and one of my best Vegas room experiences ever Spa suites are also cool You should watch out for the west wing as the room I had had no real windows/view of any kind. The west wing sounds cool-but its really the original hotel, separate entrance out by the strip.


san Fransisco

If you turn of the water...they will not visit

Reviewed February 19, 2012

All is not well in the Emerald City of Las Vegas. It seems that the nickel and dime mentality has settled in here leaving guests wondering what other unforeseen charges or overlooked amenities will be discovered. I DO NOT recommend staying here. My friend and I have had too many unpleasant surprises in just two days. It is a shame really that a prominent hotel like this has sunk to cheapness and frankly, some dishonesty thrown in. We are here attending a convention and the convention center itself has been wonderful. It is sparkling clean, with great meeting rooms and halls. Our time at the convention is enjoyable without a doubt. But then.....

Something is incredibly amiss at the hotel. The MGM is undergoing construction and that is part of the problem This is a BIG reason to avoid this place for now. Their website attempts to gloss over this fact. It says that the MGM is getting a "grand renovation" and then proceeds to tell you to check out what is new. Oh how exciting! However, it isn't the kind of excitement you want; a letter placed on your bed, informing you to expect construction noise as well as the water supply being shut off on certain days. Why are guests paying $200 a night and being checked onto a floor where the water is being shut off? This is truly a first for me. For this incredible inconvenience (which you pay for) you receive a letter thanking you in advance for understanding the difficulties of renovating this hotel. They offer you a 15% discount on a future stay....WHAT! After checking in and being encouraged to spend an additional $15 per day to experience the "grand renovation' experience, you get your water shut off and construction noise during the day! When I called guest services to ask for my 15% discount today, I was lectured on how unemployment is a problem and I should be glad that the hotel did not close to renovate. Can it get any more bizarre? Is there a Wizard behind a curtain spinning politically correct excuses in this Emerald City? Is this mega-million dollar corporation so greedy that it cannot absorb a few empty rooms? How about closing one wing? How about honestly updating future guests on your website like other hotels do that there is construction going on and it may be noisy, and for this inconvenience we are offering a sale? Is it because there is deeply planted nickel and dime antics going on? The strict mini fridge "touch it and you own it" rule, charging $50 per day if any personal items are found in this fridge(I guess rental fee added to $200?) , $10 fee for $80 ATM withdrawal, lack of in-room coffee maker, and mandatory resort fee of $25 per day, even though the "resort" pools and grounds are closed for the season, are all signs of a grand hotel where the customer comes last. Any good things about my stay? The hotel is clean and the staff is exceptionally pleasant, but one can hardly notice these things when one is staying in a hell of a renovation resort. We have 4 more days here. We will update you on whether the MGM Grand is Grand enough to discount our stay for this inconvenience of renovation, or instead, will be passing out complimentary construction hats. Stay tuned, and stay away!

MGM Grand is always a solid choice

Reviewed February 19, 2012

I stay @ MGM when I go to vegas for a Boxing Event. Yes, there are much nicer hotels and better prices and better location on the strip, but when you go for "fight weekend" no other place compares! The vibe is electric and one of a kind. It's not the same if you don't stay at MGM Grand, if you havent stayed during fight weekend, I suggest you add this to your "bucket list".

Anyhow, I booked MGM Grand a few months ago when they announced ther Andre Berto vs. Victor Ortiz II fight. A week before the fight, Andre Berto hurt his bicep and the injury required surgery so the fight was postponed. Bummer.

Although the room was refundable, my flight wasnt. So, I took this opporutnity to go to vegas for the weekend.

We booked Fri and Saturday Night, Check in went smooth, I used the invited check-in that only had1 person in front of me. For some reason, the checkin process is usually a lot longer @ MGM than other resorts. I'm not really sure why.

I was provided a "Grand Renovated Room" I requested a High Floor Strip few on my original reservation, but I believe the renovated room are only up to floor 8. Booo

If you're thinking about staying @ MGM. DO NOT stay at the West Wing. These rooms are small and it doesnt feel like you're a part of hotel.

I made my way to the elevator bank- Very short walk from the front desk and pushed Floor 8... When the doors opened, you can tell this was a renovated room. New Carpert, wallpaper and pictures leading to the room.

The room was nice- electronic shades and sheer, when opended. I had a great view of a brick wall. ONe of the reasons I suggest not "upgrading" to these rooms yet, because the views are terrible.

Although I been to Vegas 20+ times its always nice to wake up or go to sleep with the Vegas Strip in your window.

The bed was super comfortable, the flat screen TV was a much needed upgrade but they dont offer HD Channels. Weird. I dont watch much TV in the room, but when its time to refresh for the night I tune into a game and it would be nice if the TV/Game was in HD.

Oh well. The bathroom was ok, they made an upgrade to the vanity area. The shower was the same. Just a new shower head. Kind of lame that I saw some "rust" in the bathroom ..

Again, you cant beat MGM when its a short weekend- I hardly left the hotel, They have great places to eat and the casino is big enough and roomy enough.

As usual, solid stay @ MGM.



Had a great time but they need to reconsider the direction of the renovation.

Reviewed February 19, 2012

I came to Las Vegas for a solo vacation before school started again. I received a casino rate to stay at the regular room at MGM Grand so decided to book there. I have stayed with them in the past and always had a good time so I went with them. When I got to the hotel, the check-in line was a little slow and I found out why when I got there. The reservation system was not working (as it never does when I've been there in the past) and only the manager could view the inventory of the rooms available and assign them. For my trouble (and I'm guessing for coming in under the casino rate), they upgraded me to one of the newly renovated rooms.

I do have to say that they did a great job on what they did with it. It is really nice as the rooms did need to be updated. That said there was a few things I didn't enjoy. First the electronic blinds in my room didn't work, but I'll account that to new room bugs. I could not stand the art in the new rooms. I really did like the old Hollywood celebrity photos they had in the old rooms and the hallways on each floor. They did away with that and put in some sort of abstract art as you see in the photos.

The service though is great, I was always felt welcome by the employees and was never treated bad. However, I think the food has gone downhill. I went to one of my favorite eateries from the past the first day I was there which was the Studio Cafe. It was always a good place to eat for a decent price. I ordered an omelet with 2 glasses of juice and the bill came out to be $35 DOLLARS??!?! And what made it worse was the portions were not worth the price. I was really disappointed. I suggest eating at their Stage Deli by the Sportsbook or in their food court if you want value. Everywhere else in the hotel is expensive.

They seem to be moving away from the theme of golden age Hollywood which I think is a mistake. I do understand the need for updating the hotel, but completely changing it is not good. They are even getting rid of the lions which I believe is a big mistake. I love staying at the MGM, but this recent stay has made me consider other hotels for a future visit if they keep changing too much.


Chino, California

MGM is good for the price!

Reviewed February 19, 2012

I've stayed here a couple of times, the last was in January 2012. I've stayed previously at the Encore, Wynn, Mandalay Bay, Tropicana (many moons ago), Monte Carlo, and the Mirage. I usually stay in Vegas for 3 nights, just to catch the great shows and dine at the wonderful restaurants.

But this is about the MGM Grand hotel. Okay folks, it's not the Encore or Wynn, but then the price reflects that it is geared for those who are looking for a decent room and still have some spending money. It doesn't pretend to be pretentious. I always stay in the Tower rooms, which even though the hotel is huge, are accessible past the gift shop in a 5 spoke-like hallway where you can head to the elevator closest to your floor. The last time, the front desk tried to upsell me on a West Wing room. I checked it out first before committing.... and told them to forget it!

The hallway to get there was something out of the "Shining"...long and endless. The room was small and bathroom ridiculously small!

I love the fact that I can enjoy a delicious breakfast (even if it's afternoon) in their cafe. (I am not a buffet person). I haven't tried their restaurants (they offer many upscale ones before you get to the Food Court) as I have my favorites in Vegas, like The Palm at Caesars.

They aren't stingy in the casino, and the rooms are clean, and beds comfortable. No odors detected! The pool area is really nice with a

"lazy river" connecting. Plenty of chairs.

Saw the Cirque show, KA at the MGM. One of the best in Vegas. Danced in Tabu (for my daughter's 21st birthday), and enjoyed martini's at their numerous bars.

I would really give it a 31/2 star rating but their is no 1/2 to add!

Georgie M


BE AWARE your reservation may not be what you purchased.

Reviewed February 19, 2012

It was a surprise gift to me for Valentines and I was not aware of the package deal that had been purchased, until I got home and spoke to the person who had made the reservations. I was then told that the room was NOT to have been more than $89. a day and that we were to get 2 free meals each, a day while there. Which I knew nothing about while I was there and didn't know to ask for, and of course did not receive. Instead we were charged a total of $532.for 3 days stay. RIP OFF BIG TIME! When we arrived we found the Special Valentine package was non existant on our reservation. We did not get the floor or room next to the elevator that we reserved but were put us on 13th floor at the fartherest end of the extremely long hall from the elevator facing the west where the sun came in and made the room hot. looking out onto the roofs and on a back wing, with another wing in front of us blocking our view of Las Vegas Blvd. and everything else..NO VIEW! I asked to be moved and was told they were booked tight and could not be moved that day. I told them we had reserved back in early Dec and was given 5th floor next to elevator. I was told that was impossible because rooms are not assigned until arrival. and they are booked up and cannot move us. I said if that is true with your lobby now full of people checking in and not yet with room assignments. you certainly can move us and give us one of those good rooms you are about to give to all those people. Still a definate NO. ~ What it amounted to is they fill the upper floors and back wings with crappiest view rooms 1st, with earliest checkins and then the good rooms go to the later check-ins. NOT recomended if you have walking issues.

Room Tip: Demand to see your room before you check in. and demand to see your reservation record. I was not aware of the package deal that was purchased as a surprise gift for me until I got home!


Los Angeles, CA

A Wonderful Wedding

Reviewed February 19, 2012

A very dear friend planned her wedding from NY...... she is very ill, and this was to be 'her' day. The MGM could not have been kinder, more accomodating, and truly gave her the day she needed.

We thank everyone in the MGM, especially the lovely people at the Christophe salon, and the Grand Wedding chapel for making this day special.



Stay somewhere else

Reviewed February 19, 2012

Very average stay would be a good way to describe this hotel.

I wouldn't stay again, or recommend people to stay there.

It was very noisy at times, could constanly hear the airport outside the window, the band outside New York - New York and people on the corridor, or in other rooms. This included a person negotiating a deal with a call girl in the early hours.

The bathroom has no wall, just a glass door separating the toilet from the room. This means you can hear everything going on in there, plus if you go to the toilet in the middle of the night the light/ flushing toilet/ taps/ pipes wakes up the other person in the room.

Anyone can walk into the hotel from the casino, which means the long deserted corridors could be a safety issue - I encountered a really intimidating drunk man one night and I would have been very frightened if I had been alone.

The staff we dealt with were very unfriendly, especially in the casino.

Restaurants were overpriced.

They have signs up to the lion habitat - they are not there anymore and won't be returning.

Overall I would definately stay somewhere else in the future and tell others to do so.

Room Tip: Stay somewhere else!


Houston, Texas

Nice hotel, descent rooms

Reviewed February 19, 2012

I have not stayed there since they renovated the room but the rooms were dated when we stayed..Its on the south end of the strip, everything I like to see in north of there, so be ready to walk a lot or take taxi's. Personally I would recommend renting a car, it makes going up and down the strip easier. I rented a car for $80/week, well worth it.

I personally like to stay closer to the middle of the strip, a lot more options. The MGM casino floor is very nice. Another plus is several options for dining, from fancy night out to McDonalds all on the casino property.

I would recommend this hotel if you gave promotion, but at its regular price I would look for a casino further north.


stay away!

Reviewed February 19, 2012

dont bother ruining your trip to vegas. stay away! .

- avoid the west wing. that is all

- dont bother to ask to be moved. it wont work



Trashy room, nice service & meals

Reviewed February 18, 2012


Holly Springs, NC

Bring your walking shoes, and your wallet

Reviewed February 18, 2012

I'd really like to give the MGM more stars.

The staff was great, we asked for a refrigerator for my wifes medicine which was delivered while we were unpacking.

The room was clean and nice, we had a view of the Hooters out the back which was ok. At night the green lights outside would cast an emerald glow over our room. The room had automatic sheer and blackout blinds which worked great and took care of the morning sun and green glow with equal ease.

The problems?

First, this place is freakin' huge! Luckily we were on one of the shorter hallways, so our room hike was not the worst. While going to the elevator upstairs we looked down the long hall and it was like a view into infinity. We thought at first there was a mirror at the end of the hall making it look longer. We saw two little people off in the distance and thought it might be our reflection. I waved and jumped, but our reflection didn't.

For convention goers, be aware that it seems like a mile between the hotel and convention floor.

Second problem, the New Vegas! Vegas is still suffering greatly depressed tourism. The hotel/casinos are desparate for revenue. The current business model on the strip is a discounted room while charging outrageous prices for the amenities. MGM, like many other hotels is actually pre-charging for some amenities through resort fees. The resort fee, not always disclosed when booking, adds about $25/day to your bill and what it includes varies by hotel.

At the MGM the fee gets you into the workout room at the spa, 2 bottles of water in your room, a daily paper and wifi access. The wifi worked well, we didn't use the workout room and never saw the water or paper. Mini bar prices in the room were outragous including $8 bottle water.

Food outlets downstairs were very pricey, even the low budget Nathan's and McDonalds.

In closing, the MGM is an amazing place, eye popping decor, nice, clean rooms, friendly staff and dealers. It's just too big for my taste and I don't care for the wallet draining shops and restaurants inside.