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I was admitted to hospital for severe depression when I was 17. Ove a period of three months, the doctors at the hospital weaned me onto fluoxetine. I take 60mg a day and I have never been in a better place, emotionally, mentally, and physically. This drug helped to save my life.


Started taking 20mg last summer during my 3rd pregnancy when bi-polar/depression was no longer manageable, continued through the death of my child then abruptly stopped taking it beginning this year. Have been back on for approx. 3 months since giving birth yet again and have seen an amazing change again moods are becoming stable and I give an overall crap whether everyday comes or not :-) I owe this med my life because without it I wouldn't have survived my sons death and my daughters birth


Helped at first but then noticed I want to sleep all the time.Not caring about anything & have gained 10lbs which is totally not me! I stopped on my own a few days ago & will not take anymore.


Prozac has saved my life. I have not had any side effects. I do always take the medication with food; other drugs have caused major nausea. rnrnI've been on it for about 6 or 7 weeks now. The medication I was taking for my Depression stopped being effective awhile ago. I had thoughts of suicide daily, no motivation or energy to even shower. I wouldn't even leave my home for as long as a month. rnrnMy doctor never put me on Prozac before, there was a reason. But, I was sent to the hospital and the psychiatrist there slowly started me on Prozac. I haven't felt this good in a long time! I don't think of suicide and I have so much motivation to get out and do things. rnrnI had planned to take my life on or near my next birthday. I didn't want to live the miserable life I was living. Now, I see just how much I have to live for! Also, I'm not as emotional as I was before. Certain things don't bother me anymore. I have a new outlook on life! rnrn


I mean no disrepect to all the users of this medication suffering in their lives, but I use this medication for my cat. He is large and for several years has been bullying the other cats, one very senior, and others much smaller. Behavior modification hadn't worked. 2.5 mg/day FLuoxetine works well to mellow him w/o over sedation. rnrnHis dose is 2.5 mg/day but the pills are 10 mg. Tabs are easy to halve but impossible to reliably quarter. Compounding would increase cost 3-4 times. rnrnMy question is whether I can myself mix this in broth or a nutri-cal type gel a few days in advance. Any related comments (home remedies for predilution) would be welcome.


I have been taking this medication for about 8 years. I am very glad my doctor prescribed it. I tried others but they gave me an upset stomach.


prozac has been great! I was so worried to start taking it that I read a million reviews and almost didn't take it but I'm so glad I did. It has been a life saver!


My experience with on-label Prozac was nothing short of miraculous. History included multiple brain trauma (football), leading to major depressive episodes and suicide attempts in early 20's. I experienced relief of primary symptoms within 30min of administering the med, which everyone says is impossible (similar reaction in other family members). Increased concentration, alleviation of depressive symptoms etc. was amazing. Remember not every drug in this family is the same nor are off label meds. Fluoxitine (Prozac) gave me great help until it just gave out on me after ~5 yrs (apparently the MDs call this pooping out) Other SSRIs were not the same (as of course they have different shapes) and I am certain their neurological function is not the same and remains very poorly understood (no matter what your MD pretends - this is a very imprecise practice) Bottom line, Prozac for me was amazing, other SSRIs I have taken I would say range from ineffective to VERY DANGEROUS. Be careful what MDs perscribe, stick to brand names, and don't be afraid to talk to your DR about discontinuing meds that make you sick (side effects happen, but finding a good Dr is much much harder than finding a Dr. who will use shotgun Tx trying each one of of these medications hoping to get it right). Try to Find an MD who has seen lots of people like you, the chance their experience will transform your care is much much higher. Many of these SSRIs are being promoted to General Practitioners who have no business treating psychiatric patients with strong and potentially dangerous meds. Get a Shrink, This Will be a fight, but a good psychiatrist is worth his weight in gold. Good luck.


Prozac helped be focus on and handle the normal life functions I couldn't deal with. Instead of a tornado out of control, my mind and thoughts worked in a more even tandem..


It was effective but had one very unwelcome side-effect -- thrashing / acting out in bed during vivid dreams. I ended up tying my hands together with bondage cuffs to prevent swinging my arms around during the night.


I took Prozac for generalized anxiety (an off label use, but I'd heard of it working for others) and it was the worst thing I ever did. Not only did it not touch my anxiety, it also triggered a depressive episode after I hadn't had one for several years. And as far as side effects go, I had headaches and nausea that didn't fade over time, bouts of dizziness, heat rashes, sweating, tiredness, sleep problems, strange body spasms when I'd lie down (which still persist now, 1.5 years later), anorgasmia and reduced sensitivity (which took a year to fully recover from), hallucinations, and 10 kilos of weight gain. It was a nightmare, and I only took it for about four months. Weaning off it also wasn't as easy as everyone else seemed to say it was. All of that said though, I don't think others should avoid it because of this - everyone has a unique reaction to each SSRI. But it was definitely a terrible, terrible drug for me and I won't be going anywhere near it again.


I've had severe depression since a teenager and have tried many things for it. I took Prozac for over 10 years and it was the only drug that ever worked for me, with no discernable side effects. In fact, my sex drive IMPROVED, maybe cuz I wasn't so depressed. Eventually it stopped working, though, and I've been having a very hard time finding something else that will work.


it work for me.


Two words - MIRACLE DRUG. Tried other brands of antidepressants that just didn't work. Won't ever look back again!


I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and so far it has helped. But overall it hasn't done that much of a change for me, other than make me a little less sad. I do notice that I lack sexual drive and have trouble sleeping. I've pointed out from a medical stand point that my dosage (20mg) level is too much for my body height and weight (5'5"/110lbs). So hopefully next month they'll change it to a lower dosage to help me out so i can get some more sleep!


I have anxiety, depression, and OCD. I am also very sensitive to medicines. After two days of taking Prozac (20mg) I could immediately notice a change, along with terrible side effects. The positive things I noticed was I did not have these re-occurring thoughts as often as I usually do. I would wake up feeling "okay". Those are both two huge things that made me very happy about taking this drug...but the side effects were just not worth it for me. The worst side effect I faced was LOW SEX DRIVE. Actually, there was no sex drive. Not even a feeling "down there". It sucked. I felt my stomach tighten up after I took the pill and for the whole day I was nauseous and tired. Surely the nausea was something I could push through but the no sex drive was not a fair toss up...just gonna have to keep looking for the right drug.


After near 2 years of dealing with the hot flashes that accompany menopause, my doctor finally got me to try prozac. The hot flashes were gone almost instantenously. I'd say within a day or two. The first month was rough with the side affects that came with the drug...nausea, dizziness, headache. I almost didn't think it was worth it. But I stuck it out and within the first month, the side affects went away, I still do not have any hot flashes and because I am sleeping better I am not as tired and my mood has improved. I'm still not one that likes to take drugs and don't want to be on it to long. FYI: I missed a dose recently, and I can see now that the withdrawals are a whole other ball game. It isn't going to be easy.


I am very happy with Prozac except it has exasperated my restless leg syndrome. I have had only two nights out of a month that I didn't have to take a sleep aid. Other that I am happy with it.


I was not impressed with this. I started out at 20 mgsand the hospital dr increased it to 40 mgs what a mistake!! went home after 2 and half weeks and started to have those "thoughts" again well went to my hospital and my dr whom took me off it and put me on paxil for depression and anxiety well in 2 day's I started to feel some relief am only on 10 mg. calm and more normal now. thank god Prozac is evil!!!rn


Prozac has worked very well for me, and I've been on it since 1996 when I was diagnosed with clinical depression. Not wanting to take RX in general, I've tried with my Dr's help to stop taking it 3 times over the years. Each time, in a few months, I'd notice profound depressive symptoms returning with a vengeance, so I've stayed on it. In the first year, we altered the dosage to get it right, and I've cut back once (didn't work) and upped the dosage once (weird side effects.) So now I'm at 40 mg on which I feel "normal" with minimal depressive episodes. On doctor's suggestion I tried adding Wellbutrin to see if my libido would return, and it did.....BUT, after a few weeks Wellbutrin stopped helping my libido at all, so I just stayed with Prozac alone. Though I have concerns about staying on it this long, I don't function well at all without it, AND it works so well, I feel so well, that I plan to keep taking it. Healthy diet (gluten-free) has also helped with the overall effectiveness of Prozac for me.


I've taken Prozac for 5+ years and it helped my depression. Ive also suffered from sinus swelling and congestion as far back as I can remember but since I've discontinued the Prozac, my sinus's are free and clear!!! I've been through so much trying to find out why my sinus's were always swollen, especially during night and in the am, now I know. Hope this helps someone else.


This medication caused me to have an increase in panic attacks, vomiting, muscle tremors, confusion, an inability to concentrate, blurred vision, agitation and irrability, caused an out of body experience ; and I'm now afraid to take any type of SSRI again. My mother told me i was talking about killing myself the second day i was on it, and i cant recall doing such a thing at all. I suffer from bipolar disorder, and coping with depression on a mood stabilizer is better than being on this drug in my opinion, which i will never consume again. I was only on 20 mg. for a week so I knew what i was experiencing was from Prozac. I had the same experience while taking Celexa. I will never take an SSRI again. I cant wait for this stuff to be completely out of my system. This drug might work for some, but it was a nightmare for me.


Been taking it for only 3 days but I feel tired as soon as I take it, and no sex drive and its only been 3 days.


Before taking this I could not lose my load.What can I say this works


Makes me to droggy.


i have taken Prozac on and off for 20 years. At first, it worked fine alone. Then several years ago, I was put on Symbyax (prozac plus zyprexa) and my mood switched for the better very quickly. The downside was weight gain, so I had to get off it. Later that year I needed something added to it, another antipsychotic (I've never been psychotic, but these meds are often used for mood stabilization). So Abilify was added and my mood drastically changed, almost overnight. When I lost health benefits this year recently, Risperdal was prescibed with Prozac. Again, worked absolute wonders. The only side effects I;ve had are slightly fatigued, and heartburn soon after I take my morning dose. This is curtailed by taking Prilosec along with my morning meds. Anyway, I;ve tried a zillion antidepressants which necer worked. Prozac along with other meds has been a lifesacer. I'm on 40 mg.


I have used this for years with satisfactory results. (40mg) Now I have arm/hand tremors, so my doctor has reduces it to 10mg. That has been 2 weeks ago and I still have tremors. But reducing medication is always good. What else can I do to reduce tremors?


prozac works very well for panic disorder but but the drug gave me bladder spasms The doctor took me of the drug immediately.


I have been taking Prozac for a couple months now and I am happier and feel better than I had for months before. I was on Zoloft for years before and it stopped working for me. I haven't noticed any side effects from this medication so I couldn't be happier.


I had been on high doses of Zoloft for Depression, Lamictal for mood swings and stabilization, and Trazodone for insomnia. All supposedly to help me with traumatic brain injury from a car accident. Then a psychiatrist wanted me to try getting off those and just taking 20 mg. Prozac. It gave me my life back. I never realized I was overmedicated. Now Prozac is the only psych med I take. At first, I said "No way." But it made a believer out of me.rn


I have tried every antidepressant out there prior to trying Prozac. I tried Effexor, Cymbalta, Zoloft, Lexapro, Paxil, and Celexa. None really helped me much. Finally my doctor tried me on Prozac and it started helping in like one month. It is the only one that has helped to subside my depression. After two months, I was titrated to 80mg daily and that seems to be working as it hasn't changed a year later. I also take Bupropion HCL SR 150 mg once daily with the prozac. It helps me to get out of bed daily and to keep my sense of humor. However, the residual depression I've had to go to therapy for to help it go away. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a magic pill!


It has given my life back to me!!


Its interesting to hear others experiences. rnrnI had large reduction in libido almost immediately, and the drug seemed to reduce sensitivity in that regard ALOT. This was the biggest effect of the drug that I noted - quite remarkable.rnrnIn terms of treating depression, I did not notice any major changes in attitude. If anything, the drug was very subtle - making me literally "care less." I found myself a bit more free from considering consequences of actions - and just not caring what happens in situations.


I started on Prozac when I was ten and have continued using it for 6 years. The dose was increased when my therapist discovered I was still self harming and since then I've had a lot of memory loss, abnormal sweating, dizziness, and a few times in school my legs have given out. Two weeks ago I overdosed on ibuprofen in an attempt to take my life and was in a mental hospital. The increased suicidal thoughts and other side effects only appeared when my dose went from 20 to 40 milligrams. I've also had a huge decrease in appetite and lost almost 20 lbs by now. I'm seeing my therapist tomorrow for the first time since I got out of the hospital and I'm going to ask her about my dosage and if any changes could be made to it. My ocd and anxiety issues have probably increased since I started taking it. It does help with depression and lack of motivation, but honestly, I'm not really sure if it's worth it.


I have been on Prozac for 31 years and living well and healthy, a little difficult for the first few weeks but then you feel great. My doctor gave me Xanax for the first few weeks and amoxapine for sleep and I would not change anything. This is a miracle drug and I have no depression or OCD or anxiety in 31 years and I work 3 jobs and support my 2 daughters who also take the same medicine as it is hereditary.


Prozac is second on my list of Worst Antidepressants. Within the 1st day of starting Prozac I had constant diarrhea. I was literally peeing out of my anus for days, even after discontinuing the use of this horrible drug. Avoid.


I suffered from what I now know as OCD and was blessed enough to find a psychiatrist that would prescribe higher doses of Prozac for the intrusive thoughts. After going on the higher doses, my life has changed completely. I went from having intrusive thoughts so bad I could not leave my room to being able to go on vacations and have relationships. It never made all of the symptoms go away, that's where the therapist helped. But, the thoughts that do end up popping up so not last nearly as long and I don't have the obsession for it. I also have Anorexia and when I was in treatment they lowered it back down and my symptoms came back with a vengeance. So, I know that Prozac has been a life saver for me. It has not worked for treating the eating disorder, which is to be expected.


I jumped out my window b/c i didn't think life was worth paralyzed now and my depression continued to get worse until i took Prozac! It has helped so much.rnIm 11 been taking since 9!


works for me


works very wellrn


The first 3 weeks were downright scary! I wasrnso agitated and nervous I could have jumped out of my skin. But, my Dr. did warn me this might happen. I was so hoping for a positive result I "silently screamed" through it. I started to calm down a bit at a time. After that Prozac changed my life. It actually gave me a life. I didn't hang on to anger for weeks at a time. I was able to work through emotional upheaval, it was amazing. I have been on it for 20 years. Love it. Just try to get through the first weeks of the frightening part then it may help you more than you can believe.


Had used Wellbutrin years ago, which did nothing. So my current doctor gave me prozac which acts differently than Wellbutrin. I've been seeing family and friends more often, which helps, but even they have noticed an obvious mood lift. I'm going through huge, sad life changes right now but despite that, my depression is lifting. I can't fall asleep easily without the TV on, but am attributing this more to the fact that I start thinking about all of my problems when I try to sleep, instead of relaxing. The TV allows me to relax and fall asleep. So am thinking that the prozac is not the causing me to not fall asleep quickly like I used to.


I had been in the Navy, and the depression upon being forced into an early retirement caused me to stay suicidal. All of the other designer drugs were tried; all I got was side effects and no relief. I had heard bad things about Prozac, but after two years I was desperate and tired of the drugs not working. My doctor put me on Prozac, and within 2 weeks my family noticed a major change. At 3 weeks I felt hopeful and happy for the first time in two years. I have remained on this drug, and in spite of the bad rap it gets, it has been a miracle for me. The trick is having a regular psychiatrist that monitors your dose and takes blood samples to verify therapeutic dose. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Prozac. You gave me my life back, and hope I never thought I'd have. Been on this medication for about 15 years; each time they have tried to take me off of it and put me on something else, I have descended into the abyss. You can trust this drug unless you are bipolar and misdiagnosed as depressed.


Prozac shouldn't be given to any living organism it is truly poison. It's one of the worst drugs out there.


I have experenced severe headaches and am not sure if this is from the prozac.rn


It works. Cymbalta had adverse effects. Been taking for almost 10 years.


I use it for OCD, binge eating disorder, panic, and severe depression. I have been taking it for over 20 years, mostly of 60mg but I was given 80 mg for several years. It helps the binge eating and ocd and depression but much less effective over time. rnWhen I weaned off it my eating became out of control, my ocd and tics became very severe again, and I was desperately depressed and panicky. I was going crazy. It was a nightmare so I had to return to the drug. rnOn the drug I have no libido and my sleep is never satisfying or deep. I cannot cry whilst on it, and cannot grieve when I go through pain or trauma. rnWhile off the drug I noticed all my suppressed and undealt with trauma surfaced, and I was finally able to grieve and cry which was a relief. I have had an incredible six years of hardship in my life but the prozac suppressed my ability to deal with it. It internalised instead and has made my psoiasis and athritis and general immune system worse.rnI gained an enormous amount of weight very quickly when off the drug due to uncontrollable binge eating, and if I had continued I would have died of ruptured stomach or coma. I know this for a fact as in my youth, before prozac, I went to A&E a few times to evacuate my stomach or else I would have died.rnI cannot have a sex life because of the prozac; it makes my vagina dry and cannot orgasm or enjoy anything, so I am very lonely and unfulfilled and have no partner. This is the price I have to pay for not eating myself into a coma or going insane with ocd and tics. I guess you could say it is an effective drug in that sense.


I was diagnosed with OCD, but feel it's more general anxiety disorder. I've been taking since 1998 while serving in the military, and works well for me. However, the generic form did not work, so went back to the brand name.


My doctor started me on 20mg of Prozac almost a month ago. It has been a life saver. I am also on 300mg of Wellbutrin XL & 20mg of Adderall. Iv been on those two for over a year now, but within the past few months I started to get really depressed again & was fixing to commit suicide. Once I started taking the Prozac it was a complete turn around. My thoughts of suicide went away. Side effects I've been experiencing are sweating, yawning, loss of appetite & trouble sleeping at night. But these side effects are slowly fading except for the loss of appetite, which doesn't bother me. :) Prozac has done wonders for my depression. I'm more social now & my fear of public places has gone down a lot. It's also helping me not obsess about food or my diet & OCD. Hope it continues to help.


I have been taking Prozac since about 1995 for depression. We (my doctor and I) have experimented with other medications, but this is the only one that is effective for me. We have tried modifying the dosage to up it to 60 mg. At first the brain fog lifted and I felt wonderful...but after a week or so, my body adjusted and the fog was back. We then tried going the other direction, lowering the dosage to the minimum effective dosage. Now I take 10 mg a day and have for the last four or five years. I take it in the morning so I can get through a day of work without arguing with anyone. The dosage could probably be a touch higher so I didn't argue with family at night, but I am happy to keep my job at this point. Prozac has made that possible and I highly recommend it at a very low dose. It doesn't take much to effect your chemical imbalances.


I was on another anti-depressant I had used for different bouts of depression and having trouble with weight gain and the depression did not subside my doctor switched me to Prozac. Albeit the depression greatly improved it did not help with the weight gain, and this one is one of the few anti-depressants that claim "may cause weight loss". I could not be so lucky. I've gained 20 lbs in a year. Since my depression has greatly improved my doctor is weening me off. Hopefully I will lose this weight. But overall, I have to rate it as GREAT because it has helped with my depression and that after all is why it was prescribed.


I have been using it more than a year and very happy with it.. I have three little kids and a very selfish husband.. this drug has been helping me a lot .. and I am very thankful


I want to know if memory loss is a side effect of taking Prozac for many years, like 20 years. Short term memory loss.




Very unsatisfactory side effects.


it seemed to work when i first used it, years ago but no effect now i am very depressed




I've dealt with depression, anxiety, and paranoia for 5 years and the first 2 years of my depression were miserable. I never got help for it even after attempting suicide and being harmful to myself. The next two years were okay, my depression and such came in spurts and never as bad as before. I decided to get myself of medication just to see if I could hopefully feel better or somehow cure my illness. Doctor told me take fluoxetine once every night but the next day when I picked up my bottle it said "once every other night" and I assumed that's what I should do. Well it caused my depression to extremely spike up, no motivation what so ever, sleepy during the day but dealt with insomnia at night, grades to fall, panic attacks, everything you could ever imagine your lowest point would be. All this happened in the span of a month. Went back to the doctor, told him everything, and he lowered my dosage and told me to take it in the morning. Well, after 3 weeks nothing is happening, things are getting worse, and I feel as if I have no control anymore. I took myself off of it and I've been off it for about a month and it still feelings like I haven't stopped taking it except now I'm suicidal and dealing with psychotic thoughts. Prozac is a nightmare.


I started taking prozac for Anxiety and Depression and it works wonders for me. Within two weeks, I noticed a slowing of my rushing thoughts and I stopped having nightmares. I've been sleeping better and my social anxiety is gone as well. I'm able to function and not panic when I know there's going to be people- of course, I still don't like to be in groups but my anxiety doesn't act up.rnrn The only quips I have with it are that I don't have an appetite. Which is fine, I never had much of one anyway. And very slight nausea as my body adjusted to the medication. rnrnWith the type of drug this is, of course, you'll have a bit of apathy. It made me a little quieter and sometimes I'm content to just stare at things, but it's by no means my constant feeling on this medicine. I've got nothing but really good things to say about this insofar.rnrnAlso- before I was constantly tired, now I have more energy not to a hyper extent, but I'm not really sleepy during the day. I feel closer to my self than I have in years.


It helps me not worry about the small things in life.


At first, it worked great & I could really tell if a dose was late. Now it's 6 months later, I'm on 20mg twice a day and it seems to be working less and less. I hardly sleep, food doesn't taste good, have constant dry mouth, and was sick w a bad cough/fever for over 3 months after the dosage switch. No interest in sex at all. Still having suicidal thoughts and moodiness frequently. I go back to my doc on in 2 days, may ask about a mood stabilizer or another drug all together :(


having sexual side effects


I had memory loss on the generic version (Fluoxetine) after being on the medicine for a couple of years. I suffered from memory blanks when I had to recall the names of very familiar things. It got so bad I forgot what Thursday was called! Thankfully, these blanks went away when I got off of it.


Panic attacks subsided almost immediately! Suppose to take weeks to build up, but thankfully I had an immediate noticeable change. I have a constant dry mouth, and at first made sleep hard, but once I cut back on my coffee drinking to only mornings seems pretty decent. Although it helped my anxiety tremendously I do notice some depression still, but nothing unbearable.


I have been on Prozac since it first was put on the market until today. I have been told I had TMD in the last 10 years give or take. I am now 54 and have TMD so bad that I can only eat soft food. I have constant shooting pain through my left ear. I go for PT, use warm and cold compresses and wear a splint. I have significant weight loss due to pain and not eating. I went to see specialists for head and face pain. I was just informed by a rather new psychiatrist that Prozac can cause bruxism. I do believe that Prozac is the cause of my joint damage. I have worn my teeth down and have had to have crowns replaced. I have a hard time eating beacause I have worn my chewing teeth down to nothing, This may sound petty but every night I cry because the pain is so severe. I don't know what to do. I don't want anyone else to suffer like I am. It even hurts to talk. Please make people aware that this side effect may happen.


it upsets my stomach and makes me constipated


Um is there an all of the above button? I take Prozac for my BiPolar Depression, my Anxiety, Anger, OCD and Anorexia. Whew that's a long list. Sometimes we have to increase my dose, sometimes decrease but overall it works very well for me. My depression is down, I get less angry, I EAT, and I don't have as many problems with compulsion. (I still however have to wipe down my desk and wash my hands vigorously after hearing someone say they are ill.)rnSide effects are mild for me:rnDrowsiness (Always hits around 3-4 PM) Yawning, Dry Mouth (But the benefit of that is I drink more water)


Prozac helps with anxiousness and depression


Ive always stubbled with depression and have battled bulimia for years. I never was sure which one caused the other....depression caused the bulimia...bulimia caused the depression. But I was always into holistic ways to balance myself....when i realized i needed more help. My doctor prescribed Prozac. What a dramatic difference it made. I have more leveled moods and I don't have bulimic urges (binges and purges)...I am incredibly thankful to be taking Prozac it has truly been a life saver.


I have been on Prozac for @ 1 yr. I cant really say its improved my depression. At times its like Im in a big hole and its total darkness, Im all alone. Anyway I am also sober for 22 years. However Ive just started trying to treat this depression its horrible. and to be honest no medicine has been able to make me feel very useful. I also have huge ortho issues which at this point has reduce my ability exercise or be active, I can barely walk. Ill get up tomorrow and face the day with as much courage as I can possibly muster.


I want to share my experience. I am a 58 y/o male and not a drug company shill. This medication has helped me calm down substantially. It has made me less reactive and less bothered. I have also lost approx 10 pounds since going on the drug two months ago. My hunger has diminished. The sexual side effect is an issue but not insurmountable. I would suggest trying this drug if you think you need it. I am on the generic version. 20 mg.


I have tried several anti depression drugs and although I still might need a higher dosage this one has been the best so far.


I began this medicine last year to treat my severe anxiety and inability to fall and stay asleep. I noticed an almost immediate improvement in my sleep (probably just the drowsiness, but I was still grateful) and within three months I had seen an improvement in my overall mood and ability to cope with stress and anxiety. I also noticed that it was easier to address my panic before it became a full-blown panic attack. I feel less stressed in general and am able to cope with everyday difficulties without any anxiety or panic attacks.


Started on 20mg in September, and increased to 40mg in November. My life has changed. I feel like a new person. This medication saved my life.


Seemed to help somewhat initially. Have felt my total apathetic approach and response to life was perhaps linked to Prozac @ 60mg. per day in AM for over a year now. No energy nor interest in anything, good or bad! Do not want to socialize, communicate with anyone. No interest in previous hobbies, passions, career, projects, friends, travel, etc. Could just stay in bed all day every day. Accomplish only simple daily activities at home. Feel like brain is in a fog, fuzzy thinking, disorganized, distracted. Believe this is a result of the drug and its effects. Asked mental health nurse to consider changing the Rx. She wanted to increase dosage even higher, and I refused. My rationale for causation from Prozac as follows: Since it ended my road rage, only logical that it would also end energy level, interest level in life, avoidance of humans, shopping, exercising, reading, gardening. Do not believe it has improved depression at all. rnrnAfter reading these reviews of negative side effects of Prozac, I am convinced I have been accurate that behaviors have been intensified by the drug. I will change physicians, and do not think the current situation is a result of ADHD, as proposed by health care professional.


since I have been taking it fr about 3 weeks now I just want to lay in bed worse than when I wasn't taking it I seem to be more recluse than beforern


I began taking Prozac sometime last year and only took it for 4 weeks and I began to break out in horrible hives and swollen joints that turned into chest and abdominal pain. I began to have trouble breathing and went to the hospital. I was given an IV with an anti-inflammatory drug and some antihistamines. I was told that I had serum sickness and I was allergic to fluoxetine. I have had serum sickness once before in my life from penicillin antibiotics. Anybody who has ever had serum sickness (even to a drug totally unrelated) should never take a drug that has caused serum sickness before. Doctors need to become more aware of this before prescribing Prozac or any other drug that can cause a severe allergic reaction. Although it is very unlikely to be allergic to Prozac (as my psychiatrist said), it can happen.


I have been on it for only7 days and have experienced restlessness and insomnia. Hopefully things will get better


I've had Zoloft, Cymbalta, Lexapro, Paxil, Celexa and others. Just a few days on Prozac 20mg brought almost immediate severe nausea, headaches, anger outbursts, suicidal thoughts, agitation, nightmares, disjointed thoughts and self-blame for things I had forgotten long ago. It is not right for me. My doctor INSISTS I continue it but I can't handle the side effects. I am LESS depressed and more balanced without it!


I have been on Prozac since the early 90's. I thought I was treatment resistant for 7-9 years for PMDD and seasonal depression. I found the Prozac to work for 22-26 hrs. Now that I am through menopause, it pretty much is 24 hour effective. In winter, it can shorten to 22 hours, but I just watch it. I also take it for OCD which can run in my family and I figure I had plenty of that and PTSD from my husband's drinking....and a strange encounter with a Vietnam veteran. For the OCD part, I need quite a high dose....a dose that was decided on by me. I have had to fight to where I am today. PMS or PMDD can stay with you 3-4 yrs. after your last cycle. (They do not tell you that!) I also have a better grip on living with seasonal depression after menopause. Know yourself better than the psychiatrists, etc. Be your own advocate. The only way it worked for me. I became involved in as a leader. I had expensive food allergy testing done which was beneficial to my immune system. I started with PMS at age 32. I am now 58. I hung in there and fought.rnProzac is my base medication. And added in is Gabapentin. Another for anxiety as needed. I have the right combination of meds.rn (I take name brand Prozac; was very, very allergic to the generic! Scary! The generic did not work much at all.) This has been my experience as female through all hormonal roller coasters. At some point, I became Type II diabetic that they missed until I insisted on Glucose Tolerance test. Also insisted on a female caseworker.


This medication has really given me back my mom. Before she started this drug, she was so so depressed that talking to her brought tears to my eyes, but thanks to Prozac, she is herself after taking it for one and half months now. My mom is 78 years old.


When I first began taking Prozac, it made my condition worse. It was very ineffective! However, when combined with Lamictal, it greatly improved my condition, so for that reason I will say it works.rnrnMy depression isn't completely gone (therapy is the other half of the treatment), but it helps me simply get out of bed and be able to do anything.rnrnThe way I take it is tedious because I'm on a wonky dosage, at 50 mg. I have to take it in 5 10 mg pills, which is unfortunate. If you're on a regular dose like 40 mg, it's a breeze to take (just one pill).


I have tried them all and Prozac is by far the most effective for me


After using Zoloft, Lexapro, and Celexa over the past 14 yrs, have been on Prozac for 1 month and feel better without weight gain. before Prozac I was very despondent and angry over just about everything, and dwelling on everything negative. I cried extremely easily during day and evening hours, and would pick at my sig other. My mind is better able to focus on my job and day to day normal activities. It has reduced my ability to climax,minimal loss of desire, and some indigestion are the only negatives for me.


i have been on the drug for 3 or more years and here lately things have been bothering mern


I have Hep c and anxiety and panic ataacks, my doctor tol me to take 40 mg of Prozac and zanax. Is this going to damage my liver?


When I take it, it makes me not feel. I just go through the motions of everyday life. I have taken myself off of it because my husband and I do not like the way it makes me "not" feel. Have been dealing with depression all of my life and will continue to do so without meds.


My psychiatrist gave this to me for my depression. Even with it, I still felt tired and unmotivated. It also made me feel emotionless rather than happy. I tried taking it at many different times of day, but it ultimately didnu2019t help. Keep in mind, though, that fifteen antidepressants have failed me, so I have a very stubborn case of it.


does not last full 24-hours for me.rnmore thoughts of suicide.rnmore thoughts of depression and death.


The first two weeks for me were perfectly fine it made me personally calm down. But one day I just snapped and went into a very scary manic. For me this isn't what I need to be were I want. I can never take it again though ever


Been taking Prozac for almost a year now. Started off on 20mg a day but discovered that it wasn't working as well a few months with the return of depressive symptoms. At first, it caused a lot of restlessness due to the inhibition of serotonin production then all it would do was make me sleep. Just had my dosage doubled to 40mg and it seems to be working just fine now. No evidence of side effects since the dosage was increased yet.


I have been on a few different doses of prozac to treat my depression and anxiety and I have experienced no side effects and it has helped me a lot! Im very glad I started using this!


I am currently taking Prozac. I have being using this for approximately a year and a half. For me, the lower dose did nothing for me. Higher doses help me better. I'm not sure why this is. Unfortunately, prozac does not work for me very often. It might just be my body's ability to adapt to medication quickly.


I just need to share this because it may help someone. I didn't want to have my daughter on meds but every year she complains about darkness and anxiety in the winter. Straight A student, driven, attractive girl seems to have everything all together, but I just found out she has been suffering for years. At day 2 on Prozac- she broke up with her boyfriend and finally heard what I have been trying to tell her for 5 months - that he was not good for her. She said her mind was clear now and she could finally see it. Here are things she texted me today. It makes me cry and I am so hoping this drug continues to be so effective. "I feel like the same person with a new life" "For the past few weeks, I thought you were wasting your money sending me to this great university because I felt like I wasn't cut out for my plans for the future. I feel like my goals are attainable again and I am capable of anything. I am stronger and I used to have to work hard to be strong. I needed other people to tell me I was a good person before. I used to force myself to believe, now I just do. Now I know and I am confident on my own. I feel like me, the way I wanted to be." No side effects yet. This medication changed my daughter's life and I am so grateful. She is 18.


I've been taking Prozac/fluoxetine for 15 years now. The best part about it: while taking the drug, I am a "better" version of myself. Things that happen to me when I'm not taking the drug will send me into a spiral downward; on the drug, I deal with those little setbacks like everyone else does (I believe) - the events might bother me, but I can let them go. Downside of the drug: Although it doesn't take away all my sexual desire, it makes it REALLY hard to have an orgasm.rnrnSeveral times over the past 15 years I thought I was "cured" of my depression so I stopped taking the Prozac. Like clockwork, within 5 weeks I'd be crying in a public bathroom somewhere over something silly or angry at everyone, everywhere. For whatever reason, this stuff works great for me.


It made me hyper-active


been on Prozac for a week and half, I feel more calm but I am very tired. A bit of indigestion, not sure if it the med.




Too many side effects. Flu like symptoms, anxiety, dixxiness.


I generally am satisfied with Prozac (generic) but am wondering if I should be taking Xanax the same day Can there be an interaction? I'm having bladder spasms


I was very tired on this medication! Stopped taking it after 3 months. I am now on Lexapro, it's wonderful. I had anxiety issues w/depression.


I been Taking Prozac 4 years,seem to work.


increased dosage from '90..10mlg currently '13 50mlg perday


I'm a hair puller, and this was a good drug of choice for about 5 yrs. I did NOT want to pull anymore. However, the affects of this drug were slowing going away. I just switched to Lexapro, will see how that works.


i don't feel any different,still lathargic, don't want to go out and socialize


Quickly alleviated feelings of depression and lack of engagement. Sleeping much more soundly, however, I am requiring 9 to 10 hours of sleep each night to feel rested.


Generic didn't help as much as brand name.


Hoped for better results, and less side effects. Bad headaches after each dose, nausea, poor appetite continues. Also still sleeping a lot.


I've been on Prozac for a couple of months. The first few weeks I notice a big change with being OCD,weight decreased by 17 pounds, depression has decreased alot and omg I am sleeping getting at least 8hrs. I feel so much better about myself. Over the years I have tried Effexor, zoloft, cymbalta, lunesta, ambien just to name a few. I am being weaned off wellbutrin. Was taking 450mg now down to 150mg along with prozac 20mg. My goal is to be completely off all antidepressants by 2014.


After two years on 20 mg/day, I have no idea if this drug is doing anything but lately my BP has been going up and I understand this can be a side effect of long term use. I'm going to talk to my Dr. about weaning off this drug. What works for my complex PTSD is Xanax. I tried Buspar, raised my BP and lowered my blood sugar levels: unfriendly drug. I limit my Xanax use to 3 .5MG per day (sometimes less) and it stops my symptoms of grief and panic within 20 minutes of taking it, plus it helps me sleep.


40mg per day, did not help with depresion


Just one week ago, I had lived a life clouded by sadness and sorrow. I had been living this life since I was only 8 years old. Last week, I was talking to my girlfriend about how miserable I was. My sex drive was going away. I couldn't even look her in the eyes because of my lack of confidence. I literally was a walking, ticking time bomb full of anger. I would wake up in the morning and not even want to shower. My girlfriend is on prozac and we were sitting in her car and she said, "here take a pill" jokingly. I said, "let me try it." "It can't hurt." THAT VERY SAME DAY, I started to feel normal. The first thing that I noticed was that my anger was hugely diminished. I noticed that my worrying was far less too. One week later, I can honestly say that I feel so much better. I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. I can actually feel feelings again other than anger. I don't feel manic. I feel normal again and I thank God for this medicine. I know that I'm not 100% yet, but it is going to take a lot of work to clean up 24 years of sadness.


I think it works well but sometimes you may need an anti anxiety medication when needed. I have been taking the medication for 25 years now. I took 20mg for the longest time and they just recently raised it to 40mg as I may have built up a tolerance to it, not sure...Doing good now, have bad days once in awhile and that's when the Klonipan helps.




I am on the lowest dosage of this and its still to much they need to make one a little weaker.Big difference if i dont take it but still too strong


I was taking this medicine after going though family trauma losing my job, watching my dad almost die ,and losing the house we live in and having his family turn on me. The medicine really helped me get back on my feet. but 7 years later the medicine has made my mood swings wrose, and really started to affect my relation ships. I just started a nother medicine let see how this one does ? I would not reconmend prozah for long term use


Prozac works great


I would not trust Prozac at all, it can give you suicidal thoughts, and make you try to commit suicide. the side effects of Prozac is worse then what you are taking it for.


Once again, severe reaction to anti-depressants. Dizzy, nauseas, constipated, headache, lower back pain, neck pain, skin hurts, throwing up, super sleepy. This is after two 5mg doses. I still feel crappy 4 days later.


I've been using Prozac for only about three weeks for IBS primarily, but also depression. rnrnI have found it to be effective in elevating my mood, which helps me to be less reactive to situations, thus decreasing my anxiety and lessening the spasming and excruciating pain of IBS. rnrnParenthetically, Prozac (5 mg.) worked VERY quickly (I know that it usually takes about three weeks for the effects to be seen,) but I generally have a very fast reaction to drugs.rnrnSome side effects I've had include slight worsening of vision and decreased appetite and some weight loss. (I'm not complaining at all about the latter.) Unlike Lexapro, which I had tried, Prozac has not (yet?) caused me to have hand tremors, which Lexapro did after about six months.


I had been taking 20 mg once a day and did not feel better so my health professional increased it to 40 mg a day. Not sure I can tolerate this dose yet.


took a few weeks to get the benefits but this drug has been a life saver for me. I have been using it for 20+ years.


I've had se vere anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, suicidal thoughts. I've lost 3 kilos, I've been shaking, every time is worse, I have spasms in all my body. I've been throwing up. My anorexia got worse. My muscles are stiff.


gave me a "I don't care" attitude about everything, also I gained weight while on it. Talked to other women who took it , they also had the bad attitude while on it.


Was prescribed for mild depression and anxiety. After 6 days of sleeplessness, nausea, severe nervousness, trembling hands, lack of focus and night sweats I had to quit taking it. I wanted to give it a chance but just couldn't take the side effects any longer. Not the drug for me.


This medication lessened my depression but I gained 30 lbs over the years. I felt like I was trapped in someone else's body. rnI was like a zombie, all I did was sleep, couldn't hold a job or a relationship. It caused me NOT to take any actions to improve my life. It made me very mean sometimes!!!rnI had bad, scary dreams all the time and was becoming dependent on alcohol as well so I had to stop. I lost my house, all my money, got evicted from last apartment and I had no emotions or feelings towards any man, therefore I could not hold a relationship.rn


I have OCDs but I also have depression bad enough to put a gun in my mouth. But since I take prozac. I've not tried that. Thank God it keeps me on a even keil. I do get seasonal depression but I can handle it because I know what I'm feeling now so I can deal with it. I now know what SAD is so I know in will only be for a little while & I will be better soon. This med has really kept me alive, if I didn't have it I think I would have hurt myself very badly. It came very close a few times. After 5 nervous break downs & not remember much of anything after the last break down. It took 3 weeks to get out of the break down (Driving around with my children in the car just do my shopping & errands & I don't remember doing any of that.Scared the hell out of me that I did such a scary thing like that.) Once I did I realized I needed to find a doctor that could help me through this & buy the grace of God I found a wonderful Doctor who takes the time to ask question & really cares about what I need. He keeps me going & now I'm able to enjoy my life with my husband, children & grandchildren.


I currently take 20 mg of Prozac in the morning along with 25 mg of Adderall XR, and my life has never been better. The side effects were manageable, and I haven't felt this good emotionally in a long time!


Saved my life and sanity.


I started Prozac about 15 years ago. It took about 6 weeks to reach a good result. My doctor has tried other, newer drugs since then (Cymbalta, Effexor) but they always had worse side effects. I've switched back to the Prozac and am very happy with it.


This can make you real mean and take it out on others.


My mother was on liquid and pill form prozac beginning April 1990. She did not do well while on this drug. November 10, 1992, she shot and killed my precious father, her husband of 43 years. One doctor at that time, told the family, our mother should not have been on Prozac in her condition and with her sucicidal thoughts. Our family did not know what to do, followed doctors instructions. Knowing what we know now, we would have done things alot different. We were approached at that time to go after the doctors that treated my mom or the makers of Prozac (Lily). We feel my mom and dad may be alive today had my mother been treated properly, prescribed the correct medication. If one anti-depressant did not work, they would have her try another one. Like a guinea pig. I know in my heart, things would have turned out differently had we had the knowledge and help in treating my mom. More needs to be done in treating Mental Illness. You don't take it lightly. Thanks~ rn rn


it definately helps "take the edge off". It seems to work relatively well as long as I work with my doctor to keep my dosage correct.


after the start of this medication, i developed a bleeding disorder, have had excessive tiredness and overall, this drug was not worth taking for my depression


formalaly on paxil, not near as many side effects, but doesn't seem to do the job.


After an injury that required me to lose my job and go on disability, my doctor wanted me to go on Prozac. I refused initially. I knew I was depressed, however, my thinking was if they " fixed ' my injury I would not be depressed. "Fixing" was not an option, so I eventually took it. After years on Prozac, I was admitted to the hospital for life threatening Seratonin Syndrome. I stopped medication and I can honestly say I am less depressed than I have been in years even though I am still not "fixed". The Prozac was contributing to the feeling of increased depression.


i love it . it has made me a hole different person. thank you


increased forgetfullness


I took Prozac when I was younger for depression, I took it when I was older for severe PMS, it made my entire body and being numb, I didn't like that feeling of no emotions.


I began taking this medication while I was staying in a psychiatric unit about a week ago for suicidal ideation. The medication clearly hasn't done much for me since I only started it about a week ago, but I have been experiencing some side effects. I've been feeling so nauseous that it's almost physically impossible for me to keep down anything I eat and I've been very very sleepy all the time.


Was on it for awhile made me feel suicidal. Never felt like that before


Allway Start on only 10ml for to weeks. then 20 ml I have been on it for 17 year's it saved my life.


I've had no serious side affects with prozac and i do have more energy then i did without it and i feel better.


side effects are very minimal, symptoms of depression have dropped dramatically


I take 80 mg. a day sometimes i feel its working then other times when i have a panic attack ,i feel its not i have been on and off of it for 20 years ,but im sure i couldnt cope without it im63


Took for 10 years in the 89-99 was a life saver. Stopped till recently as PTS is creating problems with drinking and inappropriate emotions/reactions to situations. It's a life saver but dosage is critical. Taking 10mg a day, when doctors said 60 I tried and it was very stressful physically & mentally. I know from past a little goes a long way. Does kill the libido tho but at my age who cares.


I have been taking 20 mg of Prozac every morning for 5 weeks and my feelings of despair have lessened. I am thankful to have been given this drug and am hoping that things will continue to get better.


I have head aches but overall is helping.


I had a bad Social phobia, I am on fluoxetine for 6 weeks now, and it changed my life in a good way. I feel so good now and am motivated to work. the social phobia still exists but not as bad as it was before. I highly recommend this medication.


It never really worked. Recently, it has been making me more anxious, paranoid, OCD. Many times, I just don't feel like myself.


Taking it for Anxiet and depression, works somewhat, took 10mg for 8 weeks then 20 mg, side effects where severe. Deppresed, weird thoughts , no sleep. also take klonopin low dose 3 times a day, I don;t have an addiction issue so ok to take. also take melatonin extended release 3 mg, helps with sleep and does not interact with any meds I'm taking.


After having laid off of my job, then having my wife announce she was moving out to be with another man that she was cheating on me with 3 days later, I hit rock bottom, but I knew the symptoms of depression and went to my doctor. He put me on prozac and it has made a huge difference. Yes, it irritated my stomach for the first few weeks. Yes, I looked like hell the first few weeks. BUT IT WORKED. This is not a miracle cure pill - it doesn't work the same day you first take it, it doesn't work the first week - you have to let it build up in your system!rnrnI took it for 6 months then had my doctor ween me off of it after I had gotten another job... I noticed that my focus on the job had dropped significantly, but my mood was good and stable. I did some research, turns out that some doctors prescribe prozac for mild cases of ADD or ADHD. I went back to my doctor and he put me back onto a mild dosage and my focus at work is back!


I don't think this medicine is strong enough even at 20MG if treat PTSD or Anxiety


i have been on and off of prozac for years. i took it for anxiety only, not depression. i feel that it did help my anxiety slightly. but, the side effects were not worth it for me and i will no longer use this drug. the most troublesome side effects i experienced were tachycardia and heart palpitations. they were probably harmless, but still uncomfortable and worrisome. i also experienced nausea pretty often.


Good, Can it contribute to my OAB?


I have a severe Panic Disorder and couldn't function without having at least 6-10 anxiety attacks a day. Once I was on Prozac my whole life has changed. THANK YOU PROZAC, I LOVE YOU!


been on so so many meds hopefully this will workrn


I didn't take this but my best friend is on it and I feel the need document the experience. She is 15 and was experiencing depression.After day 1, she was angry, tired, EXTREMELY swelled and bloated, pale, feverish, nauseous, not herself, and extra depressed. She looks like HELL. It makes me so angry because I love her more than anything and she looks and feels horrible and she can't get off of it because she has horrible parents. NEVER TAKE OR GIVE THIS TO ANYONE.




When i took Prozac it made me super exhausted. I couldnt move from the couch for 2 days. I drank 2 pots of coffee to wake up , but i was immune to caffeine.I stayed fatigued. I hated being on this drug.I went back to welbutrinrn


it was like I was a different person. If I ran out and my husband found out, he was ready willing and able to go and get me a refill. I was really depressed for a while and the doctor gave me a tranquilizer. That only made me a zombie. His next choice was prozac and I have now been on it for 20 years. Only in the past 6 months have I felt depressed again. I am going to the doctor again in a few months and we are going to talk about an increase or change. I never had side effects and I can tell you it has helped me through some really bad times. With the help of prozac I just keep onmoving forward.


Helped reduce anxiety and depression. Downside, felt exhausted at times.f


Made me WORSE than when I started it! I felt like ramming my car into a brick wall! Was horrific!


LITTLE CALMER outburstsof anger and I do not sleep well Ialso take xanax I also take vicodan


I tried it for 2 weeks had to stop because I felt nauseous all the time, my anxiety shot through the roof and lost my sex drive. I also felt very disconnected and even more depressed. I needed something for insomnia and anxiety, I don't think the psych who prescribed me this knew what he was doing.


it makes me hallusinate after a few hours on it. and i have headaches and no apitite.


Has been good for me, only side effect I have experienced is slight headaches.


I have been having asthma which I never had before. I would only have breathing difficulty lying down, therefore, I woke up 3 to 4 time nightly to use inhaler. I ran out of the prozac and have not been able to pick uup from pharmacy since I fell and in a lot of pain. Suddenly, the breathing difficult disappeared, had no asthma, and for first time in last couple mornings did not wake up with headache and shivering or quivering all over. I could not figure why suddenly the asthma went away and I have been sleeping all night......It was then I realized the only change I made was not getting my prozac refilled.


Psych put me on 10 mg. prozac to help with depression after I lost a beloved pet. It's either taking an antidepressant or crying every day...I'm already taking cymbalta so she said it would take only 2 weeks. It's been over 2 weeks and the only thing it does is shorten my sleep by 2-3 hours (5-6 hours total sleep instead of my normal 8). I wouldn't mind having the extra time awake, but I just feel tired. The next step is to try the other 2 antidepressants she recommended: celexa or lexapro. It's either that or I'll have to get through this grief the old-fashioned way: allowing myself to feel whatever emotion comes up. I don't know if I can do it...


I have been on this medication on and off for 20 years. I find it extremely helpful for obsessional/ruminating depression. It also makes me more energetic to get out the door for jogs and socializing which also helps depression and stress management.


I got on Prozac because of Post Pardum Depression and anxiety. I took it for 8 months and besides gaining 15 lbs I didnt notice a big difference. UNTIL I stopped taking it. I realize now while on it I was much more level headed and content. I feel I made better decisions while on it and my outlook on life was more positive. I will start taking it again next month. Definately worth any weight gain. **ID WRATHER BE FAT AND HAPPY***


This medication has absolutely saved my life. I was completely against medication for my mental illnesses (anxiety, depression and mild agoraphobia) but I was placed into the psych ward at a hospital and they gave me this. I am almost completely healed, and I would never have gotten here without Prozac.


it helped with anxiety and some obsessiveness but made me unmotivated and unlike myself. Fair treatment for depression.


I had continius suicidal thoughts and since taking this drug for about three weeks it has gone away. My mindset has changed from negative to more positive contructive rational thinking and it just getting better day by day.


This is my second time taking Prozac, the first time around I had pretty good results and felt like I didn't need it.rnrnThis time around I'm on week 2 and I feel horrible. I get constant headaches, nausea, my jaw hurts from constantly clenching, my hands tremble and I have lost all interest and motivation. I honestly feel more depressed, it's causing my anxiety to worsen and I'm having more panic attacks.rnrnCalled my doctor today and they told me to stop taking it.rnrnIf you don't feel like yourself on a medication then it's not a good sign.rnrnI'm def willing to find something else when I go back to see my PCP on Monday, trial and error.rnWhat works for one person may not work for another. But I'm still hopeful that it will work


Completely exhausted and fatigued all the time I was taking drug. Physically better since I discontinued.


I was taking Prozac after I had my son for Post Partum Depression and it really helped take the edge off. The only negative thing, was that I couldn't breast feed, but my son is healthy and happy. I stopped taking 20mg cold turkey when I started to feel better. Whoops!


Hey..I feel GREAT!!!!! After many years of this behavior I am happy..I can't remember when I was last happy about anything!..I take 10MG once a day and for the past 8 weeks feel a mircle change in myself..


I still have trouble with anxiety, and insomnia while taking this medication, although I am going through a divorce so that is probably alot of the trouble.


the medication increased my major fits of depression and my fears everyone was out to get me


I haven't felt this content in a long time. So far I am very happy with my results.


I was taking Prozac for 4 months to treat my depression, I never noticed the changes but my boyfriend did. One day I had a 'manic' episode which scared me after i came back to reality. The episode caused me to hurt my boyfriend and his reputation. i understand everyone reacts differently on this medication. But I will never take this again.


This medication killed my penis


Prozac is okay. I'm still taking it. But for a long time (2-3 months) it put me into a severe state of depression and I would sleep 14 hours a day. I was extremely tired and irritable at first. Now, I take it before bed and it keeps me up for a while, but puts me in a deep sleep. It is a good medication, but I wouldn't suggest it for people with Manic Bipolar.


As far as I am concerned this is the worst drug ever, I place blame on my son's suicide to this drug


These are the side effects that I have been having but I think it's important to note that I've only been taking Prozac for 3 weeks.rndizzyrnblurry eyesight rnloss of appetiternheadacernyawningrnfeel like throwing uprnnervous rnfeeling weakrnanxiousrnconstipatedrntaste problemsrnweight lossrnstomach cramps all day and so bad I have to lay down a lot.rnbleeding from uterus


well,it help me cope with my depression better.i can think on my own.


Since I started talking this pill 4mths ago I've gained over 35lbs and have a constant hunger, have trouble sleeping, yawn at all hours of the day, I'm mean as heck when I drink and have horrible mood swings. It's not that I don't reccommend this pill to others, it just didn't work for me. I only asked my Dr to get on an anti depressant bc I felt withdrawn from my life and became a home body, did that mean I needed a pill or needed a hobby?! I still feel the same way about wanting to chill at I don't believe this pill has worked at all for me...nor do I think I needed it.


Prozac allows me to feel normal and I can live with that. Prozac is wonderful for me . I am able to interact with other people.


i am trying to find out about this medication am on the mane of it is fluoxetine


I have been taking this medication for 13 years now for panic disorder. I have had no side effects from it. It works well, does not completely cure the panic attacks, but GREATLY reduced.


I am a 25 year old female. It works in regards to my mood, however I have almost totally lost my sexual desire (which is odd for someone my age) I like it, but I need to find other ways to amp up my libido.


For depression and anxiety. Had previously tried Lexapro and Effexor. Prozac worked better.


i dont really know how i should feel while on prozac as this is my first time taking any meds.


This is the wore medication the market. After the third day on the Prozac I started crying non stop. I would even wake up crying Thank God for my family because I became suicidal and my son helped me through, and he was the was the only one who could help me. Prior to to taking the Prozac I was never suicidal, now I am so depressed, it is a chore to not wanting to face another day.rnrnHorrible medicine that should be taken off the market


I initially began it because having PTSD, I happen to be prone to depression and anxiety, and was having terrible issues with insomnia. I took this in conjunction with Lunesta. Lunesta is great, and I ignore the metallic taste you get, that decreases over time. This medication, however, has sent my anxiety through the roof.


I took 20 mg. Prozac for several years. Helped greatly. Upped to 60 mg. & eventually to 80 mg. which I have been on for nearly a year. I could tell each time that I needed a little more to keep in check. It makes me feel normal & not ready to cry at the drop of a hat. For me, personally, it's been a life changer.


It has given me "hope" to become Normal again.


I started taking this medication for my depression, anxiety, and eating disorder. It worked first in the beginning and did everything that it was supposed to do, but it made me gain weight and I was told it would not do that. So i've just stopped taking it.


no problem at present


well,i have use prozac in the help.they took me off of it for some reason.


I was on it for depression and I just felt cloudy all the time. I also had frequent stomach aches and lost weight while using it. It was kinda scary.


I have had depression and general anxiety after quitting heavy smoking 11 yrs ago. I have taken Xanax 3xday (for 11 yrs) and began Prozac 1 1/2 yrs ago. As I withdrew from Xanax I would increase the Prozac, beginning with 10ml, 20ml,and up to 60ml. Last month I was in lock down for taking all of my Xanax because I needed help to get off the Xanax,(being an addict I of course took a total of 90 pills) even though my Prozac was working great. Now it has been 3 weeks since my DETOX and I have been GOING CRAZY WITH CONSTANT ANXIETY. I increased the amount of Prozac to 70ml, 2 weeks ago (from Dr.) and guess what???? TODAY FOR THE FIRST TIME since detoxing from Xanax, my level of anxiety is so ok...the Prozac is working!!! Gosh, how did I ever doubt that this long process would not work for me. Thank you God for making all the men and women who produced this medicine for people like us.


I am a female in my 50s. I took Prozac/fluoxetine for one year. During that time I had inability to orgasm. I suddenly realized the problem had been going on since around the time I began the drug. I took myself off the drug and within 1 to 2 weeks had orgasms again. I had told my problem to my gyne, my psychiatrist (prescribing doc), and my internest and none of them linked the problem with orgasm to the drug!


Not good! Makes me tired all the time and i feel like i'm getting worse! Nothing good to say about this!!


Was the wrong medicine would have killed me if I kept taking it.


Very concerned of the side effect of suicidal side effects. Could you tell me more about what your experienced on this one in paticular effect?


Prozac saved my life, I have been on a few others, tried to commit suicide on Celexa, I also take Remeron to help me sleep at night. The two together works wonders for me, I finally am living again!!


I first began taking this 20 years or so ago for migraine headaches to help raise the Seratonum levels. I no long suffer w/migraine headaches and continued taking it for depression. It has worked very well. I don't remember any side effects.


Caused headaches, agitation, irritability, severe mood swings.


Prozac completely knocked me out. If and when I was awake I felt pretty good but I was sleeping over 12 hours a day if not much more.


Took for a period of several months before delveloping an allergic reaction thought to be related to meds. Rash that was very itchy and swollen throat. Was given steroid shot and told to stop taken imed. Had developed a lack of motivation to do daily tasks.rn


I took Prozac (generic) for 6 months after a painful separation and divorce for what the counselor called episodic depression. It worked wonders, I do not believe I would have made it through without it or have been able to contain my thoughts of helplessness and suicide. I would take it again if I was ever faced with depression again. I felt a little groggy the first week but was lucky to have no other side effects at all.


WEIGHT GAIN ESPECIALLY. Period of time I could not take it and went into a trance while driving a car. Ended up in ER so people need to know NEVER come off and drive!


I was experiencing what felt like PMS (crying easily, getting upset or hurt feelings too easily) all the time. I attribute it to being peri-menopausal.rnrnMy Doctor tried to put me on Welbutrin but I sincerely didn't feel like I was depressed. In fact, I'm happy 99% of the time - I was just crying so easily! I tried Welbutrin once (literally, one tablet) and felt like a zombie. I told my Doctor "never again!" After another year of crying, I finally agreed to try Prozac. I could tell the difference the first day. What a relief! I'm back to my old normal self and don't feel any side effects. rnrnThe first 2 weeks she had me on 10 mg / day, then raised me up to 20 mg / day. I had mild side effects the first two weeks (a little jittery, diarrhea, feeling like I needed a nap in the middle of the day) so I was worried about taking the higher dosage - but strange thing was, as soon as I started the higher dose, I stopped having the side effects. rnrnSo stick with it, give it at least a month and if it's not doing what you need it to do, try another type of medication.


spasms, shaking inside and out, extreme body ache all over, cannot sleep, pain in neck shoulder severe, headeache, all bad but anxiety stopped. unfortunately had to stop.


I am thinking of gradually weaning myself off of Prozac (Fluxotine- generic) because all my symptoms of depression have disappeared. Should I try another anti depressant or stick with the one pill for Schizophrenia?


I have used this med for over 20 years. I was at a point of being suicidal at the time but I recommend counseling along with any antidepressnt drug if your situation is serious. Mine was. I was so depressed for so long that it was hard for my body to let go and be less depressed, but after a few weeks along with conseling I realized I was beginning to do better. Over the years, circumstances got better, so I began taking 10 mg every other day because its half life is longer than most of the other meds. I now take none and am maintaining pretty good at present because life circumstances got better. I've looked at other antidepressants but I will probably use Prozac again should I need it. I still suggest seeing a pshycologist or pshychiatrist for evaluation before starting any antidepressant. Depression is caused by a lot of different things and one pill by itself may not fix the problem. You must peel the layers off of depression like the layers of an onion to heal. Good luck.


started on 20 mg after first child. was on 20 mg while pregnat with 2nd child. 2nd child was born with a cleft lip. it helps but do not take while pregnat, doesnt matter what the dose is can be very harmful to the child.


I am a full-time carer and Prozac helps me with mood swings during depression etc.rnrn


I take lithium with prozac at first it actually made things start working again after 9 years (if you no what i mean)but now i am sick to my stomach all day with a strange type of headache blurry eyes, weak.i really like what the prozac did for me except the head and stomach problems


I have been taking Prozac since 1983 after the birth of my 2nd child. I take 80mg daily and feel great. I am no longer depressed and do not suffer from OCD. I feel no need to talk to counselors periodically. What works for some may not work for everyone. Over the years I have tried new drugs but go back to Prozac. I love it and sing the praises. It works for me. I do nto gain weight but eat well and exercise. I am 50 years old.


I have been on 20 mg of Prozac for almost 1 year. I have found that it is effective when taken with Wellbutrin. I really do not feel that big of a difference from taking Lexapro, Celexa or Seroquel. I would recommend this drug if you are a worrier, like I am.


I had been taking Celexa for three years. It seemed to have become ineffective and I was put on 20mg prozac. After three months and absolutely no improvement the dosage was increased to 40mg.rnJHowever, depressions seemed worse, complete lack of motivation, nausea, etc. Stopped after 3 weeks.


I am happy with this med as far as it helps for depression. However, I have gained 12 lbs. in just 3 months. I don't see this anywhere on the prozac website. Please post if anyone has had this problem


This drug has been a lifesaver. nothing else has worked for years of depression and severe anxiety. taken with occasional clonazepam and I have my life back.only side effect has been a little tiredness.




i took this drug off and on for 6 months along with clonazapam i stopped the klonapin and started takin the prozac on time as prescribed i started having bad aniexiety problems and sleeplesnessia'm also taking 120mg of methadone for back-painmy problem is i don't know if it is from stopping the clonazapan or from the prozac. please help?


Made me feel jittery, like I'd had too much caffeine.


I wouldnxb4t touch this stuff with a ten foot pole if I had to do it over again. I wouldnxb4t wish this stuff on my worst enemy. At first it made me feel good but that didnxb4t last after about four years I was nervous all the time, witdrawn and began to have severe anxiety. I have tried to stop many times but am so adicted to the drug that I have to take some form of S.S.R.I. Prozac completely ruined my life. I use to be able to function. I use to have confidence in myself and be fairly normal. Now I question everything. My advice is donxb4t touch this stuff. It is psychologically addictive and physically addictive and if you ever decide you want to get off it can be too late as it has made your anxiety go through the roof, your depression worsen, and you are now completely physically addicted. Taking drugs to cope with life is not natural and just because a doctor perscribes it and they say it is meant to treat a certain condition doesnxb4t mean you are not taking a drug and falling into the escapism and perils of taking any other drug. Once cocaine was considered the miracle drug until it became clear what it did to people. I think Doctors who perscribe anti depressants are incompetant and I think the pharmaseutical industry is a billion dollar industry focused on making billions no matter what the human cost. I hate Prozac and know that is is very bad news. Donxb4t even think of taking anti depressants.


I am very moody at a snap of a finger I go off then I feel like I need to apologize for my behavior in the next breathe. I had no idea why I wasn't losing weight even though I changed my eating habits were much healthier but the pounds stayed and the inches came down,what else can I take I was already on zolft but was still very sad?


Prozac has changed my life. I am much happier. The only drawback is mild anxiety and less sex drive. While I regret side effects, to feel joyous in my day rather than hostile is worth it. I have been taking 20mg for two months. I plan to use for a year, then gradually stop and see what happens. As a family man, I really need to be the best I can be, and I am amazed at what Prozac has done for me in such a short time.




This med is combined with six other meds that i take and all of them together make me a happy girl. With this Prozac i have had lacation and i am not pregnant. But it could also be from the Seroquel too... But anyway it's a good med if it is mixed with something else. Especially if you have several mood and depression issuse.


This medication has changed my life ! the anger is gone the fear the sadness is gone. I finely feel like I am a real person, I can talk to people I don't fly off the handle at everyday problems.. I am Happy for the first time in my life.. Thank you for making Prozac it saved me.


I am a 21 year old female who has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety several times since age 12. Every time I noticed a correlation between the depression and anxiety and the changing seasons and also noticed the symptoms started the day of ovulation and ceased the day menstruation began. These are concerns I discussed with my doctor and each time I was ignored and these "coincidences" were brushed off. Each time I was diagnosed I was given a prescription for an anti depressant without discussion of alternatives. On my most recent visit two months ago I was prescribed Prozac and took it out of desperation for about a month and a half with no results. I was still having horrible premenstrual depression. After doing research on PMS and depression I realized my symptoms may be due to low progesterone levels. After reading a few books I started using natural progesterone cream from the day of ovulation until menses and got relief from my symptoms immediately. If you are a woman who suffers from depression PLEASE do yourself a favor and read books by Dr. John Lee, including "Hormone Balance Made Simple", & "What Your Dr. May Not Tell You About Premenopause". It will change your life and help you return to your natural happy self. I also suggest reading into alternative treatments for depression such as 5HTP & Sam-e, which are two supplements that are as effective if not more so than pharmaceutical anti depressant medication. Please read WebMD reviews on 5HTP from the link below, it will give those of you with mild to severe depression hope entreview-794-5-HTP.aspx?drugid=794&drugname= 5-HTP&pageIndex=8&sortby=3&conditionF ilter=-500


Prozac needs to be carefully monitored by your treating physician, as it can, sometimes, cause rapid weight gain and tissue swelling (ankles, hands, feet, etc.). It also can affect your sleep patterns. This happened with me within the first two weeks of treatment. Needless to say, I have asked to be placed on another medication.


i was on prozac for about a month when the side effects, (anxiety and aggitation) became too on celexa but still something is missing..thinking about giving it another try b/c i was very happy and fun like i used to be when on it, but couldn't deal with those side effects and my problems i was having at work and motherhood....


I just started taking this medication last week and I already feel better. I was diagnosed with depression in 2008 and recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the winter of 2011. I have struggled with depression and finding the right medications for close to 4 years and I can honestly say that I feel a difference. Since taking the medication, I feel like I can get out of bed, am not overwhelmed by life, overtly depressed, and don't feel dead inside anymore. I don't know if I'm experiencing a hypomania, but I feel amazing. Even if it is hypomania, it feels a lot better than severe depression. I would highly recommend this medication to everyone for depression. I don't know if the other medications I'm on have a hand in me feel better, but I'm also taking a anti-psychotic as a mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder.


When I took this in 2009 I felt agitated and not myself. I had horrible side effects.


I was on Prozac for 2 years. Worked Excellent to Alleviate my depression and Inability to focus at work. However, I did stop taking the Med Since it Caused EXTREME AGITATION and CONFRONTATION with others. Almost was fired from my Job when I disageed with a coworker over the workload. Ended up throwing a chair and looking to fight with him . This behavior is Foreign to me since I was very mild mannered and even alittle passive before Prozac. Now in Therapy without Meds and beginning to feel depression coming back without the meds.


This med surprised me, I have been on numerous 12 total and none worked. I was a little tired for the first few weeks, but now feel great! An added benefits too, no more hot flashes and my pulse is normal. I have no other medical problems.


I have been on prozac for 6 years now. It just helps me get up and go to work and not fall apart completely. My personal life however suffers the most because I no longer like to socialize with other people, I seem to have lost my emotions and my ability to respond to issues with sincerity or compassion. Instead, feel distant when hearing of loved ones problems or losses. Not sure if this is the prozac, but I sure wish I felt like the person I used to be, more motivated, more outgoing and personable and not avoiding all negative issues.


helps my depression and moods


Absolutely works wonders for Arthritis.rn


I've been on it for 3 years with Xanax after I had my son I fell back into a bad depressed state and y panic attacks were back 10 x's worse they started when I was 15 but nothing like that....I'm 28 now and I take 40 mg at night at Xanax 2-3 times a day 1 mg I'm well controlled I can drive talk to people and not freak out! As before I couldn't even drive and would stay in the house..... and I don't feel spaced out I feel "normal"


Made me to tired, wanted to sleep all the time. did not relieve depressed mood.


Started taking 10 then 20, and so on till now at 60, still depressed, still want to sleep, eat, and be left alone and no more than that.Our family Dr.wants to a Abilify. I don't think I want to. I also have PTSD...and have seen plenty of councilers and head relief in sight.


i use this for depression but thinking of using zoloft instead.rnmy menapause is terrible.i've had an early start with it at 38 yrs old.rnplus now i have a fracture in my lower spine that made me stop working.i had 2 spinal fusions that did not fuse.


unable to function without prozac


58 year old male. Very successful, Have a wonderful life; great wife , great kids, no financial concers etc. But always had GAD (general anxiety disorder). Makes me feel crappy, very anxious and connects to depression. Recently it got much worse for no discernable reason; especially in the mornings. Suffered with it for about a month. It was very unpleasant. Started prozac generic at 20mg. Now up to 60 and at 60, it helps about 90%. Main side effect is low sex drive and 100% ED. But it is worth it for now. Anything is better than bad GAD..


I was on prozac for a number of years when I was a child. I had to stop because I was hearing voices when I was on it.


At 14 years old I was diagnosed with anxiety, OCD, and depression. I have been taking this medicine since july 6th 2011. This medicine has helped me so much along with cognative behavioral therapy. I would recommend this medicine to EVERYONE. I still have somedays were I relapse a bit, but NEVER like I used to before. I am confinent in saying that Prozac saved my life. If I would have never have taken it, I might not be here today. At only 14, this was very stressful, and still is. Taking this medicine is the easiest thing you'll ever do. My side effects were, sleepy about 4 hours after taking it (I take it in the morning with breakfast), being wide awake at night, and feeling nausous sometimes. But these symptoms went away after about 3 weeks. I, my mom, and my doctor decided that the 10 mg I was taking was not enough, so we uped it to 20mg. I only had reoccuring side effects for about 3 days after changing the dose. If you are reading this, I seriously think you should talk to your doctor about Prozac, it saved me life, and can save yours too. I hope this review was helpful! Best of luck to you! <3


been on this drug for over 20 yrs and want to quit taking it as i worry about being on it so long. overall it has worked for me especially in the beginning.I haven't had panic attack in years and i also take xanax.


My doctor is weaning me off of Prozac. While I've only been taking 20mg daily, I'm trying to find out if it's the cause for my low sex drive, or is it just because I'm getting older?


I've only been on this for 3 weeks, and I am wondering when the side effects will subside.. My anxiety is really under control and my hand washing is not as intense. My hands don't feel like alligator skin any more..


Prozac has been just great, I just can't get depressed anymore, no side effects. I think the drug is great, I just don't feel buried with all the depressing things that happen. The depression doesn't cling to me anymore, I just move forward, way better than mirtazapine, no bad dreams, not foggy in the morning. Might work to well, just can't get angry and really don't care too. I was a mess before, a stage 4 cancer survivor I had some real anxiety. This stuff really helped.


First let me say I have been on Effelxor,Wellbutrin,Zoloft,Pristiq, Seroqual, Ambilify,Lexapro,Celexa, and Cymbalta. With all I had side effects. I am very sensitive to medications. On prozac just under a month. I have only had the side effect of tiredness.Do not judge a medication or read to much into others. You are likely to have things happen because you read about it. The mind is our most powerful tool. Remembering even Asprin has side effects. I am on 20mg a day in the am, and Xanax .25mg 2 X a day. This is good for me. I know many who have had success with some of the drugs I couldn't use. Don't give up you will find the one too. Also there are some people who will bash a medication 50+ times, as someone has done for Prozac. One more thing I find no difference from brand to generic, possible another mind issue for others.


I took this medication for PMDD. I had severe mood swings and very bad physical symptoms before starting. Prozac helped tremendously for my PMDD symptoms. Although this medication worked, it has some huge drawbacks. After taking this for almost a year I had a non-existant sex drive. It went from a 180 in the department which then caused relationship issues. Another drawback - tiredness.. ALL THE TIME! I felt drained 24/7 no matter what I tried. (Getting rest, exercise, vitamins, etc). Nothing helped. So - I'm now switching to Wellbutrin SR. Lets hope that works.


It keeps me calm and not crying for no reasonrn


I started using Prozac for PMS.It made me feel alot better.In fact it made me care about nothing.Nothing bothered me and I was living in a fantasy world.I gained 30+ pounds.I was always hungry.Over a period of a few years I started going on a charge card binge.I ordered on line from all over the place and couldn't wait for the UPS guy to deliver.The shopping and spending was out of control.I consolidated the cards to a lower interest one,I felt it was taken care of then recharged.I kept all of this a secret from my husband about this over spending.I also was the one running to the mailbox to get the mail so he couldn't see the bills.This was not my typical behavior and knew it was from the Prozac.I slowly weaned myself off and woke up to realize I was in a lot of debt.Over $20,000.00 worth.I couldn't sleep at night and this guilt I carried around consumed me.Thank god I am still married and learned a very big lesson the hard way.If you don't need this drug,pleaseeeeee don't take it.


i have major depression & general anxiety disorder and this seems to help with my anxiety but makes me extremely tired and doesn't help my depression.


I was fine the first 6 weeks. Then had a weird interaction with an antibiotic. Have felt nervouse and have had racing since. Can't stop it. Also experienced head aches.


it makes my face breakout


I have suffered from depression since a child (tried suicide at 10 yrs of age). depression episodes worsened; went on Prozac 13 yrs ago; it's a miracle drug; I feel "normal" now; still have crying "jags" and some days low energy, but overall I feel wonderful due to Prozac. I take 20 mgs. daily, in the morning.


After 3 years of battling depression, I found something that works for me. Okay, it's not a cure, I still have anxiety and symptoms of depression. But after about a month of taking Prozac (and hydroxyzine as needed for anxiety) I have the urge to get off my lazy you know what and actually do something instead of sleeping every day away. I still feel sad a lot, I still have suicidal thoughts (no intentions though), and I still suffer from my generalized anxiety disorder. But on a scale of 1-10 10 being the worst, I was a 10. This has brought it down to a 6. I took Prozac before and it didn't seem to do much so then I switched to Effexor 75mg per day, then I switched to 50mg of Zoloft, then I went to a combo of 20mg of Lexapro and 150mg of Wellbutrin. I wanted to try Prozac again and instead of starting at 10mg for the first week then going to 20, I started at 20 and went to 40. Effexor, Zoloft, Lexapro, and Wellbutrin were prescribed from a psychiatrist as well was the first run with Prozac. So after 2 months being off the Lexapro and Wellbutrin combo, I talked to my regular doctor and she gladly prescribed Prozac and just increased the dose. It's ridiculous how the psychiatrist had my brain switching from med to med when all I needed was a simple increase in my Prozac. And another thing, you hear so much negative, but there is positive to Prozac. For some it can destroy a family, and for others it may rebuild one.


Prozac saved me. I used to have such terrible depression... I still do, but if I didn't take it, I wouldn't be alive today, considering I've had very severe episodes. Side effects are minimal... Though sometimes it helps, it doesn't prevent every psych. break. But it's better than being off the pill. At least now I can recover within a day from a bad experience instead of suffering for longer.


I have panic attacks out of nowhere, and they started when I was 16, I also took Adderall XR (would have panic attacks with or without the Adderall). I was first given Paxil and I hated that crap. I felt all zombie-ish. Not to mention the horrible withdrawal, excuse me, discontinuation syndrome. So I stopped antidepressants for about two years, until I was 19 in community college and was having bad agoraphobia. I stopped Adderall and everything. So I went to a shrink and she brought me to a reasonable dose of Adderall and then 5 mg Prozac for a week, 10 for another week, then 20 mg. I felt okay, like panic attacks had receded a little bit. However, I still had them regardless. So, we bumped up Prozac to 30 mg, added on Klonopin (0-2 mg) as needed for days I feel keyed up. I tried the combo of Adderall XR, Prozac, and Klonopin. It worked great. I still have the occasional breakthrough panic attack but she prescribed 0-2 mg Xanax depending on severity.rnrnOverall the combo for ADHD, anxiety, and panic disorder has worked well. Plus tablet splitting saves money with the Xanax and Klonopin.rnrn**NOTE: A work on Xanax and Klonopin, I do NOT take these every single day. Xanax is for the panic that breaks through suddenly and I usually take 1 mg. The Klonopin is if I am feeling a bit too "keyed-up" or anxious in the morning, noon, or evening. Klonopin comes on more subtlety than Xanax, which is like a wipe-out of total panic.rnrnThis combination works great!


This drug has saved my life. Without it I would be a "dead man walking" I served in Vietnam and have shell splinters in my back and righ arm. My soul is tormentd by the killing I did there and the after burn. The VA is the entity that gives me this drug. It works. I will never be complety well but I can eat and sleep without symptoms of losing 20 pounds in 4 or 5 days due to internal stress with out taking this drug.


Wow during the beginning of using this I had a drastic increase in Panic attacks. I had them all day even in my own home it became very unbearable. Back to Lexapro for me


2yrs ago my wife started with many med. problems. She has dementia, which has her asking the same questions over and over.A year ago she started treatment for Lung cancer, which is in remission. With everything that was going on I was starting to lose it. With the 20mg of prozac I take it has been a wonder.


I have been on prozac for 2 months and my life has really changed I dont worry no more thanks to prozac


This medication has been life-changing for me. I am currently taking 40mg. It was prescribed for my anxiety, depression, and obsessive thoughts. It took me awhile to figure out that I needed to take the Brand name because I got bad side effects/less effective when I switched to Generic, but now I've been back on the brand name and its a dramatic difference. My depression is so much better and I feel like a cloud has lifted. Everything is pretty much better, but I still have my ups and downs. No pill is a "miracle." I may need to up my dose when I see my psychiatrist next week because I've recently been having a more difficult time coping w/my life. However, overall, this med is a great choice for me. Only side effects: stomach discomfort/indigestion intermittently, and hyperactivity (but that is much preferred to my anxiety & depression). Thank you Prozac! I do believe antidepressants are overprescribed, but for me it is a necessity. I've learned the hard way that I decompensate without an antidepressant. Prozac is the one that has really worked for me. Oh, and in case you are wondering, it actually has NOT badly impacted my sex drive! I am still very much active w/my fiance;) So SSRIs don't always have a bad effect on your libido. Give it a try! It may work for you!


I was subscrided Prozac for fatigue but after taking it for over a month saw no improvments. It also caused some side effects that were not acceptable.


It seems to take a while of being on the drug to start showing effects of relief, not a quick fix like Xanax which seems to work same day as taken.


Suffered from depression and anxiety severely for 12 yrs. Prozac and low dose clonazepam are a miracle.I feel normal for the first time probably in my 52 yrs. No side effects,no drugged feeling. Just content and not obcessivley worrying every second. This has given me my life back. What a wonderful holiday season this will be.


Just started taking this about 5 days ago. First two days i had no side effects then on the 3rd day i started to feel extremely anxious. Dr gave me ativan 1mg every 4-6 hours to help with the anxiety. that helped. dr said that a side effect of prozac is anxiety and that it would eventually go away once the body is used to the medication. i cannot wait until that happens. i do notice that when i take prozac i get drowsy, probably going to switch to taking at night. also, i am having light sensitivity problems.


For a teenager with OCD concerning harm, sexuality, and religion, like me, this is an excellent medication. Previously I took Zoloft, which made my associated depression significantly worse. This medicine does a great job of reducing obsessive thoughts and compulsive urges. I would say overall that my OCD is at about 25% of the untreated (freaking out constantly) level. Even when I am faced with obsessions or anxiety, they are much easier to deal with. Overall, I would say that it doesn't have some of the typical anti-depressant side-effects, like weight gain, sleepiness, or emotional indifference. There are some side-effects, however. At 60 mg it can cause hyperactivity and sleep disturbances, like waking up at inconvenient times and very vivid dreams. For these reasons, I am thinking about going back down to 40 mg later.


It's only my 1st week however I have noticed significant changes in just a short time. I had a hysterectomy (Salpingo Oophorectomy) 5 yrs ago and its been downhill ever since I went off hormone therapy 3 yrs ago. the weight gain alone from a size 8 to 16 is unbearable, throw in the instant 'crying jags' and the inability to deal with the day to day pressures. during my Well Woman exam, my DR instantly prescribed 10mg a day gradually going into 20mg in 2 weeks and promised me better days ahead. She said it would be the catalyst I need to attack my weight problem to get me motivated to begin a weight loss program. I will be back to review in about a month's time!


I took this med for 4 years and was extremely weary at first. After a couple of weeks I have never felt better. This was a blessing for me.


This rx works very well for me although @ 20 mg I take at night. I have a hard time waking up and my body aches. As far as the depression symptoms works awesome for me.


It nearly drove me crazy! Took it for 6 weeks and I couldn't sleep, irritability, daytime drowsiness, jumpy nerves. twitching when sleepitng, general nervous wreck! Doctor took me off of it. How long before it leaves my system. Off for 6 days, still having symptoms.


This is a good drug for Dysthymia also.Immediately within 2 days u will feel better .Then the next 2 wks r quite distressing-constipation/dry mouth/dry eye/sleepy. Therafter started feeling better . constipation can be easily maintained by taking ISBGOL. For initial 10 days better to take alprazolam in night to avoid side effects. overall Fluoxetine very helpfull


Used this drug to help me not shoot my load before i came. after taking it i cant get it up. even with viagra it wont get hard. guess i will have to use popsicle sticks and pray my wife doesnt get splinters


I have been taking this drug for a few months. It does relieve the depression however I don't feel much of anything, affecetion, anger, NOTHING.


Yrs. ago was put on prozac after shock tx. and several meds. didn't work, with therapy. Within 3 wks.felt better...only short time stayed on it and did well. Years passed/ relapsed/only on short time/did well. Grandson same but early hostility with it.B careful with children.


Imbalance, auras, stomach problems, digestive pain, overall anxiety. Used as adjunct for epilepsy


Works well but wake up tired and body aches.


i just received a script for this med I have painful pheripheral neurapathy. will this help my pain? Help?


I was put on Prozac (10 mg. once a day) 10 years ago for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Prior to taking Prozac, I would have 'sessions' of IBS that would cause me to lie in bed for 3 hours or more, then I was useless the remainder of the day. I had getting relief through improving my diet and exercise and taking other anti-spasmodics, but those gave me no relief. Prozac is the only thing that has allowed me to function normally over these years.


I took Prozac 20mg for depression. I took it for a little over a year and it was wonderful! It made me happy and feel positive about life. I stopped all suicidal thoughts and everything was great. People could scream in my face and it wouldn't even effect me. It was awesome. The downside was that I had absolutely no sex drive and my husband didn't like that. I also couldn't feel super happy or passionate about anything. All in all I had a good experience with this medication as it saved my life.


This med scared me at first I started taking 40mlg and felt empty dr put me on another 20mlg before bed, Then after a month boom I had my life back!!!!!! I take Xanax 1mlg 3 times a day and the combo has allowed me truly get a joyful life back!!


Since I had been on Zoloft for the previous 4 years, the Prozac (40 mg) is not as effective as I would have hoped for. I also have severe PMS, and the Proxac doesn't help at all.


I only been taking it for a month. I have experienced that I don't let things bother me as much.


It helped, however it did make me gain extra weight which was pretty traumatic. At the time I was taking it alongside Fluoxatine. I dropped the Prozac and kept the Fluoxatine.


I take a low dose 10mg qd and felt immediate changes in my mood swings. I've been taking it for 3 years. I feel so much better.


I had no side effects and found that I was myself within 2 weeks. I do not like medications, but this one has brought me back to "life".


I have friends whose doctors told them there was nothing you can do to ease menopasal symtems.rnAt 10 mg prozac worked immediately to eliminate my menopausal symtems at higher doses it works for anxiety but not for menopause. I still have occassional symtems but hardly notice them. My systems were severe and I had hot flashes every 15 minutes, mood swings and memory loss. The prozac worked immediately with no side effects. I do not take any other medicines or have any health problems. I am 49 years old


I had an experience and needed some help to get thru it - I started taking prozac and fully believe it is my "chill pill". It has worked great for me - I had taken it for over a year. I now feel better and have discontinued use - the ease of going off it was very satisfactory also.


I've been taking this medication for almost a year now, and before I was taking it, I was a totally different person. Even my family has noticed that I am myself again. :-)


I love it it's done wonders for me


I have taken Prozac 60 mg per day for years and gradully decreased to 40 mg per day. I have also taken Prozac in combination with Effexor XR for years. My doctor also prescribed Lamictal which is an anti convulsive medicine which was reported to help your mood. All three of these medications are what worked for my relief of depression. I took Trazadone at night to help me to sleep.


I started with Celexa and it worked great for the first 3 weeks then stopped. I went back to my Doctor and he put me on Prozac. I went CRAZY within the first few days. my husband and I have never had a huge fight and rarely ever argued. Until that week. The first few days i was just really mean as he put it. opinionated, argumentative, and just had a bad attitude. It got so bad that we had our first BIG fight and I started yelling and got so angry that I tried to jump out of the car while moving. The next day I stopped taking the medicine and once I felt better I talked to my husband about the fight and I had no idea what it was even about. I have since switched to Zoloft and so far I feel like myself.


I have been on this medication for 2 months. I am currently taking 60mg daily. I felt relief from depression in one week. I got out of bed and started to bike ride. Accomplished 500 miles in 5 weeks which was a major improvement from my no energy in bed exsistance before Prozac. I have also lost 20 lbs. The only really side effect I have experienced is diarrhea everyday and bruising. Also sometimes I have a hard time sleeping and my sex drive has really decreased. But I am stable and feel 100% better.


Prozac helped me after trying other depression pills over 4 months. It's my I don't care about non petty things pill.


it sure makes a difference in my mood and attitude


Warning to people coming off of Celexa (citalopram) often people coming off of this drug are prescribed Prozac. This is fine but you should NEVER EVER stop Celexa cold turkey. Some people like myself should be weaned off it even more slowly than others. Definitely go through a psychiatrist not a regulary practitioner. This is serious business trust me Celexa withdrawals are horrible if not done correctly!


Chronic PTSDrn




I have taken this drug off and on for at least 20 years. I have tried other anti-depressents but have always come back to Prozac. It allows me to function and live a normal life.


it relaxes me i don't get irratated hardly at all i've taken it for years 20mg it's the best and iv'e taken several simular drugs for depression


Upon awkening I would feel an over whelming sad, aching feeling in my chest and stomach as if a Loved one had passed away, it was horrible, my blood pressure went up, and I had never had a blood pressure problem before. Within 7 days the feeling had suppresed and I felt relief. Thank GOD!


I take Prozac for PMDD (pre menstrual disphoric disorder). Have been on it fofr 2 years now. It absolutely works for PMDD & I have been symptom free for 2 years. When I first started for the 1st two weeks I had an unusually high amount of energy & was extremely happy. Then things went back to normal with out the PMDD. I once went through a small depression with a personal relationship & asked my doctor to higher it from the minimal dose of 20 mil. He upped it to 40 mil & after a few weeks I kept feeling weird all the time with 'zaps'. If you don't know what zaps are it's hard to explain- but it feels like your brain is being electrified by tiny little electrical circuits & is really annoying & a little painful but most of all distracting to everyday functions & life. So I went back down to my 20 mil & have been there ever since. I can honestly say that it changed my life because PMDD no longer controls my emotions and life- I do. I still have emotions like every one else, a sex drive, orgasms, happiness & sadness. I just don't have PMDD what so ever anymore & that alone has changed & saved my life! I strongly recommend for PMDD!


better experience in past w/brand name vs. generic, so i am switching back to the brand w/my next refill.


does this also get you addicted to the drug?


I dont know if its the drug or not but i itch all over all day long.




1 month so far good!


i was taken this medicine with some other meds and wasnt told not to take this type of medication with other meds and it stopped my heart


some weight loss which was good. was not depressed or easily irritated before period like i was.


It's better than nothing


First, I would like to say that it is crucial to find the right medicine for you by working with a doctor you trust. Prozac works for me, but may not work for you. Don't give up, and most importantly, don't wait to get help. Make an appointment as soon as you have questions or concerns about your mind and/or body.rnrnFor me, personally, Prozac has been great. I suffered from depression during most of my twenties, but was resistant to taking medicine. I was worried about side effects. I tried Zoloft, which did not work for me - made me jittery (which might have been the dosage, or just the med). I've also taken ADD meds for ADD and had symptoms of paranoia with the two that I tried on separate occasions. I find that the Prozac helps a little with ADD. I've come to just accept my ADD also - I felt like a different person when I was medicated for it.rnrnProzac has helped my depression significantly. I don't have major side effects. I have had weight gain, but I don't know if I can blame the medicine. It is harder to achieve an orgasm (I'm a woman) but I can still get there. The sexual side effects have been frustrating sometimes, but I wouldn't trade the feelings of well being I have when I take my 20 mg day as prescribed(I went off of it once cold turkey and the depression came back).rnrnAgain, hang in there, best wishes, and find a doctor who listens to you and is knowledgeable in their field. rnrn


This treatment has helped me for 20 years.rn


help my anxiety and sleep disorder, but I have shaky hand and compulsive behavior such play with my skin alot,


My GERD is no longer easy to control with OTC meds like Omeprazole because of the side effects (nausea), but I seem to be losing weight. However, I excercise regularly, and it seems like the ratio of weightgain reports to weightloss reports on this site is 7:8 - almost a 50/50 chance.


Tonight will be first night taking it. Took it about 10 yrs ago and only side effect then was weight loss which I loved, dont remember it helping with my anxiety. Hoping it will help this go around. Starts arent accurate dont know yet but had to put something


I began using this about 10 years ago. It worked well for me within 60 days. Two years ago I went from 40mg per day to 20mg per day and I am still doing really well.


Zoloft and .50 ativan was working. Went in for refill of Zoloft, said I was kinda depressed. Dr. would not left me explain it was situaton. I refused Prozac, taken it before got adverse reaction.Dr. would not listen to me.Bulled me into taking it....Got bad reaction on 15mg, per Dr, lower to 10mg, Boom came the anxiety..I have had PERMANENT Anxiety since 5/10. I am ruined..Zoloft was only SSRI I could take. Cymbalta did't work, could not take 40mg, only 30mg.... started Prozac 4/9/10. Head went crazy on 5/20/10.lowered to 10mg then anxiety hit..It is permanent.It is 6/5/11. Zolft would not work again. got anxiety then killer headaches. Stopped Zoloft. THen came severe anxiety. New shrink-5mg ativan/day. no help. I resorted to Cymbalta. Did't work, I am screwed. New Shrink has me on Lamictal, Depakote,Klonpin, Ambien..I am taking so many pills. Living in pajamas since 9/10. Can't funtion at all. I don't think I will ever feel normal, like I did on Zoloft. I am scared to death I will live like this forever. BTY, I am not Bipolar. Straight up depression and anxiety . It all just seems hopeless and I have given up the idea of ever being normal again. WHat right did Shrink have to bully me into medication I told her I can't take.(Prozac)


I have been taking Prozac for 25 years for clinical depression and panic disorder. Several years ago I went off my medication for a few years.Doing so had it had a huge effect on my life. I eventualy bacame so depressed that i had to be Hospitalized. After being placed back on my Prozac in several weeks I could feel a change. I am currently on 80 mgs a day, and I am doing very well. I know that with out my medication, I would not be able to functin. It has been a very good medication for me.


Absolutely the worst drug I ever tried for panic disorder. After 3 days I was going crazy with panic and anxiety that only plenty of lorazapam could control. I even slightly titrated up as that is the recommendation for panic folks. My body could not handle this one.


I first took it due to post-partum depression and it helped immemsely. I had tried wellbutrin and lexapro but got bad side effects. only prozac has helped the depression and anxiety with no side effects. and i have been on it for years now. I will take it as long as I feel I need help coping with depression. I also see a counselor which I believe is the only thing to help cure depression.


I just started this a week ago... At first it made me dizzy and gave me heartburn.... I've noticed I feel more control towards eating, but I feel more tired throughout the day.


I was taking Zoloft and I never had a wisper of anxiety..And I was functional again..Even when I ran out of it for 2 months, no anxiety, just got depressed again. My SHRINK bullied me into Prozac. She did not tell me it can cause ANXIETY, a listed side-effect on webmd. It made my head go crazy at 15mg, she said reduce to 10mg and BOOM, the ANxiety hit bad..THen I got back on Zoloft and it gave me anxiety and then killer headaches. Had to as "severe"..I had to take 5mg Ativan/day and was still going crazy from anxiety..ready to kill myself..finally submitted to Cymbalta, my last resort. at 30mg it greatly reduced the anxiety, but could not tolerate 40mg..I have been screwed up with anxiety and depression ever since PROZAC. Shrink did not tell me the side-effect of anxiety..It has been over 1 year and I have been a prisoner in my house.Debilitaded and can't function. I told the SHrink "No I don't want Prozc, I am afraid Of it, It will make my head go crazy" BAM - she ambused me for 10 minutes going on other patients..WHen she was done with me I was speechless, could not think straight, I finally started taking it. Prozac ruined my LIFE..Have new far Lamictal not helping..and making anxious, anxiety,nervous and stressed. I feel there is no hope..ALL because Shrink bulled me ito Prozac. I just want to die.


Been taking 80mg for about ten years and still take it as it has made such a change in my life that I don't think of not taken it.


I have been on this medicine for a week, have not seen any changes, except maybe worse. I am willing to remain on it for at least 3 weeks and then re-evaluate.


Not really seeing changes after a couple of months. My symptoms are actually getting worse.


My daughter (16yrs old) was diagnosed with depression in October 2010. Over the course of her treatment of 10-20mg, she was more engaged with normal activites, However, as the months went on, she started showing signs of phychosis and getting very hyperactive. Her sleep patterns were erratic. Her mental status started getting so bad to the point where she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for 3 weeks in may-june. I would not recommend this medication for teens. Everyone's body responds differently to prozac and she is no longer going to take this medication. Her psychiatrist put her on a couple of mood stab. and one antipsychotic. She is more calm now, and the doc plans to when her off to a lower dose of all the meds.


I don't know how I'm suppose to feel...I just want to rest. Is that depression? I like being by myself, play games on the computer, watch a little TV, sleep, eat and go to church. Is that depression? I'm in my late 50s, so I've done everything just about under the sun. I don't have a husband or partner or pet. I feel like I don't have to go outside except to get the mail, buy some food, pay my rent, and that's all. Oh yeah, and go to the doctors. I have NO sex drive, so I don't have to worry about that.


Well I just started taking Prozac by emedoutlet to help me deal with depression and anxiety. I returned from from a tour in Iraq about three months ago and my symptoms kept getting worse and worse. I've been taking Prozac for about a week now and I'm already feeling relief from it. It's like all the problems are still there, they just dont get to me like they used to. It's been very helpful so far.rn


Started taking med. a week ago. I feel much better. No problem with nausea of sleeplessness. Hope it stays this way. My NP is monitoringme very carefully on this.rn


I've been on this med for 5 years. it really helps me. No side effects. Great.


After taking Prozac for a couple of months, My thoughts went from Suicidal to Homicidal. I got into a petty argument and tried to kiill one of my closest friends. I wouldn't recommend it.


I originally started this for depression treatment and some minor panic attacks and nervousness. I lost a lot of weight and I was feeling really good for maybe three months but then when school started, I developed extreme panic attacks to the point when I made myself vomit. My dose was going up and down between 10-20mg and I just felt awful no matter what. Now I'm over a month free of Prozac and I still feel awful. Lots of withdrawl side effects including stomach cramping, hot flashes, constant crying, unusual agitation, and I'm constantly analyzing my body. It was great at first but I kinda wish I shouldve found the right therapist before I rushed into drugs.


Thought the Dr. was crazy for giving me Prozac for what i thought was just bad cases of PMS, But now I know it is PDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). Its done great, I dont even cramp using Prozac. I will not let them take me off of it, its worked miricles, w/only 1 complaint my sex drive isn't what use to be, sorry honey, but I know the feeling of suffering PMS and havin a gun, i could of hurt someone bad befor takin Prozaac. But now all is good, thanks Doc. almost forgot it has caused me to gain a lil weight. Not complaining, its worth it.rnrn


the severity of memory loss that I had (while taking this drug) was almost analogous to a "black out" one experiences when one is a practicing alcoholic.


I was very depressed and giving up on life and relationships that mean a lot to me normally. Since taking the medication I have a renewed zest for living and the people I care about


Without it I can be in a familiar place when suddenly I'm lost with no idea where I am or how to get where I'm going.This is frightening and leads to panic and tendency to not go out alone.With the drug, I may still get lost, usually in the very same place every time, but I don't panic or cry. I stay on course and soon everything starts spinning around and then falls into place and I am no longer lost or confused. If I stop the drug, I'm ok for 30 days then the panic returns. I have taken 20 mg per day for over 2o yrs.


Prozac was the first anti-depressive I ever used about 10 years ago. It worked. Since then I've been treated for drug resistant depression and drug resistant bipolar I. After trying what was likely 15 other ADs but felt like 1000s, I asked my head doc if we could use prozac. He was surprised to hear it had worked best for me of everything I'd ever taken. I've been on it for about a year not. It isn't my miracle drug, but it does help more than than the other newer, fancier, way more expensive drugs. Remember, newer isn't always better. Prozac is well tried and the effects are well know. This isn't true of brand new drugs.


I have been taking Prozac for 8 years - it works for me. I tried stopping for a few weeks but did not feel like myself. It is exaclty what my body needs to feel normal!


I started taking this drug and did well at te same time I as taken off Darvocet and put on ultram. some were along the way I developed a cough to the point of throwing up. Anyone experience this?


At first I felt great, but am not sleeping well, and my depression is worsening. Also have a fair amount of nausea.


i've been able to get up in the morning and start my day wih a pleasent and calm feeling


Initially this drug did help my mood and increase my level of energy. But after about 2 months my anxiety level was off the chart. After stopping the drug my anxiety rapidly decreased. For me Prozac was "over stimulating".


I have been taking Prozac (Fluoxetine) for almost 2 years now, and until i was taking 80mg a day i did not really feel it helped at all. Also after a year or so I felt as if the effects were decreasing. I also took Ativan for a year bc I was still having panic attacks. Then they switched my dose to 60mg a day and now I still take Xanax almost everyday bc I am still having panic attacks while taking my Prozac. I am really frustrated with the whole process and I will probably start down a new path to try and stop my panic attacks and awful emotional mood changes due to PMS. So it is not working well for me, but it might help someone with a different type of anxiety / mood dissorder very well.


It's only been day three, and I am so cranky, I can't stop thinking about little things that piss me off. I didn't have these thoughts before taking the pill. Also, I'm so tired and Prozac doesn't give me any energy!


I have been on this medication for over 5 years. It seems to be the only drug that helps. I am a mother of 2 with ocd,adult add, bi-polar, and bp. I hve beenon manny many other drugs, this one is the best.


i have been taken prozac for fifteen years and it has worked wonders--but now my depression has worsened --i continue taken drug but does not work as effectively.


I've been on Prozac for many years. This medication has definately improved my life. I had tried Zoloft first and had some strange side effects. I've never had any adverse effects with Prozac. I don't feel any different except I feel so much better on it. I will continue to take it.


I've been on Prozac for many years. I take 60mg per day. It has made a huge difference in my life, but now I'm noticing that it's not working as well as before.


The 40mgs that I take are very helpful for everyday depression and OCD. However, after a great loss to me, I have had to couple it with another medication to get me fealling "normal" again.


this drug as improved my life so much over the past 7 weeks, but I have several very annoying side effects. Yawning, daily headaches, trouble sleeping (which I have never ever had before), excessive sweating for several hours mid-day and a low grade fever. So maybe it isn't worth it... does anyone have a suggestion?


I took 40mg of prozac for a few years with NO side effects. I stayed calmed and felt really good. 3 weeks ago my Dr. changed me to Celexa and I have been dizzy and nauseated for the past week! I'm definately going back to my Prozac!


I have been on his med for years and and it works for me but due to finances.. I stopped cold turkey. I will never do this again without a Drs. help. I was up for days and racey, impulsive, full of anxiety. I am now back on and hopefully will never go thru that again.


I was taking Seroquel for sleep, lost my insurance & couldn't afford $400.00 for a 30 day supply so my dr. put me on Prozac 40mg. I still was not sleeping so she gave me Tramadol 100mg. to take at night. Now I have shives, sweats, upset stomach, flu like symptoms.


I tried to take this drug, but after only 4 days, I couldn't take the headaches. I have mild depression, and this drug was making my depression worse. I think this pill must be for a more severe case of depression than what I have. It's not worth it to take this pill for me.


prescribed 10mg, upped to 20mg than abruptly stopped... side affects of thisrn


Began taking after a series of panic attacks and general anxiety. Never taken anything for this problem before. Have been using for 4 years now and have not had a panic attack since. I am so happy about that.


I started on Prozac 20mg. All was good for the 1st six days. On day seven I began to have severe hot flashes that lasted almost all day and night. I was unable to get any sleep. I went to an OB/GYN thinking I was in menopause, but she checked my hormone levels and said I was not, it was the Prozac! I tried to get off of it and my Dr. was out of town so the doctors on call, told me to reduce the dose, skip days etc. Nothing helped. When my Dr. returned, I promptly had her switch me to Zoloft. Why would I want to go through menopause twice?


Prozac caused severe depression and thoughts of suicide for me. I stopped eating and developed an extreme habit of cutting. I literally felt like I was slowly dying.


when started taking it i got my mensrual is it normal


Obviously the "Ease of Use" category is a no brainer. Effectiveness has been good, I do not bear the same depressive mood swings I had become accustomed to. My reasons for the 3 star Satisfaction rating are: 1)I do not get enough sleep. Was resting 8 hours per day, now lucky to get 4. And 2) I find myself clammy and sometimes even sweaty in normal temperatures and overall conditions. I am hoping to find another medication that will give me the positive results, but without the side effects.




I have been on Prozac for 8 months now, I have found that it makes me want to sleep all day and night. I am hardly awake...I am missing life. I have gained several pounds and my health can't handle that either. sleeping and eating is all I get done. I do not like this medicine.


I get a high for half the day and then I am so tired to a point where it becomes disabling. Still obsessed. Still depressed.


Since 12/15/95 I have been taking prozac for depression. From Nov thru Spring my depression is worst than other times.This time of year I sleep more during the day.Having a dog has brighten my day.


I had very severe side effects. After having been on it @ least a month I got to work one day & flipped out. Paranoia,feelings of impending death, uncontrollable body movements. For 3 days I rocked on my porch swing and dissociated. I don't remember much-just rocking and not being able to stop moving-terrifying feelings of doom the entire time.


seems to help


therapist kept increasing the dose and my daughter was only 12 thru 14 years old.


I became depressed actually after childbirth, at age 21,in 1970, but didn't realize it. In 1995, I was prescribed Prozac, 20mg, and took it for around 12 years. I thought I could get off it because I didn't want to rely on a drug the rest of my life. After about a year, I wasn't successful. In September 2010, I was prescribed 40 mg and have done very well since. I am 62 years old. I've always said "Thank God and Prozac."


I have been on Prozac for 2 weeks now and I've never felt better. Previous to taking it, I had depression and anxiety; something that I have been dealing with for years but became worse with a new high demanding job. The feeling of positive thoughts and normalcy is great and I hope to god it continues. Also, I have not noticed any side effects yet.


It has helped alot with the PMDD and feeling depressed once a month, but I have been feeling more anxious and nervous. Also, I am not married and I plan on saving myself for marriage, but for some reason, this has had the opposite effect on me. It has increased a sex drive which is hard to deal with because I'm not married. I have had a tough time dealing with while on this, I feel more clingy and wanting my boyfriend more. It has also caused some headaches. I think I'm going to stop taking it soon.


This makes me want to throw up every morning. Ive been on it for about 3 weeks and am so tired of feeling sick everyday. I want to switch back to Celexa. I almost feel like Im in a fog while taking Prozac. Im not a big fan.


taking 40mg worked at first now I feel I may need stronger dose because I've been more depressed than normal here lately.


This medication works for me, I just have to deal with the diarhea it gives me. I also have trouble with drowsiness during the day.


Prozac has been a life saver for me - I decided to get clean and sober and taking Prozac in conjunction has been like a breath of fresh air. I look forward to waking up every morning to see what each day brings - no more hangovers, anxiety or depression spells - my outlook toward everything is positive and focused. My family, friends and children say I have never been this good. Thank God for Prozac - at only 20mg too. You just need to find a drug that works for you, after trying Lexapro and Celexa - Prozac was my perfect fit.


I am actually commenting to find out about this drug. I will be switching over to 20mg of Prozac within the next week. I have been taking 20-40mg of Celexa for 7 months for severe generalized anxiety disorder. The Celexa worked wonders for me as far as curing my physical and mental anxiety symptoms. The only reason I am switching is because Celexa caused me to gain 35lbs. My doctor told me that it was very unusual and excessive weight gain considering I exercise 6-7 days a week and consume less than 1600 calories a day. My doctor hopes that this drug will work for my anxiety and also aid me to lose 20-25lbs. I would really like to know if anyone thinks this will work for me...???


I still have thoughts about killing myself


I took Prozac many years ago and all I remember is a weird urge to yawn followed by a feeling of relief. I went back on Prozac about 18 mo. ago. No more yawning. I felt really good at first, lots of energy. Then I began having a slight feeling of restlessness, but not enough to stop. I haven't gained weight. Now my insurance won't pay for it, and I am going back on Celexa. I am a nurse and have been on almost every antidepressant out there. None are perfect, all have something good and bad, some worse or better than others. Just have to be patient and try till you find one that works. Have to stay on them long enough to work.


as for as depression ifeel no negative thought i seam to be more positive about everything, but i have gain weight and i am not at all happy with thatrn


I had been takin welbutrin for quite some time and was really likeing it and lost quite a bit of weight with it. It was making me anxious though so the doc. gave me prozac. Been on it for about 7 months. Really like it, helps my anxiety...but i have gained back all the weight i lost...i seem hungry all the time and i yawn A LOT!


I am 21 years old and have been taking 60mg of prozac per day for around 6 months due to beliemia nervosa. I have mixed feelings about the drug. It certainly calms down much of my anxiety and allows me to function in an every day setting, i have also completely stopped binge eating. However, my sucidal thoughts are just as frequent as before i went on the drug. Many of my friends and family have complained that i am now vacant, as if the real me has been lost. I feel numb. Yet this prognosis is surely preferable to being unable to function at times.


Prozac has made life easier to deal with. It is not a magic bullet but it does significantly reduce the depression I had been feeling for so long.


The "black cloud" hanging over me is not so black anymore. I don't over react to every little thing anymore, I am not as sensitive or cry as much as I used to. I used to feel like I was going crazy, but not anymore. Prozac has helped me tremendously.


I was given this by my Rheumatologist to treat my arthritis but it did nothing to relieve the pain and inflammation. I'm on Topamax and Metoprol and it just made my migraines come on with a vengeance and thank god i have nitro pills. This is not for arthritis as he claims it to be!!!


I has been somewhat beneficial but nothing outstanding, and no weight loss thats for sure.


worked great first 3 days then did nothing after that.


I didn't take this medication for Depression, I took it for Social Anxiety. I have to say from day one I was a brand new person! This drug changed my life!!! It did wonders for me! I started at 10MG and then slowly went up to 40mg and stayed there for about a year and half then went up to 60MG and stayed there for about a year... After taking the 50 and 60mg I felt the same as I did at 40mg. After spending about a year on the 60MG Prozac started to slowly but surely stop working... My anxiety started to come back and I started to get depressed. Stopped talking to all the friends I made... People would always ask if I was ok because I seemed so "out of it" and not myself. My doctor really didn't want to take me off of it because I did so well. I went all the way up to 80MG and then we decided it was time for a different drug. Prozac worked so well for me! but I wish it would have lasted a little longer...


Before Prozac I was severely depressed and always thinking about death. If I heard on the news that someone had died I would start to calculate how long I had left. Thank God for Prozac, now I know what life can really be like.


I have taken prozac for 6 years with abilify for bipolar and have been in remission the entire time. the combination is a miracle. I was bipolar.


A friend of mine suffered from depression and addiction issues. As a young teen he had suffered from untreated Spinal Meningitis. I've read that this kind of nerve/serotonin damage when combined with Prozac can cause suicidal tendencies in adults. He took his life when he was 35 years old after several unsuccessful attempts.


Did not control my depression at all and made me gain 30 pounds in about 2 months without a change in my appetite.


I have had prozac for 23 years now and all of a sudden I was told that I have dyskinesia. Doctors told me to wean off the prozac couse it was the reason for the dyskinesia.


I don't feel any better taking this med. for 3 months and it's only getting me more depressed.I've been depressed for many years now and it seems no doctor is taking me serious.I'm sick of it.


I've been depressed for over 30 years but unaware I was until recently. Prozac gave me a new life. Within a week of taking it, I began to feel better and more in control of my emotions. By the second week, I felt like a near-sighted person who puts corrective glasses on for the first time: "So this is what a normal life is like", I thought. Now, I have more energy and drive than when in my teens. I have not experienced any negative side effects. This medication works great for me!


When i started taking prozac i soon was unable yo ejaculate then i developed a curved penis and then to no sex drive. This caaaaused many problems in my marriage. I have tried for 20 yrs to correct this with uroligists but they can not find any reason why


Ive come to the conclusion by studing the side effects I can no longer take Prozac. Dont get me wrong it works great for my depression but the side effects have now gotten way out of control.The shakes were bad enough. But the nausea has increased along with bouts of acid reflux. Im now sick every day from about 4pm til wee hours of the morning. Cant sleep either.And the hot flashes are incrfeasing as well. They comne and go ALL day. Its embarrasing to say the least. Its Christmas Eve and I cant function right now.This is one of the worst reaction days...Im not taking it tomorrow,it would be like walking to a firing squad.


Side effects and symptoms of illness collide. Confusion prevents immediate understanding of severity of side effects. Will titrate until Prozac is completely out of my system.


Acellerated moods...if angry...cannot control it well.


i've been taking this med (this time)for just a little over a year. and i think it's helping. i notice no problems are far as side effects are concerned.


this helped me with my anxiety and depression pretty well. when my grandmother died i seemed to be the only one in control and not crying all the time. which was good for me. but i started gaining weight. i was on 10 mg for 6 months and gained 15-20lbs and that made me mad. i also had decreased libido which was bad because i am a newlywed! now on lexapro and it isn't helping much. i am depressed about the weight gain. gonna try to bump up exercise. also i quit this drug cold turkey cause my doc said it was ok and i felt dizzy and out of it. anxiety came back in a week. I have always slept horrible since a kid but this seemed to give me nightmares.


took about a month for fluoxetine to kick in, but it really name a difference in how i reacted in malls and places where a lot of people are around.It made me feel calm and the anxiety definitely decreased. i still get anxious but that is only when i dwell on it.


Not useful Medicine


I have been taking prozac for about a month. the 10 mg. i feel like going to myrnjob again plus the added bonus of losing 8 lbs without trying. I didnt need the comfort of food anymore


I was at the bottom, almost ready to do something final to my self. Went to my shrink and was put on prozac. Within 3 days of starting I was feeling level. All thoughts of suicide were gone and I felt more energetic. Can't thank the makers of this drug enough. Doctors say prozac works very rapidly with bipolar disorder. It sure did for me.rnMy doctor said that the depression was an easily treatable condition. Coming from the depths of despair it was hard to believe, but the little ray of hope was something to hold on to. If you're reading this you are curious about prozac or are already taking it. Whatever you do, just keep on your meds and don't miss a dose. Either this is going to work for you or you'll have to try another med. There is hope, your brain chemistry is just a little off...but manageable on the right meds.rnPeople have also suggested group therepy so that you can discuss you disease with likernminded people. You might even find some new friends. GOOD LUCK, HANG IN THERE, AND TRUST IN YOUR HIGHER POWER. LOTS OF LOVE.


Prozac is a miracle drug for me. It keeps me calm and in control of my emotions. No more embarrassing outbursts like before around family and friends. However, it has increased my appetite - but I'd rather be a few pounds overweight than to drive my loved ones away with my emotions! Have also tried Wellbutrin, but it might as well been a placebo. Will probably be on Prozac the rest of my life.


I am 14 and have depression. I have only been on it for 2 weeks and feel like my depression has gotten way worse.


After 15+ years of unsuccessful anti-depressant medication use, Prozac finally saved the day. I feel very lucky!


made my head go crazy when hit 15mg. then when lowed dose raging anxiety attacts started. I was on ZOLOFT since 6/2007 and no side effects..NOW when I went back to Zoloft it gave me anxiety and debiltatng headaches..I am beyond upset..told DR. NOOOOOO!!to prozac. SHe would not listen and bullied me into taking it ,,I was so confused by DR, I could not even say I wa consufed...SINCE then I have suffered another nervous breakdown because of the PROZAC,,I told DR. I took it before (2001) and it made me head go crazy..(celexa give me headached, lexapro give me anxiety) NOW I can't take the ZOLOFT due to the Headaches..NOW she want me to try CYMbalta and I am scared to death..I sufferd 14 months with anxiety from overeload of stress-nervous breakdown..Finally recovered and ZOLOFT was the glue that was keeping me stable. I just want to die.


I have been on this drug for 3 months following complications of surgery and it has not made an improvement. I don't know if its the surgery or the drug that I am severly dry from head to toe, losing hair and sensitive. My coloring has changed and veins are bulging. Also, my teeth have yellowed and decayed. I am looking forward to eliminating this. Was on lexapro prior and it did not help.


I was taking the generic of prozac for my major depressive disorder,I was put on it right before I was supposed to start my monthly.I have always been regular.Well I skipped 2 months of my monthly and felt bloated and constipated and had no sex drive at all,i stopped taking the prozac and like magic everything went back to normal.As far as it's effectiveness for the depression it was awesome!I just didn't like the side effects.


Initially Prozac worked, but after >1 year of use it no longer worked for me. Coming off Prozac wasn't too bad. I experienced some anxiety and shaking. The only side effect I had was some weight gain (maybe 10 lbs. give or take a few).


I've been on this medication for over a year and it balances my mind. I'm mellow and things are much more clearer. I don't become no where near as angry and my emotions are under control. I no longer cry anymore, its hard for me to. I feel stable!


I took Prozac for a while as an adolescent. It did not work at all and also made me shake (tremor) uncontrollably. Needless to say, I did not stay on this long and eventually found an anti-depressant that worked.


I have just found out I have stage three kidney failure,have not talked to my rnNephrologist about the article in which I read in Web MD.that stated you dont need to take this drug if you have problems with your kidneys.I sure hope that does not include me because I have been soo satisfied with lexapro. rnrnrnrnrnrnI have just found out that I have I have stage three kidney,and tonight I was reading in rnrnrnrnrnrnrn rnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrn


I was a mess,2family deaths,premenopause getting the best of me. My dr.suggested, I try Lexapro. 10 months later,lost my insurance, switched to Prozac, $4/mo.(which actually worked better for me! In fact,along with lessoning the sweats/flashes - It has helped with my lower back pain too!!My general outlook has improved greatly!!


Has had MDD and anxiety disorder since I was 16 now 21. I was prescribed to Effexor XR which caused suicidal thoughts. I was also prescribed to Lexapro and I saw no results. After having my daughter 7 weeks ago I got on Prozac I have been taking it for 3 weeks now. I am starting to see a difference, but now I am scared about gaining weight. I also notice that I always have to move my legs when I am sitting down.


Used Prozac for 8yrs now. Started out on 40mg for about a yr, backed down to 20mg since then. Has worked great for me. Tried to switch to Wellbutrin a while back, didn't work. Prozac works for me.


I felt immediate relief for my fibromyalgia. But the longer I took it I felt detached from all feelings and then the muscles in my legs hurt so bad. I also take a fluid and blood pressure pill. Could have been too much! I came off after 2 months with no side effects but now the fibromyalgia pain is almost unbearable. I take other meds for this but they have lost their effectiveness. Anyone else have leg problems?


I tryed cymbalta in high doses and had to change due to cost. so I went to prozac 60 mg. and "remron" and this has worked very well for me.


10.5 yrs ago I was told by MotheRisk at Sick Kids in Toronto that this was safe to take during pregnancy. When my son was born he suffered from seizures, frequent (unexplained) crying episodes & has respiratory issues. I discovered 2-3 yrs later that it was NOT recommended to use during pregnancy & that what my son experienced was withdrawal symptoms. It only worked for a period of just over a year & then I developed side effects of increased irritability & it was not longer effective at treating my depression. If I could go back & try something else, I would. I am now on something different that works much better.rnrnIf you are planning on having a baby, I would NOT recommend this anti-depressant if it can be helped. (depression, especially during/afer pregnancy is not to be ignored & can be extremely serious .. in some cases, the benefits outweigh the risks, so the decision of which medication to take can only be decided by you & your dr)


Some side effects I noticed were: fatigue, slight stomach upset, inability to cry, delayed or sometimes no orgasm, occasional sleeplessness. But overall works very well, you almost literally cannot think of committing suicide, it's almost as if those thoughts are "blocked" and you cannot think them anymore. I used to think and talk out loud of any situation I encountered, I don't do that anymore. My road rage has decreased and I can control my video game rage better.


prozac has help me alot


I have been taking prozac for 17 years all that time I was depressed suicidal and have now developed a tremor. I ahve now come off the medication (under supervision) and it has taken over one and a half years, with some pretty nasty withdrawal symptoms. For the 1st time in 17 years I feel happy and don't want to die any more. However I still have the tremor. I am not suggesting people stop taking prozac just that they are monitored while on the drug, it is a very good drug for some people but not so great for others like most medication. Don't think that just because you have been on it for a long time you will not be affected by the side effects. Have your Dr monitor you on a regular basis.


I have been prescribing fluoxetine for twenty years and find it does not work well in panic disorder, in fact it may exacerbate it. Alprazolam works well but I am concerned with addiction problems here.


I regret ever trying this Prozac...I was taking Zoloft for almost 4 years and it worked. I had to reduce to 25mg eventually due to week long dizzy spell on 50mg that came out of the blue..on 25mg I was still functional, felt good and no more dizzy spells or getting spaced out.. ..DID not want to switch..I said NO to my DR...She emotionally and mentally beat me down to taking it..I was so confused by the time she was done with me..I did not realalize how confused I was..Prozac was a disaster for me..Due to being on it for 7 weeks..(at 15mg it made my head go crazy) when I went back to NEVEr worked and made my head hurt something awful..I Have NEVER been right since..DR have no right to beat the patient down into so much confusion that they cont't think a new Dr..put me on paxil..reaction in 3 days..Got another new DR..he is not sure what the problem is yet..possibly "seratonin syndrome "..I hate my origial treating doctor..I said NO, I do not to try prozac..I have been non-funtional since 6/2010 and feel horrible every day..So upset and miserable every day I can barely take it. I am NOW freightened to death of these antidepressants!! no wonder..If she had not FORCED the switch to Prozac I would be fine with now..(I 1st tried Celexa, got headaches, then Zoloft..somehow same Dr talked me into tryng off it in a week due to side effects and went back to Zoloft w/ no problem..WHY force patient to swithcing again when patient says NO...they play GOD with our lives..BAd doctor..Presently my life is ruined..can't drive, shower, cant't do anthing..You bet I am afraid to try cymbalta..weight gain, fatigue.nightmare withrawal. I am now I destroyed person who cannot function and suffer every day because a DR wanted to play GOD w/ my life..REactions to 2 SSRI (celexa, lexapro)shoud have been enough..I have problems with SSRI..except Zoloft...


Prozac worked wonderfully for me. It changed my life. But most sadly the EXCESSIVE SWEATING became intolerable. It kind of snuck up on me...I had the sweating a long long time before realizing it was the drug. Had complained about it to several different MD's and none of them made the link. Finally something told me to look up the drug and I discovered that the sweatig is a side effect. Went of, the seating stopped. But I cannot take any of the SSRI's and most other antidepressant's now.


Prozac (40 mg) is a miracle drug for me. It stops my suicidal thoughts when I'm really down. I was molested at 2 1/2 yrs old and for years, I thought I was crazy. I was on 20 mg for 10 years and a couple of years ago, my doctor increased to 40 mg. No real side effects either. My doctor said I will probably be on this drug for rest of my life and I've accepted that. I've also tried Lexipro and Cymbalta with not as much success.


I have been suffering from major depressive disorder since the birth of my daughter 3 years ago. I didn't want to resort to meds, but therapy alone was not helping me. I tried Zoloft, but it gave me insomnia, tremors & headaches. I've been taking Prozac for over a month & it has been a life saver- literally. No side effects & my quality of life has improved tremendously.


I have tried several medications for depression. And I have tried to go off medication several times. It is something I know I will have to take the rest of my life. It is so worth it to me. It is the quality of life and the enjoyment I treasure the most. I thas changed my quality of life....


I've been on Prozac 10mg for a little over a year. For me it has made me feel more balanced,I'm not on a roller coaster ride any more. I still have normal emotions(happy,sad,mad)it's just now things don't bother me as much, I get over things alot quicker now. I have gained some weight and the heat seems to bother me more, but I think that's small price to pay to feel better. Also I like that I don't feel like a zombie, I finally feel like me. What a relief...


I had to start taking 10mg at first (breaking it in half) it tastes very nasty so you have to take it with food VERY QUICKLY! After about 3 weeks I really noticed a difference and I really liked the results. I didn't care about what anyone thought of me. I lost my appetite but I was still healthy. Before I hated talking to people and I had suicidal thoughts. My mom took me off them right away because she thought I was "addicted" (the pills weren't magically disappearing.) now I have extreme head aches and dizzyness. So careful when you stop! Cut your pill in half and start decreasing slowly


This drug has absolutely done it's job as far as taking my depression away, but it has also taken away all of my sexual desire. My doctor is switching me to Celexa to see if that will help, but if my depression comes back, ill definately choose to go back on Prozac.


I have been taking this medication for some time now and I love the way my mind stays clear. Recently I ran out and I notice my mind is starting to cloud up once more. Feeling uncomfortable thinking bad thoughts. Having hard time renewing med through VA, not going to see my doctor for another 3 weeks. With meds things go great, without meds things get confusing.


more energy and better attitude


The longer I was on it the more zombie I got. This med made me feel like I lost years off my life. I will never go back on this. I had no emotions but cry. I lost 20 pounds being on it from no appetite. (in 4 months)


I took this medication for over a year as prescribed by my doctor to help treat severe depression. After about 2 wks of taking it I felt a big difference and improvement in my depression, but after just a few months I began to gain weight and I was putting on the pounds rapidly. Diet and excercise did nothing to help. I gained over 30 pounds in a few months time and was even more depressed than when I started taking the medication.


It helps with depression.


hs helped and seems to work almost a oncern


I have been struggling with Bipolar Depression for many years. I taking many different medications and nothing seems to work. I had not seen a Dr. for my bipolar in over 3 years and it began to get out of control, i felt crazy at times. I started taking prozac almost 2 wks ago and i can tell a difference in my mood. Situations that would normally set me off, have not. I hope this medication keeps working for me so i can be my old self and acctually feel normal again.


I was on this pill at 60mg for 6 years and the only thing it did was get me so addicted I could not function without it. I recently started taking it again after the birth of my 5 month old and it has done nothing but actually make my depression worse. I am more suicidal now than I was before I started taking it. My mood swings are horrible and I get angry at EVERYTHING and then stay angry no matter what people do to help cheer me up.


I am pregnant and want to know if it is safe for my unborn childrn


caused severe athhma and bone pain -hot all the time drs dont tell people it causes diabetes. NOT safe for long term use*** causes extreme tiredness should'nt be taken in the morning. Levels should be monitored


I take 20mgs daily as tension headache preventative and for anxiety. Was on Lexapro last year and feel much better on Prozac. Aside from occasional tiredness, side effects aren't as severe as Lexapro.


My doctor prescribed Prozac after my wife left me and our four children to treat the depression that insued as a result of the situation. I was on Prozac for about 18 months. Although the drug was effective on my depression after about a month of taking Prozac, I had a very bad withdrawal from the drug. I don't think I was informed of the risks of withdrawal when I started the drug. Withdrawal was a very difficult process and resulted in several weeks of "detox" and a long period of recovery.


Im on this med for OCD. It works to control my thoughts & actions since my MD increased the dose ~3 months ago. The only side affect is insomnia & yet constant fatigue. Otherwise, works well!


i work in the heat, and for some reason it feels like this medication makes it worse and gives me headaches, and pain on my upper back and neck.


Zoloft was working for me..07, 08, 09. functional, felt good, happy..Normal!!no-side effects (dizzy spells on 50mg, reduced to more dizzy spells.)still got seasonal depression..bounced out when weather got warm..DR. decides to switch me to Prozac..25dys 10mg, 10dys 10mg, 15mg, 10etc..then 15mg ev day 7 (8weeks total on prozac) on 15mg head went CRAZY..DR said lower it..RAGING ANXIETY resulted..Swithed me back to ZOLOFT...NOW zoloft gives me Anxiety, makes me feel bad, and does not work!!AFTER the switch.!!DR. did NOT tell me that IF the Prozac did not work...IF I returned to the Zoloft IT might not work..NOT fully informed by suffer with side-effects from Zoloft....DR. did not know what to do..SO she REFUSED to treat me!!!DR. knew how to screw me does not know what to do..THIS IS A BIG problem...these not fully inform you of the risk if you switch and the med does not work for you...I was having no side effects from Zoloft, felt great & was functional!!! NOW I am non-functional, in much discomfort..BECAUSE DR. recommmended the switch to ZOLOFt..I WOULD NEVER,NEVER had agreed to the switch had I been fully informed!!! THESE Dr. are so ready to experiment on try another med (prozac) because it MIGHT!!!!MIGHT!!! work better than Zoloft was working..I am so upset..and in discomfort!! I had tried Celexa, Lexapro..bad side effects w/in 2 wks..stopped..DR KNEW my body was sensitive to SSRIs..


didnt change my illness and the temper i had nor my mood swings, slept all the time, and dont want to do anything


I've have taken five dosages of 20 mg. of Prozac (generic) for anxiety and related issues and absolutely no improvement. Still very anxious. Increased stomach acid and nausea. Trouble sleeping yet sleepy during the day. When my doc prescribed Prozac, he said if it doesn't work at first, we'll double the dosage. No way am I agreeing to do that. I know we are supposed to be patient with these drugs but I need to see some improvement over the next week or it's time to have another talk with the doctor.


I took this for 1 year when I was in beauty school in 2000. I was on 20mg, and felt like a zombie all the time. I never laughed, smiles, felt good, but I never felt bad, depressed, or suicidal either. Within a week it totally killed my sex drive. I would cringe if my husband even came near me. Then the migraines, insomnia, and sweating started. There were a couple times when my anxiety OUT OF CONTROL. But it wasn't often. Overall I hated this drug, but it did keep me from wanting to throw myself off of a cliff. I take Wellburtin and Celexa now and don't have the side effects.


balances me out


I had been barely functionaly depressed for more than 15 years. I finally got up the nerve to see a doctor about this and he proscribed 20mg of prozac. Within 2 weeks I lost all sense of being depressed and was myself again. I have now used it for almost a year with the same results. My doctor did tell me to try 40mg but that gave me spuractic bursts of anziety so I cut back down to only 20mg. I wish I would have taken this med over 15 years ago I would have avoided many problems that developed due to the depression.


I adore Prozac for my depression and anxiety, but I think it has decreased my sex drive.


Name an anti-depressant, I've taken it - even the new ones. They all fell in one of the two categories: 1) did not work; 2) had severe side effects - anger, drowsiness, insomnia, dizziness, high blood pressure (of course each med had a different annoying side effect.rnI have taken Prozac 2 years ago while taking Cymbalta and that did not work. rnRecently, I was diagnosed with OCPD (obssessive compulsive personality disorder) and I want to give Prozac yet another chance. I just had nightmare withdrawal symptoms from Cymbalta and never want to go back to it again because of the extreme hypertension it caused me. rn


I am only in my 6th day, and I am very sleepy in the am hour, I am taking it for depression and to relieve hot flashes.


I felt great about the second week, then just a downward spiral. dr gave me higher milligrams, thats when i started really noticing side effects. horrible headaches, extreme nausea, really bad shakes, extreme sweating, and being tired all of the time. so the dr lowered my dosage, and it didnt help, had to stop taking it, felt like it was ruining my everyday life!!


Well, I took my first dose of Prozac last night (20 mg) and had an awful night trying to sleep. Woke up at 2:00AM with increase heartrate, very sour stomach/intestines and feeling lightheaded. Could not get back to sleep. Maybe I'll try using every other day for the first week and see what happens. Ugh, my stomach/intestines are still raw.


I have been using Prozac or Fluoxetine since heart surgery in 1989.Actually I started the medication in 1993.I didn't know what was wrong with me.I found out the depression was brought on by the surgery.It was my body's way of reacting to a terrible "wound". About 3 weeks into the dosage,I had a feeling of wellness,a feeling of the weight of the world taken off me.It was a wonderful sensation.I will take this medication til my last day.


i was on 10mg of fluoxetine/prozac for 6 months. i have anxiety and depression. it helped my anxiety but not all of my depression. i still had bad mood swings, and no sex drive. i gained 10lbs in 3 months and i am not sure if it is from meds or not. but i am going to try natural herbal remedies before trying another med.


This medication has worked beautifully for me. It has changed my life. My anxiety symptoms are greatly reduced, my stomach issues have gone away and I am very satisfied. It has caused some erection issues, but they are manageable.


Tiredness and painful muscles


I've tries several other meds for depression and this is the one with the least side effects for me.


It has been the difference in my wanting to get out of the house and do something, before I was without energy and no desire to much...just sit in a chair and watch tv.


Only took for a week but it made me so anxious I couldn't function.


prozac used to work for me,but lately it made me sleepy and spaced out.i dont take anything doc tried abilify with prozac,nothing.ive tried other meds. and prozac was the only one i could take.hope a md. answers me at you


It made no noticeable difference.


I have not taken this drug very long but so far its been great! I actually feel like my life is becoming mine again!! I have been able to get out of bed and enjoy being around my family and friends again.. which hasnt happened in a very long time.. anger issues and depression so far have disappeared.. just hope it stays this way.


help reduce thoughts


Headaches! I started getting really bad headaches. So to test, Id take a Prozac every other day. I think its the Prozac. I couldnt even open my eyes, it hurt too bad. Felt so sick. lol, my mind feels better, just not the physical. weighing the pros and cons, gonna start just taking at night. upset stomach too.


i am a 34yr old wife & mother of 3! b4 prozac i had no energy, sad all the time, cuss'n & scream'm @ my kids & my poor husband. severe road rage, just a very mean unpleasent person 2 be around. i have been on the drug 4 10 day 20mg dose & it works awsome. im now a joy 2 be around. no side affects so far. i thank God 4 this medicine.


initially 40mg then to 60mg Anxiety panic attacks still prevalent but less frequent, full body sweats, heart palpitations and frozen jaw/muscles. Sleep poor, taken off after 15months and now trying mirtazapine30mg.


I have been taking prozac for about 8 years. It was prescribed for Panic Disorder. I have had wonderufl results with this medicine and no terrible side effects. It has made me a new person. I don't have the mood swings that I used to have and I can get out of my house and function normally on a day to day basis.


I take 40mgs a day,seems like all the reviews I have read you have been takeing 10-15mgs.Anyone else takeing this dose amount?


I have been taking Prozac since high school for depression. I have been very pleased with the way it has worked. In the past several years though, my sex drive has all but disappeared. I don't know that it's the Prozac but it seems likely. Anyone else having this problem? I take 60 mg a day.


I just started taking this drug 2x daily on friday the 11th and i was switched from zoloft because it made me feel dumb! so far so good im concentrating better in school but still my mind kinda wanders off! anyone out there feeling the same wayy??


Made my depression worse.


oh my gosh! i dont even know where to literally changed my life i actually enjoy and have the energy to go to the park with my 4 and 2 year old!! even when its 96 degrees out!! i have so much energy i feel great and its the first time in my life i have felt this good.


2nd WARNING: IF the PRozac makes you go CRAZY..heed the is not the right med for you..stop taking it and go to DR....STUPIDLY listened to my psychiatrist..reduced back to 10mg, 15mg ev. other day..MASSIVE ANXIETY attacks resulted..DR. took me off Prozaqc and put me back on ZOLOFT 25mg. (it helped depression and anxiety) THAT NOW gave me raging anxiety attacks.. Stopped Zoloft..3rd day off Zoloft and still living in anxiety Hell...prisoner in house and prisoner in anxiety even while taking .50 Ativan 2x day..Does not stop till 8pm..then starts all over again upon wakening in am..MY DR. was WRONG...and I am paying the price..WARNING: listen to YOUR BODY first sign of adverse reaction...DR. are wrong lots of is unpredicatable as to what an anti-depressant will do to YOUR body..LISTEN to YOUR body..STOP the med at first sign of adverse reaction..IT is wrong med for you.. (I was on Prozac 7 weeks, started at 10mg..reaction when hit 15mg)


This Med works well for me and I have no side effect as of late. This give me energyrnalso, and with crohn and lupus I need all the help I can get.


I feel 100% better, just after 2 weeks.


I have been on Prozac for about 9 years now. I really haven't been bothered by the side effects. I still ocassionally go through bouts of deep depression but I jump right out within a week. I am afraid to switch to anything else.


WARNING: IF Prozac causes you anxiety and anxiety increses day by day. STOP taking it. It will continue to escalate the anxiety..It is the wrong med for you...IT happened to me..AND still my anxiety has not calmed down with more ativan, being dosed ev. 4 hours.


4 yrs on Zoloft..worked but did not help winter depression. Dr. switched me to PROZAC. 23 days 10mg, no side effects. THEN 10 days alternating 15mg, then 10mg etc. THEN 15mg/day. Day 6 on 15mg..almost went CRAZY..THAT WAS my WARNING. Reduced to 10mg 2 anxiety issues. Dr. told me to alternate 15mg, then 10mg etc. During the next 5 days, ANXIETY escalated Out of Control..(also take .50mg Ativan, anxiety was overriding the Ativan,had to take more) Still anxiety raged on me. Never had this much anxiety since 2/2007 while on Zoloft..POINT..LISTEN to your body..if you go crazy on an increase of is not the right med for you!!! Dr. switched me back to ZOLOFT 25mg/day (lowest dose) within 2 days my Anxiety started to rage out of control again..Culprit was the Prozac. MY WARNING. Had no side effects till 15mg/day body is telling you this is not the right med for you..LISTEN to your body. If you don' will screw up your body..NOW after 7 days 25mg Zoloft..anxiety raged out of control again..DUE to switch to Prozac..Since 2007 on Zoloft, NEVER had raging ANXIETY. Stopped taking 25mg Zoloft due to anxiety..THE PROZAC screwed up my system big time. Also, per DR. Prozac stays in system for 2 weeks..HOPE I can resume Zoloft w/no anxiety issues next week..UNTIl I switched to Prozac, after 3 years on Zoloft, NEVER had any raging anxiety issues...NOW I do..BE careful..IF YOU get an adverse effect from Prozac..stop taking it or go to lowest dosage (5mg) till get to DR. YOUR BODY is telling you it is not tolerating the Prozac..I am now in very bad shape..raging anxiety..had to take 1mg Ativan yesterday to prevent it from raging..NEVER had this problem taking Zoloft 2007 till now.


I have only been on this Med for less than two weeks. Too soon to determine effectiveness or sexual side effects. However, I noticed right away that when I go to sleep, I startle myself awake several times before I actually sleep soundly. I wake up gasping and yelling after just nodding off. Almost like sleep apthia (Cant spell it). I wonder if anyone else has had this.


im a little worried about taking Prozac after what I read. I already am tired and hungry all the time, Ive gained over 30 pds. I was on Cymbalta. Loved it at first, now it quit working. I have the black cloud fight goin on, and Im tired of fighting it.


Made me feel like a walking zombie by the time it was at a dose effective to treat the depression.


Prozac was perscribed as a secondary drug to Wellbutrin, when increasing it gave me stomach and chest pain. I was being treated for panic attachs, insominia, anxiety, along with depression. Prozac worked fast for me and I would feel happy for hours afterwards. This enabled me to get things done that would take me forever. I became the energizer bunny, unfortunatly when I changed medical insurance my new doctor told me that Prozac was an old drug and would only give me Wellbutrin after that. Now I am back to being in the middle, no ups or downs now. But I still have problems with anxiety and sleeplessness.


I have been on this for over 1 yr. Advise: Take it in the morning. It has really helped with my depression and increased in energy level. I am very sensitive to medication, the pros have out weighed the side effects. It does take a little longer to get in the "mood". Over all I am happy to have finally found a depression medication that works with my Seroqual.


Having developed an unexplained skin complaint plus a concern about the effect of any drug taken long term, I recently tried reducing my dosage leading to not taking any at all. It has been approximately two weeks and the symptoms of deep, unexplained depression are back with avengeance. What choice do I have but continue taking this drug, despite my concerns regarding its affect on my health. I do not think I could cope without it.


I have recently started using Prozac to help with depression.I am a 17 year old female who has been suffering with depression for 2 years.Prozac has several side effects including sleepiness,fatigue,and increased appetite.However, the medication has helped clear my head so I can think clearly.


Initally stated on Zoloft due to Depression (crying)Was also taking .50mg Ativan for anxiety. THe Zoloft helped with anxiety as well...Switch to Prozac was a miserable failure..caused massive anxiety attacks..then switched back to Zoloft, 25mg and in 3 days got massive anxiety attacks..No Zoloft on Mon, 6/7/2010. Decided to try taking 12.5mg 2x/day. (Not 25mg Zoloft at once.) Ok yesterday, ok so far today. HOPE this plan works till get to Psychiatrist Friday 6/28....and can start taking 25mg Zoloft in one dose by Monday 6/14 w/no anxiety atacks.(By Monday all the Prozac shoud be out of my system, takes 2 weeks per Dr.) Presently experiencing uncomfortabel level of low anxiety, wake up tense, easily agitaged. Have to take .50mg Ativan every 4 hours NOW. . Hope this works out and I get comfortable again, no raging anxiety attacks..and the Zoloft starts working and helping me again like it did before switch to Prozac..Before it kept me level, even, 80% functional. WIth the (1) .50mg Ativan, did not experience any anxiety discomfort since 2007..till switch to Prozac..I do keep light beer in frig. due to the fear of anxiety attack. It helps till the next needed .50mg Ativan kicks in..WHat a mess.


Intense joint pain that comes and goes. Tingling and burning sensation in arms and hands.Headaches,severe.Cannot notice any improvement of symptoms.Taken with Neurontin for mood disorder.


No effect for the symptoms of depression with too many negative side effects to want to continue on with this med.


This has worked well for me.


Prozac has helped with my anxiety and OCD, and sometimes my depression, but in the past yr the dr has raised the dose to 40mg. It helps with my ability to think clearly, but im not sure if its working lately, maybe im just too stressed.


It has really help with my depression compared to the other meds I have tried! Too bad I wasn't prescribed this first!!


i cant swollow pills so i have to open thwe capsule but this is one of the best pills i have took for depression i have been taking it long term for 4 years every since 2006


I started getting panic attacks when I was a very little kid (I can remember having them as young as age 7). Finally, at age 40, I gave up trying to "be macho" about it and went to see a psychiatrist. This was very difficult for me because I always related "psychiatrist" with "inability to cope" and I've always prided myself on being able to deal with anything (even managing my panic attacks for 30+ years). The reality is, I wasn't really dealing with panic as much as I would just avoid putting myself in situations that might cause panic. (Those of us that suffer from general panic disorder know that's not easy--sometimes it comes out of nowhere!) I finally got sick and tired of always having "will this cause a panic attack?" in the back of my mind. I've been on 20mg for three years now. WOW! What a difference! It absolutely has changed my life! It's so nice to feel normal (i.e. "panic free") even in stressful situations. I'm so thankful for this drug! I'm just mad that I spent many years equating "seeking help" with "weakness" or "going crazy/can't deal with things". I'm perfectly sane and rational--my body just chemically did strange things. Not anymore! Prozac made a world of difference for me.


Just started taking generic Prozac a month ago. I am starting to feel a little better but I am sweating like crazy. It is very embarassing. Does this go away? Any suggestions?


it didnt do anything for my appitite and i am getting sweats.


I have been on Prozac for most of 7 years. It has worked great for me and I have had no adverse reactions to it. It also helps ease my anxiety which I also experience occasionally.


I would go so far as to say PROZAC RUINED MY LIFE. (7) weeks starting at 10 mg..Major bad reaction at 15mg..thought I would go crazy..reduced to 15/10mg ev. other day last week...MAJOR increase in ANXIETY. It was getting out of control..Took .50mg Ativan for anxiety..needed .50mg 4 hrs later..wished I had never switched from ZOLOFT, which I start again in 2 days. Presently feel HORRIBLE..withdraw..5mg today, no Prozac tomorrow..had to take .50mg Klonopin am today to prevent major anxiety's holding..7.5 hrs later took .50 Ativan (anti-anxiety med) to make sure this anxiety stays down. A nightmare..Expect to have a rough transition to the Zoloft 1st month..Prozac stays in system 2 wks after stopping..maybe longer..who knows...PRAY the Zoloft works again...You never know. WHat a mistake FOR ME to try PROZAC.


I take it for anxiety, depression and Fibromyalgia. It has helped better than Cymbalta, Savella and Lyrica without the side effects.


Day 46..temperature is 90 degrees. Got bad headache by mid afternoon..took 2 Ibuprofen for headache 6pm or so..2 hours later still had mild headache..then started seeing spots in evening...NOT a good sign if the HEAT affects me badly when on the PROZAC (generic)..STill can't function..can't get out of house..DR. tomorrow.


I am so disgusted with this Prozac (generic). FIRST,I took 10mg/day for 25 days. THEN, increase to 15mg 1 day, 10mg next day, etc. for 10 days. THEN, increase to 15mg/day.Day 7 I got an adverse reaction..head felt wierd, thought I was going to go crazy...NOW, my DR. wants me to take 15mg 1 day, 10 mg, next day, ect. for 4 weeks. THAT would make total 3 month on this Prozac to see if it is helping. THEN go 15mg/day...I am now worse and unable to function at all since adverse affect and I am irritable, anxious and upset with all of this..IF get an adverse reaction at 15mg again..that's it for me...I am miserable and scared...going to DR. this Friday to talk about this..I am suffering


my husband started taking this a month ago..he is more zoned out and duh than he was before. He says he more tired. He sleeps more. we have a great marriage and used to enjoy life but now he seems numb..he says he's stopping using it today..i'm relieved...


I have an anxiety disorder with panic, and entered into a depressive episode last fall. In conjunction with weekly therapy, Prozac has made such a difference in my life. I am very sensitive to new medications, and did not experience the typical rough transition the first few weeks. The only side effects I can complain about are frequent nightmares and an increased appetite, but I will gladly deal with those for the peace of mind I've finally achieved.


I have noticed change for the better. I am able to go whereever and relax some when I have things to do.


I took this medication for two years. I was living in an extremely abusive environment with my mom and i honestly believe that if it hadn't been for this medication, I would have given up on life. The good thing is this medicine made me not be able to really "feel" my emotions. This was great for when I was sad. People could yell at me and it wouldnt even phase me. On the other hand it also 'numbed' out the good in life so I could never really ENJOY a fun/great moment. It was almost like I was a robot. It also messes with your sex life. It makes it very difficult to get in the mood. This medicine has been around a long time so all the side effects are known which was great. If I had to take this again, I would.


I took Prozac (Fluoxetine) for Depression/Bipolar and bulimia for 2 years. At first it worked like a miracle. It was like I drove out of a hurricane into a clear, beautiful day and all I could see in my rearview mirror was a storm I never wanted to go back to. Had a strong craving for sweets, I practically only ate Twizzlers, and lost a significant amount of weight. I had no more racing thoughts, I was reasonable and clear-headed, etc. But after about a year and a half, the honeymoon ended and I guess my body got used to it and all of a sudden all of my old symptoms came back, EXCEPT for my binge eating. If Prozac did one thing it stopped my Bulimia altogether. Prozac was great for me, while it lasted.


Began taking Prozac 2 wks ago after being on Lexapro & Wellbutrin for years. Still taking Wellbutrin w/Prozac. Have experienced extremely stressful events in last year. Found myself sleeping away the day, not wanted to do anything. Had to force myself to do the basics each day. Unable to work due to all this emotional trauma. The side effects I have are: extreme nasuated, more depressed and more anxious. I have lost 10 lbs in 2 wks. because I have no appetite. (only positive, though not healthy) Started today with horrible acid reflux and pain in my stomach. Should have contacted my Dr. today, but figured I would give it a few more days--don't think this is the one for me. Unable to do anything and really don't care about anything. Does seem to make me jittery & I have been having to take Ativant because of heart palpitations, even though I am on heart meds. for those they have increased since being this. Will be calling the Dr. first thing Monday morning!


This has worked for me for years, but in the last few months. I have expierienced severe heartburn right after taking this medicine, so I quite taking it. going to see my doctor for an alternative.


Day 36 on "generic" Prozac. DR increased dosage to 15mg/ side this point in time...not helping at all..this waiting game is awfull..waiting to see if it will "kick in"..when it will kick in...will it even work..I feel like crap and have not interest in doing anything...will it ever end???


Got my 1st head feels so WEIRD today I cannot handle it...this is day 7 of an increse of dosage to 15mg/day.. not taking anymore today..luckly only took 10mg this morning...I am time of medication 40 days...started at 10mg for 25 days...increase to 10mg, 15mg every other day beginning day 25 for 10 days, then went up to 15mg every day..SIDE effects HAVE HIT TODAY. VErY SCARY.


I felt like the longer I took the medicine, the less it worked. I tried to get off of it but then realized just how much it actually helps me. I would like to know if anyone has experienced vaginal dryness.


I just started this med. Has anyone experienced dizziness or light-headedness when first starting prozac? I'm hoping it will go away because I do think I feel better. My anxiety seems to be a little less and I am experiencing fewer episodes of "imagined" aches and pains. Please respond if you've had nausea or dizziness. Your response will be appreciated. Thanks!


This is the only antidepressant that has worked for me. I have tried most of the others with very bad reactions. The most well known antidepressants caused severe mood swings, weight gain, loss of sex drive, loss of hair, fatigue, anxiousnes...I could go on. The prozac really helped level me out. I finally feel like me again. My skin doesnt crawl. I have more energy. I get out of bed with a spring in my step. I have started excercising again. And my sex life has made a dramatic improvement. Overall, this is the one for me.


Day 34 on "generic" Prozac. Dosage increased to 15mg/day..finally Day 38 the emotional pain stopped...which is great..but still have low energy, no interest in get up and get in 1 hour of helps..then I am tired.


Day 31 on "generic" Prozac. 10mg, 5mg 2x/day. Yes, I got jitters first 2 weeks, but they have stopped. By day 25, no relief from feeling miserable. Incresed dosage to 15mg, 10mg, every other day..Misery level is gone..Still do not feel like myself. Lack of not't read book..can't make decisions...DR. appointment tomorrow..will report later..probably will get dosage side effects that I am aware of... hoping for better beneifts with increaed dosage...I do think it takes 6 to 8 weeks to really work.


Was previously on capsule Prozac for years. It stopped working so I weaned myself off of it. In about 6 months I became VERY ill...Constant panic..felt like my adrenaline was constantly going through my body...couldn't sleep..afraid, could not eat, lost 40 pounds in a period of 3 weeks. Went back to Dr. and she put me on Generic Prozac tablets. It took me awhile to increase to 20 mg because I have a "pill phobia", which goes along with my panic/depression symptoms. It took at least 6-8 weeks to start feeling at least to 75% better. I have noticed I feel tired more now and my sex drive is good, but it is difficult to orgasm. I will never go off of this medication again, because I truly feel that if I had not started back on it I would have died...I could not eat at all or sleep. I have never been so sick in my life and afraid. I was offered other medications to try but I will stick with the Prozac. Keep in mind that it may not work the same with all people, my dad and my sister can not take it. It made them worse because they were bipolar.




I have been on and off this drug 3 times andrnnow I'm going for a 4th time. The drugs helps me quite a bit, but the side effects become the next problem. It takes about 6 weeks to work and I need to go up to 40mgs. As you feel better you focus on the negative effects of the drug. The better mood you take for granted. For me the sexual side effect cause me great fustration and then I just can't sleep. This time around I'm gong to take just 20mgs with remeron and see how that goes. Oh, and don't give up on God. Be well.


this medication made me crazy.. i would see stuff and had horrible nightmares... i have taken lots of different medications before. have taken chemo and every pain med there is just be careful if your not crazy it will make you!!!!!!!!!!!!


I haven't started this med yet, just got prescription and haven't filled it yet. I just wanted to know about how it works for depression and if it will make orgasms difficult.


At first it seemed to give me energy, but now i really can't tell i've taken anything


Day 22. 20mg "generic" Prozac. 5mg 2x/day. No relief from depression. Still having functioning problems. Can't go to dentist, hair salon..can't go anywhere. getting frantic due to no relief. Not getting better. Dr.appointment this Friday.


I used Prozac for many years, and never had a problem with it. I had to change Doctors because mine was going int research. New Doctor new medication. I tried to tell them Prozac worked, but they always had their own plans. So I haven't been able to take it for a long time, but it is an excellent drug for Bi-Polar treatment.


I suffer from Unipolar depression/Major depressive disorder. Went thru 1 yr. w/ a terrible Dr. I was completely disabled. Most days I could only lay in bed and sob uncontrolably. I slept about 16 hrs a day. Felt worthless, guilty, hopeless. Thought about suicide alot. Cut myself frequently. Had social anxiety. Couldn't concentrate on anything. Had trouble making even the smallest decisions. Got confused easily. Had anxiety for no reason. Didn't bathe, brush my teeth, or get dressed every day. Stopped going food shopping, did nothing. Had to force myself to do even the smallest tasks. Lost my job over all this. Finally, my husband made me go to a new Dr. and she put me on Prozac. It took about 6 to 8 wks to work for me. Once it did I started feeling better. Eventually I got up to 80mg per day. Then I felt like I was at about 80%, which was great compared to the way I had felt. Had to go off the prozac b/c my husband wanted a baby. I'm in my 7th month now n I'm kind of ok. I'm coping. Can't wait to get back on the prozac though.


Day 21. 10mg "generic" Prozac. 5mg 2x/day. Still not relief. Do not feel like myself. Functioning problems still exist.


Took this years ago with great results, this time though I am having morning shakes and anxiety and bouts of yawning. I am less tired though and a bit less depressed. My sex drive has increased, which is great. I think I need to wait longer to see the full effects of this medication.


Day 25..10mg 2x/day ("generic" Prozac). Not working..I was able to take shower and wash hair, then go to bank 3pm I was exhausted..Hoping that this is due to "low energy" caused by depression...TODAY I am increasing my dosage myself..10mg am and 5mg pm, then next day 10mg, then next day 10mg am and 5mg pm...etc. My Dr. appointment is not till 5/14/10..THUS, I am slowly increasing myself...I can't take it anymore...low energy, depression...can't make decisions..generally not able to handle life..and no interst. Preently, have NO quality of life.


Day 18. 10mg, 5mg 2x/day. no side effects I am aware of..No relief in depression. Dont't want to get out of bed in morning..but I force myself to..WHEN will this depression lift???? AND I force myself to gym in afternoon, 1 hour exercise. Still depressioned.


For as long as I can remember I've had depression issues and mood disorders as well as an anger problem, etc. I've been taking fluox. for 3 years now and it definitely helped with my anger. That was the most effective part, something that normally would make me so angry inside wouldnt & I would be able to assess the situation. However, I still felt depressed quite a lot, like not wanting to get up & go outside for days. So the Prozac/Fluoxetine was 50/50 for me. Good for anger issues, not so good for a mood elevator.


Started Not 4 wks. as of YET! Still Feeling depressed;So Dr. Increased dosage;I'll Know in a WEEK's TIME`FOR:SURE!


Day 9. Taking 10 mg, 5mg 2x a day. Can tolerate. May be causing me some jitterys. And I am nervous waiting for it to work. Still wake up so depressed. No interest in anything. got out for 1 hour walk yesterday afternoon. then, eat and back in bed. Still waiting as they say it takes 4 weeks to see if it is working. this is horrible.


Day 15...10mg, 5mg 2x/day...It is 2pm in afternoon and I still feel horrible..went to gym yesterday...did not feel as good as ususal few hours later...I am getting lifting of mood of deperession..Will try and stay the course for 2 more weeks, then I have my Dr. appointment.


Day 11. Taking 10mg, 5mg 2x/day. This morning I seemed to have turned a "pinch" of a corner. DID not wake up feeling so depressed or glum....BUT I am far from a functional person..


I think I was better when I was taking it not real sure though all I know I havent taken it 4 a couple of months and I am really depressed lately HELP


Day 15. 10mg 5mg 2x/day. Woke up this morning with drug hangover. Did not feel good last night after gym..getting scared this is not working for me...Will ride it out for the 30 days to see if things improve.


I take the generic form of this medication. At first my low dosage did nothing for me. Now I take 40 mg and feel so great. I'd be up and down all day, sleeping all the time and having god awful panic attacks for no reason. The only downside is my wicked heartburn. Other than that I love it. My libido is up and my moods and anxiety are super steady now.


I tried Lexapro and Cymbalta and gained 30lbs in 3 months and did not see any improvement. I found a new dr and was put on 30mg daily of Prozac. The change was immediate. After 2 months, I have been able to focus at work and enoy my life again!! I haven't had any suicidal thoughts and no other side effects. It has helped with my anxiety problems and insomnia. Combined with talk therapy, Prozac has really helped me.


it seemed to help for a while but now that i have been taking it for about six months and i hate having sex i tell my husband that i,m tired or try to find any excuse that keeps him from touching me i,m only 37 and it is so strange because a one time we had a great sex life and now i hate it


Day 14 on 10mg Prozac, 5mg 2x/day...Not working at all relief..I pray I make it out the door for exercise..WHEN will it work and make me feel better???


I have been on Prozac for almost two years and it has made a difference in my overall wellbeing.rnrnI found myself crying for no reason, sleeping when I wasn't tired and just being very moody.rnrnMy Dr. suggested Prozac and at first I objected but I am glad that I relented. I take one 10mg pill a day and can take two if necessary. No side effects at all.


After 2 months of treatment my s/sx of depression has worsened. Prozac is not the choice for me =(


Was taking 50mg zoloft. Was really helping. Felt good, happy,laughing, able to cope. Mood was really good, positive. THen got week long dizzy spells. NOW started on PROZAX generic. 5mg 2x a day. Have been on it 1 week. A pinch of a difference. Able to get to gym in afternoon. It hard to get out the door, once out I get to gym. THen I eat dinner and go to bed and wath TV. tired. SO far it is not making any difference, no side effects, able to tolerate, maybe a little jittery in morning. Oh please, this has got to work by end of 4 weeks. the waiting is so hard. I am hopeful, sort of.


doing good


I was on Prozac for 6 days and that was enough for me. I had horrible panic attacks, tired all the time, yawning non-stop. Not to mention anxious, nervous, and not myself at all. The last day I took this I was a total zombie out of it completely. I stopped taking it and will not take this medication ever again.


trembling of the hands and looosing my balance


Day 13. total 10mg, 5mg 2x/day. Not noticing much change yet. I am in a paralyzed with fear postion at this time. Crisis in house Day 11. took none Day 12. Crisis resolved..still felling fearful of going outside today. OH please, let there be a big change by Day 30..tolerating meds, no side effect that I notice. THe jittery feeling seems to have subsided. Still not able to handle everday things.


Taking this for anxiety and depression. This isnt really a reveiw, but a question if anyone can answer. I don't have the loss of intrest i sex. But for some reason, I'm unable to ejaculate during sex. Trust me, the lasting a long time is great. But It may start to cause problems eventually w pressure and the concerns of my partner feeling inadiquate. I keep reaffirming its ok. But still is a question.


Tried at various doses with the only notable effect being loss of interest in sex, which was depressing - it did lower my appetite, and had a brief "bubble" of what seemed like positive effect - but would fizzle within 6-8 weeks. Insomnia was worst side effect.


20 years good!!!


I am a new person. My wife and children can't believe what they see.rnI have lost 42LBS and I feel great. Life is good!


I started on prozac and felt like a new person, until one morning i had toughts i should run my car off the road because i just needed to die. I called the doctor and they wanted to up my dosage! I stopped prozac ASAP!


It took a long time to find the right dose and have this fully kick in (10 weeks), but ultimately it helped a lot with depression, energy, and concentration. The sexual side effects were annoying at first but went away after about 7 weeks. It isn't a miracle cure, but it's been very helpful as one component of my treatment plan. I also feel less irritable, which is nice for me and the people around me (!).


worked great after wife died.6 months after didnt work.after stopping it,i felt as good as i did when i first started it


This has taken the edge off for me. I was somtimes very weepy for no reason. This medication has helped that. I have had no side effects what so ever. I am on a very low dose 10 mil


Took generic Prozac for about 5 years; did not help me. Finally was given the "real" Prozac and I am a new person. My husband has felt all along that generics are not as good as the real thing.


I was started at 20mg and had it increased to 40mg after one week. Before starting the med, I was suicidal at times, but became more suicidal once I started Prozac. It made me think more clearly about my plan to kill myself. If my husband had not intervened and called the cops, I would have killed myself. I was not myself - angry, swearing, and insisting the world would be better without me. Luckily, I was hospitalized before I could harm myself and am now on Pristiq.


At first the medication works for the first month if you miss a dose there is pain in your joints and very stiff when waking the next morning.


Was depressed &anxious my dr. started me on 20mg. Increased to 40mg. Have been on it for 2 1/2 yrs. Have no symtoms of depression and very little anxiety. No noticeable side effects.


Was on for 3 years,started with 20mg gradually up to 60mg, no sex drive, very strange dreams/sleeping habits. Kinda didn't care about anything. I quit cold turkey, just fine.


My son started prozac 5 weeks ago. Since then he has threaten suicide publicly and spent 5 days in inpatient care. He returned home with a larger dose of prozac and two weeks later he swollowed a whole bottle of pills and walked into the woods. We found him but he is hospitalized once again. He is legally an adult so we have no say in his health care. He is very mad that we interrupted his attempted suicide and will not allow us in to see him. This is not my is the prozac acting. Just my experience and thoughts.


no problems and by the time I hit 60 mg I was miserably happy lol...really I was happy and stable for a great change... felt good for a long long time so far...


My Dr put me on 20 mg every day. It made no difference at all. I couldn't even tell I was taking it. Dr upped the dose to 40 mg. Same thing. Could see no difference in night sweats or hot flashes at all. Still wasn't sleeping very well at night either. The Dr finally put me on 80 mg. I tried that for over a month. I decided to just stop taking the Prozac. I didn't even have to wean myself off. I just stopped. I didn't notice any difference after stopping the Prozac either. Like taking jelly beans.


i'm 75 it keeps my mind alert,b


i think i have been on ever deppession med made it seems snice i have been on prozac my mind dont race as bad as it did


did not do very well on this medicine.


I have been taking this for about 3 years. I also have PMDD and when I take this everyday my depression and pmdd is under control but when I don't take it my husband can tell that I hadn't taken it.


i have taking this medicine so many years, i do not think i need to take it now. hwo do i "get off" this medicine. what steps do i take?


takes the edge off.


Although I felt completely in control of myself, I had a minor accident in a parking lot. When I pulled into a handicapped parking stall I accidently bumoed the handicapped sign in a cement block causing it to tip over on the front of the car ahead of me. $600.00 dmage. THey said via State hygiene lab that my level was too high. I only took that am as prescribed me my ohysician. I stopped taking it immediately!


I have been taking Lamictal for about a month & my NP just introduced me to Prozac in addition. I've been experiencing all my normal signs of moodiness and anxiety only way worse. The side effects are unbearable. I am tired all the time, yet can't sleep at night, I have headaches constantly, a strange taste in my mouth, feel paranoid, have heartburn, want to sleep the day away and wake up wanting to sleep more. I've only been on it for 5 days, but I'm considering going off and back to Ativan as needed instead. I don't like the Prozac at all.


I have been on and off Prozac since 1994. I have suffered from Bipolar disorder for as long as I can remember. I have gotten better and didn't think I needed it anymore and stopped taking it several times. I usually have to have my husband remind me that I am not functioning very well without it. I just went through a horrible time with depression so bad I was thinking I'd be better off dead. I went back on and am taking 80 mgs. I will never go off of it again. The world is a better and brighter place when I have this demon in control.


I have been on prozac/fluoxetine 20mg for a couple of years. I feel this medication makes me alot slower moving and less energy than I had before besides slower thinking, plus weight gain and no sex drive. Also alot of acid reflex. I am going to just stop these meds and hope for the best.


After several weeks I was able to notice a difference.


Been on Prozac for many years now...started out as "take it during PMS" and the difference in how I felt so great, that I decided to stay on it daily.rnI am ME but a lot BETTER version. This makes Prozac my best friend...!


today is day 5 of prozac I was on lexapro for some time for anxiety and depression but since insurance was dropped the dr changed to cheaper prozac, insomnia, bad dreams, acid reflux feeling, metalic taste in mouth, am thinking of going off side effects bothersome.


i hate prozac with a buring passion, i am constantly tired ive been on it for a month and a half and i am nauseaous all the time, constantly tired but yet cant sleep through the night,extremely increased agitation, more panic attacks,and horrible HORRIBLE pms i have exteme panic attacks and depression. im trying to find a different anti anxiety/ anti depressant..if you know anything that can help please please emai me at


I am taking this medication for anxiety and OCD - I suffer from both. I was on Celexa before this and it never seemed to make me calm enough. Prozac has been wonderful. I love how I feel and I am very happy with this medication. It finally shut off the constant thoughts and voices in my head.


I have been taking this drug for nearly two years, a low dose of 10mg fluoxotine (SP?). Prior to taking the med, I had severe hot flashes daily, and at night, the sweats, keeping me awake. I was tired all the time as a result. Could only wear sleeveless tops to school (teacher). Suffered with these premenopausal symptoms for nearly two years before asking for help. DR could not prescribe hormone therapy due to family history of heart disease. She asked if I would like to try this med, and I was ready to try anything at that point! I was only 54 years old, feeling like 65. Took a couple of weeks, but noticed reduced hot flashes immediately. No more sweats at night. Sleeping better as a result. Hot flashes occur, but not as frequent nor as intense. Much more manageable. I can even wear a sweater from time to time! I'd recommend this drug to any woman experiencing premenopausal hot flashes. Don't know how it works, but it does! Energy level increased! Feel like a 35 year old instead of a 56 year old now!!


I changed from cymbalta to this drug because it was less expensive. I've been on it a very short time, so far I've been very nervous, I'm trying to stay on it to see if that subsides.


mild improvement


I've been taking Prozac (20mg.) for 3 wks., along with strattera (80mg.) which I've been taking for 10 months for depression & anxiety. Isn't helping the depression or anxiety plus I'm laughing hysterically one min. and very angry the next for no reason. Anger isn't my normal personality. My whole body feels strange like it's somewhere else & my head & face feel like slight electrical charges with a swishing sound, which is driving me crazy. I've been on Zoloft, Paxil, strattera, buspirone & visteral, none have worked & most made me feel worse, not to mention soooooo tired all the time. Can't they come up with something that actually works right? Oh yeah, can't seem to stop eating either & I'm already way overweight, not good for my health, that's for sure.


When I was on a low dose I started to feel good. I was crying all the time and I could not stop. Prozac helped me stop crying and I could actually feel the difference in my brain. When the dose was increased I noticed that my senses where hightened and then I started to have funny thoughts that I have never had before. I wanted to cut myself and I was thinking of a way to kill myself and I was actually making plans. I wanted to hang myself and then I thought of bleeding myself out. I caught that in time and just in time. I was taken of the Prozac immediately and unfortunately that drug did work for the depression. I wonder if the dose had not been increased would that have been a safe drug for me. I do not think that I would be willing to take that risk.


night sweats,nightmares,mucles ache, fategue


Took Prozac for depression and panic attacks. Got rid of depression, but not panic attacks. Prozac increased my appetite about 100 % & resulted in unwanted weigh gain. Switched to Celexa, which works much better for both panic& depression with no side effects, no weight gain. Remember to use the lowest effective dosage.


Was on Wellbutrin. Loved it initially, then plateaued. Started Prozac - 8 days of 20 mg was all I could take. I felt like I had horrible jetlag 24/7! I'm now 2 weeks off it and still feel horrible - my sleep patterns are terrible. I wake up sometimes at 3am and can't fall back asleep but I'm too tired to get up. I'm tired all the time it seems, which is odd because this is the best shape I've been in for years (I go to the gym 5 times a week and love it - except for not going recently because of prozac). So I hate this drug with a passion. It's been horrible and I just pray these side effects stop soon!


I still have mood swings, still stay depression, one minute i am happy and the next minute i am mad at the world. I stay sleepy all the time.


Been using prozac for about 10 years, tried to take other meds but always come back to prozac, cost less, bad thing lowers sex drive, good helps to lose weight at 60 mg


I am only on day 4 of taking this medication and am hopeful that it will work for me. I am having the typical side effects of nausea, irritability and headaches. I am also experiencing some depersonalization which is disturbing.....Glad that I found this site. Thanks for the comments.


It appears that it is not working all the time


I finally feel like myself again. The guilt and depression just faded away after about 3 weeks.


This medication takes at least a month to take full effect. The first week I would wake up with nausea during the night. By the second week, I felt numb to most emotions. Both of these symptoms suck, but they go away. Without this medication, I don't think I would be able to function. It really worked for me while I was on it for about 7 months, I came off of it for a couple months, and the depression and anxiety came back, so I'm going back on it. The medication alone will most likely not cure anything, as I have learned, but combined with counseling, I'm hoping to heal myself.


i am very tired, Is this a side effect?


My doctor prescribed me this for my night sweats and hot flashes and mood swings. I am going through the change. It has worked wonders for me. I felt like a new person


huge loss of sex drive. effective at first,i now feel like it is not working.about 20min after i take i get jittery.i have been considering the use of a different antidepressant.


I have been unipolar for as long as I can remember, essentially listless, avoidant and unable to experience optimism. I have jsut started my third week at 20 mg of the generic version. The first week I felt somewhat level, was less angry and got out of bed on the weekend. The second week I experienced more anxiety and daily headaches. I am hopin ghtat the anxiety and headaches dissipate over time, so my rating might change. I am going to see it through for at least another 4 weeks. Holding out hope...


Dizziness, nausea, loss of equilibrium, headaches, tired, sleeplessness. I am miserable and will be contacting my Dr. to discontinue asap.


It worked for my depression for years. When PTSD hit me, I was taken off it and put on something else - Effexor. Now I am up to 4 psych meds and nothing works. I believe my brain has been damaged by being put on large doses of meds and then taken off abruptly. I have gone through screaming hell and told by doctors I was imagining it. Now, of course, everyone knows. I believe they damaged my brain permanently as nothing now works that used to.


Have only been taking it for a week, wanted to know others opinions on the side effects...rnSide effects I'm having are: Diarrhea, nausea, dizzyness, lack of appetite, decreased libido (which I was already having, but thought it would get better, shaky hands, feel gittery.


I am pending a hysterectomy for fibroids and endometriosis. Have suffered extreme periods and major premenstual mood disorder for 10 years. Have been on prozac for just 3 weeks. Seems ok, but the dreams are pretty vivid and every night. Not scary, but I can tell I am not sleeping well..After reading other comments, I think I will cut down to every other day or so. I really hope the hyster will resolve these mood issues, cause I was crazy mad, fighting with hubby over nothing, sleeping in the spare room- so that part is much much better, thank goodness!


Since I have been on Prozac, I am alot more sedate and my mood has improved, especially since I have alot of problems where I am living. Prozac has worked for me, I just wish a Dr. would have put me on it sooner, maybe I would not have had so many violent outburst.


made me angry, irritable, very dissatisfied


I have been taking this drug for about 6 years. It is somewhat helpful in reducing depression but I wish it worked better. I currently take 60mg daily.


it made me stop crying when I couldn't


Oldie but goodie! I started taking Prozac after being treated for benzo addiction. It takes several weeks for this drug to work. This drug will zap your libido and switching to a higher dose may induce TMJ discomfort. The generics are not always equal to one another.


I have been on Prozac (brand) for many years but due to the economy I chose to use the generic. It didnt work at all for me. My Dr. has now prescribed the generic ofCelexa for me. I pray it works as well as the Proza.


I've been taking this Rx for 13 years. Tried to wean off in the begining (3 times) with MD's guidance. Crashed each time & had to resume; with each crash it was harder to get back on even keel. Realized I would have to be on this for life (don't like taking drugs). I have no side effects...many people complain of libedo loss...never happend to me; at 67 years old I still enjoy intense, multiples. I take the generic and have no complaints...happy to feel reasonably content most of the alone has greatly enhanced my serenity for the last 13 years; a positive attitude, strong faith in God & retirement have also helped.


we put our 12 Hr old girl on Prozac for three months and she was hitting and bitting and made these funny face movements and just seemed more out of control her behaviors seem to be more intense then before she took the prozac.


Miracle drug for me and life changing! On 20mg daily, generic and my OCD symptoms are almost non- existent anymore. I also no longer long live each day with the anxiety from repetitive thoughts worrying about mistakes I've made, what I said, etc. No problems with my sex drive, I sleep well (because I'm not always worrying or doing 'routines') and I have actually lost weight. It's like I have more control over real life and not the pretend life I was leading. I also attend therapy with a psychologist. The combination of Prozac and therapy is working really well for me.


It made me stop crying everyday. I am still on a low dose, but I am a better mother and person. It has helped me feel more "level".


I have been on Prozac for 14yrs started on 10mg and today I'm on 80mg and xanax 1mg love my life talk to your doctor if you feel like it is not working you might need to take more if you are taking the generic one.


This is my 4th day of taking Prozac and I am experiencing some of the "common" side effects - loss of appetite, alot of anxiety, irritability, restless, and sometimes panicky. I'm hoping it goes away REAL soon. Wondering if anyone else experienced this in the beginnning???


I cannot begin to tell you how much I hate this drug. I went from Celexa to this because the side-effects from Celexa were getting hard to deal with. I took my first pill at work and that was the biggest mistake I have ever made. Within 20 minutes I emotionally flat-lined. I didn't want to do anything at work and while I was on my lunch I started crying uncontrollably. I cried for an hour and a half without being able to stop. My emotions were all over the place. I ended up being fired after the president of the law firm I worked for saw me break down in the hallway. I lost my job because of this stupid medication.


I have been om 60 mg of Prozac for 10 years. I have never hade any side effects, except weight gain.


Was a life saver! I do not sit and cry anymore. I have the ability to think about tomorrow rather than living in the darkness of the past!


I finally feel "normal" I am able to relax about problems and deal with the ups and downs of life with more ease. It took me 3 months to adjust, I felt like I was in my first trimester again with nausea, headaches and tiredness. I kept with it and now my life is changed. I am a better mother, wife, friend, daughter and self. I'm at 40 mg floxetine sp? I still have lows but now I realize that life is supposed to have some, I just react differently now. I actually am able to enjoy the little things even if I have a hard day with the kids. My only regret is not getting help sooner.




Tired and dizzy most of time. Not much get up and go, even in AM, was taking Lexapro before this and was more sleepy. No enery.


Made angry outburst occur that never happened before or after taking med. Almost lost job


This is a really bad drug. If I would have continued using it I would have committed suicide. I had a friend in England who took it and he commited suicide and so did his mother.....This drug should be off the market.


I just started taking prozac, its only a week ,I feel somewhat better.........I"m hoping it works ive been on soo many different meds over the years this was my choice to try ......Or i,m just going to let nature take its course


I had tried taking trazedone, zoloft, xanax, valium, etc. Nothing worked. Trazedone made me tired, zoloft was like taking a sugar pill- even after the doctor quadrupled my dose, xanax made me feel like a half-asleep zombie, and valium messed me up. Prozac has worked for me for the past 3 months. It has been like a complete miracle drug. I have no side effects, and I haven't had a suicide thought/attempt, or a panic attack since i started taking it.


I love this site: "should not be taken with anti-epileptic meds". I got diagnosed with major depressive disorder while getting side-effects from 1 of my epileptic meds (I took 4 different types daily). Rather than take me off the med that was causing the side-effects they decided to prescribe Prozac. Within a week I was looking for a gun (luckily it is much harder to find one in NZ than in USA). I was completely homicidal/suicidal. My son was going to get the first bullet because I decided he would be worse off without me - duh, with me killing myself afterwards. The idea of being a 'clock tower sniper' appealed to me so much I took myself to the doctor b4 I did something about it!!! Horrible drug, anti-depressant my a**e.


This med has worked very well for bipolarrndepression and ocd. It also works well torncontrol bad eating habits.




I've only taken it for three weeks but I am more depressed than ever and tired.Soooo tired. zoloft worked better and faster but I hate that head zapping think you get when you quit it. Woooo is me.


I was suffering from panic/anxiety attacks after my husband and I had separated a few months ago. The scariest part was that I felt I had a 50lb weight on my chest and I couldn't breathe. And when I began to have suicidal thoughts is when I reached out for help. I was very skeptical that Prozac could help me. After 2 weeks, I began to notice a difference. I've now been on it for 2 months and I now have my life back!!!!! My advice to people out there who are suffering with depression, panic or anxiety.....get help. You are not alone, you deserve to be happy. Pick your head up and demand your life and happiness back!


I was so distracted with the constant headaches that I am not sure that it even had any effectiveness.


I've taken many anti-depressants for my anxiety/panic disorder for over 10 years. It took me long enough to find Prozac . I've been on it for over 3 years now and it has worked amazingly for me. Of course, no pill will ever heal me completely, but prozac has made me break old habits, go out of my comfort zone, etc. so much easier. Along with xanax, it's a great combination. rnrnPeople need to keep in mind that everyones bodies react to medications differently, so this may or may not be the right med for you, but it is for me!


My doctor prescribed it for my depression and anxiety, but it didn't seem to help much with the anxiety. I've taking for about 8 months and so far, it's helped a little. I'm still depressed, but I'm not suicidal.


infrequent panic attacks, less bi-polar depression, no chronic fatigue, energy


It has made me very sleepy but it does not seem to halp my depression.


this is very easy to use have tried xanix it stopped working after a year tried pristque it was awesome but expensive so had to change tried prozac not good! more tired and angry outbursts had some weight gain going to try effexor now hope this calms me back down at least to an even leval


started taking prozac 20 mg 6 weeks ago for severe body aches and pains. although this medicine worked very well - My appetite was decreased,lost 5 pounds,depression improved. I had the unfortunate side affect of losing massive amounts of hair each time i would shower (I would say my hair is 40% thinner now.) My doctor changed my prescription to lexapro today d/t hair loss. I have not taken prozac for 4 days and already my aches and pains have returned to my body which are very unbearable. I wish their was a way to continue taking prozac without losing my hair.


I initialy noticed my anger problems were better, but my sex drive started going away, It's real hard to have an orgasm.. My Dr. switched me to Bupropion then to a combo of both because my anger surfaced again.. So far I am aggitated, but not as angry. My sex life is non existant still.. I want somthing else that won't kill my sex life.


small fiber neuropathy diagnosed. Taken Prozac for 19 years.


Doctors should give a very stern lecture to warn family about serious side effect that can occur in loved ones. Prescribed to my wife after her mothers death she started to get more distant and now we are separated and everything seems fine to her, I would say emotionless now. She says she is very happy to be by herself, family and friends are shocked as I. As I learned about the drug on my own I find she has been having severe reactions. I wrote the prescribing doctor a letter outlining the problems and they are going to at least taking her off this drug. Her bizarre behaviour I thought was just me but now find other family members wondering what is wrong with her. My only goal now is to get her off this stuff and in time, maybe, just maybe we can save our marriage. I do not want this woman back but maybe in time my wife will return.Please beware if you or any family members are on or starting this drug. Understand the possible severe side effects that go along with it.


Unable to reach a climax during intercourse


helps lesson anexity but i have my days and i have also gained 15 pounds


Within 20 minutes of taking this tiny pill I had what felt to be an out of body experience. It was so bad that I had to return home and could not get a grip on reality for almost 2 days.


not to many side effects


small dose helped for a while,could not tolerate increased dosage.Felt like I was speeding out of control ,had my eyes dialated and coulndt stand the sun in them.rnHad confusion.Quit todat .yucky


it has helped with some major depression symptoms,but I have no sex drive and everything still stresses me out. It does seems to help with seasonal depression some.


i have been on prozac for about 3 months its helped with my pmdd so much with no side effects


i dont seem to treat people or ms self as hard as iused to among other things that have gotten better like getting along with people better


is there a negative interaction if taken with adderol?


I have severe depression and anxiety along with severe chronic pain, probably psycho-somatic. I was on Cymbalta and it helped with the physical symptoms but not so much the depression. The Prozac helps with my Depression in terms of mood regulation but not at all with the physical symptoms of the depression.


I have taken Prozac off and on for about 10 yrs, worked well in the beginning, but isn't helping much now. Increased dose was intolerable for me. and lower dose doesn't feel as if it is helping at this point.


Although I began taking med for PMS, it has helped me in many areas. I have no bad side effects. I have no druggy or loopy effects. I just feel better.


I take the brand name of this med, 60mg in the morning. No complaints at all, it has helped me immensely, except the zero sex drive:( But ironically when I'm so depressed I don't want sex anyway lol so either way...


SAVED MY LIFE. Tried Zoloft, Zyprexa, Paxil, Serequel, and Lithium before Prozac. No side effects, except that I lost weight that I needed to lose anyway. I take 20 mg daily in the morning of the generic. LOVE THIS MEDICATION.


I have just started about 1 1/2 months ago. I stopped Paxil cr. and went thru a very bad withdrawl, so now Im in the process of giving the Prozac time to kick in.


I can manage my thoughts so much easier when I am taking it on a daily basis.My moods are longer lasting no more anger fits.


it feels like it doesn't really do anything for me


Since I started taking this medication, my moods have really stabilized, and I have been having less trouble with my nervous habits (hair pulling and skin picking). I am impressed!


it was given to me for treatment of sexual does not work.


My son was put on Prozac after major depression and suicidal thoughts. It made everything way worse. He actually attempted twice after starting the medication. We insisted they take him off of it and try something else. He is fine today. It was a horrible experience.


I started on Prozac 20 mg July 2009, following the unexpected death of my younger sister. The side effect that I deal with is "my libido and orgasms" have left the states. Nowhere to be found and my husband could not give you a description, because he definitely has not seen either, also. All female reproductive organs are "atrophying" as we speak. I have tried hormonal therapy w/ the prozac. A definite dud. All I know to do now is place a permanent moth catcher in that area. HELP!!!!!!


I have been on Prozac 20 mg. for about 15 years now. It worked very well in the beginning but I feel that I need a stronger dose now. I tried Cymbalta but it did not work for me. I haven't found anything else that works better for me.


I just started prozac three monthes ago, I'm now on 20mg for my panic disorder and I love it, I call it my happy pill, It gives me alot of energy and has helped my disorder tremendously!


prozac saved my an alcoholic i use it to controll destructive behavior.80 mg.per day.its alot but it really does help.


I have taken name brand Prozac 20mg one a day for about 11 years now with no side effects except weight gain after about 5 years. It is a miracle drug for me. However, when I tried the generic brand I went into a horrible depression. They tried 4 different kinds of meds and none worked. It was 9 months of hell. Now I am back on name brand Prozac and everything is wonderful again.


Been on 10 mgs of Prozac for 5 days. Super dizzy, nausious, and feel terrible. Not sure if I should continue to see if I can get past this or switch to a new drug. Waiting to speak to my doc.


I have taken Prozac for 19 yrs. It was perscibed for bad headacks, but got rid of my PMS too. I had bad depression which caused the headacks. I have take 20 mgs for 19 yrs, can it still be effective? I still have long periods of depression. should it be uped to 40 mgs




I have been on generic prozac for about 6 and a half years. it works well. i have had to have it increased several times over the years. would prefer to still take liquid version as i can not swallow pills and i now have to open up the capsels and mix it with juice but the liquid version is just to expensive. it is fairly inexpensive the way i take it now and seems to work for me quite well


Absolute Godsend. Probably saved my life, and my daughter's as well.


I have taken Prozac off and on for almost ten years. It works effectively for my depression with a minimum of side effects. My ususal dose was 20mg, which I would take either day or night. Had no negative side effect on my sex drive or ability to orgasm. Only recently I had to discontinue it after taking it for about two months due to increased sweating. I hate the idea of having to possibly switch to something else.


Ive been battling depression for 11 years. Over the years, my doctor has tried 9 different anti depressants anlong with prozac and it didnt help much...UNTIL... the new drug ABILIFY was prescribed in addition to prozac. Prozac , zoloft, celexa, cymbalta, etc. doesnt work for me. Prozac AND Abilify together have been wonderful! Take my advice and dont quit using Prozac...just ask your doctor to prescribe Abilify to take along with it!


I have been on Generic Prozac 20mg and 40mg after a few days of awful side effects to Lexapro. All was ok until they uppped th 20mg to 40mg. I am also on Dextroamphetamine 10mg ER 3x daily, and Alprazolam 2 mg 3x daily.rnWhen on the 40mg Prozac, combined with the others, I was unable to do much and stare at a Monitor. Xanax and Prozac cancelled the Dexedrine (even at 15mg ER). I am currently taking generic Prozac 20mg (one daily), generic Dexedrine 10mg ER (3x daily), and generic Xanax (No more than 1.25 mg 2-3x daily)and it has made a WORLD of diffrence. I am focused, anxiety well under control, barely notice Prozac, and the Dexedrine is for ADHD, and also fits this mix well at the 10mg ER dose rather than the 15mg dose. I feel alive, aware, normal, active and can focus. Be careful about taking ANY of these in high doses! I plan on weaning to lower dosage on all 3 within 2 months. My aim is to be chemical free sometime next year, or the BARE MINIMUM of what I need. I managed 45 years without Prozac or Dex, and have moved up the ranks in almost all jobs I had. The brain adapts, and should not be a chem lab for psychiatrists! Raed adverse reactions or discuss with your doctor before taking ONE Prozac! Hope this helps.


it works alright i seem to get more migrains with it as well as my sex drive has cut was down to were i never want it anymore


hot fush treatment


Started taking this drug when full panic attacks starting taking over my days due to stress which then turned into sever depression,. I felt so bad that I felt like I was literally going to loose my mind. Saw the Dr. and he prescribed Prozac in conjunction with Xanax for sleep and the panic attacks. After a couple of days, I no longer needed the Xanax; the Prozac put me back in a mood I could handle. It may not work for everyone but I do highly recommend it!


My doctor gave this to me, but I have seen people in the past have problems. they seemed to have lost their mind. I am scared


I have only taken one pill of this med I was just dx 2days ago with depression, that I already knew I had by trying to manage it on my own, but I go t to my last strw of not being able to do so anymore. I haven't noticed any changes since the first pill, but I also know as a Medical person that it may take a couple of days to weeks for me to notice if the meds are working.


Prozac worked great for me for about four months on 20 but then it seemed not to be doing much. My doctor upped it to 40, but still no effect. I still have depression and ptsd pretty bad. I hope to go off this medication and try celexa or pristiq asap with my doctor's approval. This medication was good in that it also did not make me tired as others had and it reduced my appetite enough that I lost 15 lbs which was good for me. I can't say I had any bad effects, I just don't feel it is helping anymore.


I took Zoloft&changed over to Fluox. very very recently. I have nothing but excellent things to say about it. I'm happier with the drug than with Zoloft! Recommended, if your body can cooperate correctly, with the drug


Well the lower dose worked for awhile now I am up a dose and still nothing seems to be working. I just feel like I need to take it like I need to take my thyroid medication, it really has not helped me, I'm not sure if any drug will.


A Study my obg/yn said after I used all HRT methods (because my change started at 38, now 52) will reduce hot flashes) wrong. Made me strange and not me. Don't do it. My husband use to say to me "Did you take your HAPPY PILL today. Mood altering drugs do not change memopause. I'm weening myself off now but it is difficult when one day your nice and then the next day your the BITCH you don't even know.


I have been taking Prozac/Fluoxotine for over a year now. It's made me the person that I used to be, I can get out of bed in the morning and function like everyone else can. It's made vast imporvments to my home, social and school life.


I have had a great deal of nausea, so, I am keeping something in my stomach, or I am miserable. I feel better mentally, as I have suffered chronic depression for years, and have been medicated since 1995. I have tried several medications, always reluctant to take prozac because of "hearsay". Sleeping, has been a big issue too, not sleeping too well, but I am not feeling tired during the day. I am hoping these side effects will pass. I do, however, think 20mg's is not enough, and may need a higher dose.


it seems to calm me down but not like i would like it to. im always thinking and always getting up to do things and than up and down all the time.


I been taken prozac since it came in the market, and it has been nothing but wonderful in my life. I thank God for the inteligence that He give man to invent such a helpful drug.:)


I have been on Prozac for at least 15 yrs. I have tried several different anti-dpressants to no avail. Prozac works the best for me! But, that doesn't mean it will work the same for everyone, my son tried and it and he couldn't take it, made him feel worse, as with my sister, neither could she, so, it doesn't mean its going to react with everyone the same.


My body has a habit of rejecting medication after about 9 weeks but so far i have been okay with this medication and have been stable for the first time in 2 years.


I have been on 20mg a day for two weeks. So far so good. Has helped my mood and weight issues.No problems with sleeping or other side effcts.


I have many different types of cancer in my family history including ovarian. I didn't feel that I could chance HTR so I had really suffered with sever hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety, some depression and feelings of "cracking up" for about 5 years. I've been on 20 mg of prozac for 7 months. . . it made me nausious for about 1 month. . .that passed and now I feel much calmer and able to cope with hot flashes. I also am able to sleep better. I lost about 10 pounds of my menepause weight gain. I feel a bit unmotivated now, but I'm retired and can handle that. My husband likes to be around me now, but I have no sex drive. . . although, it was always low for me. I'm wondering if I could do as well with a lower dose. . . anyone out there who has tried that?


I've been on the generic brand for a while now and I am able to see a difference, however there are strange side effects. About 30 min. after I take it I get very drowsy but I can't sit still long enough to go to sleep. When I take fluoxetine at night I wake up in the middle of the night feeling restless and can't sit still. When I forget to take it, I have horrible acid reflux because my stomach is in knots. I haven't really decided if the pros out weigh the cons.


Prozac has been a lifesaver for me. I find myself getting excited about silly things again, and overall it has been a good experience. I'm in it for the long haul...and I'm @ peace with that. Depression is a miserable experience. I've got myself back. Thank you!!!


I'm a 25 year old female with depression, OCD, and awful mood swings. I took Prozac 10mg daily for about 2 months. I absolutely loved how this worked for me. My husband and I stopped fighting all the time, I felt happy, little things didn't bother me anymore. I did have some insomnia, but not a big deal. Didn't really effect my sex drive which is a huge plus. Unfortunately, I had to stop taking it because for some reason I was breaking out with a red rash all over my face. It looked like first to second degree burns. Really weird. And I'm one that can't be away from the sun, I love it too much. So forget that. When I stopped taking it, my face healed fine. Now I'm on Paxil, and I hate how tired it makes me and I have no sex drive. Need to find something else. I'm at a loss. I've tried Lexapro and Effexor XR too, which did nothing.


How long should a person take this med if they still have the problem?


Mood swings and feelings of sadness at the start of menopause.


Origionally on 20mg, was increased to 40mg once-a-day. What a difference. It's made a difference with my family, my marriage, the way I look at life. I cannot imagine going back to how my life was 5+ months ago.


I started taking prozac (20 mg) almost a year ago and lost 15 pounds right away. I stopped eating for comfort and felt confident. I did notice side effects, loss of sex drive, jitters, sleepiness. The longer I took it the more normal I felt. My sex drive did return, the weight did not. I do notice that my response to alcohol has changed since taking prozac. I blackout from drinking very easily and feel worse mentally after drinking. The doctor said that is common because prozac and alcohol work against each other. Prozac is the best drug I have ever taken. My dose was increased to 40mg this summer. I haven't noticed a big difference but still feel great.


didn't work at all caused insomnia


I 've tried several different meds and had to take anti-anxiety meds also .I''ve found taking Prozac is much easier and helps my symptom's.


Everyone noticed that I was happier, things didn't bother me as much. According to my family I'm a lot more enjoyable to be around.


I am alot calmer, more laid back, things do not bother me as much as they used to.


this medication made my depression worsen and my mood swings more frequent and to greater severity


I have been taking Prozac for about 3 weeks but have not noticed an overall mood improvement. I usually have fatigue all day and it only seems to have made it worse. I hope in time it will began to work but as of now I can't say it has.


I am into my 3rd week on Prozac and have had some hard to get through side effects so far but it has helped even out my highs and lows. My doctor said it takes 4 weeks to get it into your system so we shall see what week 4 results are.


Well, I've only been on the generic version (fluoxetine) for 7 days. the past 3 doses I took caused awful gastrointestinal problems. I took the medicine before bed, and 20 minutes later, it felt like a ball of acid was churning in my stomach. It was awful. it almost made me vomit. After about two hours the burning sensation lessened but at least I was able to sleep. I tried taking the dose with dinner and although the severe burning-acid feeling was gone, it still caused discomfort in the GI tract. Because it's only been a week, I haven't had a chance to experience any mood changes.


I had Pospartum depression with my 1st son and used prozac for 4 months which helped me get back to my happy self. I unfortunately got PPD again with my 2nd son 3 years later and started with 10mg of Prozac again and stopped after 8 days. I constantly had bowel movements for those 8 days and it added to my depressive and anxious state. Since stopping, I feel much better and my excess bowels have stopped.




This was horrible. I started taking this in July and within a month I got the worst case of the shakes I've ever experienced. My knees were so weak I couldn't stand without help and I was completely incapable of functioning. I was better off before taking this.


continue to have periods of malaise and difficulty concentrating. What's the sense of getting up. Maybe I need an increase in dosage?


For years I had anxiety, depression and unexplained pain, which turned out to be Fibromyalgia. I take one 20mg generic capsule a day and it keeps me in tune. My doctor switched me a couple of years ago with disastrous results, so no more switching and sticking to what I KNOW works for me 100% of the time!


on fifth day on a dosage of 20mg i suffered 20 seizures lasting from 3 mins to an hour. No loss of consciosness but they went for three days.They were witnessed by emergency staff and I have video evidence.


Just started taking the medication. Has lightened my mood immensely but am experiencing killer headaches and loss of taste.


I've had a terrible year with one thing after another and I was so depressed I couldn't handle it anymore. This drug is wonderful - it took about a month to get in my system - but now I am able to handle all the horrors that life throws at me. I am able to sort things out and think rationally and take charge. I've lost weight, put things in order and am so thankful for my doctor's decision to put me on Prozac.


My husband has Severe Depression, Panic Attacks with (sometimes sevre shaking of the arms and hands.etc)rnrnIt seems it helped at first, but now his suicdal thoughts are back, he hears voices telling him he should kill himself to get rid of the misery and shaking attacks.rnrnHE IS ALSO TAKING FLU MEDICATION CALLED "severe FLU REMEDIES FOR DAYTIME" THAT HAS sudafed products IN IT.rn***********************************rnCould the mixture of PROZAC and SUDAFED be causing his SHAKING EPISODES to increase in intensity???????????????????????????rnrn


I took this medication to help with my social anxiety and stress from work. It helped to calm me tremendously and I felt great. I stopped taking it because it I was not able to ejaculate while having sex with my wife


seems to work some what.take 40mg. per day. another 20 may be better ?


I have been taking 10-20mg per day of Fluoxetine for seasonal depression. 20gm in winter and 10mg in summer to keep it in my system. It helped to level my mood and lesson anxiety as well which was a nice bonus. There were two side effects that bothered me however. One was a racing heart, the other was more sexual related. Either way, I'd like to find a med with the positive attributes without the side effects.rnrnrn


So far I am very pleased with this medication. I have taken Zoloft, Lexapro, Wellbutrin XL and Cymbalta in past years with no noticeable difference in my mood. Since being on the Prozac (20mg) for the last month, my mood is remarkably better. I'm not as stressed and frustrated by everyday life. I finally feel happy for the first time in years!


I have no highs or lowsgq


Not the medicine for me at day 31 I was suicidal.


Took this after a divorce. I was curled up in a ball in my house and couldn't move. It worked for a good few years and then it didn't. Just stopped. I also noticed then that I was having the "shock" sensations. Then when I 1st tried to get off of it, the shock sensations really increased. It took several attempts and about a year to ween off of it. The shocks lasted for several years after that. I have been diagnosed with "essential trmors" and I am convinced that the years of Paxil use caused it. I say if you do take this drug to only take it short term.


I have been on Prozac for panic attacks anxioty for about 6 years. It has worked well for me.


Prozac worked for me, the first time I tried it, in only a few days. I stopped crying 24/7,& realized how I had abandoned housekeeping & personal hygeine totally. If I'm I miss taking my Prozac on schedule and under under severe stress, I still have some suicidal thougts, but NO actual plans or preparations for suicide, which I've done with other medications. The important thing for me is to remember to take the Prozac in the morning because it does lift my mood & if I take it at night, I don't sleep at all. You must NOT exceed your doctor's prescribed dosage or instructions for any reason. Make a chart or use a calendar & mark off each day after, not before, you take your Prozac. Don't be shy about telling your doctor everything you feel or think while you're taking Prozac. He can't regulate your dosage properly or know if it's the right medication for you, or if you need tests...if you don't give him the full facts and the truth. Besides Prozac, find someone, anyone, to tell your problems to. Don't hide from the world and think things will magically get better. They won't. Been there, tried that. Good luck to you. Spot


Prozac has helped me a lot. No other anti- depressant has worked for me. I take 20mg every other day. It has worked but I have not felt like my formal self since I got ill. It has made it so I can function and have some good times. So what I'm saying is it is not a cure all for me but I don't know what I would do without it. ONE QUESTION. It I take the brand name I'm ok. But the generic's don't seem to work for me or thats the way I see it. One generic by a certain manufacturer seems to work fairly well but I get mixed up if it is working or not. Of course the prices between the main brand and generic's is quite a bit. Has anyone else had this problem?? Thanks.


satisfied to the point of getting up each day and going to work and dealing with life.


I began taking 10 mgs of Prozac around 3 weeks ago. I noticed that many things that used to make me crazy no longer do so or not as much as they used to. However, in the past week I've noticed that I am unable to reach orgasm and climax and am also completely uninterested in having sex nor do I miss it. I do NOT want to be this way and it's causing me a lot of frustration. I don't know what to do. I don't want to stop taking the Prozac, NOR do I never want to have sex again or feel arousal, etc.


During the past three years I have been taking so many antidepressants it's like what is the point anymore? Then I got a new doctor and he determined I was being overmedicated and out me back on Prozac. Well, time will tell.


I was on this drug for 8 months. In those eight months it's side effects nearly ruined my academic career. I had terrible yawning episodes and felt tired (and literally would blackout for 10 minutes at a stretch while I was in class) all of the time. I could barely read a page without falling asleep and would forget what I read within five minutes. Do not take if you have vision problems as it causes them to get worse! In short.....taking this drug can be disasterous for a college student!


PMT was getting worse I was driving myself mad as well as my partner perimenopause kicking in and I needed help. Drug made me feel like myself and not the "Incredible Hunk" version of myself. On drug for one year, feel much better but now im off it for two months and experienced some weight gain.


I have crying episodes uncontrollable when I don't take it. I also get very angry when I don't take it.


i have been settled and alot more calmer with children but my mouth tastes like shite and i have gone off food


this medication is great, it helped with my panic attacks as well as lossing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.


Prozac gives me emotional "teflon" which helps before my period. However, it makes me droopy and completely sex-less. I have been prescribed other anti-depressants but I heard some noise everytime I moved my head. I could NOT live with that...!


I was feeling all out of sorts not my self at all only taking this medication less than a month i already feel almost like myself again.


I started taking Prozac 15 years ago due to family situations, depression, and not being able to "cope with life" in general. I was started out on 10 mg daily in the beginning. As of now, I take 80-100 mg depending on the time of the year. I lost both my mom and dad within the last 8 years and have found by increasing my dose around holidays that I get through those times better. NO ONE should adjust their own medication without consulting a physcian first. And believe me, I have tried every other antidepressant out there and it took alot of conviencing for my physician to agree to the increasing of my dose. Today I feel happy, well adjusted, "normal", and able to cope with any thing that comes my way.


At first when taking this I seemed to get on fine with it and my depression began to improve. However, after a short while I began to experience attacks of awful stomach pain, like waves of pain you get with a bad stomach bug. It was a while before I began to suspect it could be the prozac causing it, but when I realized I stopped taking it and the attacks of pain disappeared. I am too afraid to take it again.


I started Prozac about 3 wks ago. I took it in the morning, as directed by my doctor, but felt dizzy, lightheaded, etc & sleepy. I started taking it @ night, but the next day, I'm nauseous. Then, I started taking it with dinner (a bit earlier than bedtime). When I wake up the next morning, I still feel like crap, no motivation & after I've been up for a couple of hours, I'm sick to my stomach ALL day until evening. I definitely don't FEEL any better, emotionally.


I experienced an overall feeling of well being and balance. It has slowed my thinking process where I can make rational decisions and not overreact to stressful situations. My PMS has quieted down and I sleep better. It has also cut back my midnight food consumption.


I have been taking 10mg of prozac since the end of June for depression due to the death of a loved one and stress at work. I feel like a weight has been taken off my chest. I still have all my emotions good and bad, but I'm able to get over things easier. I sleep better at night and have more energy and feel more alert. If I forget to take it,I feel really tired and have no get up and go. One thing that I don't like is that I sweat more. I guess that is a price to pay to feel better. I finally feel normal, what a relief. :)


48 yrs. very satisfied with the results of this medication.


not to good


yes, its good product. i 5 90 pills x 40 mg and save $ 54.00 rn mp;sids=130,139,140,279,280,281,294,29


i was having panic attacks, while driving this drug has helped tremendously


I was on this drug for quite some time. I found that after a while of being on 40mg that it began to do nothing for my OCD, it also made my anxiety worse. The real topper was that it made me completely impotent, no interest in sex, loss of caring about anything really. I would not recommend this drug to anybody, trust me there are so many others out there.


well i can't tell you what prozac has done for my PMDD, i used to think i was crazy i thought PMDD was the same as PMS, i was wrong, a week before i would get my "friend" as my mother would call it i would be a mess , moody like i could literally kill someone, so sleepy, bloated to the point i looked 8 months pregnant and it felt like i had multiple personalitys, my husband and i would fight to the point of divorce because i would be like a wild woman over stupid things, now i have been on prozac for 2 months and i feel great, when i get my "friend" the only symptoms i have is the pain and even that is so much better, before i couldn't function and would be in such pain i would throw up and couldn't move, couldn't take care of my house and my kids, i was that sick, now i am good and calm, now everyone in my family is much happier. my quality of life has improved so much, i am so glad i started this, the only thing is the sweating wow it is bad, i am thaking the generic prozac but i am going to call the dr to get it changed to name brand, i was on name brand years ago and never had this side effect, the sweating is god aweful but if that's the price i have to pay to get my life back then i will continue to sweat. i know there are women out there who are struggling just like i was , so my advice to all of you don't wait go to the dr and get help, i waited 9 years and suffered all that time every month, thank you all for reading my story, and if there is anyone out there who needs to talk about it my e-mail is, missy


I have been dealing with Fibromyalgia symptoms for 20+ years and was diagnosed ~15 years ago. Stress accellerates the symptoms and overall pain. The Prozac helps relieve the stress in order to function daily. I hate having to rely on meds to feel better but I sure can tell a difference if I don't take it!


Prozac did take the edge off, slight decress in depression symptoms. Increased manic behavior and OCD.


I have been on this medication for appx 1 year and have felt better than ever in my 56 years. I now have been having crazy dreams and wonder if this is related to medication?


This medication caused me to have a severe, weepy rash on my face, especially around my mouth and under my nose. People asked me if I had cold sores.rnrnI has a long enough half-life that it took about 3 weeks to clear up after I quit taking it.


I was a bitch to my poor husband from the time I got up in the am to the time I went to bed. I couldn't even stand the way he breath. My whole mood has changed and I no longer hate him......


it made me feel aggresive,outspoken,and i questioned any decisions i made, if i would have made them when notusing prozac.i didn't feel like me. it changed my personality, not for the better.


Prozac is cheap and very effective. It is not a "happy pill" but it saved my life.


Within a week of startin treatment, I became increasingly tired mixed with anxiety, headaches and profuse sweating. Very uncomfortable. It wa in fact debilitating.




I have had OCD since I was a child. I am not twenty years old. I have been taken off and put on many different medications. However, each seems to wear over time. Prozac is helping slightly. I still have the urge to perform compulsions. Obsessive over cleanliness. Some symptoms have been sleep loss, and slight depression.


This drug has definitley helped with my bulimia. I was hesitant to start any anti-depresant, But I researched treatments for bulimia and prozac is the most effective. It really helps the take the "edge" off went a binge/purge episode is in my mind. I currently take 30mg daily.


I felt like taking my life on this medication, same thing with Paxil. Prozac did not help my depression and I had suisidal thoughts, it made me think weird things.


I was just starting menopause and I had such a hard time with it, weight gain, depression, along with all the other nice things, mood swings, hot flashes etc. My gyn tried other medications that were either ineffective or had side effects that I couldn't tolerate. I was put on Prozac weekly and it was life transforming! I lost the 45 pounds I had gained, the mood swings stopped, I was still able to "feel"! I stayed on this medication for approximately a year and a half and when I went off it, I was able to simply stop taking it, no weaning! It was truly a life changing gift that I will be forever grateful for.


I was prescribed 10mg once a day at my appointment last week, the same does I was on when I took several years ago. Doctors seem to find this the treatment of choice for those of us who suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is enough to trigger severe depression in anyone. I planed to go out this weekend and have a few drinks because you canu2019t mix Prozac or the other medication I need to take for pain with alcohol, alcohol is a depressant so thatu2019s done and my plan was to start Prozac on Monday but I took my first does at 2:30 a.m., Sunday because I canu2019t sleep (anxiety) I would like to go to bed. Prozac will make you sleepy; once your body is fully adjusted that sleepy feeling will pass. Take it at the same time every day; if the sleepy feeling is a problem take it at night before bed. Iu2019m taking my second dose at 8:00 p.m. tonight so I can sleep and I will stay on that schedule. I donu2019t know why some people report weight gain and others loss, I think itu2019s the difference in how depression effects different people. In my case I warned my friends and family that I was starting this medication and that I will drop about 10 lbs in the first month. Thatu2019s what happened the first time I took it; I didnu2019t want anyone to worry. I am already small and itu2019ll be quite noticeable. I never had side effects before but still told my friends and family what could happen. I have a great support system and they will watch me closely for red flag side effects while I get adjusted. Prozac takes a few weeks before the full effects are felt even if you start feeling the benefits right away. If you canu2019t stay on this medication for the first month then you havenu2019t given it a chance. If you are having problems, talk with your doctor, they may need to adjust the dosage; if you canu2019t talk with your doctor about your concerns then you have the wrong doctor, find one you can talk to. And what ever you do donu2019t just stop taking it; you have to wean yourself off of it. Iu2019ll be back in a month


My husband feels angry all the time and it is not getting any better. It kills me every day because I can't help him feel better.


I was diagnosed with major depression at age 17 and have been taking antidepressants for the past 12 years. When I first started taking Prozac and had fantastic results --- depression symptoms decreased, no more suicidal thoughts, could actually get out of bed. I started out at 20 mg and my doctor eventually increased my dosage to 40 mg. This dosage worked fine for about two years. Then I started to have signficant worsening of my depression symptoms. The doctor then added Elavil in addition to Prozac. Also tried Pamelor with the Prozac - both worked very well, but fatigue was extreme (and side effects were horrible). I don't mind mild side effects if it means the depression is gone. I tried Remeron, Wellbutrin, and Celexa before returning to Prozac. None of these worked as well as Prozac had initially. I went back to 40 mg Prozac and did well. My dosage was eventually decreased to 20 mg which I have been on for about 8 years. My depression symptoms have been well-controlled with this "maintenance dose". I have been having more symptoms the past few months. My doctor wants me to try Pristiq (which I will start tomorrow). Overall, Prozac worked wonders when is was working. I definitely developed a tolerance to this medication over time. Side effects were pretty mild. I definitely sweat more than most people and I have experienced some sexual side effects. Overall, this drug saved my life but lost its effectiveness over time. I wish it still worked as well for me as it did initially. Definitely worth a try.


Although it has stopped the dire thoughts, I am forgetting some things. I'm not as anxious or crying or upset anymore though. My family a noticed a change for the better. I still have bouts of sadness or prefer to be alone, but its getting better every day.


well it's me again about prozac, i can say my life is normal now i mean the way i feel, but i am having the sweating side effect. overall i'm not stressing about things i used to get so worried about money and my kids like my son who is driveing i litterally used to have panic attacks about him driving, now i worry yes but i'm not thinking of excuses of why he can't drive the car. and the bills, yes i think about it but you know what we have always found away and thats not going to change, my husband and i have reconnected i don't look at him anymore and want to kill him(i know thats horrible to say) but that's the way i felt for over a year, but i have realized he's all i need him and the kids, it's like it was when we first met, i look forward to seeing him i don't dread it anymore. over all i am a much happier person and i hope other people who are suffering from depression can feel the way i am right now. after my grandfather passsed away in 1993 that's pretty much when it all started then i became a drug addict for 10 years, i have been sober for 5 months now and have never felt better, but at the time i thought the drugs made me feel better the only thing that did was create distance with my kids, husband , my mom my sister and brothers, but now i feel like i am starting my life over, i wish everyone luck and i hope you all find what you need in life, missy


I've been on Prozac (the generic form) since April of this year at first felt great at the start of the use with 20mgs.I had no side effects really but diarrhea I mean really felt great!!!! Then I started taking Yaz and everything went out the window. They increased my dose to 40mgs and Im still not feeling any better, Im severly scared to go to 60mgs, Im even more scared to go to a different med and start from the bottom, I have no idea which even one to pick all of them have these weird side effects, I swear I just want ME back I've gain so much weight I cant fit any of my old clothes. If anyone has any helpful suggestions please contact me at, thanks!


I have been on Prozac 20mg for about 2 months now, this is in addition to 300mg of Wellbutrin. The Prozac was added because the Wellbutrin was not doing anymore. Prozac has helped with the depression, however I am always tired. I feel like I can not get enough sleep and am constantly yawning. At work I have noticed that I am in a daze, I go through the motions but can't recall what I just did. At first I noticed an increase in sexual arousal, which caused me some concern, however it is very hard to have an orgasm. I can not handle being so tired, I am going to call the doctor tomorrow and see about stopping the Provac.


generic prozac is a wonder drug. a daily dose must be taken, no skipping medication.


Been on prozac for 11 side effects and it does the job great. Had to increase to 40 mg. daily after 10 years, but still doing the job.


I have only been on this medication for a week and i have already felt the change for the better im going thru a rough time in my life right now and if i wasnt on this med i probly would be in a intituton


My husband has only been on this 10 days so it is toosoon to tell.


lack of energy, barely any change in my mood swings


Has the most effectiveness with the least amount of side affects compared to other antidepressants.


it feels like it does notwork


I started taking Prozac 20mg is January, 09 and it didnt help the panic attacks I was having so my doctor increased the dosage to 40mg. I have found relief from the Panic attacks, but I believe that I am experiencing severe reactions to the increased dosage such as, muscle twitching, nausea, tiredness, inability to sleep, and tremors. I am in the process of seeing a neurologist to make sure that there is nothing else going on and if not then I will have to try a different medicene. Not having the attacks anymore has been great but the side effects are miserable. I recommend to try a diffrent medication before trying Prozac, it may save you alot of trouble and money!


had racing thoughts and no appitite


I have only been taking prozac for about a week but already feel much better.. I have taken antidepressants most of my life and recently had to change to prozac from Effexor XR due to the cost.rnThe only side effects I am aware of right now that are happening to me are weird dreams, nausea and diarrhea.rnWhen my menstral cycle started this month I noticed the blood is more pinkish than red.. don't know if it's a side effect or not..


I was suicidal and depressed, and this did nothing but take away my energy to do any harm to myself. In fact, I was still depressed, and gained 35 pounds. I was in a terrible fog, and felt even more depressed, just less motivated. I felt like a tranquilized animal. Which now, years later I discovered the doctor had medicated me very wrongly, and treated me falsely all along. He did not answer my questions about the drug and would just increase the dosage when I begged for answers. I left his 'care' after 3 years of being prescribed a crap drug. Thank God for second opinions, otherwise I would have been stuck in depression longer. She adjusted my care. I don't know if THAT is effective in a review, but I will report that any extreme exercise regiment or diet I was put on did nothing. Prozac keeps the 35 lbs. of extra weight on you until you are weaned off of it. Then, like magic I lost all that weight.


I was diagnosis with major depression 10y ago. I have taking Prozac for that long with no side effects. This drug gave me back my life.


I had been on Prozac for several years for depression. When I tried the generic, I had side effects and was switched back to name brand. Prozac has made such a difference in my depression. The small stuff doesn't bother me anymore. I stay calm in most cases. I have fibromyalgia, was tried on Cymbalta,and it didn't help me. There is nothing like Prozac!


I felt very suicidal and angry taking this medication.


Works great for me. I took it long ago for a bout of depression and it worked then, too. When menopause kicked in, I needed something to help me and tried Effexor. It was only "OK". Then I remembered the good results I had from Prozac and asked my physician to switch me. It has been a life saver for me. The only downside for me has been that my libido is almost nil.


i can't rave about prozac enough, i have been just a mom and a wife for the past 17 years of my life and i'm only 36 years old, at some point i lost myself, i forgot who i was and what i like, and slowly i am finding myself again. i do get tired at aroud 9 pm but i do get up at 5 am. over all i am enjoying my life more i can spend time with my kids without getting annoyed and anxious. i am still having problems with my marriage i feel i have been so distant from my husband for so long i just don;t know if we can find eachother again, or if i'm just ready to start allover with my own path in life. i feel alot of guilt over the seperation that has come between us but now atleast i am able to cope with the stress, i can concentrate at work and about the important things in life with my kids. i feel i have made so many mistakes while depressed like forgetting things feild trip permission slips, bagged lunches, important occasions, i didn't even go to my sisters baby shower because i just did't want to be around people and i just regret it so much. if you are suffering from depression try prozac i might work or you might have to try a few different ones to get the result you need, but prozac is my lifesaver!! it is worth a try i forgot what it was like to feel happy, just to have a smile on the inside instead of faking it on the outside to everyone. i am happy to wake up in the morning and have my morning cup of coffee it's not a bother for me to ake dinner anymore , it has made me come alive again.


I'm at 60mgs of Prozac and I feel that is a little excessive for the length of time that I've been taking it at that dose. I really have my dark days and just want help


never really had any benifit from this drug, I took it for over a year 40mg a day, Stupid me stopped cold turkey when my script ran out,NEVER do that on this drug the withdrawls are horrible feels like my brain is being shocked, Good thing is my old sex drive is back.


i am very glad i started using prozac, it literally saved my life and my relationship with my husband, i have been depressed for a long time and now i feel like my old self again, i have motivation and ambition, i have no side effects, at all(knock on wood!) even my sex drive is good, i have lost about 15 lbs but i needed to loose at least 25 lbs. i just want to say to anyone out there prozac is AWESOME give it a chance, everyone is different i might work really well for some people and it may not, i also hava PMDD and my life has been changed for the better, before this during the moth i had no quality of life and now i can handle my every day life. i hope this helps someone in need of information on this drug.


I was prescribed 20mg of Prozac per day for depression and OCD. I have noticed a small decrease in my depression, but it has not helped with my OCD at all. I am always sleepy since taking this medication.


My doc. prescribed me this after I quit my job & had no insurance. Before that I was taking effexor but hit a wall. I have no energy, don't really want to be around alot of people, and have gained 20 pounds. Don't know if it's related, but a month ago had a gall bladder attack and now have terrible indigestion & have to be on Aciphex until we can figure out if I need to have it taken out. I just feel like I'm in the dumps all the time. I am nervous after reading some reviews, but I want to try Pristiq. At this point I just I just need some relief. The weight gain alone makes all the other symptoms worse!


what to do for an allergic reaction to prozac


After losing my job in 2007 I started showing signs of depression. Even after finding a new job the low feelings continued. After speaking with my doctor he suggested a 20 mg daily dose of Prozac. Since my insurance only covers generic prescriptions I was put on a generic Prozac. Before starting the scripts I read some of the reviews of different anti-depressants and was a little hesitant to try them. I've been on this for about a month now and couldn't be happier. Little things no longer upset me, I have more energy and am actually happy to wake up in the mornings just to get things done, no more sleeping until noon. The only thing that worries me is the fact that nothing really upsets me anymore, and that can be good and bad. Another thing is my sex drive is the same but it takes a lot longer for me to have an orgasm, which my girlfriend loves. So I guess it's good all around, happy woman=happy me!


I cant tell any difference my family say im not as bad win i am on it


I used to take 80mgs. of prozac a day and it seemed to help. I am now taking 40 mgs. of paxil and it doesn't seem to help. please tell me how I can help myself!!!


my husband is now at 60mg oral and he is suddenly experiencing extreme mood swings, violent outbursts and has way too much energy. worked fine at 20mg and 40 mg dosage.


I was misdiagnosed as having Bi-polar over 12yrs ago. I was a guinea pig on countless meds that never worked and only put major weight on me. Thank God I've found a great doctor. He correctly diagnosed me with Chronic General Anxiety Disorder w/ Depression. He put me on 1mg of Klonopin 3x's a day and 20mg of Prozac in the morning. I can't say I am 100%..but I feel better than I have ever felt before. The prozac instantly took that blah feeling away and the suicidal thoughts. I do have more energy now due to the prozac as well. The Klonopin helps to ease my anxiety and makes me a little drowsy..but I will take drowsy over anxiety any I have just started these meds a week ago. I hope as my body adjusts I find more benefits


I could not eat or sleep while on Prozac and was extremely nervous. My doctor increased my dose and I began having panic attacks. ater 2-3 weeks I realized Prozac was making my anxiety much worse and quit taking it. Terrible experience! I now take Cymbalta with minimal side effects.


I've been on prozac for about 4months. It has helped my depression, but I am tired all the time. I feel like I'm dragging my body through the day. When I am off work I sleep about 12 hours and a 2 or 3 hour nap during the day. When I'm at work I'm thinking about how many hours till I can go to sleep. After work I feel like I'm useless at home, not having enough energy to do anything. Although I'm happy and back to my old self again, I wish I wasn't tired .


This is a great drug as it has helped me a lot. On 20 mg a day. Only probalem and it can be a big one if it causes my delayed ejaculation. No ED at all but takes way too long and it frustrates the heck out of me. Does anybody know of any SSRI's that have had the fewest side effects which include a slight loss of libido? Remeron puts in weight and won't do that one. Please help! Thanks


I recently started using this medication for General Anxiety and Panic Disorder (GAD). I am 62 and sadly I have been living with GAD most of my life. In the last two years the episodes became more frequent and severe. My therapist prescribed Prozac and since I have using this medication I have not had a single episode. For the first time in over 40 years I have been able to live without the emotional turmoil I endured on a monthly and more recently daily basis. Anyway, so far it works for me. The only side effects I have experienced are nausea, problems sleeping and having very weird dreams during the first week of use. I started out with 10mg for the first two weeks and I am now on 20mg.


this made me worse i want to get off of it but my doctor kept increasing it.. i was getting i had to carefully take myself off of it..


I have been taking this drug for 4 days so I really can't say too much, but I'm hoping it will work. I was on wellbutrin for 3 months and zoloft before that for about 6 I'm hoping this will help me. I feel anger all the time and just want to run away but cant. I have 2 small children who need me and I'm hopeful this will work. Everyone's comments are helping me and letting me know I need to give this time to work.


This drug has worked very well with the exception of delayed ejaculation. It takes me so long to ejaculate and libido is hampered somewhat. I tried other SSRI's and the same thing happens. Great for my partner but it's hard to come and frustrating at times. Does any one have any suggestions for me? Thanks, Jimmy


sex drive is gone


Switched from Celexa to Prozac after complaining to my (new) doctor about CONSTANT fatigue. Started at 20mg and am still there couple of months later. Effective for me; the fatigue is lessened but I am not sure whether other factors are involved w/that. Side effects are an occasional unexplained red itchy rash on my right forearm (goes away), and VERY VIVID dreams, not always nightmares but a LOT of recurrent dreams. But I always had vivid dreaming anyway. Celexa had deadened my dreams so maybe they have just come back. Overall I am satisfied so far; oh, the PMDD is virtually gone and that is why my dr. originally Rx'd me antidepressants! I would actually think (in an abstract way) of ending my life during the depths of some of the months w/PMDD. It DOES affect your sex drive like they say though, and when I see my dr. again I am going to mention this first off b/c it really bothers me the lack of desire I have now.


It works great on OCD problems and helps me lose weight.


I have panic attacks and OCD. I was given cymbalta because my doctor knew I was scared of gaining weight - I GAINED 30 POUNDS!! I quit taking meds for a couple of years but my OCD was out of control so about 6 months ago my doctor gave me celexa and it worked but made me so sleepy and I was only taking 10 mg and I gained 15 pounds. I asked for it to be changedandhe gave me Prozac. I have been taking it for 5 days. I have had no side effects but i can tell i feel better already. They said it was gonna take two weeks or longer but I think its working well already --I just hope it dont cause me to gain weight


i was on prozac 60mg for my fibromyalgia, at first it worked good but now it doesnt even feel like i take, my dr wont increase the dose, i am gonna try a supplement from the nutrition store which has had some good reviews.


I do feel slightly better since starting Prozac. I have been on it for about two weeks but my problem is I have to take it at bedtime because it makes me sleepy then the mext morning I wake up with diarrhea and nausous. Has anybody else experienced this.


Lost weight and continue to keep it off. Also, helped me to quit drinking alcohol and other OCD behaviors.


Before i started taking this medication I could barely get out of bed in the morning i was so sad. Every day was a drag and very tough to get through. I would come home and sleep for hours after getting off work, and was always very exhausted. After being on the medication for about two weeks I have started to notice a big difference. While I am still pretty sleepy (side effect) I feel like I have more to look forward to and am excited for a new day. This medication has deffinitely given me my social life back and for that I am very greatful. I now wake up every morning thankful that I am alive and prepared to face the days new challenges with a positive attitude. I know everyone reacts differently to medication, but I would deffinitely advise anyone to atleast try it. (Fluoxetine 20mg is what I am on right now-4 stars b/c I think i may need a higher dosage) Good Luck!


I've taken Prozac for about 10 years going from 10mg to 20mg and back a time or two.rnIt has worked great "for me" BUT do not EVER stop taking it cold turkey without consulting your doctor. This can severely ruin your life.


I took this drug for anxiety and it actually made me more anxious. Not a pleasant experience.


I was always irritated and high strung, experienceing all the joys of menopause ... not! Being on fluoxetine has made me more enjoyable to be with and much calmer, although it does have a side effect of making me tire more quickly. At least I sleep well and don't bark at everyone anymore.


Well this rx makes me feel a lot better when, I do not feel like being bother. I Also take Elavil 100mg's should I take an smaller dose of the Elavil.


I used to have major anger problems and sought fights and conflicts all the time.. Since taking I feel mellow.. I actually feel sort of blah.. Almost no emotion, not happy, not sad, not much anger.. rnrn What realy bothers me is I have no sex drive at all.. I cannot climax but can get arroused. It might not be all from Prozac, I am on some pretty strong pain meds as well. (methadone, tramadol, diclofenac, & butabital)


it settle down i feel good when i take it,like my old self,


swollen lymphnodes in th back of my neck


Though this medication worked for some time, after two increases, the effects seemed to level off. The first 6 months on prozac improved my life immensely. However, after that, it seemed as though my body had developed a tolerance to it and it was no longer very useful. This drug seemed to be good for immediate results, but gradually lost its effects. The only side effect I noticed was a kind of constant drowsiness.


I have taken numerous antidepressants since 1980 including Prozac.some seemed to help a rnlot.Several months ago I changed to one 20mg rnProzac 3 times a day.It stopped my depression completely.I am depression-free now!


I have been taking Prozac for almost 10 years. I can 20mg per day or up to 80mg per day. I feel that I need something else for depression now. I've had Paxil & it was only okay.


This medication gave me the worst headache of my life. I hid in the tightest corner in my closet to get away from the light. My head was pounding so hard that the nurse said it was actually rocking with the pounding! I had a smile on my face constantly but want to kill everyone who spoke to me. I became very homicidle and forgot about how depressed I was. I took it for about 6 weeks and then tried to overdose on over 600mg of it along with a bottle of tylenol and a bottle of nodoz. This may work for others, but it did not work for me. Be careful!


Prozac 80mg per day(which is a high dose, and not needed for most people) has helped me live a life free of OCD-intrusive thoughts and images from PTSD...suffered from 15yr as a 911 Paramedic. I have been on it for almost 17yrs only stopping (with Dr.s direction) during my 2 pregnancies and quickly starting back on them after their births. Both of my kids are beautiful,smart and healthy.(TIPS) Do not stop taking the med abruptly, try not to miss doses/or take more than prescribed, and inform your Dr. if you have any unusual side effects...I have had only positive experiences with Prozac by following the direction by my Dr. and on the bottle...but I will add...over the 17yrs I have broke one of the "No's" and had alcoholic beverages on occasion without experiencing any side effects (but every one's body is different) I have not had any of the sexual dysfunctions reported with SSRI's either. I hope this helps. rn




Many years and no real problems that I have noticed. Perhaps recent constipation may be due to it,


i've been on prozac for about 20 years now and it has been a life saver. there are times i still have bouts with the depression but i think its situation more than chemical. my biggest problem--at least i think that is whats causing it--is sweating so much--to the point of being embarassed from dripping sweat. has anyone had this problem. i do drink socially and have never had a problem with it-when i say socially--i mean one or two. i've thought of trying some of the newer antidepressants but like most of us--i'm afraid to let go of what works. the sweating is the main complaint for me-aside from that it gave me a life!


I had A bad reaction after being on this for a while. It made me have good days and bad. The good ones where not that goog and the bad ones were bad. All I wanted to do was sleep and I felt anxious and depressed alot for no reason.


I take a very small dosage and it has helped me tremendously. Very little minor side affects. Felt relief almost immediately.




I have been struggling with major depressive disorder all my life. I have been on every med you can think of and finally came full circle, back to the "granddaddy" of them all, Prozac. It has been a miracle drug for me. It started working almost immediately and it is like a veil has been lifted from my mind--I can even see (physically)clearer! I hope it works this well for everyone!


Prozac initially helped my depression but has since lost it's effectiveness (last 6 months). I started having intrusive thoughts and sudden unexplained low points during the day that were not triggered by anything and would last about 30-45 minutes. I'm switching medications withing the week. Let's hope it works.


I started this medication following retirement. Loss of contact with co-workers and a feeling I had no reason to get out of bed. I felt angry with the mundane routine of daily activities. After taking Prozac, I have noticed that prozac has "taken the edge off" of my feelings of anger and agression at the smallest of irritations.


It gave me tremors. This was the best med for me


This medication has helped me so much, I feel like a normal person again. Has anyone drink while taking this medication, I would like to have a drink or two every once in awhile. Please let me know your experience with drinking on prozac. Thank you....


Been on it 3 wks. Have lost 10 lbs. in that time from decreased appetite (I consider it a good thing, I can afford to lose 60# and am very happy with that side effect). No headaches, nausea, or other side effects; am happy. No suicidal thoughts, am happier & friendlier, no anger issues, no panic attacks, really nothing but positive about it. I suppose I might eventually have to switch if I do lose enough weight.


I started taking Prozac when I was 19. I took it for many years and did pretty good with it. I had a constant "I don't give a crap" mood. I got off for a couple of years to give my body a break from it. I tried to get back on and something went completely wrong...I had a very bad allergic reaction, so my doctor put me on something else.


I still fell the same no change after 3mo of takeing. Hope to talk to my Dr soon to get it undercontroll.


anxiety.,,easily angered and sad at times these symyoms are gone and i have patience i no longer over react to outside stimulus, whether person or environmental


saved my life after a separation. Getting back together. Divorce stopped.


I have been on Prozac for about 15 yrs. 40mg a day for post tramatic stress disorder PTSD. This drug saved y life. I don't have nightmares and moodswings anymore. I feel leveled out all day long. I CAN feel the difference when I forget to take them for sa couple of days. Only drawback is that if I take them late in the day I have problems sleeping and my sex drive is subdued which is okay because I'm single and not


Although it may be rare, I thought of suicide constantly. I walked back and forth hoping and praying this desire of killing myself would go away. I attempted suicide by overdosing several times. When I stopped taking Prozac, the urge was gone in 2 weeks.


I am taking this med mixed with trazadone and seroquel, and want to sleep for days at a time. have been taking prozac for years and has helped with my manic downs, but also gave me insomnia when taken by itself.


I was misdiagnosed with Major Depression.(.actually it was Bipolar 1) for 15 years and struggled with this condition because the medication would help reduce the suicidal impulsivity and give me hope..but then it would stop working! I was on and off it , trying all other meds ( as we do..right)..and prozac at 40mg did not continue to be affective after about 6 months..back to square one, frustrated and lost hope may is very inexpensive, tho.I gave up many times..going to the doc today for another adjustment!What a life!


This did not work for me, but I know of several people it does! My body chemistry allowed me to feel very unattached to reality on this med.


Works well, bit unpredictable and interacts with other meds. Some side effects. Addictive, hard to get off.




I have been on generic Prozac for about 3 months now, and put with Xanax, it's helped me a lot.


This medicine changed my life, at first. I was subject to towering bouts of irrational fury and uncontrollable crying jags that had made me unable to function AT ALL in normal life to the point where at a certain time of the month I would literally sequester myself to avoid being ashamed of my behavior and alienating my friends and family. I had to increase dosage after the first six months, and then the following year, and now am experiencing a lessening in the effects after three years. I may have to increase again, or look into a different formula.


I was originally switched to prozac from paxil because of the effects paxil had on me. Prozac did help my depression for the most part. It also made me become angry more easily about things than normal. Like paxil it did also make me quite tired, and hungry frequently.I gained weight while on prozac also. I finally researched wellbutrin, and had my doctor try me on it. That was a good switch for me, I have been on that for over six months now. I do like to share medication stories, and offer advice to others where I can. I am a big believer in herbal remedies. To discuss anything further I can be reached at


Where to begin. Well I thought the medication worked well for my depression, however my sex drive was GONE. Nothing was the same in that area. That was depressing all on its own.


Ive been on the prozac for 4 wks now. The 1st 3 were at 10mg, now am on 20mg and feel better than I thought I could. I only see things looking up now. And I sleep through the night and am happy and look forward to the next day.


initally I was given Symbyax but I didn't like the weight gain so I asked the doc to just give me something for the depression (I can mangage the hypomania for now). so far it's helped with my depression but I'm more sleepy and tired now (nothing that coffee can't fix).


AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAUGE! i was on prozac and risperdal for anorexia while it did help that so i stayed on it a few montes later out of no where i tried to kill myself it turns out the mix can cause suicidal feelings


I was suffering from mild depression and anxiety for two years. They both got worse the last six months and my gynocologist suggested an antidepressant. i asked for prozac after reading up on them. I can't believe how much better I felt after a couple weeks! I would have never believed it could make my life so much better! i feel like I used to, except better.


I have been taking this medicine for awhile I am satisfied


After trying Wellbutrin and Zoloft with no luck this drug is wonderful.I have more energy and its helping me with controlling my weight.I feel so much better:)


I could barely eat with this medication, sleep became more difficult and my feelings of depression got to the worst level I've ever had. Not for me.


Dr put me on a low dose at bedtime to help me sleep, I work the nightshift and my menapausal sx's were keeping me from sleeping on my nights off. I started taking it and noticed nothing at first, but my nightsweats gradually decreased and after a month have completely stopped!!! I feel better than I have for months, can't believe 10 mg a day could do this, does not make me sleepy at all during the day and am sleeping better at night.


Just a feeling of well being and no panic.


I take this medication 10mg Every other day and I find that Im abale to live a much happier life, with minamal high lvl depresion, or at least shorter reactive madness.


I take 40mg and i feel like my self again! I had some of the minor side affects for a few months, they do go away though. Thanks to prozac my husband and kids can smile again!!!


does prozac cause weight gain?


I have been on prozac for over 10 years, it has been a lifesaver for me & my family. I started with 10mg & am now on 80mg. Plus I'm on 300mg generic Welbutrin & low thyroid meds. I have learned to take my Prozac at night, before bed & sleep very well. I don't think it is working as well as it did in the past, I am tired all the time, but that is probably due to my lack of exercise, bad eating habits over the winter & huge amount of stress over the past 8 months. Thanks for the reviews, it's great to be able to see what others are experiencing in my age group. I know now I'm not alone. I'm going to push myself to exercise more often & be more alert to the foods I'm eating.


I had uncontrolled moodiness and was quick to tears for hours or days. Doctor told me that it was depression due to the stresses of cancer treatment for over 6 years. I took one pill per day, and by the second evening, I was a new fellow. It evened me out amazingly.


I have tried others because they were the latest, greatest things out there. I have suffered from depression, panic disorder which led to agoraphobia for a brief time, mild ocd and just had a total hysterectomy. My Dr. put me back on the Prozac before surgery, 40 mg. and one .5 mg. Xanax in PM and I feel normal and healthy. No more moodiness, crying, anxiety and constant worry,sleep disruptions and relationship problems at home/work. I am able to cope and don't feel like a zombie.Prozac has the most and longest research and I highly recommend it as a solution for anyone with just one of my symptoms. The old stand by is the best!!


I was on Prozac for a week and it made me feel no emotion and calmed me down. I had a headache everyday, sweats and my head felt like it was under water. I could not think straight. I was afraid to drive. I went off for two days and I had rapid heartrate and anxiety. I think it helps because it will put you in a zombie mode where you feel nothing.


This medication gave me amplifyied nightmares. After the 5th night of no sleep I was ordered to discontinue use because I began thinking suicide again.


I have been on 10mg. dosage for 9 months, there is slight improvement , wonder if increased dosage of 20mg. would make a significant change.


After 14 years I called it quits to prozac.rnAll i was doing was sleeping during the rnday, and getting my days and nights mixed up.I was also on Cymbalta, and Klonopin.rnSo now I am on 60 my of cymbalta, and keptrnthe klonopin, and I have my life back. Notrnsleeping all the time. I am happier , afterrnone week I noticed a difference.


I was taking 60mg/day. The increase dose only increased the side effects not decreased the depression. I did feel better while on it, but the side effects (insomnia, sweating, nightmares, itching, occasional anxiety and low sex drive) was too much to deal with.


I was on this drug for 8 years..started at a low dose and worked my way to 40..stayed there nd was very happy with it. senior year of high school parents divorse and money issues..i started getting alot of panic attacks and as the drug wasnt workin for me anymore..tiered,, intrest of anything. i forced myself to do everything going to school..finally i said i need to see a physchologist to get reavaluated again and she put me on celexa and it was the first night last night i woke up with some trembles and felt sad and weak but as the day went on i was able to function and feel normal but then got really tiered. Im just nervouse of side effects. ill keep trying to see how it turns out tho.


I was on 15mg for 3 months before I gave up on it. I felt NO difference, but I did feel ALL the side effects. It was ineffective for me. My brother took 30mg and it did very little for his depression as well!


I have only been on 20 mg for about a week to treat my OCD and i feel like it is already improving it. I am 17 years old and am so tired of obsessing the way I do, so I finally seeked treatment. Side effects I have experienced so far is loss of appetite, dry mouth, trouble sleeping, and drowsiness. However, I feel as though it has been worth it.


I was on Lamictal But couldn't afford the med's.{$208.00 a month}.My Doctor put me on prozac made me worse,Stayed sick and just felt strange like I was in a differant world,Dizzy wasn't sure where I was so I just stayed home afraid to go out anywhere.Could be mean at time's as well.I quit taking it ,I just hope I can handle just quiting cold turkey.It isn't worth taking for me.


had horrible depression didnt want to get out of bed, tired all the time, hated everything. Prozace worked wonderfully for me it was my miracle pill! I felt happy and like a new person...UNFORTUNATELY, I HAD HORRIBLE HIVES FROM THIS DRUG 6WKS LATER I SWELLED UP EVERYWHERE EVEN MY BOOTY! Very sad i cannot take this med, still havent found one that makes me feel like prozac did....


this drug makes you suicidal! DO NOT take...


Very tired all the time. Depression has lessened in duration and severity.


I have been on prozac for twenty years. It has been great. However, I do watch my diet and exercise....journaling is also good!


Prozac saved my life. Really. The postpartum depression 17 years ago never lifted. I was on 20-40 mg for nine years from 1992 to 2001. I could function minimally but I was so grateful for that. I could at least go to work and do a few things around the house. Before I couldn't even get out of bed, or take care of myself. It eventually stopped working, but nothing since that has even come close. I was not completely without any depression--people have to understand that no drug in the world will alleviate all depression--but I was able to go on living. It was a struggle and still is a struggle everyday, but this drug worked the best. It's now 8 years later, I've tried every med/combo, some would not work at all or maybe work for a year or two. I tried Prozac again during those years but it was not effective. Finally last year I was diagnosed correctly with bipolar 1. The only other drug which has kept me alive has been the patch Emsam. I have been hospitalized 3 times and in desperation finally agreed to ECT last fall. Even that only relieved the depression a bit for only 2 months. I am grateful the Prozac worked as long as it did. I never had any of the side effects listed (not even the sexual ones.) It also helped greatly with anxiety. No other med has relieved the anxiety as well. I hope you find something that works for you...I will try, try, try again! Never give up!


never used it


I used this medication for about a year. It was fine until I wanted to jump out of the window. I have, since then found out that I have a very low thyroid. Maybe some of you should check this out.


I am sooo tired all the time, and i am wondering if it could be the combination of the prozac and high blood pressure med.


My 12 year-old son with Asperger's was prescribed this after being admitted to hospital with a dianosis of severe OCD and mania. Risperdal worked well short term but gave him dystonia and so was discontinued. The Prozac gave him his life back and he is functioning pretty well on 40 mg/day. His anxiety is presently increasing and we're investigating supplementing with another med...maybe Abilify but it looks as scary as the Risperdal.


Been on this med for 3 months. Haven't experienced much improvement in mood or panic attack frequentcy. Panic attacks are less severe though. I'm tired more and sweat much more than I did before taking it... especially at night. Sex drive has decreased substantially. :( My wife is frustrated and not very happy w/ this side effect.


it worked ok for me the first week but now it dont work that good anymore


I was really surprised when my doctor perscribed prozac to treat my hot flashes!!!rnIt started working in just two days - no more hot flashes! However, I must be a "weakling" when it comes to medicine because 10 mg was too much for me (I experienced too much tiredness. Medicine typically does make me overly tired. I have been only taking 1/2 dose (5 mg) and it's still doing the more hot flashes!!!


i am on 40mg daily and i accidentaly took another 40mg it made me shaky, nervous, insomina, fast heart rate, blood pressure high. not sure about taking this dont do like i did and take it again because in couldnt remember if i took it or not


I was rather reluctant about using this medication and my prescription sat on the shelve for a year. Later, I was going through a very rough patch and began using Nortriptyline with the intent to use Prozac along with it for my fibromyalgia and migraines. Side effects(heart palpitations) caused me to discontinue the Nortriptyline before starting the Prozac. Then I tried Doxepin. Great stuff for depression and anxiety, but causes lots of sleepiness and heart palpitations. I was finally ready to start the Prozac 10mg. It has been 6 months now and I have had very good results. I am still on the same dose with very few side effects.I take only the Prozac now, since the Doxepin had many undesirable effects on me.I am sleepy at times and my appetite is good, but no weight gain like with the Doxepin. No sexual problems either like the latter drug gave me. I will be increasing to 20 mg soon. My only problem is that I am scared to take my migraine meds(Imitrex) due to sertonin syndrome.


most of the time I believe it helps, but out of the blue my depression seems to deepen.


I was on Prozac for 6 months and saw no real change in my mood.




This drug after 1 week of taking this i had Dilated pupils that never went away. Was very scarey!


i believe prozac helped me, but it had very bad effects on libido. on a scale of helping my depression, it had a possible good effect. it may have helped more than i realize, but, if so, it took more than a month. i took it for over 2 years at a doseage of 40mg/day, then gradually decreased until i was off it.


I have been on this drug for many years. I couldn't live without it. My only issue is the sexual side effects.


Lifesaver for me. Wasted time and money on therapists before finally seeing a psychiatrist who prescribed prozac. Wish I had started years ago.


I have been on and off this for 20years and its the only medication that helps me. The only side effect I experience is not being able to go into REM sleep.


I have been taking prozac on and off for years. It hasnt worked as well now as it has in the past, I feel like my symptoms of depression are even worse now since Ive been back on this medication.


I've been on Prozac for 16 years. I have had no problem with this medication. I have tried other anti-depressants previously and Prozac was the only one effective for me.




this medication gave me motion sickness and eventually my body needed to take a higher dose to become effective.


This medication works very well when administered in the dose right for each person. Avoiding alcohol is a good idea, as it decreases the benefits of the medication I have found.


In October my Dr. decided to up my dosage from 20mg to 40mg, 2 weeks later while working at a hospital I suffered a seizure, heart dysrythmia, open and closed head injury, and still suffering from memory loss, mood swings,nerve damage, unsteady gait,stumbling, inverted foot and don't know when or if I get to go back to work. They think the blow I took to my head during the seizure has caused a brain tumor.Not to mention the minor side effects like bleeding sores on my back and shoulders. THANK YOU PROZAC! The wonder drug. I could not get off this junk fast enough after I researched myself and figured out it was the prozac. Look at for a real eye opener.


This medicine made my 17 year old daughter very sick.She had everyone of the worst possible side effects you could have on this medication.


Been on this for 9 years, dosages have ranged from 40 mg during the good times and 80 mg/day during rough times. Never had any adverse side effects.


Prozac has worked for me. I am so thankful for this medication.


I have been on this for about 1 year and had to lower the dosage from 40 mg to 30 mg because of GERD. I feel great and am comfortble in my own skin. I like me better on this drug. However I have weight gain. I have gained around 10 lbs. since I began. I am so hungry I cannot eat fast enough sometimes although I really don't eat that much. I want to lose weight but as long as I'm on Prozac am I wasting my time?


I tried Prozac for three days in Dec. and then just recently decided to give it another try. Each time I start out feeling OK, but as the days go on I get more and more anxious and nervous and can't eat. I had to stop taking it after one week. I felt like I was going crasy. I still feel bad and it's been over a week since I stopped taking it. I read that it takes a long time to get out of your system.


Have been taking prozac for none years. It took about three months for my body to adjust to it. I don't think the Drs. warn patients enough about how one will feel when first introduced to the drug. In the long run it has been wonderful for my depression, panic/anxiety disorder.


I like this medication but i want to know if someone is taking it for a couple of years, do they have problems with weight? I have been trying to loose weight for quite awhile but to no avail. I have joined a gym and nothing seems to work. Help! I am thinking of getting off of this medication and tryig something new.


Feel cold and tired all the time while on it. My hot flashes have totally stopped though.rnFeel sluggish in thinking and just don't care attitude about doing anything that used to matter.


I have been taking this for 8 months and I feel like a new mother is on it too and she loves how easy going she is now...recently, I put my 11 year old boy an 10 mg for his OCD and he is doing great!!! I completely recommend the entire world taking no more violence!


i took prozac for migraines for about 3 months. i started having horrible mood swings, and would sometimes become violent (i am usually a very easygoing person). i'd go from laughing to wanting to kill someone. it didn't help with my migraines either! i stopped taking it and stopped having 360 mood swings.


I finally gave in and admitted I need medication to keep me level. It has worked wonders for me. The only issue I have is the increased sweat haha. But that has been figured out too. This drug is very very very effective and has changed my life. I am pleasant to be around again.


I have a large majority on the side effects. Skin rash, Tremors, Sleeplessness, Abnormal dreams, Severe Sweating, Upset stomach, Chills, Sex drive and Dry mouth.I have been taking this for three months. I started on 20mg and had it increased to 40mg.


Have been on and off prozac 16 years just started back on for panic attacks,the problem i have had while on prozac is lack of emotions,no sex drive,but i have no choice, i just can not be off prozac,when i go off prozac in about amonth symtoms are back,can not sleep,wake up having panic attack.


iam 36 year gld male it seems like prozac is making my depression worse Itried Paxil itmade me have nausea will anything helpme?


This has until recently been a "miracale" drug for me. Until just recently, I work at a Hospital,and in the last two months have had two Panic Attacks. I had a very high blood pressure,had a seziure,nad have not felt vey good since. Could it be that I have been on this drug fot almost ten years,that is no longer very affective for me?rn


Brain Zaps, muscle tremors,flashing vision,sweats red blochy skin,high blood pressure and did not show up as a reaction for 6 weeks. Takes a few weeks to get out of system and stop reaction. Felt great for six weeks while I bit everyones head off and had horrible nightmares.


Have been on Prozac over 15 years for panic attacks. It kept the panic attacks under control very well, however I noticed a HUGE decrease in sex drive. Also a lack of emotion, such as I didn't even cry at my parents funerals. I have been off Prozac for 2 months now with no recurrance of panic attacks. PLUS I have rediscovered my emotions- I can even cry at movies! I would say it definitely helped me overcome the panic attacks for many years, but perhaps I simply "outgrew" my need for it.


intense heartburn after taking this medicinern


prozac has been working for me..i have been hospitalized with depression 8 times i have been on many anti-dep.i told my reg.physcian that i felt good, 3 weeks ago she just stopped giving me prozac and until now i was ok, now i am back to no energy, depression,crying for no this normal????


I started using Prozac in Dec. 2008 for panic disorder. I used to wake up every morning thinking I was going to have a panic attack, now it doesn't cross my mind. I was prescribed Prozac and Inderal, both have worked wonders for me. I can actually go out and socialize now!


prozac is a very effective medication for myself, it wass given to me for panic disorder and bipolar, it works well for myself,


my doc put me on 20mg's and now it was increased a few days ago and i noticed my mood swings have changed...i'm a pleasent person to be around now :)


a life change-a mood change-finding/learning a new me and how I can respond---who I really am without controling factors making a huge influence! I am very happy to have experienced this and learn there is "another" me that is more relaxed, insightful, and reasonable!!!! I am well pleased!


This drug saved my life.I had horrible panic attacks,now they are a rare thing.rnI was on Prozac for two years and my doc wanted to change it to Zoloft,I couldn't tolerate it.It really made me feel crazy so I went back on the Prozac.I realize Zoloft isn't for everyone.




Was on the med for 12 years. I thought it might not be working anymore. Tried several other medicines to no pro vale In fact they made me worse. I don't think it was the Prozac more than the surroundings my wife having two cases of cancer in 5 years. The economy taking a crapper and losing half my income. I don't think pills are always the answer but their to help cope. I find talking to someone more than just my doctor helps. Family support makes a huge difference not feeling alone makes a world of difference.


Two months after reaching the max dose, I was not only depressed, but the anxiety had worsened. I have tried many other anti-depressants for panic/anxiety. Ativan is the only thing that has worked for me.


I would tell anyone new to using this drug to be very carefull. I only took it for four days, and then I through the bottle in the trash. Prozac made me crazy!!! I didn't what to be at work when I was there, then when I would get into the car to go home I was scared driving home, when I got home, I didn't want to be there either. When I was home I would ball up against a wall with something to eat and tell my boyfriend (now hubby)to leave me the **** alone or I would kill him. So after four days of that I through the Prozac in the trash and said never again. Zoloft works for me.


the only down side with this med is it doesn't do alot for the anxiety and it kills the sex drive


i have mixed bipolar had it for years... tryed lots of other duges some helpd for on prozac and depakote.should these druges be mixed... im worrid about this and would like some feed back if anyone can help me with this....thanks


I took this for depression and OCD. It made me a wreck. I had severe insomnia, i slept 2 hours a night if I was lucky. I started taking it during the end of the school year around finals and it really screwed me up. I could not focus, had more anxiety, was tired (obviously) and i had loss of appetite. I was told to wait it out as it would take over a month for the drug to actually work. I did that and it made my life come crashing down. I could hardly leave my house I was so messed up. It affected my work performance and concentration, I almost lost my job. My boss asked confronted me about my performance issues. Prozac did not work for me at all. I got put on a new drug right away and it works great.


Worked pretty good for over a year, but started noticing a lack of caring (foggy feeling) when it came to daily activities, etc. Tried Zoloft, but it really didn't work for me at all. Have just started Buspirone, and will be giving it a few+ weeks. If doesn't work well, then back to prozac with a timing regimine. My PMDD is 3+ weeks/month, so getting control of those symptoms is very important to me and my family.


Helped my depression, but changed my personality. I ended up blurting out every thought I had, to the point where it was embarrassing. Looking back, I think my dosage was way too high. I've been on a dozen different SSRIs, and Lexapro is the best, but you do build up an immunity over time, so combining with another drug like Wellbutrin provides a good balance (plus, it helps with the sexual side effects of all the SSRIs). Low doses of Prozac have helped my friends who suffer from PMS and post-partum depression.


i have taken this drug for 6 months now im calm i don't yell at family members my sex life is much better i can concentrate at school and work and i sleep through the night every two months i have a small anxiety attack but it only lasts for a couple of hours


How long to use (years)before serious side effects occur?


I use this medicine to keep me calm and from loosing my temper like I used to do. I take alot but if somebody keeps on pushing my buttons then I still can loose it. Maybe I need it stronger but we shall see after I see my Dr. again.


I have been less anxious and sad.


I was diagnosed with depression 8 mos after my daughter was born. I was on Prozac for 13 years. Eventually it stopped working for me. But it was a lifesaver for a long time.Once I topped out on dosage level my doctor took me off and am now on Effexor doing fine.


Prozac was the first antidepressant I was prescribed.After taking for one week,I experienced apathy,impotence-concentration was better.On the last night,I was kept awake by one anxiety attack after another which was frightening.I discontinued use and was prescribed a tricyclic antidepressant which eventually relieved my depression.


This drug is amazing. I wish I had asked my Dr. about it sooner. I am only on the 10mg and I am back to feeling like myself again.


I was having panic atacks. I was always thinking I was having heart atacks or just the overall feeling something was physically wrong with me or I was going to die. My doctor put on 40mg prozac. Made me jittery. He added .5mg xanax time release that helped the jitters. After 6 months I was still having the same thoughts but could calm myself down by breathing techniques which helped me relax. Told my doctor and he bumped me up to 60mg prozac and 1mg xanax time release. I am doing great. I have also discovered that I am more open to people even strangers I talk alot more and not afraid of what people think. I used to be very quiet and not outspoken but that has changed and I love it. I am 51 and seemed to have lost my sex drive. Hard to get an erection (no pun intended). Don't know if it is the drugs or old age.(LOL)


I started with 10mg and gradually worked my way up to 60mg, which is what I am currrently taking. In the beginning I had nausea, some bad dreams, and even a couple of panic attacks. I am going on the third month and now have NO side effects aside from slight tremors in my fingers. The anxiety and non-stop obsseive thoughts have decreased about 80%. I also can relax and live in the moment instead of worrying.


i started in Dec. 08 and not until i reached 20 mg did i notice a change for the better. However the day i got my period changed that i fell back into a deep depression and afterwards i felt blah.rni was increased to 40 mg and am feeling good again, however i have noticed some of the serious side effects coming up. I fainted a few days ago, i have a rash on my throat, muscle twitching and my urine is sunshine yellow. this drug worked for me but it is important to do blood testing while taking it; based on mine i will now if i need to discontinue.


I took this in a study for Illness Concern. It gave me illness. Nobody should take this. I dropped out after a week at 40mg after five weeks at 20mg. It hurts your digestion and brain. Headaches Brain Zaps this stuff is dangerous. The doctor never even took my blood pressure after giving me the pills. Do not trust doctors. It is all about making money for the drug companies. I wish that I never did it. It made me very angry.


Took this for 4 years, did great. went off it and had a hell of a time getting a doc to give it back. they tried lamictal, and others for my bi-polar. They are trying to use two drugs. does anyone know how carbamazepine(tegradol?) and prozac work together? I am suppose to start it tonight, but I am nervous with how it will make me feel. Can anyone help?


I had never taken any type of psychiatric drug and when I was first prescribed Prozac - very soon after starting (2 wks); I began experiencing strange crawling/electrical like feelings across my face and upper body which eventually grew into panic attacks. I told my then psychologist who brushed it off. I wish I had read up on the drug and its side effect (most of which I have personally experienced) My new Dr. is presently weaning me off; it is a difficult and tedious process for me. I am experiencing daily, lingering headaches as a result and sever mood swings. Personally, whilst being on Prozac the reasons for doing so did not reduce in any significant/satisfactoral amount to either of us. My tendency to shop did not decrease which was the main cause did not decrease to any great percentage to my chagrin, I wish it had so at least being on it would be worth coming off it.rnThis was and is My personal journey with Prozac...


without the prozac I would most likely be dead by now .It has helped the want to die to retreieve and I can now live with myself and others..I am happier ,and have more control my myself...i have taken it for 7 years now.tried to stop once with back reactions ,won't ever stop again...some have said it causes you to hurt yourself sometimes ,but in my case it kept me from feeling I had no where to go and no help to seek..i am a satisified user


I have been on several ssri meds for the 9 years i have been diagnosed as a depressive. My doctor decided to try this. It was working fine i was on 20 mg and then 40 mg but having strange heart palpitations. Since they were sporatic I ignored it. The doc dropped it down to 20 i was doing better then i was having a rough patch and pushed it up again. The panic was unbearable my heart would palpitate for hours on end i stopped the medication and i would say it has been over 2 weeks and today is the first day i did not have heart palpitations. I am currently also on Lamictal 250 mg which works well but I seem to just need a little antidepressant. I really would not recommend this drug after what i have been through. But i do know it helps people but i have suffered greatly because of it.


I started this medication about a week ago and I feel awful - It makes me sick on my stomach (nauseous) and very sleepy - I will not be taking it anymore - Lexapro works a lot better but I gained about 20 lbs FAST.


I dont feel as sad, but sometimes I still am. I dont feel as anxious and depressed. But somtimes I still do.


but, having severe constipation, it is possible for this med to cause this?


Ive been on this med for about 6 months or so. It helps alot. There is no miracle cure for what i have so I stopped looking. The upside is Ive lost 45 lbs since being on it. It does help with my anger but does nothing for the lows and highs I go through


I was prescribed this drug for general anxiety disorder. The first week I experienced an all over deadened, dull feeling. By the end of the 2nd week on this drug, I was experiencing crippling panic attacks like I've never felt before. I stopped taking it and the severe panic has receded.


Stops heart palpatation


Worked at first, however I ended up gaining 100 lbs while on it... Why give something used to treat bulimia to someone who's anorexic? It did help me to be less miserable, though after awhile whenever I took it, it would horribly burn my throat. I was tired all the time as well... Was on it for 2 years then switched to Lexapro and am now much happier, and have since lost weight.


i'm combing this med with welbutrin




i,ve been on in for 4 years now and,i don,t think its worning anymore


I've been taking Prozac for 3 months now (20mg). I suffered with depression/anxiety for a year until I got help. I suffered mild side effects the first 1-2 weeks including problems focusing and feeling shaky. Since then I have no side effects except for some weight loss. Overall I feel like myself again. I would suggest combining medication with talk therapy. Prozac didn't cure my depression it just put me in a place where I could figure out my problems with a counselor.


It made her mania,phycotic,enough to jump from a 45 foot bridge and ruin my her life and mine


searching for an other medication celexa is not helping me any more


I'm not as nervous as I used to be and I learned to relax, though sometimes I feel "empty" and emotionless. I take 10 mg a day, but still feel side effects. I feel disoriented and weak in the mornings and it takes me a long time to get to sleep at night. I am hungrier, but when I start to eat, I get nauseated and stop, so I have lost weight while on Prozac.


It is keeping me from my sadness, but for what ever reason I have a bad taste in my mouth since they upped the dosage


I started taking prozac for anxiety. I took it for about a month, and it didn't help, but I am also taking phentermine for weight loss, and I think the phen makes the prozac not work.


this is a very difulcult drug due to its side effects, it makes u numb,not care,hyper,insomnia,irritated,if this is your first time takin it i would not go over 20 mg a day, it made me so hyper i went to hospital and was admited for 7 days , i was at a dose of 60 mg a day, they cut it down to 20 and i felt normal again..i have panic disorder..i stopped it many years ago ad my doctor started mm on anafranil, its easier to take cause it gives u a calming affect...the negative part is it makes u very constipated..i wouldnt recommend prozac to anyone


Even though I stopped taking Prozac roughly a year ago, I continue to experience a near-complete loss of sexual function. I would be very interested in hearing from others (especially physicians) who are aware of this phenomenon. Thanks so much for your help.


I was nervous about taking Prozac, but am very thankful that I am taking it. It has helped me with my extreme moods and makes me feel normal. I am very happy.




Taking it for depression and feeling fine except when it's PMS time--the week before and the week of my period--seems like medicine has no effect on my monthly hormonal swings.


This drug caused me to become a different person. I was unable to do anything. I began having panic attacks. I called the doctor who told me to stop taking it. It took 3 days until I started to feel a little better.


My mood did actually improve after a few days, but the side effects were too much for me to handle. I felt completely disconnected from the outside world on day 3 of taking it. Had frequent panick attacks and would loose conciousness for a few seconds at a time. Also had insomnia and rapid heart beat. Not for me.


Took Prozac for SAD. Prozac reacted negatively with incontenance medication causing an odd allergy to sugars and carbs (would fall asleep for hours at a time after having a meal/snack with high sugar or carb content).


i would have feelings of dread, worry that something very bad was going to happen,and wake in the night with worries. i always associated these feelings that they were real, and since i started on prozac, i have had no more bad feelings.


My depression all started when my husband was dx'd w/ bladder cancer. My docs tried, zoloft, wellbutrin, lexapro, paxil...none of it worked too good and then I suggested reason is not really expensive. which is another reason for some of my depression... I started w/ 20mg and just moved up to 40mg. It works really great but over time you may have to get the doc to up your dosage. It's almost like you get immune to that dose. I was starting to get really angry really quickly and so far so good! I LOVE PROZAC!!!!


I began taking Prozac after 4 other SSRT meds failed. This med is in the SSRI category as well. I have had the SAME side effects with this med as with all other SSRIs (zoloft, paxil, lexapro, etc). My side effects include: severe insomnia, headache, mood swings, fatigue, lack of interest & irritability. Though tolerable, I would be okay with the side effects if the Prozac actually worked. I still have slight depression and anxiety, so, along with the side effects I have decided to ask my Doc for a SNRI med instead. Do your research on these anti-depressants to find what is right for you.


I have been prescibed this medication for depression and some symptoms of ADHD and also Bipolar Disorder. It seems to calm me and I am able to handle stress a lot better than I was able to without it.


I have found this to work very well. Only side effect would be decreased sexual response.


At first, It started off well, over the years, I have noticed that it is not as effective. At first I was disgnosed with basic depression and It worked fine and now I have been disgnosed with bio bolar and I think that the treatment is no onger sufficient and I am seeking alternative treatment for my condition. I am currently taking 40 mg of Prozac and 400 mg of Topamax and feel worse then ever. A concerned patient.


On the positive side I am less angry therefore getting along much better with my husband and have more patience with my children. Feel much more in control of my emotions. On the down side I am gaining weight and less motivated to get anything done. Not sure yet if I can live with the weight gain - this is my first med may have to try something else.


no sex drive . and hard to remeber things but over all has worked great....


My mood did actually improve after a few days, but the side effects were too much for me to handle. I felt completely disconnected from the outside world on day 3 of taking it. Had frequent panick attacks and would loose conciousness for a few seconds at a time. Also had insomnia and rapid heart beat. Not for me.


Prozac has been the only medication able to control my anxiety disorder without side effects. Other drugs made me gain weight.


well im only 1 week into it,but it was making me feel sick and nervous on the 5th & 6th feel a little better but it could still work a little better in another week or two.


It has helped me calm down and think clearly now. I don't get overwhemed anymore, so I can get more accomplished. I stay more focused on what I need to do than worring about what I should do. Also, others have commented that I smile alot more than I did before, and that I've had this huge weight lifted off of my shoulders.


It has Helped me with my depression and Panic Attacks.


I don't sweat the small stuff, tension seems to roll off now as to before I would let things build up and then let off steam, I seem to stay on an even balance now/


Has been a God send for me!


My depression was caused by side-effects from an anti-epileptic drug I got prescribed a few mths earlier (topamax). Prozac certainly stopped the depression - in less than 2wks I was completely homicidal! If I'd had the means I would have been a clock-tower sniper! PROZAC IS DANGEROUS!!!! Needless to say, I was taken off the drug immediately - put into respite and lost my son until 'I' could prove that I was sane. Thanks Prozac.


My doctor put me on Prozac 20mg. after being on Wellbutrin for a couple years. The Wellbutrin just wasn't cutting it anymore. I felt angry all the time and felt like all I did was yell at my kids, and the anger was intense. My doctor said I could just stop the Wellbutrin and start the Prozac. Not a good idea! I started having flu-like symptoms and realized it was from stopping the Wellbutrin (flu-like symptoms are part of Wellbutrin withdrawal). It lasted about two weeks. Now I'm feeling fine, and the Prozac has helped me immensely. The major side effect, for me, is the inability to have an orgasm. It sucks, but I'd rather deal with that than have my children remember me as a raging lunatic! Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good.


If you can't take estrogen after a hysterectomy, this drug is for you!!! Whew, can't live without it. I feel like my old self again.


After going through years of depressive episodes, i was finally recommended to start a prescription medicine when it was obvious that just therapy was not working. After a couple of weeks, I felt good for the first time in a long time. My binging stopped (for the most part) and I was actually happy. This has changed me so much, and I have been incredibly satisfied. My anxiety attacks and and suicidal thoughts are a thing of the past. Way better than Paxil


i was given this medication after paxil no longer worked for me i have seen a difference in the anxiety and panic attacks however my sex drive has been an issue.


I was recently going thru a period of depression that was affecting my whole life, work everything...I just didnt feel like myself anymore, and I couldnt shake the feeling off..I was so tired all the time, my body hurt, I had racing thoughts, and impulsivity..I didnt feel sad about anything in particular, I know depression is a chemical imbalance..and I knew I needed help..Prozac gave me my life back. I am more in control of my emotions, I no longer get weepy and emotional..I am more energetic, my appetite is more normalized, and I dont have strange impulsive thoughts. I am also bulimic, and this has beenunder good control as well...I would most definately recommmend this..I have had very minor side efeects..But it requires close supervision of your Dr. so follow up is recommended always.


Prozac really helped my depression, but the side affects are to much for me. I feel like my memory is not as good and clear as it use to be. Sex drive not good.


I was taking this medication for anxiety and it did nothing to lessen the feelings. In addition, I had my period for the entire three months I was on the drug. The doctor tried to stop this with birth control pills but all they did was cause migraines.


I have used prozac for many years and it is the only anti-d that has worked for me. I wouldn't be alive today if I didn't have my prozac...


I began taking Prozac due to my severe severe SEVERE panic disorder and in the beginning, it worked. However, now(after about 6 months on Prozac) I am starting to get HORRIBLE headaches and I am suffering from weakness, abnormal dreams(from time to time) and drowsiness. I am withdrawing from it ASAP! I think that this drug should only be used if EXTREME need be, and even then, only temporarily! It really does give me great grief. Today, I had a panic attack after months of not having any. I guess it totally depends on the person, but as I mentioned before, I am terminating my "relationship" with Prozac ASAP!


This worked for me for a little while but then I got much worse




I was on Prozac over 15 years ago. Family history of Depression/bi-polar disease.I had lumbar back surgury that failed and 2 Yrs ago I broke my leg and my significant other died. I went into major depession and anxiety. My Psyciatrist put me on several different meds. I took Cymbalta 60mg for 2 years and it stopped working. It did help my pain alot. Then I started getting major side effects, went thru all medical testing for the symptoms, gastric,suicicidal,weight gain without changing eating habits,self esteem lowered, and concluded it was the Cymbalta! I tried to get off and after 3 days had bad withdrawal symptoms. I am on Prozac 20mg for 2 weeks and lowered my Cymbalta to 30mg. It is definetly better. I don't feel suicidal. Prozac is working great! I do think you need to be on it for wks before you see any change,side effects go away. Great for PMS, I am feeling like myself!!Thank god!! Sex drive has come back.


started on 20 mg in 2003, went up to 40mg in 2007. now feel like it is not working, my depression is either worse, or the med is no longer working, anyone else have this problem??


what kind of withdrawls are there?


I was on this medication for months for depression when I was 15. I can honestly say it did nothing for me. My mood didn't change one bit over the course of 6 months with constant adjustments to my dose. Thankfully I eventually found a med that worked and was medication free by the age of 19. This was in combination with therapy, of course.


This pill has made me loose weight, I feel not fatigued and more wanting to do stuff again and look pretty again I use to dress up all 1950s then one day just looked like a bum and not shower for a week or do anything then I started this and bam it changed after the 4 week period it kicked in and I could feel the change.


I've tried so many of these type of drugs. Some made me feel suicidal. As soon as I started taking Prozac, I don't have thoughts of suicide, before I had them every day and cried all day every day. It's a Godsend to me.


I take 40 miligrams a day ot top of that i go to talk therapy.and walk


Deep depression after the loss of my son to brain cancer. continue taking.


no side effects like with amitryptaline. still feel weepy, however, starting cbt in new year so going to stick with it


I started taking this medication for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and occasional panic attacks. It has worked wonders for me. I haven't noticed any side effects and I just feel normal again. I only wish I would have started this years ago.


I have been on this medicine since I was 16 years old when I started at 10 mg a day now I am 21 and I take 60 mg a day. This med keeps me calm and is very helpful in helping with my depression. I had taken myself off the medication due to money issues and I have to say that you should never do that! I was having a horrible time and you should always stop medications under a doctor's watch. Since I have restarted I have experienced some nausea and insomnia other then that it is working great for me and this happened the first time I started taking it and will go away again. All and all I am very happy with this medication and all of my family and friends say they can see a diffrence in me!


I have read a few reviews and just had to say something. First of all-everyone has different reactions due to their chemical makeup. This medication has to build gradually in your system.You can build a tolerence to it, so you may have to start and stop a few times. It takes at least 3-4 weeks to have an effect. I've have taken this medication for over ten years. I recently tried several others because my migraines were getting worse. I will be going back on this medication because it is wonderful. If you are having any difficulties talk to your doctor right away, and if you are taking multiple medications. Its perfect for some so do not let these reviews scare you. What should scare you is going through issues alone when you should talk to a professional.


i have tryed to come off this medication for years but cannot! it is very additive no matter what they say!


My experience with this treatment was life changing.xa0 I was 15 when I had chronic headaches so they put me on a different antidepressant to help with my headaches.xa0 That pill gave me depression so they prescribed Prozac.xa0 Shortly after I started taking it my depression worsened and I started "self-mutilating".xa0 My ignorant doctors decided that was part of being a teenage girl, so they upped my dose.xa0 I was unhappy for 3 years and experienced effects when trying to quit, much like I hear people talk about drug addiction.xa0 If it works for you, great, but take the warnings seriously to stop taking it as soon as it gets worse, whether your doctor thinks so or not.xa0 Upping a dose isn't always the solution.


I have been taking prozac for a year now I and love it for the most part. Helps with my depression but recently been having new manic times.


This makes me incredibly tired. I sleep more hours a day than I am awake. I also started having more severe panic attacks within 2 days of starting this medication.


I have been taking SSRI antidepressants since July. I started out on Lexapro which seemed to work very well. I had to switch due to insurance issues (they wouldn't cover it). The we switched to Celexa (the generic brand) and that didn't seem to work. The depression and irritability resurfaced. I've been on Prozac for 3 weeks and I think it is causing the mucus/phlem problem that I seen to be experiencing. Every morning my gag reflex seems to be heightened and I feel like my sinuses are full of mucus that I can't get rid of. Anyone else experiencing this?


very effective calmness


I have been on this medication for only a week, but I started feeling the effects right away. I started taking it due to anxiety and stress, and it has helped a great deal already. It doesn't make me tired, there's been no loss of energy, and I seem much more relaxed. My husband noticed the improvement after my second day of taking it. I was having severe anxiety due to worrying about things beyond my control, and feeling like something bad was going to happen to my children (I'm OCD when it comes to their safety). The worrying was consuming me. After 1 week I have already noticed I do not worry as much. So far, I am satisfied with this drug.


It worked the same day, I lost 20 lbs, did not feel druged, just back to normal. My cardiologist says it is also good for my neurocardiogenic syncope.


This medication has made me so I stop crying constantly but I am have very sweaty hands and feet and I for no apparent reason will go into panic attacks (kind of internally) I don't think other people notice but I DO. I'm just wondering if I should increase from 20mg once daily to a higher dose or change to Paxil which was effective previously? Each came with there side effects.


dry mouth, sweating, chills, nausea, loss of appetite


I have PTSD, Anxiety, OCD and Depression. This medicine has tremendously helped my anxiety go away. My OCD has toned down so much that I am able to live a happy life and my friends/family see a better me. I ccan think clearer now and am much happier. No more depression (except when my script ran out and I did not get it filled for 5 weeks). Have been taking it for almost 2 years now.


I was prescribed 20mg Prozac for anxiety. I have been taking this med for 3 months. The first day I took it I felt incredible. I was in a great mood and this med also helped with my anger issues. Prozac did make me sleepy for the first two weeks, but it only made me sleepy when I was not busy doing something else. About a week into taking my meds I realized I was having incredibly weird dreams, but not normal weird dreams; really off the wall; who dreams this kind of stuff, dreams. My dreams are more vivid and they are so out of this world that I actually remember them enough to be able to tell someone about them in detail! Even the normal nightmarish dreams are not really scary, my dreams are pretty comical! I am in my 3rd month and I donu2019t really feel a change so my doctor prescribed me 40mg. I was very scared to take this medication for the first time, my doctor told me not to go to WebMd and read the reviews of this drug. As soon as I got home I went to this website, but the reviews proved my doctor right. He told me everyone reacts differently to this medication and to not scare myself into a panic attack. Sometimes it can be hard to find someone who understands what you are going thru unless they are going thru the same thing. I find it comforting to talk to people who have my condition because we are all able to relate to one another and the biggest thing is that we have sympathy for one another and not empathy. Our doctors and psychiatrists can only tell us what to take and listen, but they truly do not know how it feels to have your heart beat so fast that you can actually feel it, or when your body begins to shake uncontrollably; when your throat feels like it is closing up, you just want to get out of your own skin because you truly do not know what to do! This is an awful feeling, and to have someone to tell you to just calm down and breathe makes it even worse because your mind is so powerful it wonu2019t let you. I hope this med works for you, Good Luck!


My doctor was treating me for major depression disorder. After trying several different medicines, I have found that Fluoxetine (20mg) has made a difference in my life. I was so depressed that I didn't want to leave my home and even had to take a leave from work. I'm also taking Clonazepam 0.5mg. twice a day. Although I seem more out spoken now, I feel a lot better than before.


PLEASE READ My brother recently got this medicine and was not asked about any past suicide attempts and or if he had any suicide thoughts, because he was not seen by a licensed medical doctor at the doctors office that provided the prescription and after he had been taking flouxetine for 2 weeks he shot his head off with a double barrel shot gun. Because he was never asked about his depression or saw a doctor the day he was handed the script or was followed up on for any of the warnings signs on this drug.rnFor anyone thinking about taking this medicine please make sure you are under the care of a licensed medical physician and or doctor and make sure they take the time to ask you the right questions and follow up with you. Please do not take this medicine unless your sure you have a relative or friend with you and can speak for you and discuss your medical conditions with your doctors office (please waive your rights to the HIPA law) because can not count on the doctor or the person handing you the prescription to know or care to take the time in your 2 minute long visit with you to know what is your best health.


I have yet to take this med. I have read nothing but bad a bout it. I have had 2 children and a tubal done in wich I DO NOT RECAMEND TO ANY WOMEN! I have PMD and NOTHING the Dr has put me has worked not even birthcontroll & I am to young for hormone treatments so thats out. Anyone have anyother ideas?


It helped with the mood swings and irritability, but over the years I have discovered I have next to no sex drive.


I just started treatment a couple of weeks so maybe after a 4 weeks I 'll send in another review.


I never thougt I could be happy again after having a tubal done. Then I had a friend sit me down and tell me about przac and what it has done for her.I then contacted my Dr explained what was going on with me and to this day I have never felt better. I love myself and life. to me that says alot!


This medication has changed my life. Before I could barely go to work or even leave home. Now I never miss a day of work and have become quite social. I'm on 60mg after a suicide attempt when I was being lazy and had just stopped taking it for about 8 monthes. I have no sexual desire which may be a side effect but its good to be alive. Also I cannot take my meds without food or I get horrible heartburn. I am not on any other medications.


The drug itself worked to make me feel better, but to the people around me it made be a demon. My husband actually told me he thinks it made me crazy. I would say and do things that I dont remember saying or doing. I also would fight and argue alot but i didnt realize i was doing it. I have stopped taking the drug and now my family says i am alot easier to get along with and i dont feel crazy anymore.


Started taking this medication ten days ago for dysthymia (chronic depression) and IBS-A. I take 10mg of the liquid generic fluoxetine in the morning every day. I have experienced a great deal of drowsiness and hypersomnia, which was honestly pretty nice at first, as I wasn't sleeping much before due to the depression, but after a few days it became a huge inconvenience. By the second week of treatment I was constipated. At the moment I haven't had a complete bowel movement for five days and I feel bloated, crampy, and miserable. My IBS hasn't been this bad in a long time. There has been no effect on mood, although, to be fair, the medication isn't supposed to take effect for a few weeks yet. I'm planning to go off this medication and try something else.


After suffering for years with GAD & depression,I found a Doctor who knows what is wrong with me.Other doctors told me my problems were from pms & tried the depo shot for about a year wich made my syptoms worse. Within a week aftet starting this med I am back to my old self and feel great and had no side affects.I feel this drug has saved my life .


I have taken this for a month now and have quite severe headaches with vomiting and diarrhea. Will probably not continue it.


ive been on it for 16 days and havent notice that much difference a little thats it


I have general anxiety and find that Prozac works in some situations and not so good with others. The sexual side effects (difficulty ejaculating and decreased enjoyment) combined with the general lack of interest I am experiencing are making me consider other avenues for treatment.


took med while carrying twins. Babies delivered a bit peemie but healthy. They are 15 yrs now and very healthy with no depression, anxiety, etc. Had to stop taking because built up tolerance, may have been a problem with the generic. Went on effexor for a year... no good, going back on Prozac with strattera for ADHD


I sensed almost immediate relief after succumbing to serious anxiety problems my freshman year of college. Within a week I felt more productive, and was able to accomplish simple tasks with relative ease. Since medication usage, my focus has incresed during class, while socializing, and countless other activities. After taking the medications for approxiametely three weeks now, my uneasiness has gone up slightly. I definetely reccomend this product, especially because many of the sideeffects listed are not prevalent in ,y life.


This med did nothing for my panic attacks. I took it for about a month and nothing still looking for my cure.


fill like living again


My doc gave me prozac 40mg, I have taken 3 so far, I have 6 side effects and feel like I am dying, agitation, tremors, shivering, my eyes are broke out on the third pill, diarrhea, flu symptions, bad dreams, seeing things not there, my brain feels like it is moving around in my skull, I cannot make clean sentences, I am speaking a lang I dont know, My spelling is off, my tongue feels burn, my mouth is so dry I have to dry all the time, at nite was the worst I had have the heat on 80 or more, wear way to many things to bed, have to have 4 blanks on me. I was still shivering, my temp was 97.5. The flu symptions, running nose, head ache, shoulder pain, this med all but killed me. It has one been one day without it and I am a little better I am not shivering all the time, my speech is coming back normal, my tongue is still on fire, I am still seeing things that are not there, I hate this medicine, It needs more study or taking off the market. anxiety, I had so much engery I could not be still, restlessness, fast heart beat, urined toooo much. I hate this medicine. I have stopped taking it. The fourth pill would of killed me and I am sure of it. I hate this medicine


it took my Doctor awhile to get the dosage straight.I am now on 40mg p.d. Sometimes Irnstill feel depressed but not suicidal.The holidays are coming up and I already fear the worst.


I took Prozac years ago. Because of switching health insurance, the new carrier would not cover it. I went through three or four different meds and none worked real well. Switched jobs...was able to get the Prozac again and feeling good. May not work for everyone, but works well for me.


I first used this 20 years ago and felt like a zombie. Due to losing a job I could not sleep. I now take it in the a.m. I was a little sleepy in the a.m. but after a short while felt terric and had a great night's sleep. I take 2 other meds so this may not be for everyone. But my irritability has vanished and I feel hopeful. Be careful taking this with other meds and tell your doctor EVERYTHING you're taking.


I was very depressed after the death of my father and I also have been told that I have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from being raped at the age of 16, so I have found that Prozac is very helpful.


I have been on this medication for eleven years (since I was sixteen). Initially, I did not notice a difference. However, I have attempted to ween myself off of it over the years (which I do NOT recommend without doctor's consent) and after two weeks, I noticed that without it I am not able to think as clearly, I am very irritable, and I consistenly see the glass as half empty. For me, this drug has been very helpful. The one downside is that I absolutely have to eat with it or else I get terribly painful reflux.


I'm peri-menopausal. I can be very irritable. The slightest thing can put me in a rage.This has effected my job and relationships. I've tried all the drugs but Prozac eased the monster in me. The side effects, rare but I coughed none stop, I was exhausted -worse in the morning trying to get up. Due to the exhaustion I stoped going to the gym and gained 40 lbs. I had itching, but not all the time and that's also a symptom of menopause. I was on the gen and stopped because I couldn't take the fatigue any longer. But my anger and mood swings worsened. So i'm going back on prozac but i'm going to try the real drug, not gen. Doc is going to give me a small sleeping pill see if that helps with waking up all night, hence the exhaustion. I'm going to force myself to hit the gym. The side effects are not as bad as the rage and mood swings I experience without it.rnHope this helps. rn


It made me not depressed. I was able to focas.rn


I have been on Prozac for 20 years, since it was first available. I have tried others, and tried weening off it completely. Nothing else has worked for me, but I do have memory loss/lapses, but not sure if it is from the longterm use. Any side effects I have way out way the depression I suffered before Prozac.


Prozac helped alot when I started taking it but I started to get an allergic reaction to it. I recently started on Lexapro so hopefully it's still as effective.


9 years ago I almost ended my life, my doctor and therapist put me on zoloft first, then 1 1/2 years later they put me on prozac which I have been on ever since. It has saved my life with no side effects. I have tried to go off it myself just to see if I could and I can not do it, I need my meds like a diabetic needs theirs!


This is the second time in 10 years I've been on Prozac. Prozac is helping my mental condistion a lot. But I am ITCHING from head to toe. Does anyone know of a good way to handle the itching, such as a medicaton to counteract it? I don't want to come off the drug, since it works much better than ohers. But I feel like I have fleas or something...


This is only my 5th day on Prozac. Today is the first day I've felt anything, I feel sort of out"up" and a little drugged and a little buzzy, kind of tingly. I have been slightly nauseated after taking it, this is the first antidepressant I have ever tried, but I've become desperate and constantly down over the last couple months from feeling a total lack of control in my life and my husband leaving for a year-long deployment to the Middle East. I really hope this works, I know it can take a couple weeks to kick in. I am nervous of side effectsk hoping I won't gain weight... we'll see!!


First of all, for anyone struggling with depression, we have all been told that exercise is also a key element in fighting depression. When taking Prozac, or any medication for depression, it goes hand in hand with exercise. I have found this drug to be amazing after two short months. I feel absolutely great, like I never have before, love my life and my children/family and have done a complete life turnaround. However, for those of you who enjoy a few cocktails, with the holidays approaching, BEWARE!!!! Three glasses of wine used to be nothing for me before the medication, and now after 3-4 drinks, you can have blackout instances without even realizing it. It is really scary. Please take control and caution on the alcoholic intake come the holiday season. It can be very dangerous for those who are new to the drug.....


I have been taking Prozac for over 10 years. I love it in fact through the yrs. they have tried other things and nothing else would work like prozac. Mental illiness runs in my family so I have a long history. Sometimes though late fall I start feeling a little depressed and I wish I could find something else out there to take with my prozac to help this. Christmas is suppose to be a happy time not sad.


our son was prescribed this med for aspergers, its been helpful with the anxiety and OCD that comes along with aspergers.


This medication helped me drastically change my moods and attitude. I was hesitate at first, but I spoke with my doctor and he recommended it. I've had NO side effects what so ever. No sexual side effects. Just a all around good feeling.


This is the first anti depressant I have been on and it worked great. I'm on this for my OCD which I would get anxiety from and my violent outbursts where I would change from happy to sad within seconds. I still have some OCD, but this has helped maintain it where it's not controlling my life. My anger has gone away dramatically, I haven't had an outburst pretty much since I've started taking this. I don't have anyside affects with and I've been on it for about 7 months. I would recommend this for anyone with OCD or anger issues.


i lost weight on this medication but then after a while gained about 1/2 helped with my depression but had side effects and i eventualky had to change affected my ability to urinate as well as I developed tremors in my hands, rapid speech and uninhibited behavior...but it was effective for the depression .....


Oh my gosh this sfuff made my entire body seveirly itch for days... I guess I need to try something else.


I took Prozac for over 4 years. It is the generic brand that caused me problems. Also, after I had a hysterectomy it did not work for me. I am willing to try it again.


I have been taking the generic form of Prozac, for about 8 to 9 months now and lately (within the past 3 or so months) I have been having some weird muscle spasms in my arms and especially my legs. I didn't ever think much of it until recently when it started getting really bad, I went on here to figure out what was wrong and I saw that the medicine can cause this. I don't see my psychiatrist for another month and I plan to tell him then, but has anyone else had this problem?


I've been taking this for about 3months. I feel so much better! It is amazing the difference. It was really neat to see the change in my thinking and attitude. I haven't had any side effects and I take 10MG a day. Dr. wanted to increase it and I didn't feel it was needed. Also, spiritual meditation has been much better!!


i've only been taking Prozac for about 2 weeks and have yet to see an improvement in my depression. I find that some days my depression is worse than before i took it. I've experienced dizziness, severe drowziness, weight loss, loss of apetite, nausia, irritability, and still have that feeling of emptiness. I was wondering if anyone taking this medication has experienced small sores on the inner lip and numb taste buds? I'm getting concerned.


my doctor put me on 20mg then uped it to 40 and I started feeling sick which went away after i started eating before taking the medication. It has somewhat helped with my depression, but I'm not going to say it works for everyone. Theres tons of other options if you don't think its working for you're state of mind. Sorry in medical school at Baylor College Of Medicine.


I have used Prozac for depressixf3n AND bulimia. I knew I hace bulimia, but once I decided to get help, I was also diagnosed with depressixf3n. I feel more mellow now, but my dosage was upped from 20 mg/day to 60 mg/day, not because of my depressixf3n, but my bulimia. I have lost weight, but I also started a diet with a professional, since I used to be obese, until about 7 years ago, but still had to lose about 20 lbs. IT HAS HELPED ME.


iv been on prozac about 5 months and it has worked for me but very slowly , at first i hated the drug i didnt think that it was for me but my doctor said to proceed taking it , i had more thoughts of suicide i became very irritable and anxious. for the first 2 months of being on prozac i thought that there was nothing for me , but now i feel differnt , i do have occasional direah and i do suffer from being confused but overall i think that prozc is a good A/D although it's not a mirracle drug i found that it helped me , if i didnt proceed taking the drug i doubt if i would be here to write this now . i recomend to people to try it for at least 2 months.


prozac was working to help with my depression until i was taken of it due to an allergic reaction.


Started taking 1-2 20mg per day and I felt I was about 50% of my old self. Under Drs order I was able to up the dose to 80mg and was about 90%. I do feel fatigued some days. I can remember better. I have more energy. I have lost 43lbs. Sex is limited.


I am one of those "Hard to treat patients" I have been told. The very 1st time I tried Prozac it worked great. After one and a half, to two year it became less effective. Since then I have tried many other A/D and have not found any A/D's that I would say have helped much.rnThanks Mymy


Prozac made me crazy. I did not want to be at work, when I would get home I didn't want to be there either. All I wanted to do was sit in a ball by myself and eat. I through it in the trash after takeing it for 4 days. Never again.


I have tried different types of antidepressants and Prozac is number 1 in my book. I love it! I have been on it for almost 2 years and my depression is very minimal. It makes me sleep good at night and I feel good all day long! I am on 40mg of it and its awesome! I would recommend this to anyone that has depression and anixety and OCD.


when i first started this meication i fought with my boyfriend i have been forgetting things


I hate prozac, every side effect I have. I have severe insomnia, i get dizzy, i don't eat ( i like this one though), I get irritated easily, I'm always tired and I feel week. I can't work like I use too. My temp is up and down. I feel sweaty then I'm shaking. I figured all the side effects would just go away, my doctor told me to stick with it and they'll fade. But I can't get in touch with him for 2 more weeks (I go to a free un insured place for working people). So I decided to stop taking it. I slept! For for two days. I had major withdraw symptoms. So I am now taking this awful thing till I see my doc. I'm going to try breaking them in half and taking half the med out to get myself off of it. I can't wait two more weeks like this. I feel awful.


I took this brand name prozac 20 mg. daily. worked for 6 months, but with side effect of lower sex drive. Years later tried it again and had very bad stomache pains using this med. Retried it a year later and had same problem of severe stomache ache pains. Would never try it again. Also seems to cause some hostile feelings. Would never suggest going higher than 20mg. daily. Would never suggest for young person(teen).


I have been suffering from anxiety and depression for some time doctor has tried many medications none of which worked.she put me on prozac 10mg,trazadone 50mg,and buspar for my anxiety.. this drug has worked wonders on far no side effects.i find my self laughing all the time i think it works a little to good when sad situations happen i find myself almost numb to anything sad.i was scared at first to take it because of all the neg effects on people but for me this drug has changed my life.i'm back to me again.


Prozac is the number one drug for me! Help me with depression, mood swings. Makes me more motivated i can actually get things done. Thank goodness for PROZAC!!


This medication is indeed effective but one very important side effect is weight gain. I gained 30 pounds in a year's time with no other major changes in my life. No diet change or lack of exercise. The only thing that I was doing differently was taking the medication.


I lost weight, which I initially thought was great. After 6 months I realized I was numb, completely inattentive, and felt trapped by having to take it every day or else experience withdrawl side effects. Prior to this I took Zoloft, and just got prescribed Lexapro. Will keep posted on results.


Both times I took this medication I ended up being hospitalized for suicidal ideation, the second time with a suicide attempt. The first time I was being treated for what they thought was depression, so I was only put on Prozac, which sent me into mania. I guess for that I'm slightly greatful for the drug because it clued my doctor's in to my bi-polar disorder. The second time I actually was taking Prozac with a mood stabalizer, and that time I actually ended up being hospitalized because of the Prozac. Needless to say, I'm not taking it, and won't touch it with a ten foot pole anymore. Even if it made me feel really really good at first.


It has really worked for me.


Prozac helped me get out of depression. It also helped me loose weight. However, after taking it for a few months I started having virtual reality dreams. The dreams were so intense they scared me. I gradually stopped taking the medication. I cried a lot when I quit.


I've been on Prozac for 20 years. Once I had to stop taking it (about a year ago) because I realized it had stopped working; the Lexapro wasn't good, but it got me off Prozac for a bit (1-3 months? can't remember), and the Prozac was just great after that. Unfortunately, my dr. told me to try Cymbalta; after 2 weeks of constipation, extreme dry mouth, worsening of an OCD symptom, and depression, I just can't wait for my new prescription of Prozac (generic) to be filled.


This medication changed my life. I was in such a dark place; suisidal and anxious all the time. I was suffering from an uncontrolable hunger that left me feeling like I was starving. For the first time in twenty years I am not hungry constantly, I don't have to take my ques from others on when to stop eating. I have energy and the self recrimination has stopped.


I took this medication for about 1 year and it did wonders for me. In fact my body let me know when it was time to stop, sometimes you have to listen to your body




I really became crazy on this medicine. I had such hypo-mania and severe mood swings. It changed my thought process also..I became wreckless...I also began losing tons of weight(which I was already underweight) When I stopped, I gained a lot of weight..but I got back to normal...When I was on it I wouldn't stop talking, even when I knew I was talking too much,,also very paranoid. People accused me of being on drugs...yes, it was that bad..also, my grandfather killed himself(which was really unexpected & out of character) while on Prozac. I felt like that all the time...I really felt crazy..real happy & then so sad I didn't want to live..I can't even tell you some of the horrible things..just be careful. Some of it is probably me, but I have been fine for 3 years after stopping it and not being on anything. Good luck all.


I have been on prozac twice before, and just started again. Both of the other times, I felt edgy and antsy in the beginning, and then the anti-depressant aspect kicked in and I felt pretty good. This time, I've been on it 4 weeks. It has helped with anxiety, but the depression is still here, and still pretty bad in the mornings. I've never felt this erratic with it before, so I don't know if this is typical, or maybe related to the fact that I've gone on and off it a few times, or am not up to the dosage I last took or what. But overall, the last two times I felt it was my miracle drug, so I'm going to give it more time this time and hope it works again.


Do not use this if you are easy anxious. I only took 10mg and it made me very hyper and anxious. I did not like it.


i took prozac for about 3 and a half weeks and it made me high stung and angry and made my G.O.D. (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)worse i would think twice if you already have anger problems


I have been on this for a month and I feel mellow all the time, I have noticed I am loosing weight and don't feel the need to eat or get full fast I sleep better at night and all around much ontent with everything.


I take 30 mg. per day of Fluoxetine (Prozac) in the morning. I have been on MANY medications for Treatment Refractory Depression and, this has been my life saver. I tried it many years ago, and became very agitated / akathesiastic at only 10 mg., so, when it was suggested to me in replacement of Imipramine during a recent life crises I was hesitant, but figured I had nothing to lose at that point. I am so happy that I did. I have my life back.rnrnI also take 70 mg. of Vyvanse for A.D.D. in the morning, and have noticed that Prozac really helps to even out the stimulant mood variations (I used to take Adderall which made me go up and down alot), and I have noticed that Prozac along with a stimulant makes the stimulant effect noticeably less mood-altering. I feel less "Up" from the stimlant, but also don't feel it can bring me as "down". To the point where the only difference I can see is that, when the Vyvanse isn't in me, I am just much less organized but my emotional world is not much different. rnrnI also take Trazadone, 50 mg. per night for bed as Prozac makes me noticeably prone to fatigue during the days and insomnia often. This is a great medication for regulating circadian rythems.rnrnProzac SAVED MY LIFE from a VERY dark place.


I took Prozac during my entire pregnancy, stopped for about 3 months and recently started taking it again three days ago... yesterday I experienced a severe migraine and after having migraines only during pregnancy have finally associated this ailment with the Prozac use. Has anyone else experienced this? I also tried Effexor (37.5mg) and could only use it for a day due to the intense physical side effects (sweating, mouth sores, it was awful). Any suggestions on an alternative medication?


I have had MAJOR chest pains from this medicine. It has only been 3 days, and my heart feels like it is going to jump out of my body. (I guess it it's making my anxiety worse)! But like the other person's comment, I too have been in a great mood-soooo weird. If the pains go away, I will be happy to stay on this for my anxiety. I also take wellbutrin for depression and ambien to sleep, so I can't comment on how this drug would effect those issues however I am not obsessing about work, money, and other day to day things as I was-just 3 days ago! I just don't really care as much...


my daughter is 18.She has been taking Fluoxetine Liquid (do to her not being able to swollow pills)20mg in the morning before school. She also takes Depakote 125mg sprinkles 3 x daily.She is doing great. She is a little on the sleepy side but she keeps active. She has had no weight gain and her moods have been stable. Her self-esteem is coming back.I will see my daughter graduate this year feeling better and more confident then she has ever felt in years.All I have to say is be patient and read alot on Bi-Polar.I as a parent have been through so much and cried hoping something would help. We still have a long way to go with coping with Bi-Polar we want to be in control not the Bi-Polar.


I began taking Prozac many years ago following the death of my father by suicide. It helped, and I was later able to taper off and then quit. I resumed Prozac during a painful divorce and again got better and felt able to discontinue the drug after a time. Each time I remained off the drug for an extended period, however, my depression reoccured regardless of my current life circumstances. Currently, I have been on Prozac for about three years. I am perimenopausal and believe it is the only thing that keeps me from feeling the severe mood swings that are so common with the hormone fluctuations associated with menopause. I also attribute Prozac with saving my life as it has allowed me to function more normally than when I have not been taking it. There were many times I felt like giving up prior to taking this drug. Now, I can't imagine not living every day to the fullest. This is my experience but I would encourage people who try this drug to stick with it for awhile if the side effects are not too severe. For I believe, it is the long-term effects of the medicine that are so beneficial. I also take a small dosage of Trazadone at night as a sleep aid and take it and the Prozac only before bedtime. rn


Its Ok, I still feel tired all the time but my days have gotten better. not so much worry as before. no known side effects as of yet,


I first started to take this medication after my son died from suicide. It helped at first.I have been on prozac for several years now. I am now expeiencing mild memory loss, and my mind seems to wander aimlessly. Aftersome research, I discovered prozac contains fluoride, the same stuff as in toothpaste. Fluoride is an extremely toxic poison, which is even added to our drinking water. Fluoride has been proven to cause dementia, and can lead to alzheimers. Prozac is also been known to cause suicidal thoughts and tendencies. I have since stopped taking prozac, but am still feeling the effects of this toxic drug. I would never recommend prozac to anybody I cared about. Research all your medications...thoroughly before you take it. You will be very surprised at some of the ingredients they add to medicine. It is pretty scary stuff!! An informed patient, is a healthier patient!!rnGood luck, and good day!rnSundance22




Made me feel numb and a little slower, but it helped my depression and anxiety tremendously. I have tried some of the newer and more expensive drugs, but they don't wrok and make me feel quite strange. I found that I got acid reflux, felt like heart problems, if I took it just before bed time. I have had no problems since I started taking in the morning.


prozac is the greatest! I have tried almost everything and it is one of the older meds and I feel so much better with little side effects . I have to tell you if your depression keeps you in bed and away from life and you feel no energy prozac might be the one for you. i'm happy and loving life again


This is the fourth or fifth time over the last 15 years I have tried Prozac. Each time hoping for the famous results and instead, each time getting nothing except fatigue, complete loss of libido, weight gain, and only a slight change in mood for the better, on a few non PMDD days; one or two days of my two week PMDD. I have depression and it gets so bad before my period. My weight fluctuates 10-15 lbs before my period. My mood swings are scary. I have cramps for a week. So in a nut shell, I am a nut. In all seriousness, I have depression worsened by PMDD or PMDD worsened by depression. Either way, the Doctors always go back to "Let's just try adding some Prozac again, one more time." I think there are two or three days of the month, not during my PMDD time, I think I feel better. However, the rest of the month is not worth it. Tired and sexless? Those are the two best ways to make a married depressed and hormonal mother of two, in her 30's, give up all together! I did see a small difference in cramps too. If it did not wreck my libido, I would stay on it for longer than the three months I usually give it, to see if the effects would increase and perhaps I could see better overall longterm benefits.


I have been taking Prozac for three weeks. I started to feel better after only a few days. Sometimes I feel too good- like I cannot cry when situations are sad or frustrating. I sleep better now and my family has noticed that I am less irritable. Some minor side effects I have experienced include yawning and gas, but I woud rather deal with the side effects then go back to the way I was.


Within one week I felt like a new person. I had no idea how badly I felt until I began to feel good again. This was within two weeks of a suicide attempt after a very painful divorce. I have opted to continue treatment even though I was told I could stop taking it after six months. At first I could not sleep at all but that got better after about one week. Now I sleep well. I have the yawning side effect but I have control over choosing to give in to the tiredness. If I keep moving and stay busy it has little or no change on me and I am able to function just fine. I feel like me again. It worked very well for me


my symptoms have gone, i do not like the fact that i have a hard time climaxing during sex, other than that i am very satisfied


have not really got regular.


I had way too many side affects, couldnt sleep and had anxiety a lot. I felt like it did make a diff in my mood though as crazy as that sounds. I want to know if the side affects go away because i was only taking it for about 3 weeks... Did i give up too easily??rn


been taking since May. didn't realize how much I needed it until Istarted taking it. was VERY sluggish the first couple of weeks. has really made a difference in my mood. although i do yawn alot throughout the day.


has so far helped with my bulemia, but i am sleepy, have no sex drive, and my hands shake constantly!!!


Prozac has been the only anti-depressant that has worked with very minimal side effects for me. I have been on Wellbutrin, Cymbalta and Lexapro. My MD had to change my meds when my insurance changed and I opt'd to go back to Prozac even though I had to pay full price for it.


I took this 4 years ago and it didn't work and ever since I've been on Wellbutrin. It hasn't been working and through out those 4 years I've upped its dose to the max, so now I'm back on Prozac.I've noticed I yawn A LOT and get nauseous afterwords. It sucks, but other than that I'm seeing results. I only take 40mg a day.


before i took this medicine i was in a very bad mood and couldnt seem to get out of it. since i started taking this medicine, i feel like my normal self again. i really am thankful for this medicine.


cant tell much of a difference still tired all the time no joy same as before


my grandbaby is 10 years old is it safe for her to take


Terrible side effects-- anxiety attacks, tremors and hyper-ventilation. Did not treat depression symptoms at all.


Not interested in sex at all. A lot of constipation. Most annoying thing is a slight continuous "buzzing" in my ears.


34 yr old Mother of 2 in treatment for PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Difficulty etc...this med has helped me and my family gradually adjust to life on life's terms with a few bumps in the road. Still experiencing nightmares, but sex drive and daytime energy level is much higher than on previous anti-depressants. Quality of life has definately improved


It has been a descent drug to treat my depression but it doesn't work like some it does.


I have been on Prozac since about 2002rnUsed with a combination of a couple other drugs my Bi-Polar disorder is well under control. I don't have that "I don't care" feeling as some have reported. I feel if that is your reaction to Prozac, it isn't the correct treatment for your condition. My side effects are minimal compaired to the benefits. I sweat ALOT. I never sweated this much but I make a choice between being a functioning human and explaining why I have sweat pouring off me.


This was the first anti-depressant that I ever took. I didn't realize how deep into depression I was until the Prozac started working for me. My mood swings were eliminated, I liked my husband again, and I was happy...which was something I hadn't felt for years! I really wish I would have been brave enough years before to admit that I needed some saddens me to think of the "living" that I lost out on in my youth. rnI took it religiously for the first year, and then developed some sort of itchy body rash. Two biopsies could not determine the cause. After 6 months the rash went away. Near the end of the first year of 20-30mg I was frustrated that I even had to take anything, and felt like it wasn't doing anything for me anymore. I quit cold turkey with no side effects, but noticed after several months that I was reverting back to my mean self. Finally, June of this year I got back on at 40mg. It started helping right away, but now my body is once again consumed with this rash. My skin constantly feels like it is crawling, and I wake myself at night scratching, that is when I am fortunate enough to fall asleep. I haven't seen where anyone else has reported this side effect, but I can't trace it to anything but the Prozac. I haven't taken a pill in 3 days, and the swelling in the bumps is going down, and while there is still an itch, it isn't as extreme as it was. My doctor is going to switch me to Celexa, which I know nothing about. If it works the same, but without the itch, it will be a God send!


The negative side effects much outweighed the beneficial effects of this anti-depressant. It did facilitate professional counseling sessions for anger mgt.


less worrying!


prozac gave me hope although it took alot 80mlg I ended up feeling great and stop noticing my depression and then noticed LIFE, I felt very happy on this treatment, hopefully it can help you to.


I'm just a few days short of four weeks on 40mg once daily. It seems to be working. NOT magic but its helping.


i had a very diffcult time with this med. I gained weight (5lbs) in the first month. I also had terrible nightmares that were disturbing. I had to get off it. I'm currently trying wellbutrin and having better results


I gained weight since taking this drug and my mood has become almost too good since my GP increased it to 2 a day. I am going through a difficult time emotionally as my mother has had a stroke and has gone into a home. I had feelings of guilt and long periods of crying hence the increase in the dosage.


I have no sex drive. I was beginning to think that having no sex drive is normal. I must be nuts!!! It has helped with my Bulimia, but can't handle no sex drive. I have to try something else!!!


i was very hostile and aggressive when i tried prozac.


Someone please say exactly HOW safe this is during pregnancy and any experiences they have had with their newborn from taking it.


10 mg per day works great. Sometimes I get "too much music" repeating in my head, so I'll take it every other day until the music lessens. It's one of the only depression meds that is easy to go off - very few side effects during gradual withdrawal (unlike Paxil, Effexor, etc.)


dizziness upon switching process from paxil to prozac


I took Prozac for many years. After awhile, I got a kind of a tolerance, and I realized when my family doctor described it, I wasn't sufficiently treating my depression--which I have had for over 30 years, because Prozac is just a SSRI and I needed the SSNRI, the neuropinephrine part of treatment. I started to have "breakthrough symptoms" of crying and low energy. But it really helped with my premenopausal rough periods, unlike the Effexor I am on (which helps more for depression but not my periods.) Oh, perfection and the quest for it! I am just glad I met Prozac and I read Prozac Nation and all the other literature, Listening to Prozac. We will look back on this time in mental health and realize we had development of a good thing for a true brain illness. I am just grateful to have better meds. Now I need to accept my illness and stay on medication. And I am grateful for sites like this, psychiatric researchers and providers that care, pharm companies that do work on meds because they want to improve care for mentally ill people.


I enjoyed this drug and thought it was amazing. The only negative I could see was that I felt emotionally unavailable in times of sadness. It was almost too good to be true for me because everything seemed o.k. always.


only complaint is low sex drive


Prozac was the first of the new class of antidepressants I was prescribed, and I think it would have been the best one for me except I could not tolerate the side effects -- GI problems and an "up" feeling. While I was on it, I do remember thinking more clearly and acting more decisively. It has also had a good effect on my sister, who just started it recently. I recommend trying it because the side effects may or may not bother everyone.


I've only been taking Prozac 20mg 1x/ day for 2 weeks now so I'm not sure how it's doing for me, but I guess I can say I feel better, but almost to the point where I don't care about much! I sweat alot and think I've lost a few lbs, which is always good!! I figured I'd give it 6 weeks and see, if not talk to doc @ other options.


Prozac has been wonderful for me. I had a baby last year as well as my older step-daughters move in with us on top of having an 8 year too. There were so many adjustments for t me make and without this medication. I would still not be dealing well with everyone. I am also OCD and this has give me more patience than I have ever had before. Hallelujah!


it keeps me on 1 level, or mood. i feel alittle not so much energized than i was before i started to take this medication. Family and friends notice. But then again i don't eat like i should, such as before i take this pill, i normally drink coffee in the morning.


I was put on 20 mg. per day after the death of my Mom (my best friend). I have only been on it for 2 weeks but it seems to have helped with the crying all the time but now I just don't care about anything. I'm tired all the time and am always yawning. When I wake up in the morning I can't wait for evening so I can go to bed again. No energy at all, and I just feel totally emotionless. I don't laugh or cry, nothing. I am going to contact my Dr. this week and see what he thinks.


Complete life-saver for me, but i've been on it for over a year now and i'm not so sure it's effective any more. i am taking 60mgs and i dont want to go any higher because it does decrease your sex-drive at first. i dont think it's working BUt after trying effexor, zoloft, lexapro, paxil...prozac has helped the most for me.


I HAD been taking Prozac for several years. I had many (too many)conditions for which it prescribed...Bulimia, depression,Bipolar and panic attacks. (fun, huh?) I eventually stopped my Bulimia, but that was due to a wonderful treatment center and MUCH needed bathroom supervision. I don't credit Prozac with my 'cure'. Three months ago I was realizing that the Prozac was doing nothing for my depression-actually at a point, I felt as if was making me MORE depressed. I would yawn all day at work and immediately would pass out on the coach while watching TV...always. Along with the help of my Dr., we decided that Prozac wasn't for me. We decided to switch to (can I say this?) another form of antidression...W&*lb&^rin.rnI have my energy back, I don't pass out at 7pm anymore, gone are the days of yawning all day. I am SO glad that I am off of Prozac.


I just started taking Prozac 10mg... Even that small amount makes me drowsy, nauseous, dizzy, headaches, and bouts of laziness, so my doc told me to take it every other day until my brain gets used to it. I notice some results already but I am still weighing out my overall opinion. I have been having panic attacks associated with constant worry. It has seemed to curb the worry a lot... I am just very hopeful that I made a good decision... And after seeing these reviews, I am having a little bit more faith in the drug.


Prozac was very helpful for many years. I didn't have any side effects. It got me through a bad depression and gave me back the ability to enjoy life. Lately, it hasn't been as effective, so I'm going to try Cymbalta at my doctor's recommendation.


I started at 20mg, and was increase to 40mg. I have a history of anorexia, ADD/ADHD, and depression. I was taking adderall when I was taking prozac. I notice that I was getting panic attack everytime I took my medication. At first I thought it was the adderall so I stop taking it for a couple days, nothing change. Then I stop taking the prozac and started taking the adderall again. That's when I notice the panic attacks were coming from the prozac. Everytime I took it within an hour I would start getting paranoid. My doctor and I were surprise.




Prozac has helped me so much. I take it at night to avoid stomach upset. The side effect I have noticed is the sweating. I will just break out in these sweats when I am not ding anything. Other then that I am happy again.


I have had no bad side effects with this medication. I feel a bit better with 30mg..going to try it for another month and see if i feel a bit better. Overall...nothing bad to report..and Ive been on alot of meds that have severe side effects...good luck!


hello weight gain!! 25 pounds, i've now gone off this with care of doctor. i'' try welburin next. this did ellimenate hot flashes tho, but the wieght gain was a lousy trade off. i'd rather b hot


I started this medication about 4 weeks ago, having never used any type of medication for panic/anxiety attacks...After taking the 20 mg dosage once daily, I am having bad legs/arms feel like jello, I am constantly tired, yawning, and still having anxiety. Doctors wanted to increase dosage, I refused, I am weaning myself from this is NOT for me.


I felt better the first week I took this medication! I am so happy and feel like myself again. I was drowsy the first day and by day 2 I felt normal with 20mgs.


The only problem I have with this drug is I cant stay awake. I yawn all the time and I just want to go to sleep. My eyes get very heavy and it is very difficult to function at work like this. I get home from work in the evening and just want to crash on the couch, no energy level whatsoever. I have to force myself to get anything done.


I feel whole. I feel that I am who I am now. I feel peace.


I was taking prozac for my depression, Tourette's Syndrome, ADD and Anxiety disorders. Thats a lot on a poor little 19 year old like me. But after thinking something was wrong with me, my doctor put me on 20mg Prozac and I feel much better. I dont cry at everything and stupid little things don't get to me anymore. I dont stress out over stupid things like traffic and bills. I even sleep better at night. I am no longer confrontational with others. The only bad thing about it is that it makes my Tourette symptoms stronger but its worth the extra little tics I get. I can actually live a normal life.


It took about 2 weeks of taking the med consistently to begin feeling better. Now the constant sense of dread and sadness that I lived with for so long is gone, which is just fantastic!!! I still have to deal with small bouts of depression/anxiety, which I would consider to be at normal levels of every day living. The only draw back is that I find that I am a little drowsy at times (and I only take 10mg/day), but for the sense of peace that I have, the trade off is worth it!


Began taking after birth of baby. Had 2 year old and stressful job as well. This has been a life saver for me. Helped with ocd symptoms, I enjoy life now!


very low sex drive


I am sleeping MUCH better now that I've been on Prozac for about four months. I used to only get about 2-3 hours a night, but now I get about 8-9!


WHERE HAS IT BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE?! I love it. Had alot of troubles with depression related to my experiences in the Marines. Now I feel very content and relaxed throughout the day.


i have a lot of problems with my nerves,such as being paranoid and just stressed.this pill has helped me alot not at first but i kept takin it and it helps. I take 2 20 miligram pills twice a day dont be scared man you can do it god bless all. god is great


I am considering taking Prozac for my depression, but read on one website that one of the more extreme side effects is titanus (ringing in the ears). I haven't seen that on every website that talks about Prozac though. Has anyone experienced that? That condition ruined my girlfriend's life and I am worried about taking a drug that may cause it. Any feedback would be appreciated.rnrn


Loved it while it worked and then after 4 years it stopped working for me.


i have been on prozac for about a month now and it has restored my relationship with my husband!! I used to constantly worry about everything and it would put stress on my marriage but now with Prozac i have my life back!!Prozac really is a life saver!


My dr put me on this 4 months ago. It has been the best thing in my life since i had my kids. I am back to my old self. The best thing about it is I have lost 10-12 lbs being on it.


Before taking Prozac 20mg I was very very depress and unhappy with life, now I'm more calmer, happy and content with life and my husband is sooo happy with the results.


i take 80mg a day of prozac along with 900mg of lithium and now 40mg of geodon and i feel like the prozac is helped but it seemed like it took the dr to up my amount before i saw changes. i still have my days that i also need risperadol 100mg for my rage but all in all i would give it two thumbs up. ( just dont srink on these meds i made that mistake and boy does it intensify the alchol.)


Depression has improved along with anxiety and ocd symptoms. Some side effects not commonly acknowledged that i've experienced are frequent outbreaks of acne, however not severe. Also experience some nausea and loss of appetite. Have also noticed a dramatic difference in the number of headaches for the better. Before starting on meds headaches occured at least daily and were severe where as now i get them rarely.


Prozac saved my life and is the BEST antidepressant (for me)when treating PMS.rnMy fathers life was HELL because he couldn't tolerate benzodiazepines. I inherited his genes for anxiety and depression- but was lucky enough to be in the generation of SSRI antidepresants.rnI thank God for Prozac.


I've been on 20mg for about 4 wks. Read the reviews and side effects before I started taking the med & they scared me to death! Thought I would @ least give the med a try. Have had NO adverse side effects. I go to sleep better @ night & do not take any OTC sleep meds. (Took OTC sleep meds for @ least 2 yrs or more). Before starting this med, I cried alot over the least little thing and got very anxious during the day especially if there was the least little unsettling news. I also have a Rx for Xanax 1mg, but seldom use it. I have used this before in the past (because of my divorce and a VERY difficult daughter) and liked it, but I am very cautious not to take it unless I think I need it, I do not want to become dependent. My doctor told me that my family & friends would most likely notice a change before I would and he's right!


I just switched from celexa to prozac about 5 days ago, right now I'm not sure, I still feel really down. Does it normally take a while when you just switch from one anti depressant to another without weening down just one day my doctor told me to begin 20 mg of prozac because my celexa was not working and I was getting worse. Was anyone else slow to feel the effects? and how long to I continue before I tell my doctor that Im not feeling better.


I have no emotions.I feel as thou I am a robot.


This is the second time that I've been put on Prozac in eight years. The first time I was on it I was on it for 2 years. Since I've been on it this time around it's been about 2 and 1/2 months, I wonder how long it will work. Pesonally it is a wonder drug until it stops working, but keep at it, after being taken off of it and switched to some different meds but you can always be put back on it. Good luck all.


After being depressed since 1958 this by far has worked better than all the rest in the past. 10yrs. so far and no weight gain like the others. easy and cheap.


Some days are better than others, but overall it helps with dealing with everyday problems and my disablity, which I have been feeling like going out, instead of staying home like I did for 10 long years, just getting my life back sort of?


I was prescribed this for my depression. It has helped very much and I have tried lots of antidepressants. It also helps my panic attacks ALOT. This med has been a blessing for me!


Today is the second day. Does anyone report experiencing kind of a metallic taste and or feel in your mouth? It is starting to cause my tongue to rest on the teeth on both sides like a swollen tongue almost but not. I have had this before on high doses of Effexor XR. As if they have the same ingredient that my body already makes and it is overkill.


I started taking 20mg of Fluoxetine about a month and a half ago to try to get a hold of my depression. I have had depression on and off for probably 6-8 years or so (I am now 24). I've tried Lexapro, Wellbutrin, and another anti-depression medicine, but Fluoxetine seems to be helping me the best. Some of the other medications actually made things worse for me. I have been dealing with a lot of stressful things in my life over the past few years (and even more here recently), but this has definitely helped me tremendously. The only negative side effect I have experienced thus far with Fluoxetine is losing some sexual desire. This was/is a problem for me because my wife and I are currently trying to conceive. I have never had a problem in this department and actually I would say I had more desire when it comes to sex than most others. Just here recently I think I am starting to get back to normal a little bit in that department. I feel like my sexual desire may be coming back to me like it was before getting on this medication. Overall, I really like Fluoxetine and I think it's worth a shot if you are experiencing depression.


I have been on prosac for 3 days and I think they are making me more nervous.


My daughter was put on this drug and her condition became much worse than anything I have ever seen (and I have child with Bi Polar Disorder) I believe that this is one of the worst drugs on the market that a Dr. can give child!




After trying countless medications since the age of 10 for my OCD and Generalized Anxiety disorder, I have found Prozac to be the best. I actually lose weight while taking it, after breifly stopping the drug I actually gained weight, but lost it once I started it again. This drug has been a life saver, without it I constantly worry, fear almost everything. With it, I can live again!


I experienced postnatal depression. I had insomnia, irritability, and episodes of crying. My doctor started me on generic Prozac 20mg daily. The medication's effects were immediate. I felt much better from the very first day. I have been on the medication for about 5 weeks now and feel as though it is no longer as effective as it once was. I am calm now and stopped the crying episodes but I am quite fatigued, weak, dizzy and have terrible heartburn. I am becoming irritable again, have memory loss and trouble sleeping. I have also been unable to lose weight, no matter what I do. I exercise everyday and eat less and healthier. Not sure if I want to continue on this drug.


I am 32 now I took this when i was in my teens. I never noticed a dramtic difference in how I felt BUT my family did. They swear it worked wonders. Looking back now it did. I am just starting on it again now. A thing to keep in mind with anti depresants is that it takes time (sometime 6 months) to work. I know I have taken many of them but prozac worked best. I have noticed through my experience and reading up on it that some work well for people but not others, so even though this worked well for me it might not for you. DON'T expect a miracle from anti depressants they work gradually and you might not know it. Others will notice a difference in you more than you do.


I am taking 20 mg. The first 2 weeks were filled with horribly increased anxiety but my doctor had warned me of that possibility and gave me 0.25 mg Xanax to get me through. I'm on week 3 and doing much better. I sometimes wake up in the middle of sleep with an anxiety attack but those moments are decreasing. The only side effect I'm currently experiencing is the increased heart rate but it isn't enough to cause dizziness or shortness of breath. The anxiety is getting much better.


I started out w/ 20 mg then increased it to 40 mg. Showed no improvement in my Depression, still had crying episodes. Only side effect seem to be acne like bumps on face and chest area.


I was prescribed prozac during pregnancy and it did help with all the symptoms i was having yet i was unaware of the side effects it would cause my new born baby. At the time i was told there was no effect on the unborn child. When my son was born he was highly irritable and had alot of difficulty feeding. I have just recently read this could be a posible side effect of the prozac i was prescribed during pregnancy. If i knew the effects it would have on my son I would have never taken it.


I am much more calmer and much more happier now. There have been no thoughts of suicidal attempts with this medicine.


had to try lots of different ones but prozac has been a god send


I was diagnosed with depression in 1994. Prozac helped,yet it didn't. I felt better and like a zombie. Lost touch with my feeling. Didn't cry at all and gained 30 to 70 lbs. over the years. I also have sleep apnea now. I didn't before 94. I am on wellbutrin now. I am connected with my feelings again. Also motivated again to bring my weight down. Lost 30 to 35 lbs. now. With building back up some muscle tone.


it has caused my heart burn to increase,like gas,and pain in my stomach.


i have only been taking it for a couple of days now but i feel better. the only side effect that i have is, I am really tired all the time. gonna switch to taking it at night time and see if that helps


It works great, however I've gained 20 lbs... :-(


I've noticed my anxiety isn't as bad as it was, however, I am only on a 20mg dose 1x per day and some days I find myself having to take another later in the day, because of excessive anxiety issues.






After taking Prozac for many years at 60 Mgs daily, my wife was diagnosed with stage IV Lymphoma Feb. 14, 2007. Our life has been a living hell since then. Many Chemo. tratments, hospital stays, a stem cell transplant and nothing has helped. I did some research on the medications my wife was taking prior to the cancer. I went to Eli Lilly's web site and researched the side effects of Prozac. One of the side effects of a high dose is the inflamation of the lympnodes which can lead to Lymphoma cancer. I lowered the dose my wife now takes to 40 MG a day. We can not stop the Prozac now because of this horrible cancer and the depression involved. We are a young retired couple living a life of hell, I feel because of Prozac. Thank you for reading this and remember the most important thing in life is your Health and the Health of the ones you love.


worst drug i ever took in my life if you have ever seen prozac nation thats what it was like for me I WOULD NEVER TAKE IT AGAIN NOR WOULD I SUGGEST ANYONE TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!


i was ok with this drug...did make me more tired and I feel like i"ve gained weight...tried the diet and excercise and still gained.


awake tired feelin weird like rnbein hi or here but no sick to my stomache


Before using Prozac, I experienced a range of emotions between severe depression to feeling down and foggy. I also thought I had anxiety which was severe enough to cause shaking and most of the time just felt like constant static. I've been taking 20 mg generic Prozac for 10 months now and friends & family & I have noticed a very positive difference. For a time, I thought it was becoming less effective but my Psychiatrist suggested a Cognitive Therapy class. The combination of Prozac, 1-on-1 Therapy, group therapy, and the Cognitive Therapy class have each contributed to a significant reduction in my symptoms. I think it is normal to have positive and negative feelings when reacting to normal events in my life and that continues to happen ALTHOUGH the times when I get down about something do not last for extended periods of time like they used to and I don't get as severely depressed as before. I can still feel sadness about things but it's not the unreasonable "crying for no reason" that I used to experience. I consider Prozac one of many tools that my Psychiatrist has given me. I feel that it's the combination of the Prozac and the different forms of therapy that have eased my symptoms. Additionally, maintaining my weight and health and energy levels are important to me and none of these have been affected by taking Prozac. Now, instead of feeling depressed or anxious, I feel more positive, clear-headed, and static-free.


I have been on prozac for about a year. Had a year of therapy, tried to not take meds, but I started at 20mg and hit the perfect amount at 40mg. I am currently weaning myself off of it, and am having no trouble. I had NO side effects besides sleeping more, which is not so bad. I had no sexual side effects either. It worked a lot better than Paxil did.


I should have taken in sooner. I'm more like myself now.


I have been taking Prozac for 12 years and it saved me from abusing my family!


i am "me" again


i have been taking this drug for almos thalf a year now and i have seen changes for the best, i take a small dosage and i no longer have the effects of depression.


I gained 40 pounds in 2 months (from 115 to 155); I no longer cried every day, but the anxiety as a side effect was almost worse. I was in a perpetual state of fogginess, and just didn't feel right. I finally stopped taking it after a year a half, and got my life back. Have learned to care for myself more holistically, with exercise and good nutrition extremely important, as well as limiting harmful factors such as alcohol.


I have been on this medicine for approx. 3 weeks. I have just started to notice a change in my mood. It was very gradual so It took me a while. I feel so much better. Happy again!


I have been diagnosed with PTSD and Depression. The PTSD gave me anxity and panic attacts. Then came the Depression. I self medicated for years, Now I don't have to any more, first I was put on xanax and then just a couple of monthe ago I was prescrebed Prosac. Since the Prosac, which took about 1 1/2 weeks to get my system working together I have noticed that I don't have that underlying anger, or beating myself up every day for things that happened in the past. I have gained some weight, but I feel that once my body comes around that will drop off. Plus I will never let myself become anorixic again. This is a antidepresant I do recomend.


It's been 2 weeks since I started the Prozac. Depression struck me about a month ago and I could barely function, couldn't eat, sleep, could barely take care of my kids or put my mind to rest.rnThe first week I had a few side effects but they were mild. I experienced dizziness and dry mouth.rnNow, I can eat, sleep and take care of my kids. I am glad I made the decision to take this medication. I still have some anxiety and "negative" thinking but I hope that, with time and therapy, I will be my old self again.rnI was very reluctant to take any anti-depresssant, because of the few neg. reviews I have read, but the truth is it saved my life.


I cannot really give a true rating on this because I only started taking it 2 days ago. I have been on paxil for over 15 years and just switched to prozac 2 days ago. I would like to know if anyone has done anything similar and would like to know their experience on it. I am very concerned about weight gain. I was on paxil 10mg. but when i go higher, i gain weight within days even though the higher dose made me feel better. my dr. suggested the prozac 20mg. and i really don't know if it was my imagination but i wanted to eat all day yesterday. I love to eat but I have to eat very little to maintain my weight. My calorie intake is less than 1000 a day. I treadmill 40 min. at least 3-4 x a week. I want to be able to eat normally. My diet is actually very healthy also. Lots of veggies, whole grains etc. rnrnHas anyone had a switch of drug and the prozac made them lose weight?


In 1990 I was started on Prozac. I had had every treatment out there for severe depression. (hospitalizations,ECT and all of the antideppressants on the market)rnProzac gave me the chance to live life to the fullest once again. I have been on it for 18 years and I worry maybe that's too long but I'm going with "if it's not broke don't fix it".rnSince prograf I have never had to be hospitalized again. I have a great husband, job and family. I never thought that was an option for me.


Although I was somewhat concerned with a drugginess feeling when I first starting taking fluoxetine, It disappeared in a few weeks and I started being more productive. I probably have SADD also - I have been depressed and anxious since puberty (maybe before) 6 of my siblings are also being treated for serotonin deficiencies and appreciate the effects of Prozax.


Prozac is the only antidepressant that has ever worked for me and has no negative side effects.


I have been on 3 different anti anxiety meds and Prozac is the only one that works for me. Also, if i miss a dose on accident, i dont have terrible withdrawls like i did on Effexor and Lexapro. I feel "normal" and funcitonal again


I started prozac a year ago. Before, I was mean to everyone around me. No one could get along with me. Wanted to just walk into the woods and disappear or worse. Now I am happy with my marriage, job and parents. My family thinks it is the best thing I every did for myself and others.


The effects of this medication, for me, were horrific. Not only did it increase my depression and anxiety but,it also created irrational thoughts which seriously made me think and feel - as if I was going crazy, almost if I had totally "lost it" mentally. Actually thought about checking myself into the hospital, but feared if they admitted me, they would lock me up and throw away the key. Wow, it's simply frightening how 20 mg of Prozac can make a person think that they are truly going crazy and insane!rnI acknowledge that I do struggle with depression, but I also make a conscious effort to keep things in proper perspective. When I contacted my physician, she wanted me to increase my dosage. Obviously, I refused to continue on the same course - I would rather take nothing at all and "suffer from the blues", than suffer from extreme irritability,agitation, and irrational thinking. Thank goodness she switched me to Paxil - atleast now, I have no adverse side effects


I'm 40, had serious depression, ocd and high anxiety with panic attacks since 14. After taking Prozac for a week I've never looked back! All those symptoms are gone and life is great again. I don't worry constantly, stay in bed under the covers and cry because of depression and I don't obcess or things, like mistakes I've made, or that my kids are grown or tramatic events in my life. I've lost 30 pounds, have lots of energy and am happy 99% of the time. I am alive once again instead of struggling to get through everyday, not leaving my house because I was afraid of people, and the only real relief I got was sleeping, when I didn't have terribly traumatic night terrors. I can't tell you how prozac, the generic, has saved my life. Suicidal thoughts are gone too. I would recommend it to everyone. Thank God for my Doctor! I was so afraid of trying Prozac, but I'm so glad I did. I plan on being on it for the rest of my life. I take 20mg daily and I've been on it almost 5 months.


This medication has been very helpful I can concentrate better my memory has come back I am reading books again I am getting stuff done I can go on and on its just a great med so far.


Very good for treating those with a lot of worry. NO more suicidal thinking.


This medicine worked horribly for me. I didn't feel any better and it made me gain tons of weight. My doctor didn't believe me when I told her that I gained between 10 - 15 pounds in 2 months because of this medicine she told me that it was my eating habits. As soon as I started seeing another doctor and switched medications (which I was then told that this medication is mainly used for anxiety which I don't have), I literally droped 10 pounds in 3 days. If you have issues with this medication, trust me there are alternatives out there that work a lot better without the side effects.


I have been on the generic Prozac for 4 years now. It changed my life. I finally rnfelt like myself again after many years ofrnnot knowing what was wrong. I started out on 20 mg, then increased to 40 mg. Just a rnfew side effects - night sweats and a little decrease in sex drive. Also, lost rn35#, which was great! I have been very pleased, but now I am pregnant and will bernswitching to Wellbutrin per my doctors recommendation.


I was on prozac for several years and I felt as if it was not helping me. It did help some of the symptoms that I was having but it just did not take care of enough of them for me to really feel like myself again. One sure thing about it. If you find the right doctor, they will listen. I am now on cymbalta and loving it!!!


Right now I am on 40 mg and I think it is too much.rnI was on 20 before and that was fine.


i have been on prozac for about a month now. The only problems i have had are: i am tired alot of the time (but happy) and i have been having trouble when i urine.


It has helped with my depression but killed my ability to not prematurly ejaculate.


I had to stop taking this drug after two weeks because it was causing severe dizziness. I could not concentrate at all and it was very disturbing. Interestingly, I had no side effects for the first week. It was the second week when the dizziness started, and it just would not stop. I think it hit me once the drug built up in my system. I thought side effects would occur as soon as I started taking the drug; no one told me and nothing I read indicated that the problems could be delayed. I wonder if others have had this same experience. I was determined to be patient with this drug, but the dizziness was just too extreme. I know this drug has been great for many, but it just wasn't for me. I am going to try something else. Hope this is helpful to someone.


This drug has helped me so much. (The first 1-2 weeks on it made me feel awful...but I hung in there and now I'm fine.)I was very reluctant to take it at first (it took an unprompted crying fit in my doctor's office for him to ask me to consider it.) I was afraid it would turn me into someone I'm not, but actually, I feel more like myself (minus the excessive anxiety). I used to cry most days and worry to the point of having anxiety attacks. I no longer cry unless there's actually a reason. I do experience pretty serious fatigue (to the point where I fall asleep watching movies quite often). I've started consuming more caffeine and that has helped. (I would love any suggestions for what to do about the fatigue besides caffeine...)


I had been taking Prozac since 1994, I felt it wasn't effective anymore so last year I asked my doctor for something else. I spent a year on Lexapro. I just saw my doctor last week and I am back on Prozac, at a higher dosage. I believe that was all that was needed. With Prozac, my life is on an even keel again. I feel Prozac has the least amount of side effects and does not affect my core personality like Lexapro did.


this drug gave me back a normal life.Icould not be without it.have no side effects ever


Vietnam Veteren, this drug has given me back my life.Before taking Prozac i couldn't cope with the daily rigors of every day living. I couldn't handle other peoples behavior. I new there was something wrong i went thru four mariages, i wanted someone around but still pushed people away. I drank away my problems for 30 years, at least i thought i did. Ten years after i quit drinking i still felt the same. I finally got to the VA and got help through a Physicatrist. They started me on different Drugs,Prozac was the drug that has helped the most. Its given me my life back.


Prozac helped make radical changes in my suicidal depression and severe anxiety. I have been very happy on 60 mg of the drug for the past year. Recently, however, I feel that Prozac has stopped working as well, so I am currently talking about different options with my psychiatrist.


I was diagnosed with clnical depression in 1991 at age 41. I am 57; therefore I have been taking Prozac for 16 years. Literally, I am alive today because of Prozac. (I was suicidal at times.)rnI have found it to be very effective in the treatment of depression. I have had to increase my dosage over the years from 10 mg to 60 mg.rnThe generic Prozac does not work for me.


Like some other antidepressants, it was very effective in the beginning, then when it caused me insomnia, I started taking Neurontin at night. I thought this was the perfect combination at start as I was happy, more energetic, slept well, and no anxiety and no anger. Yet, after 3 months, my fatigue returned at a worse degree from the start, increased the dose, fatigue increased and agitation became worse. After I stopped it, I felt much better again for a while. Now I am looking for another medication. The Neurontin unfortunately retains fluids in my body and increase my appetite. The same experience happened a few years ago.


Have tried all kinds of medicine for depression. Have been on all kinds of medicine for depression for about ten years nothing worked. started prozac about 6 months ago I finally have my life back.


I been taking for about a month and a half and see no differce yet .


when i first take this medication it gives me a headache i also have strange dreams


i have tried many medications and prozac is the only drug that has worked. i am very pleased with the results i feel happy and in control again. i started off with 20 mg a day for two weeks and now take 40 mg a day. i have not noticed any side effects. i reccomend this drug to anyone who has had it and just feel hopeless and unhappy with their life.


I used to treat my anxiety with Paxil, but if I missed a dose, I'd be a mess the next day. My Prozac has a half-life of 72 hours, so even if I miss a dose, I'm covered. I'm far happier with this than I was with Paxil.


I am taking 70 mg. of prozac along with 20mg. of ritalin and I am still very depressed.


I took Prozac for depression, I would never recommend it to anyone! I felt like someone else was living my life and I was watching a movie. I couldn't concentrate at work, couldn't sleep, and worst of all, I had no sex drive at all!!


When my husband was deployed to Iraq I began to get depressed. With two kids at home and one with ADHD, OCD, ODD, and GAD it was a nightmare. I didn't think my paxil was working so I made an appt to get on something else. Turned out they put me on Prozac. I took it for 4 days and felt like I wanted to vomit and die. It was worse. I went back to the dr and said I'd rather up the dose of my paxil then try something new like prozac. I told them how horrible it made me feel. They said someone should never just stop and start a new drug within a day like that. The dose should've been monitored. Never ever take prozac.




I love this medicine. It's worked wonders for me. My whole attitude on life has done a complete 180!


Honestly I believe that without Prozac I would be a hermit who never left my home. I now work and can travel without panicing that I am too far away from a hospital. Also I can fly on planes now and even went on a 4 hour plane ride.


I have had trouble sleeping but it is making me feel happier and my symptoms of OCD are lessening


Doctor started me off with 2-20mg a day for me that was too much. Nothing much effected me. I cut it in half foe a couple of years. Now I take 1-10mg every other day. I hope to wein myself completly.


I used Prozac for 8 yrs for mild depression; very effective. Never manic or manic/depressive. In May 2007, took Mucinex DM for persistent cough. Began having double vision & manic symptoms. Later research revealed that DEXTROMETHORPHAN, a common ingredient in many over-the-counter cold products, can produce above side-effects in Prozac patients. Horrible experience. Don't find out the way I did. Always consider side-effects of other products.


It worked OK. Wasn't to happy with it..


My doc has prozac paired with xanax. The OCD & anxiety issues are almost history. Side effect of Prozac is sweating. But I SWEAT. Taking changes of clothes with me everywhere I go. During the holidays, spending 1 day with family...I have extra clothes. And I dress in layers IN CASE I get hot too quickly, I can unlayer. Doc says there is nothing that can be done for the sweating. I just cant believe that. Does ANYONE have this issue?? or know of anything I can ask my doc about that might be able to help?


Very effective with depression and anxiety.


I have posted before and since I up dose to 40mg per day I feel a little better. I still take xanax 3 x day. 1 for stress and 2 at night to help me sleep. so far so good. Has anyone had a problem with weight gain? When I first started prozac over 10 yrs ago I lost weight but was also going through a divorce so that could be the reason for the weight loss but now I am at least 50 lbs overweight and wondered if my body has adjusted to it and causes weight gain since I am not so stressed. any comments would be welcome


I suffer from severe axiety and panic disorder and am also a hypocodriac... With this said reading the side affect with this drug I am very nervouse to start. My panic attacks usually are set off by my heart racing that triggers fear that I am going to have a heart attack and I know that is a side affect from prozac but I want to be myself again I am 34 and I Just want to feel 34 and enjoy life will this drug help me can any one give me more info please???rn


I was prescribed this medicine to treat anxiety and stress (along with .5mg xanax). It has been a blessing.. No sexual side effects either- that was one of my biggest concerns.


I suffered from extreme hot flashes starting in July of 07, which I indured for 6 months until sleeping became an issue. My Dr. 1st prescribed Effexor, which was not covred by insurance so he opted for generic Prozac. What a difference it has made! The only down side is, my "already waining sex drive" has really hit "rock bottom". Oh well, I'll take that over night sweats, any day!


Dear impossible 1958-rnI would deffinetly reccomend uping your dosage. Don't worry you are not getting dependent on this drug, your body is just going throught changes. I stared on this drug in 3rd grade with 5mg daily and am now up to 180mg weekly,and my body has had no trouble makeing the changes. If your doctor reccomeds taking more, try it, you can always stop if you are not satisfied. Overall I have been very pleased with prozac ,it really changed my life.


I have PMDD and after years of struggling with I finally went in to be treated. I was not happy about being put on Prozac, but it has helped. I didn't notice a drastic change ... I just don't feel mad anymore.


I have been on Prozac numerous times and it has always been effective. My only problem with Prozac is that while not paired with a mood stabilizer Prozac has cause mania and once a suicide attempt.


I am having lack of commitment to doing things. I normally would not get sidtracted but since being on this drug for a couple weekes I seem distracted and can't get anything done! I'm thinking about staying off it until I am done with my school.


This medication is great for people who worry excessively. It softens the blows in life. I am thankful that this medicine is available to treat depression and anxiety. I have taken 40 mg per day for years. I remember what my life was like before this drug was prescribed to me. I am much better now. If you are relucant to try this drug, please know that it has helped many people. I hope you are one of them.


Started off with 40 mg, side affects were sweating, hands shaking. Told the doc this and was upped to 60 mg/day. The shaking and sweating got worse along with other symptoms. Got more agitated at work, but not so down at home. Have trouble completing my thoughts and am ditzy, was not like that before. i don't like it. Is there something else I should ask for or just give up meds?


Since I started taking Prozac about 8 months ago, I sleep a lot better, although I have frequent vivid dreams and nightmares. I also have lost about 8 pounds, and suffer from mild nausea and headachs. I only take 10mg, once a day. I also hav noticed an occasional fine muscle twitch in my right thumb, at random times


the well feeling crept up on me.


My motivation and drive to do things rnis down, but I'm not depressed - justrnnota as productive as I could be.rnIt is somewhat frustating.


diarrhea & loss of appetite


When I first started taking Prozaz, almost 15 years ago, it was a life saver. I was having panic attacks and depression. It helped both. After getting cancer and surviving it, I have become menopausal and seem to be more depressed than normal


I didn't think I had depression at the time, so I can't really say how it has effected me.


Been taking it since 1986...only side effect for me was weight gain. Tried to come off with doctor's help and crashed...tried generic and able to self medicate (upping dosage) when needed. Absolutely saved my life!! Loss of sleep and time change cause low depression and therefore I up by 20 mgs. until stable again.




Out of all the medications I've taken Prozac has worked the best for me.


I took every hormone therapy for a woman who went through menopause at 38 no period after 43 prozac was the last therapy for me and it works. Thank GOD for my female 40 yr old GYN on top of her game.


tried other meds- cymbalta made me severely nauseous, so am on 40mg prozac now and works much better. took about 10 days to really feel the benefits. was having crying spells, felt listless all the time, and just general dark thoughts and gloominess. mood has much improved, and meds didn't make me a zombie- i still cry every once and awhile.


Just started taking Prozac for being so emotional, more so a week before my period along with mood swings. I'm usually a very laid back person, however since my last child born Dec. 2006 I have never been the same been very deppressed. I hope this works. The only side affects I've had is drosey and not being hungry. I've been taking it at night so I'm not so sleepy. Have tried Celxa which did nothing. Cymbalta which did nothing and Effexor which gave me bad nightmares.


I haven't felt this good in a long time.


I take 40mg a day of Prozac. It really heped me. My Dr. has me on three differant meds and the affectiveness is great. I'm no where near depressed as I was. Not many crying spells. Of cource my anziety is still bad.


This medicine was very easy to use. It did make me very tired though. I have been on three meds and right now I'm on Cymbalta. All three have made me sleepy so that just might be something I am going to have to face. Prozac helped a little bit but also increased anxious thoughts and thoughts about self injury. It did reduce some physical symptoms though. Cymbalta is working much better!


I started taking prozac before there was a generic. I took it for a year and a half with outstanding result. After the generic came out my insurance would not pay for the real deal and switched my to the generic which had little or no effect. I gained my weight back and then some, I became tire and depressed again, and started having problems with my period again. I have never had this reaction with any other generic drug, but there is something different with this one and what ever is different is not working for me. I cannot afford the $300 a month for the real deal, the doctors can't find another drug that work and my insurance will not pay for the prozac. I am now up to 220 pounds and fight growing depression daily.


This medication seem to work very well for me. sometimes the dreams seem real.


I was always on edge and needed something to take that away. I had mood swings and would become sad in no time at all. My marriage was on the rocks before it came into my life because I would take things out on my husband and a minute later think that he did not love me. The mood swings have subsided and I find everyday life bearable to live through now.


My cat is an inappropriate urinater. Since being on the medication (5 mg ) once daily he has been more social and there is no pee on my carpet!


I've taken this drug for 6 years. I love it and experience no side effects.


I am 60 years old.I had been on prozac for 15 years and was very satisfied with it. I felt normal and enjoyed life. The only side effects sweating on my facial area and my sexual drive is deminished with some weight gain.I have recently been put on cymbalta for fibromyalgia. I rnfeel like a energy..can't get anything done. I am going to try to get off and go back to prozac.


I use to constantly worry and feel as if I had to be incontroll of everything. I am no longer a worry wort and i feel less irritable, and don't have my cry spells when I am not in controll. I overall feel better about my self.


My friends would gladly pay for my prozac if I could not afford it! It is wonderful. I take two 20 mg caps per day because I found Rx was less expensive than one 40 mg cap. Have taken this drug for over 10 years, at first to reduce irritability, then thru change of life and most recently thru death of spouse (depression). I decided a long time ago that life is way too short to live unhappy. I pray that I never have to live without my Prozac (and so do my friends!!


During the first week of using this medicine I felt extremely depressed and had a severe loss of appetite but after the first week, these symptoms improved. However, I also experienced extreme shaking while on this drug and very bad insomnia. I waited to see if the symptoms would subside and they didn't so I am now on another medication.


I wish I had taken it when I was younger. I can manage what ever happens without getting angry or upset. It does lower your sex drive and you are sleepy at first, but you are a better person for yourself and others.


I have gone from one pill a day to two a day. I'm wondering if I should try something else.


lack of intrest in sex with my partner and I do not get excited and have trouble having an orgasim.


I can't say, because I just started to take the medication. Wondered how it compares to zoloft?


Anxiety during a very stressful time in my life. Prescibed Prozac. Unsure at first, but I am so glad I did it & I am still me.


This did not work for me.


I have tried every depression medicine available besides wellbutrin. Prozac is a miracle drug! I love it..


I have been on prozac for for almost 17yrs. In the beginning it worked good. Have gone off a few times for short times but I feel better when I take it. Since it has been so many yrs I worry what side effects it could have on me. The doctor wants me to take 40mg.a day now but not to sure if I should. I would love to hear from anyone who has been on it a long time and if its ok.


I am feeling much better since I started taking Prozac. My outlook is positive and brighter. I don't feel sad or depress. I look forward to the future and not feel sad when I think about mistakes that I have made.


The biggest side effect is it makes me extremely tired.


I used prozac and it's generic for a year or so but the side effect became more of a burden than it was worth. There were high tend side effects when I got off the medication.


i was diagnosed with hep c approx 4 yrs ago and went on the interferon/ribivirin tx for 20wks, it caused anxiety/ it was given to me...the virus has remained undetected for 3yrs now and I want off the meds,prozac and xanax...Is there any testing to show I no longer need these meds?


I'm super angry all the time now, and I lash out and have suicidal thoughts...which never happened before taking it.


I have taken Prozac for nearly 12 years. It has been very effective in treatment of my depression and OCD.


This medication makes me super tired!!


I can't tell much difference since taking the drug for the past 9 months. However, I can't remember how bad I felt prior to taking the drug.


really hating myselfrnsuicidal behavior


I was diagnosed with depression a little over a month ago after 3 yrs of symptoms. It's unbelivable how different of a person I am since it has started taking effect. Everyone around me has noticed a difference, and so have I.


I have been on this medication for sometime now and I cannot even begin to explain how it has changed my life for the better. I would recommend to everyone experiencing depression to not be afraid and to ask your doctor about this. I have two kids, i took this through most of my second pregnancy and while breastfeeding and it was completely safe...but im sure the warnings are on there for a reason, just my personal experience was awesome.


Works great after about a week or two, but after taking for 6 months and have had to increase dose, because the longer your on it, you will need more for it to be effective, but I am a much hapier person because of prozac


It makes me sleepy!


Works very well. It has gotten rid of most of my symptoms.


I feel so much better now.


I began taking prozac in 1983. At that time Iwas not diagnosed with anything in particular.....a lot of everyhing. Major mood swings...PLUS I started taking 10 mg. now I take 60mg. per day. I remember when suicide was blamed on prozac and all I was doing was praying they dont take this off the market. Too this day I would do without food before I'd give up my pills. There is no where to begin to tell you how much I appreciate my prozac.


I experienced a siezure while on prozac


i have tried several antidepressants and for me, prozac works. i feel like a new person


this really helped me in my recovery from bulimia


It takes a while to notice major changes, but the longer you take it the more you can noteice. It doesn't solve every negative feeling, but it does help reduce them.


Mostly noticing a change in my worry habits


This drug was some what useful to me with helping me with my OCD


i gt relief


I think if the whole world was on prozac it would be a better place!rnrnWell for some people.rnrnThe only thing is...I have to take 60 mg...that means 3 pills!


i have been taking fluoxetine (prozac) for a month and noticed a change (for the better!) within a matter of days! i feel great for the 1st time in years!


I have been taking for 19 years minus during pregnancy & breast feeding (own choice) and has saved my life. Every time I have thought I was better and stopped taking it, conditions returned. Realized that it also helped my PMS symptoms right away.


I was a big wreck when I started using this drug in the hospital being treated for anxiety and depression, bulemia, suicidal ideation, and self-injury behaviors. I couldn't tell the difference it made at first but trusted the doctor and I was discharged a week later. I started feeling a "fake" sort of happy and didn't realize that I wasn't getting better. I attempted suicide on this drug 3 months after starting it. Being hospitalized again at a different facility they upped the dose. I noticed the same feelings weren't getting better and my doctor didn't understand that it wasn't helping me so I just decided to stop using it. I felt better not being on it than I did while I was using it. I am now taking Effexor and I find it much more helpful than Prozac.


When I use the name brand it works great . but, when my insurance will only cover the generic. When I take the generic I end up with having Diarria and lightheadedness taking the generic brand. Help!!! I also have epilepsy diabteis, Congenatil brain injury from birth. I cannot take paxial, paxialcr, pamiloar etc. because , react to to many drugs quickly.


I had horrible nightmares while taking this.


Before I started the medication I had insomnia for several months and was already attending psychotherapy. I've been on generic prozac for a little over six months without thoughts of suicide and now my sleep is much better.


I have been taking regularly since May. Was on Lexapro and that didn't work to well but kept me about 2 steps below going "ballistic". Prozac works much better. keeps me about 5-10 steps below blowing my top. I think i need a higher dose though. No longer do drugs and don't have the desire to drink. I used to smoke pot regularly along with drinking STRONG malt liqour. I can now think and function rationally even when under stress. I am still very time driven. If I don't take every 22 hours watch out. to have a laps in dosage means trouble for anyone who steps on my toes. Didn't take on time this morning and inadvertenly hurt my wifes feeling pretty bad. I'm sorry baby.


Worked for a short time but then when my depression was gone my panic attacts came back.


It's easy to use and always make me feel better.


Prozac has greatly reduced my premenstrual anxiety, depression and irrational irritability. The side effects have been nil.


I have been taking Prozac for about two months and I am amazed by the positive impact it has had on my outlook. I do not have the impulse to self-medicate with alcohol or illicit drugs. I hate to sound flippant, but I do now feel "high on life". Amazing, miraculous medication.


I feel much better than not being on it, but it does cause extreme drowsiness; to the point of not being able to get out of bed for hours. I am less motivated to do anything and haven't been out of the house in weeks. My doctor just increased it so we will see the outcome.


I break a 10mg tablet in half and only have to take 5 mg daily and my severe PMS has disappeared. Even with this low dose i have noticed a decrease in sex drive, so that I guess was the trade off.


I have taken Prozac weekly (90mg) and a daily dose of 10 mg a day for over a year. It has helped me tremendously. I take it for OCD (mild) and depression. I have tried Zoloft and Celexa and neither were as effective.


Prozac made me hypomanic, even on 10mg. I've taken Effexor and Zoloft since and neither of these has had that side effect. Furthermore, I experienced an electric shock sensation in my hands, head and feet when I was being wean off that lasted for two months. I will never use Prozac again.


ive been on prozac fro nearly 3 years due to depression adn self harm ive recently been uped to 3 tablets a day but still harming myself..


It is effective. But I am very unmotivated to do anything. I get sleepy during the day easily and dont want to even go out as much as I used to. I dont know if it is just me but I have experienced some weight gain and I dont know if anyone else has?


Prozac has given me back my life. The doctor tried other medications and none of them were right for me. However, Generic Prozac was terrible. When I went on that it was as if I went cold turkey off regular prozac and started taking sugar pills. I went into a severe depression on the generic and it took many months to get my life back on track. Name Brand Prozac is wonderful -- Generic Prozac should be taken of the market.


I have been taking Prozac for 2 months in addition to the BCP for PMDD. I tried the BCP-only first and found myself better, but with periods of anger rather than sadness. When I started taking Prozac I finally felt like myself again for the first time in over a year. I have had some issues of insomnia recently and now take it every other day instead of every day which seems to have helped.


has worked well for 4 years! tried to go off it once, bad idea!


I am a Nurse and have tried several different types. Was not a fan and very reluctant to try prozac. Took for 4 weeks and it was if a lightbulb went on one morning. Give it a try, whats the worst it could do? make me feel even worse.


This was a very good medication. But over time it made me very tired to the point where I couldn't get anything done because I was so unmotivated, didn't care, and was TIRED! I was on it two times in a row for a year each time.


I took this for a couple of years and it worked very well for my depression and made me a much nicer person. I stopped using it after about four years and the b_tchiness came back big time. I also had a lot of vasovagal syncopy (passing out) episodes using prozac (which doctors told me was anxiety/panic attacks). I didn't feel anxious and I certainly wasn't panicking about anything.


Weight gain.


I have tried many anti-depressants. Prozac when it was introduced. Then I tried many others and it is Prozac that I did the best on so that is what I now take.


The nausea associated when first taking this drug ceased in about 3 weeks. Well worth it. It has been life changing for me.


The first three years were absolutely wonderful! The next nine years were very good. Now in my 13th year, it working only "good". I take 60 mg daily.


I had a major increase in symptoms including self injury when on this med.


I am a 50 year old woman and in the past I used to be able to take Zoloft and other meds without problems. I've been taking Prozac 1/2 a pill to start once a day and I have very severe nausea from this. I know I have to stick this out for a few weeks until its starts working but can anyone who is one this tell me if this will pass soon. Don't think I can handle 3 weeks of feeling like this. Thanks


Along with cognitive behavioral therapy, it has been a very helpful medication. Prior to psychotherapy, it seemed as if it wasn't working.


I can not afford Prozac, so I'm on a Generic Brand most of the time. There is a difference when the manufacturer is changed. But overall I'm doing better today.


origanally. it helped me alot. this time around they uped my dose and im not feeling as good as i should. even having panic attacts now..


I used generics and found only one brand that worked for me, which was discontinued after about two years of treatment. Now, I take Prozac brand and feel's nice to have my life back.


When I first started taking this medication, I felt it initiated "hot sweats", that I really didn't have before.rnHowever, it did ease my mental thoughts of low-esteem, or sucidial thoughts.


I have had no problems at all with this medication.


My "hormones from hell" are under control. I started out taking Sarafem, but my insurance would not approve and it was $350ish each month, I am taking the generic now at $30ish each month. 20mg every day, happy with the results.


Side effects were minimal, sweating at night, loss of appetite) and went away after a few days. It really helps me not 'sweat the small stuff' and I am much less agitated. I may try a stronger one


helped with depression but it messed up my menstrual cycle and had me spotting every two weeks!!


great and i liked it b/c if you missed a day you didnt feel like a roller-coster of feeling up then down.


I have been on prozac for more than 8 years. This past year I had the dosage increased because I felt myself sinking. It is working much better. I have bee diagnosed as a manic depresent. I take the generic


I am on procac1 a day and xanax 3times a day. I dont know if anything will helps.


I have been on ad's for 13 years.Started on prozac several years ago because of cost. I've tried getting off of it several times only to return because of depression coming back. The only thing that bothers me is i experience blackouts if i drink more than 3 drinks at a time. when off of it for 6 months, this didn't happen at all.


My experience has been satisfactory. However I prefer to take natural products when possible. I have't read the side effects, and I believe there should be signs of improvement. There must me natural product that dosen't have the side effects as most drugs. Please respond. I would like to know if there is some type of funded organization for counciling or therapy that is available for senior citizens in my zip code 77055. Thank you


Prozac didn't do a thing for me. The drug helps others, so it probably just didn't mesh well with my body chemistry. After trying different dosages for over 2 years, the doctor finally switched me to another drug.


I find it is help for my depression, but I still have times where I can "make" myself depressed, usually when I'm tired. Can prozac make you very tired? Can it make you naucious?


no bad side effects and the medication has made a big difference in my day to day life since starting it..


i suffered from severe depression, and the prozac has changed my life and made me want to enjoy it!!


i have never taken this medication,but i just want to say my son was given this medication for depression and i can tell a huge difference in him since he has been taking it..i am just concerned about some side effects if he stops taking it..can anyone help me out with that ?and give me some insite on this if he does stop taking it? thanks


very helpful with my depression. Dont know what I wouldve done without this and my therapist


After taking this medicine for seven months, it stopped working one day and caused me to become very suicidal.


I wasn't too sure about taking it at first, but I have been taking it for 2 years now and it has really made a difference! I tried all the other medications, the lithium was the worst one for me, but the Prozac is my life saver.


Iam a 50 year old women who has hormonal changes and depression . and i started taking the drug prozac and i feel new again . i can handle pretty much everything now . even road rage has gone . love it


Out of all the 33 different psychiatric meds I have been on, (SSRI'S,mood stabilizers,anti-psychotics, SNRI'S) this medication has yeilded me the best overall results. I had very little side effects to this drug, and the only one I had was a lack of appetite and weight loss, which I was very pleased with. This has also been the longest drug I have been on. The only reason I stopped taking it, was due to my BPD/Bipolar 2, making it difficult to find a drug that either works at all, or for an extended period of time. In the end, I had to keep upping the doses of Prozac until I maxed out, because my symptoms wouldn't stay stable.


I was switched to Prozac in 1992 after years on tricyclics and have been on it since on a sliding dosage from 20 mg to 60 mg. Now it is cheap and continues to be effective for depression from BP2.


First month I had a clear saense of a new ability to handle my sthoughts. My nails grew out. 2nd month noticed weight loss. 3rd month gained it back nails back down to short staate but new found confidence in my mental state. trying to get to know this new capable person. Seft my abusive husband and seriously lookin gfor a job.. +++


I still have symptoms of depression but it seems to be slowly getting better.


Too early to tell, but I feel more depressed and suicidal since on this med. It maybe caused to the xanex/prozac combo I am prescribed.